The Heart's Cry

By Yanagi-sen

Weiss Kreuz songfic

Usual disclaimers apply.  Song 'The Heart's Cry' is from Riverdance and performed by the group, Anúna.  Characters belong to someone else.  Omi/Nagi fic… sequel to the epilogue to Nagi's Journal.  To commemorate the one-year anniversary of the monster called the Journal!  (although Rosenkreuz is just as bad if not worse by now)  ^___^

Warning: R, yaoi, lemony, sap, fluff, not much of a plot to speak of

Dedication list:  This is going to be extensive so I'm going to stick it at the end.  Wouldn't want to keep you from the fic!  ^_~

~Where the river foams and surges to the sea~

With a grateful sigh, he lay back.  He could feel the warmth of the sun, radiating up from the sand under the blanket and beating down overhead.  He was shaded by an oversized beach umbrella, but still he could feel the heat coming down from above.  He luxuriated in it.  After the chill of Tokyo's December, including a totally unexpected amount of snow, anywhere with heat that didn't come from electricity or kerosene was very welcome.

He had to talk really fast to get Brad to agree to let him take this trip.  A weekend at a resort was one thing… traveling out of the country was entirely different.  He supposed his selling points, that he was seventeen and Omi nineteen, and they were both technically in college (even though he had started early); well… they probably weren't too convincing.  But he'd succeeded, and now he was on the Hawaiian island of Lanai with Omi, enjoying the sun and surf and seclusion for an entire week.  They were staying in an isolated cove, where a river flowed down and emptied into the sea.  Lanai was also known as the 'Private Island', due to its reputation as a place to find well… privacy.  It had only recently been opened to tourism and wasn't yet as popular a destination as the other more well known islands.

That suited him just fine.  If he wanted clubs and nightlife and dancing till dawn… he could get that in Tokyo.  He just wanted an opportunity to get away.  Away from everything… just for a little while.  To enjoy the sun, and spend some time with his beloved.

~Silver figures rise to find me~

He rolled over onto his side, just in time to see Omi rise out of the ocean.  He smiled slightly.  Torso bared to the sun, clad only in a tastefully snug pair of Speedos and droplets of seawater; the blond looked like some mer-creature come to the surface for a visit.  Omi caught sight of him, laying in the shade and with a bright smile, came to join him.  He grabbed his towel and rubbed at his hair as he sat down.  Nagi rolled over onto his back.

"Enjoy your swim?"

"Oh yeah, the water's great.  You sure you don't want to come back in?"

"Mmm… maybe later.  Right now I'm just enjoying not moving at all."

Omi laughed.  "I know what you mean.  It's nice not to be running around.  Roll over; I'll give you a back rub."

Nagi complied, pillowing his head on his arms.  He felt Omi straddle his hips, then settle so he was barely resting on the brunette's tailbone.  The lotion was warm from the sun and smelled richly of coconut as the archer spread it around.  He started to knead the muscles of Nagi's back and he groaned with pleasure.

"I may never want to leave if this is the kind of treatment I get."

~Wise and as daring / Following the heart's cry~

Omi laughed.  "Well… I expect SOMETHING in return."


The blond kissed him lightly on the back of his neck and Nagi shivered.  "Oh… I'm sure I'll think of something."


Omi didn't respond but leaned into the massage.  "What have you been up to?  Your back is full of knots."

Nagi moaned again.  "I know… I know… It's been driving me crazy.  If we didn't have this vacation I was going to badger Brad about going to a massage therapist or chiropractor or something.  I think I twisted something a month ago… you remember me telling you about that job in Taipei?"

"The one where you got stuck on that really crappy commercial flight on the way back and spent most of your time in the bathroom being sick."

"Ick… don't remind me about that part.  Yeah, THAT one.  Brad and Schu up in First Class and I end up in Economy with Farf… last time I let Schu make the arrangements.  Anyway… when that big guard threw me I think I landed funny, my back hasn't been the same since."

"You should have gotten it looked at before now."

"I know… but when do I have time?  I had finals to get ready for."

"At least you do your classes online… you don't have to GO to them."

"No… I have Brad hovering over my shoulder."

"Good point.  Just relax… If your back is still bothering you in a couple days we'll go see a professional.  There HAS to be a massage therapist over on Maui."

"Aa.  Or Reiki practitioner… heck I'll give crystal healing a shot at this point."

"Hush."  The blond fell quiet as well as his hands worked over Nagi's skin.  The gradual loosening of overtight muscles, combined with the warmth of the sun and the sound of the waves sent the brunette into a comfortable doze.

~I am that deep pool / I am that dark spring~

Gentle kisses and nips along his hairline brought Nagi back to the here and now.  His breath hitched as he realized Omi was now draped over his back, nibbling at the sensitive skin along his neck.  The blond was also apparently VERY happy to be on top of him.  "mmmm… have I mentioned lately how much I love you?"

"I'm not sure… why don't you say it again to be sure."

Nagi looked back over his shoulder into Omi's eyes.  "I love you."  The blonde's smile widened and he leaned closer to kiss him softly.

"I love you too."

Unable to really do anything, Nagi squirmed until the golden-haired boy got the idea and lifted off of him enough to let him flip over onto his back.  Then he pulled the blond down to lay on him again reveling in the feel of their bare torsos touching.  He ran his hands along Omi's strong shoulders.  "You're so strong…"

The blond cocked his head.  "Why do you say that?"

Nagi lightly squeezed the muscles in his shoulder.  "That's why… you're very strong… all that practice with a bow."

"I guess so… never really thought about it."  He went back to kissing Nagi's neck and down across his collar bone.

"I have… oooh…"  He shivered.

"You're strong too."

"No I'm not."

Omi lifted up and kissed the center of Nagi's forehead.  "Sure you are… in there."  The blond cupped his face and stared into his eyes.  "You have much more strength than you think, my dark one."  His mouth descended, taking Nagi's in a kiss that was less gentle, more passionate.

~Warm with a mystery / I may reveal to you~

Nagi whimpered a bit, a needy little sound.  Omi was tormenting him, tracing burning paths across his chest with lips and tongue.  He fastened onto one pert nipple and sucked at the sensitive nub of flesh while teasing the other with nimble fingers.  The brunette shifted restlessly rubbing their growing erections against each other through the fabric of their swimsuits.  Omi shifted to the other nipple.  Nagi caressed the smooth planes of his beloved's back, hands going lower with each stroke till they rested on the blonde's hips.  He pulled Omi closer, arching his back to push up against him.

The older teen moaned now.  He kissed his way back up to the pale flesh of Nagi's throat and traced his jaw line till he could take the brunette's mouth again.  The fingers of one hand twined in the soft chocolate hair.

"Omi…" he sighed, panting as their kiss broke.  It was getting too warm; they were both sweating, their slick skin rubbing against each other.

"Oh, Nagi…" he lapped at the sweat collecting in the hollow of the brunette's throat.  "I want to make love to you."

"So what's stopping you?"

~In time (Time holds the heart's key)~

"Sand.  As romantic as it sounds, the beach is NOT a comfortable place to do this.  Since we have a wonderful, air-conditioned bungalow with a huge, soft bed inside… why don't we go use that?"

"I'm not going to argue."

"Good."  Omi kissed him one last time.  He pushed himself up and stared down at Nagi lying prone beneath him.  "You're so beautiful."  He laughed as the younger boy blushed.  Swinging his leg over, he knelt and put an arm under the brunette's shoulders and knees.

"Don't hurt yourself."  Nagi warned even as Omi lifted him, then heaved himself to his feet, the smaller boy securely in his arms.

"I won't.  All that upper body strength, remember?"  He started for their cabin, nestled in under the shade of towering trees that sheltered the building from the direct sun.  "Besides… you fit so nicely in my arms."

"Flattery will get you everywhere."

"Don't you like me carrying you around?"  He asked as they reached the steps and he set Nagi down, only because he couldn't also manage the shower or the door while carrying him.

"Of course I do, you make me feel safe."  He rinsed his feet in the bucket next to the door and then stripped off his swimsuit and stepped under the showerhead to rinse the sand from his body before going inside.  They had discovered, sand in the bed was a very BAD thing.  He had no sooner dried off then Omi swept him up into his arms again and carried him into the bedroom.  "Eager?"

The blond set him down on the bed then climbed up to join him.  "How can I resist?  Especially since you conveniently took off all your clothes."

One eyebrow lifted and a small smirk danced across Nagi's face.  "Well… are you going to do anything about it?" 

Omi chuckled.  "I think dinner will be late tonight."  He kissed his lover again and his voice dropped.  "VERY late…"

~Key to everything is love (Love makes the heart flower)~

Nagi's breath hitched at THAT tone in his beloved's voice.  He gasped when Omi resumed tormenting his body.  The blond was thorough, driving him crazy with light touches and lighter nips, yet shying away from where Nagi REALLY wanted attention.  He drew the brunette's arms up, guiding his hands to the edge of the low headboard.  Nagi gripped the edge, understanding that Omi wanted his hands out of the way.  He gave himself over to the teasing, moaning with each fleeting touch.

He ached to be able to touch back… but if he did, Omi would punish him.  The worst punishment possible… the blond would stop.  Omi liked to tease, and Nagi honestly like to BE teased.  But sometimes the blond was simply too good at his torture.

Nagi gasped as without warning, his lover lowered his mouth over his member.  Holding his hips down, Omi lavished the same type of attention to the brunette's shaft that he had to the rest of his body.  He sucked gently, running his tongue lovingly up and down Nagi's erection and around the head.  One hand snaked down and rubbed at the smaller boy's entrance.

Lifting off him for a second, Omi reached under the pillow and pulled out the small tube left there.  He returned to what he'd been doing, one hand fumbling with the lube for a moment before probing with one slicked finger.

~Flowers into a deep desire (Passion in the heart's fire)~

Nagi moaned loudly as his lover massaged and stretched his entrance, preparing him for a much more intimate intrusion.  He relaxed his muscles as much as he could while Omi did THAT with his mouth.  The feeling was incredible, and yet at the same time he couldn't wait.  As wonderful as those fingers felt, Omi's shaft surging into him felt so much better.  Finally the blond deemed him ready… or else he just couldn't wait anymore.

"Nagi… will you let me take you from behind?"

The brunette smiled.  "Of course."  He rolled over onto his stomach, parting his legs to give Omi room and then wiggled his rear.  "What are you waiting for?"

The blond smirked.  "NOW who's eager?"  But he settled himself between Nagi's legs and guiding himself with one hand, entered his lover with a gentle push.  "Alright?"

"Yeah."  Nagi breathed through the pain, there was always a little, but it faded quickly.  He grunted.  Especially when Omi did that.  Now fully sheathed, the blond lay over him and gave a kiss to one shoulder blade.  He snaked his arms under Nagi's chest.

"I love you."

"Love you too."  Then there were no more words as they communicated in a deeper way.

~Passion and desire~

Dinner was MUCH later.  Eaten in bed by candlelight, each feeding the other in between sweet kisses.  When they were done, they blew out the light and settled down, nestled in each other arms.  Nagi fell asleep to the sounds of the waves breaking on the shore.

~See the eagle rise above the open plain~

He woke with the dawn, listening to the sounds of birds for which he had no names.  The bird song and the sound of Omi's quiet breaths beside him, and the soft sounds of the waves.  He closed his eyes again.  He loved it here.  He suddenly had a pressing urge to see the sunrise.  Carefully disentangling himself from his lover, Omi had a tendency to resemble an octopus when asleep; he rolled out of the bed, pulling the sheet back up over the blond.

He pulled on a pair of loose shorts; he wasn't quite the exhibitionist Schu was, wandering around the house naked all the time.  He made his way into the other room, a combination living/dining room that opened right into a small kitchen.  Not that they needed much in the way of room.  Honestly they ate more often on the porch or in bed, and the bedroom was certainly the most used room.  There was also a small bathroom, just a toilet and a shower stall really, but what else did you need with the whole ocean right outside your door.  Padding across the floor on bare feet he made his way to the large windows.

They had gotten lucky and ended up on the southern side of the island and therefore could see both the sunrise and sunset.  He was torn as to which was more beautiful… not that they had seen the sunrise all that often.  They had been there three days… and this was the first on he'd been awake for.

He saw a large bird soaring along the coastline.  He wondered if it might be an io… the Hawaiian hawk.  Well, whatever it was… it was beautiful to watch, gliding through the early morning breeze.

~Golden in the morning air~

It looked like it was going to be another beautiful day.  They had been blessed so far with perfect weather.  This was the ho'oilo, the winter season, though he certainly couldn't tell.  It was a heck of a lot warmer than Japan, that's all he cared about.  And even if they had a less-than-perfect day… he was sure they could find some way to keep themselves occupied.

The rays of the rising sun painted the surface of the wavelets with streaks of gold.  It was amazing, he wished he had his camera, but was too transfixed to go get it.  He didn't want to forget what the scene looked like.  Maybe he could paint it… but he could never seem to paint water very well.  Especially something as incredible as this.

Nagi contented himself with merely observing.  Sometimes the mind took much better pictures anyways.

~Weaving and soaring / Watchful and protecting~

He couldn't help but wish Omi was awake to share the dawn with him.  He was loath to wake his lover though.  They both deserved as much rest as they could get on this trip, who knew when they would get another opportunity.  At least his back seemed to be better.  He hadn't wanted to tell Omi how much it had been bothering him.

He just didn't want to worry him.  He knew it wasn't serious, he'd had enough 'serious' injuries to know the difference, just annoying.  And he really would get into see someone if it didn't go away soon, even if it meant telling Brad.  His leader would complain and scold him for not telling him sooner, but he would make an appointment.  Heck, it probably wouldn't even still be bothering him if he didn't spend so much of his time sitting at the computer in what was probably not the best posture.

Omi was so protective of him; it was one of the blonde's most endearing qualities, his protective nature.  That and the way he smiled… and acted like Nagi was the center of his universe.  The brunette hadn't been treasured like that before.  He loved it.  Just like he loved the person Omi was, inside and out.

~I am your shelter / I will enfold you~

Gazing out at the now risen sun, he was surprised as a pair of warm arms drew him back to an equally warm chest.  Omi hugged him tightly for a moment, then eased up peering over his shoulder into Nagi's face.  "Ohayo."

"Ohayo.  Did I disturb you?"

"Not at all.  I just woke up.  I could see you standing here.  Thinking?"

"Aa."  He leaned back in his lover's embrace.  "Looks like it will be another nice day, ne?"

"Hai.  Of course… any day I actually get to spend with you is a nice day."  He smiled.  "Breakfast?"

"Yes."  His stomach growled, echoing the sentiment.

"Okay, how about I get some fruit and stuff and you make the coffee and we have breakfast out on the beach?"

"Sounds good."

~Warm with a mystery / I may reveal to you~

They spent the day the way they had the previous ones, playing in the surf, walking along the beach, reading peacefully on the sand.  Omi was dedicated to returning to Japan with a bit of a tan to make Youji envious, Nagi was equally determined to prevent burning.  He had discovered on previous occasions that he didn't tan easy… more likely to burn and peel than anything else.  Sometimes he wondered if he really WAS wholly Japanese.

That evening found them sharing a hammock that had been strung in the tree line, Nagi sitting between Omi's legs and leaning back against him.  They listened to the night coming alive around them, absently slapping at the occasional insect the light breeze coming in off the water didn't send away.

The fingers of one of Nagi's hands were twined with Omi's, the others lightly stroking the pendent that rested at his throat.  He hadn't been wearing it during the day, not wanting to risk damage by salt or sand.  He didn't know if the water would hurt the metal, so he didn't wear it.  But in the evening, he put it back on; at home… he rarely took it off.  He thought about what it meant… a promise… a promise for the future.

~In time (Time holds the heart's key)~

Omi finally whispered in his ear.  "Do you realize… it's almost been a year…"

The brunette smiled and nodded.  "Hai… we should consider this our anniversary, who knows if we'll actually be able to celebrate it."

"True.  The promise is still there you know."

"I know."

Omi hugged him a bit tighter.  "In time."

~Key to everything is love (Love makes the heart flower)~

"Yes… in time."  Nagi turned a bit so he could kiss his lover.  They broke apart minutes later, breathless.

"You never get tired of that, do you?"

"No."  Nagi smiled.  "I'm saving up."

"Oh… I see, shall we go inside and see what else you can save up?"

~Flowers into a deep desire (Passion in the heart's fire)~

"Or we can see what kind of trouble we can get into right here.  How flexible are you?"

Omi groaned and shifted.  Nagi could feel him already swelling against his back.  "But what about…"  The brunette held up the small tube he'd pocketed on a whim earlier.  "Ah, you little minx…"  The tone was affectionate; he chuckled and reached down to fondle Nagi through his shorts.  "I think I'm up for some acrobatics, how bout you?"

"Won't know till we've tried, will we?"

"Suppose not, but if you throw your back out completely it's all your fault, remember."

"It's feeling great today."  Nagi shifted carefully so he was laying on Omi, chest to chest.  "Besides… it's like making love in a swing…"

The blonde's smile widened. "So it is.  Now come up here and let me ravish you properly."

He pulled himself up a bit to be level with his lover.  "I thought you'd never ask…"

~Passion and desire~


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