Introduction Hello and welcome, to the new and compact package of Dark Chronicles. I will be your introductory paragraph for today.
I've decided to finally follow regulation and put the Dark Chronicles thing into a single story instead of several floating throughout the fanfiction section. Yay. I sacrificed over thirty reviews to do this. You'd all better appreciate it.
Anyway, general fic information...

Name: Dark Chronicles

Rating: R

Why?: Violence, bit o' language here'n'there. Nothing raunchy, yet.

Genre: Pokemon. If you dun like it, dun read it.

Setting: This is based about 4-5 years after the show, but it's assuming quite heavily that the Johto league never happened, and doesn't exist. G/S pokemon will be making their appearances around the place, but Johto dun exist. K?

Disclaimer dealy: Pokemon belongs to all the nice people who own pokemon. Not me. The same goes for the characters Ash, Misty, Brock, Jessie, James, Meowth, the Jenny and Joy clones, Gary, and all the rest of the characters you've seen appear on the show here and there.
However, the characters Jessica, Keira, Liam, Patrick, Rob, Damian and the guardians Sati, Carnak, Purity, and Florasaur are the property of either myself or the person who they are based off/created them. This list will grow. Believe it.

Now, you'll see a little "Next Chapter" button somewhere around here. Now would be a good time to press it. Read on...