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"What a damned day of school" Sasuke mumbled stomping into his room. Of course he was pissed off. It was hot outside, the classes he had today were totally dragging, Naruto was being an utter pain again and there was no cold Coke in the refrigerator.

He sighed and dropped his bag on the floor. He slumped on top of his bed grabbed his Macbook from the bedside table and rolled his eyes. He let out an even bigger sigh from the first one and opened his email first.

He checked his inbox and had 16 unread messages 3 being mail services- automatic delete for Sasuke. 11 emails from 9 different fangirls 'how the hell did they get my private email?' Sasuke thought. And yes, he gave out a public email for his fangirls, and 2 emails from people he actually knew. One was from Shikamaru, he and Shikamaru email each other 'competition' websites—he likes competing with Shikamaru's intellect and another email from Ino…

Sasuke and Ino have been emailing each other for a few months now. He's gotten to know Ino better that way. She was the only one who moved to a different school. The education there was much more focused on written stuff than in performance. But they highly credited performance as well.

And Sasuke was very interested in Ino's school.

or was he very interested in Ino?

He decided to open the new email. It's a pretty long letter. This email has been answered to back and fourth the whole week now.

To: sskuchh(at)email(dot)com

From: inoyamanaxx(at)email(dot)com

Subject: RE: Hey. Hey.

Oh, so in a hurry for me to visit, huh, Sasuke? :)) lol.

And I'm a flirting expert, even if you don't know it,
you subconsciously are… ;)

and I am not desperate. Im just seeming antisocial now.
oh and that's awesome…at least you understood how I'm
feeling right now. HAHA.

And don't go all jumping to conclusions.

I still really like you. ;)


p.s. you better write back Sasuke.
thanks for being an awesome person to talk to, seriously.
Even though we weren't really close before, I miss you
and everyone else!
And I cant wait to see you too.


You wish I was flirting with you!

Hah. Wow Yamanaka, you're pretty desperate aren't you?
flirting with a friends' brother. Or should I say brothers?

Hmm. Your parents are kinda evil. I know im not the type
who loves hanging out with friends but you hanging
out with your friends is like me with…training.
It's like saying I cant train until I find a new weapon
or something. And that would just kill me.

So go and make friends already. Dammit.



If my head isn't getting big, I think you're trying
to flirt with me a little, Sasuke. Hah.

And you do make a good point. But my 'rents say
until I can make good friends in this school I cant hang
out with my old ones. What grouches. Seriously.

And yes. Gaara is über cute, excuse me. And so is
Kankuro…without all the face paint thingos.



I'm actually surprised that you haven't tried anything
with me the times we've emailed each other.
which was sorta embarrassing to say. Shit.

So you plan to hit it off with the Suna boys?
hah. That'll be a laugh.
Why don't you invite your friends over there…
Havent you tried that? you know…you go to a different
school but that's no reason to stop hanging out.



No. no. I don't like it here. The school is just really good.
What makes the school year amazing is the friends you
make- duh.

And yeah!! I need guy friends. Seriously. I haven't
gotten my flirt on in the longest time. No kidding.
Lol. sigh I actually miss the way boys are.

'Can't live with 'em, cant live without 'em' ordeal.



Hnn. What's wrong? Why are you 'boy-rejoicing'?
that's actually quite smart. The very small number of
students thing…but by the way you make it sound
you're actually enjoying it there.



Haha. Oh, that's simple. We really have special treatment
here. Each and every one of us. There are only like 12 students
per class and like 3-4 teachers within that class so they
take care of us really well. Plus, we're properly watched over.
Not like a hawk, but, you know…Its pretty cool actually.

And yes! It's a very good thing for me that Tem is coming.
Plus Kankuro and Gaara. Hello. BOYS! Thank God!!
even if they are Tem's brothers.



Well. It's pretty boring. Basically same, same. I'm doing
fine, Naruto annoys the hell out of me, as usual. I'm used
to it by now- if you hadn't noticed. (but who idiot hasn't
noticed, right?)
Okay…so what im getting from your tone is that you ARE
good friends with Temari? Hnn.
err…good for you then, I guess. Also. I've thought of something
I wanna ask.

How is it that the school is able to take good care of the students

It's just kind of mind boggling to me.



Really really good. Thanks for asking. How about you?
Hey I've got breaking news. ;) the Sand Sibs are moving to
the school here. Im freakin saved. Temari is UGH-mazing!!
Good grief, I really need her here if I want a social life.

Seriously. How's school in your end, by the way?



No. Not really. I guess I'll get back to you on that if something
comes up. So how are you so far, Ino?



Hey Sasuke, any questions pending in that thick skull of yours?

Im in 'Ask Ashley' mode. :)


Sasuke read to the bottom of the email, he remembered when Ino first emailed him asking if he had more questions about the new school. Since he's gotten to know her better he felt different about her. He couldn't explain. And after reading her latest email he knew, he could confirm that he was crushing on the young blonde.

Even though he didn't want to admit it he wanted to see Ino already. She's been gone about 6 months already. Everyone was starting to miss her being around. Even him.

"Hn…So I guess I do like her…" Sasuke said to himself as he wrote back to Ino a quick letter.

Yeah. I truly can't wait to see you, Ino. Really.
I never knew flirting was tricky. I didn't try to flirt,
honestly. That was the defense I put up by instinct.
Believe it or not, I miss you too.

I guess the Uchiha has feelings after all.

And, thank you Ino- for not being anyone else
but yourself while talking. That's what I need a real
individual, not a poser.

Who's to say I don't 'really like you' back?

He pressed send with no regrets. Smiling even. Then closed his laptop.

end. ;)
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