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"Miley? Oliver? What...what's everyone doing here?" Lilly questioned, eyeing her two best-friends quizzically. Things had been tense lately and she didn't think they'd all be there.

"We're here for you," Miley answered simply, shrugging her shoulders. It was as simple as she could put it. Even if things were awkward – they were still best-friends. They were still family.

"Apparently precious, your family..." Kevin drawled lazily, smiling as the others laughed lightly. Everything was easier when it was just put simply. His gaze trailed over his brothers' form and smirked at the boy. "Apparently, in some cases, alil' closer..."

Joe ducked his head into Lillys' shoulder as their friends laughed loudly. He smiled slightly as she entwined their fingers – clinging tightly. He didn't want her to pull away and he was glad that she didn't; she was making progress with him. She was breaking down her walls for him.

"Oh stop teasin' the boy..." Miley smiled, slapping Kevins' arm gently.

"We're...we're okay?" Lilly asked quietly, looking towards each person in the room. She could feel their relief at her being okay but she didn't quite believe it. She had kept so much from them – she didn't know if it was true or not.

"Not exactly...there's still the little aspect as to why you're in here..." Nick started, filling the silence that erupted. His gaze was steady on the blonde as she pulled away from Joe – ignoring his frown of confusion. Things wouldn't ever be the same between all of them but he hoped it would be better. No more secrets.

She shivered as she pulled away from Joe – feeling his confusion and hurt. They still needed to talk but she needed to explain this on her own. Just his presence beside her would be enough at the moment.

"I have ischaemic heart disease...with everything that's been happening, it just got alil' ontop of me..." Her words stopped everyone; guilt heavy in the air. Instead of dealing with their problems, they ignored them and in the process, damaged their already fragile friend.

"Lilly...you didn't say...how come you never told us?" Oliver asked quietly, stepping forward from the group crowded at the door. He could see she needed support but she wouldn't take it just yet. She was too stubborn to admit she needed help.

"I've lived with this my entire life Ollie – I thought I could control it better than I had..."

"When did you stop taking the medication?" Ryan questioned, his voice cold. He wasn't aware that she had stopped her medicine, but he wasn't happy about it.

"It was about a couple of months after you left the first time," Lilly mumbled, sighing softly as Joe pulled her back to him. She was glad that he was offering her his support again. She had missed his touch. She had missed everything about him.


"No Ryan, everything was going good. I hadn't had any side-effects for awhile and I thought I could handle it..."

"Yeah...again with the whole by yourself thing! You don't need to face everything alone, why do you think we're here? We're not a decoration..." Ryan spoke, his eyes locked with hers. She needed to understand that she wasn't by herself; she had others to lean on in her times of need.

The answered silence was deafening – the intensity between Ryan and Lilly silencing the others. No one could dispute what Ryan was saying because it was true but no one wanted to push Lilly any further. She was already on edge.

"I didn't think you'd understand," she sighed, hanging her head. She clung tightly to Joes' entwined fingers and drew on his strength. Blushing lightly as he only pulled her closer to him.

"You'll never know unless you let us listen to you..." Miley stated, stepping into the conversation. She had noticed the possessive side of Joe coming out and she was thankful for that. They were getting back to normal.

"I'm sorry..." she whispered, leaning deeper into Joes' embrace. Things were still unsettled between them but the air was clearer. The distance wasn't as great anymore.

"Lillian Truscott, what the hell have you done now?!" A Figure burst into the room; immediately parting both Joe and Lilly.

"Mother, it's over with...you don't need to save the day..." Lilly growled, glaring at the elder blonde woman. It seemed as if she hadn't even noticed the other people in the room – typical of her mother.

"I'll always be here to save your ass Lillian. Now, get dressed – you're being discharged."

"You do know that there are other people in the room...right?"

"Hi Mrs Truscott," Oliver piped up, waving shyly at the woman. He had never seen his friends mother quite as she was and he had to admit – he was slightly intimidated.

"Oliver, Miley..." she nodded, glancing briefly at the two teens. Her gaze settled on the four others in her daughters' hospital room – all glancing between herself and Lilly. "The Jonas Brothers...Ryan Sheckler...Joe...Joseph Jonas...how do you know them Lillian?"

"I...we...um...it's a really funny story..." Lilly began, looking helplessly towards the brothers. She didn't know what to say and she knew her mother was waiting for an answer – the tapping of her heel slightly irritating.

"We were contacted by your assistant and told that our new tour manager was in the hospital...so we came to see if she'd still be able to make the tour. We're just really excited to work with her," Kevin covered smoothly, sending a subtle wink towards Lilly. He could see her hesitation at telling her mother and gladly saved her. He didn't want her to pull back into herself.

"How ya goin'?"

"I'm not glass," she snapped, glaring at the intruder. She'd been out of the hospital for two weeks and yet she was still thought of as fragile. She was still being watched every minute.

Nick leant back into the couch – sinking into its' cushions. The tour had just started and they were on their way to their first stop. He knew Lilly was getting sick of being watched but everyone was just worried. He didn't want to offend her.

"I'm sorry Nick...I didn't mean...I'm just sick of the watching eyes. I'm glad you guys care but, I can take care of myself..."

"I know how you feel Lilz..."

"How would you...your diabetes..."

"I was watched 24/7 Lilly...everyone took shifts to take care of me. I get where you're coming from, trust me, I do. But you gotta see it from our POV...you were unconscious in Joes' arms – that boys' completely inlove with you. He thought...worlds crumbled when you were unconscious. I know it didn't seem as if we cared but, there was so much stuff to get through and we walked away – I'm sorry for that. Your disease isn't a factor in our friendship; we're here and willing to listen. Please don't take it for granted again..."

Tears leaked through her gaze at his words. They were all so true that she didn't know how to answer. She didn't have any words to answer that.

Nick saw her distress and reached out to her - pulling her closer to him. He ran his hands up and down her back to quell her sobs – he didn't mean to make her upset. He only wanted her to grasp the chance before her. He just didn't want Joe to have to go through what he had.

"Should I be jealous?" Miley joked, cocking an eyebrow at the pair. She could see that something had happened but she didn't want to pry. They had a right to their privacy of friends.

"Only of my brilliance," Lilly smirked, pulling herself out of the embrace. She thanked him silently; squeezing his hand gently. She didn't want to give up the second chance she was given.

"Where are the others?"

"Kev's in the back and I think Joe's sleeping...it's been awhile," Nick answered the brunette, smiling towards her. Things were still unsettled with the two of them but they were working on it. They were close and he liked that. He was allowed to touch her but they hadn't kissed since the first time. He wanted to push things along with them but he let her take the lead. He wasn't in any rush – he'd wait for her.

"I'm just gonna...go," Lilly murmured, smiling at the two shy brunettes. She could see the connection; feel it in the air. She'd leave them to whatever they wanted to do – she needed to talk to Joe. Everything couldn't be fixed with just one kiss.

"You're makin' it harder you know..." Lilly murmured, lightly playing with his fingers. She was wrapped up in his body and all she could breathe was him – all she wanted was him. She didn't want to say what she was going to say but she knew she should.

"Making what harder?" he questioned, placing his chin on her shoulder. He was thankful for her to be back in his arms and he wasn't willing to let her go just yet.

"This whole thing...you're supposed to be mad at me – not...not this," she blushed lightly, sighing as he nuzzled his head into her neck. She shivered as his lips grazed her exposed skin and tilted her head back. It was a dream that she didn't want to wake from.

"You want me to be mad at you?"

"God no...I just wanna know what you're thinking – I wanna know what this is," she stated, closing her eyes in happiness. She didn't think they'd ever get back to the way they now were – not with everything that had happened. He was always proving her wrong.

"This Lillian...is us," he smiled, stroking her hair lightly. He couldn't believe she was back in his arms but he was grateful. He had missed her – his body had missed her. They fit so perfectly together that he could never find anyone else that was like her.

"I love you Joseph...don't forget that," she murmured, leaning her head into the crook of his neck. She breathed him in deeply – enjoying the moment. She could feel his heart beat; a calming rhythm within his soul. It was unbelievable the peace she felt at the moment. She could hear and feel everything around her and she loved it. She loved him for giving it to her.

"Love you too Lilly," he replied, entwining their fingers. He was just enjoying the moment with her – letting himself feel for the moment. It had been so hectic since she had invaded his life, but, he wouldn't have it any other way. He couldn't give her up, not when there were moments just like this one. Not when they could just sit and breathe. Not when they could let the world turn and just sit and breathe.

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