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Ok I am going to try a different type of story and I hope you all like it.

Now for the information on this story Kin and Tayuya will be alive, also Haku and Kyuubi both will be female. Naruto and his age group are eighteen which makes Tsunade and Jiraiya fifty-six. Sasuke was captured by Naruto which means he is still in the village. Finally Naruto's training trip was five years.

Chapter 1 Naruto returns with a big surprise

Two figures made their way down a dirt road that led to a village that one hadn't seen in five years. The first figure was a man was about six foot three he that had long white hair that could oddly enough be used as a weapon he also had a line under each of his eyes that ran down his face.

The second figure was a woman who looked to be twenty-one years old and was five foot seven. The woman also had long blonde hair that was in a single ponytail she also possessed green cat-like eyes. She also had D cup breast and an athletic build which she attempted to hide under ANBU wear in fear of her traveling partner trying to leering at her.

The two approached the gates and walked right past the guards that were on duty because they seemed to recognize the male of the two.

The woman looked over at the man who had suddenly started to drool as the she followed his gaze she saw that he was staring at a blonde haired woman with very large breasts who looked as though she was no older then herself.

"Hey Tsunade" the man yelled out

"Jiraiya you have a lot of guts coming back here." Said Tsunade

"Wait lets explain this in your office."

"Fine but first who is this girl?"

"Oh this is Yugito Nii."

Yugito looked at Tsunade and bowed deeply before asking Tsunade a question that was on her mind.

"Who exactly are you?" asked Yugito

"I am Tsunade, the Godaime Hokage." Said Tsunade

"Impossible, you are far too young to be a kage."

Jiraiya shook his head at Yugito before placing a hand on her shoulder.

"She isn't really twenty-one it's just a henge in reality she is my old teammate which means she is as old as I am." Said Jiraiya

Tsunade looked at Jiraiya and then punched him into a building before turning to Yugito.

"Ok now that's settled lets you and I go to my office so we can talk." Said Tsunade

Yugito could only nod her head in fear and astonishment before following the Godaime.

When the two women arrived at the tower they saw that many people were already gathered there including Jiraiya.

When Tsunade walked in she gave a look to Jiraiya that said she expected some answers.

Jiraiya looked away from Tsunade and sighed he knew that she wasn't going to like what happened with Naruto.

"Jiraiya were is Naruto?" asked Tsunade

"He stayed back to take care of something that has become the most important thing in the world to him." Answered Jiraiya

Yugito turned her head away from everyone so they couldn't see the anger that was on her face.

"What do you mean the most important thing in the world to him? I thought I was the most important thing in the world to him." Said Sakura

Jiraiya looked at Sakura before he started to laugh at her even Yugito let out a small giggle.

"What's so funny huh?" asked Sakura

"Sakura you are eighteen now right?" asked Jiraiya


"Well then you must understand that Naruto is eighteen as well and he has grown out of that silly crush he once had for you."

Everyone in the room looked shocked that Naruto had gotten over Sakura someone who they thought he would love forever.

Jiraiya looked at the faces in the room and let a smile come to his face. The powerful sannin was very happy that he was able to get Naruto to understand that Sakura wasn't what he wanted in life.

"Jiraiya exactly how did you get Naruto to get over his feelings for Sakura?" asked Kakashi

"Oh I didn't it was Yugito Princess Koyuki and a girl named Kanna that got him over her." Said Jiraiya

Everyone in the room turned to Yugito who was glaring at Jiraiya for turning the attention on her.

"Well Naruto myself and Jiraiya went to the spring country to relax for a while. One day Koyuki-hime and I were talking to Naruto when he mentioned that there was a girl he liked that always hit him.

Koyuki seemed to know exactly who Naruto was talking about. Naruto then started to cry saying that the girl remind him so much of the villagers that use to beat him." Said Yugito

"Wait, Naruto used to get beaten by villagers?" asked Kiba

"Yes," said Jiraiya who made sure that his head was turned away from everyone in the room so that they couldn't see the anger on his face.

"Anyway Koyuki and I couldn't stand to see Naruto cry so she led us back to her bedroom so that no one would see Naruto's tears. As we began to try to comfort him one thing led to another and we ended up having sex with him."

"Wait Princess Koyuki and yourself had sex with Naruto?" asked Sakura

"Yes, Koyuki then explained to Naruto that he was too good of a person to allow you to beat on him whenever you felt like it."

Tsunade was listening to the whole story and though on the outside she looked calm on the inside she was jumping for joy that Naruto would be able to have a relationship with a girl or even girls.

"So when will our favorite blond warrior return?" asked Tsunade

"Tomorrow and I can't wait to see the look on your face when he gets here." Said Jiraiya

"Ok whatever I want more information about this Kanna girl you mentioned."

"Well she was a red haired girl from the waterfall village very sexy and she had a large crush on Naruto."

"Really a red head you say."

"Yeah so anyway Naruto met her on the beginning of our journey when he saved her from rock ninja who mistook her for Naruto's mom."

"Wait you mean this girl looked like Kushina?"

"Yep so much that it was scary. I actually started to yell at her about abandoning Naruto then I remembered that Kushina had pasted on giving birth to Naruto.

I really wish I had remembered that before yelling at her because she and Naruto beat me up though it did bring up a lot of good memories."

"Wait who is Naruto's mother I thought he was an orphan." Said Kakashi

"Of course he's an orphan but that doesn't mean that he didn't have parents."

While Jiraiya was explaining things to Kakashi Yugito had walked away from the group and over to the pictures of the Hokage's. She looked at all of the Hokage until her eyes landed on the Yondaime who in her opinion looked like Naruto when he was annoyed with someone.

"Jiraiya" said Yugito

Jiraiya looked at Yugito who was staring at his student's picture with a lot of interest.

"Yes Yugito what is it?" asked Jiraiya

"Is this Naruto's older brother?"

Kakashi stood up and was about to yell at this girl for implying that Naruto and his sensei had any connection other then the obvious when Jiraiya stood up.

"Tsunade I think it's time we told everyone the other connection between the Yondaime and Naruto." Said Jiraiya

"No way do you know what would happen if Iwa found out about Naruto!" yelled Tsunade

"Then he will handle it besides I don't need your permission I am the boy's godfather that means I can tell whoever I want."

"Fine I will tell everyone."

"Tell us what?" asked Kakashi

"Naruto and Minato have a connection other than the Kyuubi."

"What is that?"

"Minato was honorable warrior and would never ask any other parent to give up their child if he was willing to sacrifice his own child."

"But the third said that sensei's child died."

"So no one would ask questions when they saw that Naruto resembled Minato as much as he does."

After Tsunade was finished she walked over to Yugito and took the picture away from her. She then stared at the picture and realized that you had to be a complete idiot not to realize that Naruto was the Yondaime's son though she was curious about something.

"Yugito how did you know that Naruto and Minato were related?" asked Tsunade

"Well first off this guy's hair is the exact same style and length as Naruto's. Second Naruto looks just like this when he is annoyed or is about to fight someone." Said Yugito

"So Naruto's hair grew out just like his dad's interesting?"

While Yugito and Tsunade talked Kakashi couldn't believe that he had neglected his sensei's son for a traitor.

Jiraiya looked over at Kakashi and could tell that he was hurting a lot from the bombshell that Tsunade dropped.

"Hey Kakashi it's going to be alright I am sure that Naruto doesn't hold a grudge." Said Jiraiya

"Do you think he would let me train him?" asked a hopeful Kakashi

"No he said when we first got down to serious training that I was his only sensei he has even quit calling me ero-sannin."

"I see"

Tsunade looked at everyone in the room and smiled. She then announced that she would have to explain to the civilian council that Naruto was the Yondaime's son.

Yugito quickly stopped Tsunade before she could dismiss everyone.

"Hokage-sama where am I suppose to live?" asked Yugito

"Well I could give you an apartment." Said Tsunade

Yugito was about to nod when she and Tsunade saw Jiraiya frown.

"Nonsense she can stay in the old Namikaze estate with Naruto when he returns." Said Jiraiya

Tsunade looked at Jiraiya skeptically before she turned to Yugito.

"Is that ok with you?" asked Tsunade

Yugito looked away so that no one namely Jiraiya would see her blush.

"That's fine" said Yugito

Tsunade was about to release everyone when Sasuke decided to make his presence known.

"Does this mean the dobe has to do that thing the council was trying to get me to?" asked Sasuke

"Yes" said a happy Jiraiya

"What thing are you talking about Sasuke-kun?" asked Sakura

"None of your business"

Tsunade released everyone and then turned to Jiraiya to hopefully get more information.

"Jiraiya you know when you spoke about that Kanna girl." Said Tsunade

"Yes" said Jiraiya

"Why was it that you spoke about her in past tense?" asked Tsunade

"Because she is dead"


"It happened a year ago the Akatsuki attacked Naruto and they poisoned her she died three months ago."

"So how important was she to Naruto?"

"You'll find out tomorrow when you see him he should be here at noon tomorrow don't be late."

With that said Jiraiya hopped out of the window and left Tsunade with her own thoughts.


"Did you hear Tayuya Naruto's coming back tomorrow?" said a woman

"I know Kin so if you want that cocksucker then you better be ready to fight for him." Said Tayuya

"Don't you worry Tayuya I am ready for a fight."

"Good because you know that Hyuuga-hime wants him as well and depending on how good he looks he could be getting more girls."

The girls looked at each other and made a promise that they would stay friends threw everything that was going to happen.

With Ino and Sakura

Ino was looking at her plate of food while wondering what Naruto would look like.

Sakura looked at Ino and began to wonder what was wrong with her friend/rival.

"Sakura did you hear what Yugito said earlier about Naruto?" asked Ino

"I know I can't believe that someone would actually want to touch Naruto." Said Sakura

"But Sakura from what Kakashi-sensei told me Koyuki-hime is far more beautiful than us."

"So what is your point?"

"What if Naruto is more attractive than we thought and we were just too stupid to see it?"

"Well we will see tomorrow wont we."

With Moegi and Hanabi

"Hanabi did you hear my senpai is coming home?" asked Moegi

"You mean the blond haired boy my sister likes?" asked Hanabi

"Yep that's him I bet he is really hot now I know he has gotten stronger."

"Indeed if he was able to beat Neji then I'm sure he has gotten better."

"You know what else I heard?"


"That he is coming home at noon tomorrow. So I was wondering do you want to come with me to greet him."

"Well I guess since I don't have anything else better to do."

In secret Hanabi was looking forward to see what Naruto looked like. Ever since the spiky haired warrior had defeated Neji she had become very interested in him.

With Jiraiya

Jiraiya was sitting in a tree waiting for mourning to arrive so he could spread news more of Naruto's return around.

The self proclaimed super ninja felt as though he would have his revenge on his student for his years of disrespect.

Jiraiya watched as Tsunade gathered the villagers and ninja together so she could tell them Naruto's secret.

This combined with the material that Yugito accidently let slip out was going to make Naruto's return all the better for his revenge and research.

'This is what you get when you disrespect me you little brats' thought Jiraiya

Time Skip 11:55

Jiraiya along with Tsunade had gathered all of Naruto's friends and were currently waiting at the gate.

Tsunade looked over at Jiraiya who for once in his life wasn't pay attention to her. Tsunade turned away from her old teammate so she could make an announcement.

"I need your attention as you all know Naruto is the son of the leaf village's greatest warrior and as such Naruto's family is too important to let die out. Therefore Naruto must have at least five wives if he wants he can have more but the minimum is five." Said Tsunade

"What" asked a voice from behind them?

They all turned around to see a blond haired man about six feet tall and dressed like the Yondaime holding a red haired baby in his arms while looking at Tsunade like she had lost her mind.

"WHAT WAS THAT GRANNY!" yelled Naruto?

"I said that you have to have at least five wives." Said Tsunade

"And what if I don't want five wives?"

Tsunade was about to yell at him for even entertaining the notion of disobeying her until she saw what Naruto was carrying.

"Naruto who is that?" asked Tsunade

"Yeah Naruto who is that?" repeated Jiraiya

"Are you up to something grandpa?" asked Naruto

"Naruto just tell us who it is." Said Tsunade

"Oh this is my daughter Kushina."

Everyone there except for Jiraiya and Yugito stood with their jaws by their ankles.

"YOUR DAUGHTER!" yelled everyone at the same time

"Yep I mean what other parent would give me permission to dress their child up like a little toad." Said Naruto

When everyone looked at the little girl she did indeed have a little toad outfit on and was giggling happily at her father.

Jiraiya quickly ran over to Naruto and took the girl from him. Jiraiya began to make funny faces at the giggle young girl.

"I see you let her wear the outfit that Gamabunta and me made for her." Said Jiraiya

While Jiraiya was speaking to Naruto Tsunade walked over to Naruto and gave him a big hug.

Naruto smiled at Tsunade he then took Kushina from Jiraiya and gave her to Tsunade.

"Granny I was hoping that you could do me and Kushina a favor." Said Naruto

"What's that?" said Tsunade as she looked up from Kushina

"Well even though I don't want to admit it you have done a great job as my granny and I was hoping that you would took on that roll with Kushina along with being her godmother."

Tsunade looked away from Naruto as she did not trust her eyes to hold back the tears she felt she was about to release.

Jiraiya knew that Tsunade probably felt like crying though he also knew that she wouldn't dare cry in front of all of these people but he knew the woman really did hold a soft spot for Naruto.

"Are you sure you want me as her godmother?" asked Tsunade

"I am very sure besides once me and grandpa here teach her everything we know I'm sure she'll want to learn some things from the legendary slug sannin." Said Naruto

"Well I could teach her how to summon slugs." Said Tsunade thoughtfully

"Nope no slugs"

"Why not"

"Because she is already with the strongest summons there is."

"I don't remember giving her the slug."

"Why would I want her to summon slugs? Slugs are slow dim witted things."

Naruto took Kushina back from Tsunade who was fuming about her summons being called dim witted.

Naruto looked at Kushina who was staring to tear up he then looked up at Tsunade and saw that she had a dark aura around her.

Naruto then heard Kushina start to cry and quickly ran hoping that he could get away from Kushina's newly appointed granny/godmother.

Two hours later

Tsunade had been looking for Naruto and Kushina everywhere but she couldn't find her darling new goddaughter or her fool of a father.

The slug sannin didn't want to give up because if she did she knew that Jiraiya and Naruto would say that this would be the reason why Kushina can't summon slugs.

Tsunade finally decided to give up and went back to her office.

Tsunade arrived in her office only to find the two people she had been looking for all day.

She was going to give Naruto the beating of his life for disrespecting her and her summons then she saw both father and daughter snoring away in her chair.

"Cute huh" said Jiraiya

"How long have you been there" responded Tsunade?

"Long enough you know she's a hand full with enough juice to tire out even Naruto."

"So this is the reason Naruto got over Sakura?"

"Yep when Kanna had Kushina Naruto forgot all about Sakura but then Kanna died two days later all Naruto had was Kushina."

"So I am assuming the poison killed her."

"That's right and one more thing it seems the Akatsuki are after Kushina as well Naruto and Yugito."

"What why"

"Because in the leader's eyes a demon can't raise a child and as such he has decided to take Kushina from Naruto."

Tsunade shook her head and woke Naruto up then she told him to go with Jiraiya so he could show him where he would be living from now on.

Naruto was about to protest when he heard Kushina yawn loudly and shift in his arms.

Naruto looked up at Jiraiya and Tsunade who were smiling at the both of them.

"Ok fine though I do need to stop off at some stores and get some things for Kushina." Said Naruto

"Fine I guess we could do that." Said Jiraiya

"Then let's go before my little lady wakes up again."

The two warriors looked at one another before hopping out of the window.

Tsunade watched the two go and began to think about what it would be like to train the daughter of Naruto Uzumaki the very thought gave her shivers of excitement.

'Well Naruto you are going to find more people missed you then you think.' Thought Tsunade

With Naruto and Jiraiya

The two began to talk about what they always talked about and that was Kushina's future.

"I am telling you Naruto if you let me train her first she could be an even better kunoichi than Tsunade." Said Jiraiya

"Yeah but how do you think she will react when she finds you peaking instead of training her." Said Naruto

Jiraiya stopped to think about the backlash of angering the granddaughter of the Yondaime and Kushina Uzumaki.

Naruto watched as his sensei began to shiver while thinking about his daughters' future self beating him up for not training her and peaking.

The two were so caught up in their thoughts they never saw Yugito approaching them.

"Hey guys" said Yugito

"Hey Yugito-chan what's up" said Naruto

"Nothing much I was just wondering where you were since you didn't come home."

"Oh sorry about that it's just that me and Kushina had to get away from baa-chan. We then went back to her office to wait for her but we both ended up falling asleep."

"So what are you guys doing now?"

"We are going to get some things for the house but mainly things for Kushina."

"Mind if I come?"

"Nope you could actually be a big help."

The three quickly entered a store to get some food and milk. They then hurried to another store and got a crib for Kushina who had awoken.

Naruto looked down at his daughter who was seemingly reaching for something. As Naruto bent down to get a better look at her she grabbed the bangs that had grown on both sides of his face.

Naruto watched as his shadow clones followed Yugito and Jiraiya back to his house.

Naruto turned his attention back to his daughter who wouldn't stop pulling on his hair.

Naruto knew that there was nothing he could do as long as she found his hair interesting so he had to find something more interesting.

Naruto brought his finger to his mouth and bit it. Naruto then began to perform one handed hand signs then slammed his hand on the ground.

After doing this Kushina looked up and saw orange toad sitting on top of her father's head. Kushina quickly let go of her father's hair and attempted to reach her little arms out to grab the toad on top of his head.

Naruto cracked his neck before shifting his head so the small toad would fall to his daughter reach. When Kushina was able to grab the toad she began to hug the life out of it.

Naruto let out a small laugh as he watched his daughter's antics.

Naruto turned to walk away but stopped when he saw two people he recognized.

"Haku, Temari, how are you girls doing?" asked Naruto

The two girls looked at Naruto then looked at the girl in his arms before running over to both of them.

"Oh man gosh Naruto she is so cute." Said Haku

"Yeah she is going to have the beat the guys off with a stick when she gets older." Said Temari

Naruto then remembered that Kushina was a girl and that many boys would be trying to touch his precious little girl.

"No she is far too young for us to start thinking that far into the future." Said Naruto

The three began walking toward Naruto's house since he needed to feed Kushina and possibly change her diaper.

"So why in the world is your daughter glomping that toad?" asked Temari

"Well she has already signed the toad contract so she feels as comfortable around them as she does around me." Responded Naruto

"So Naruto I was wondering if you might want to train with me sometime?"

"Sure, why not. How about tomorrow?" Said Naruto

"That sounds good, well I have to go, bye."

When Temari jumped off Naruto turned back to Haku who had an almost sad look on her face.

"Well I was going to ask you to do something like training but since Temari already asked I won't bother." Said Haku

"You can still ask me it's not like I am going to yell at you for just asking a question." Said Naruto

"Naruto I was wondering would you like to go on a date?"

"Wow, you want to go on a date with me."


"Well sure ok your on Haku so what time do you want me to pick you?"

"Is seven good for you?"

"That's perfect."

"Well, bye Naruto."

Naruto watched as Haku took off in the other direction he then looked down at Kushina who seemed to have a disinterested look on her face.

"I wonder Kushina; do you think daddy should be going out with another woman this soon?" Said Naruto

Naruto didn't get an answer from his daughter who had turned her attention back to the toad who was looking quite content with where it was.

Naruto laughed at both of them and took to the roof tops so he could hopefully avoid running into anyone else.

Hot Springs

Tsunade and Shizune had decided that a day at the hot springs would do them some good.

Tsunade had half a mind to give Naruto the Hokage hat and the paperwork that comes along with it.

Tsunade also thought that maybe the springs would give her the treatment needed to catch Naruto and his cute little daughter.

When they arrived at the hot springs they found many kunoichi were already there.

"What in the world are all you ladies doing here?" asked Tsunade

Sakura turned to her sensei and said that these girls wanted to a day to relax.

"Tsunade-sama did you catch Naruto and Kushina?" asked Ino

"No unfortunately those two little munchkins got away from me. It just infuriates me that they would disrespect slugs like that." Said Tsunade

"Speaking of which why haven't I been allowed to sign the slug contract sensei?" asked Sakura

"Well Sakura you have prefect chakra control but you don't have enough much chakra to summon the boss slug."

"Couldn't you just summon her for me?"

"No you must summon the boss with your own power otherwise he or she won't respond to you."

"But what about Naruto he can summon toads I have never seen him summon any boss."

Tsunade was about to explain to Sakura that the new boss toad Gamakichi is Naruto's personal summon but was interrupted by Ino.

"Actually Sakura, Naruto was on a mission with Shino, Anko, and me when I saw him summon a huge toad with a pipe in his mouth." Said Ino

"That would be the former boss toad Gamabunta; he was the toad that helped Naruto's father defeat the Kyuubi." Said Tsunade

"Wow he must be pretty strong huh Tsunade-sama." Said Moegi

"Technically he was the strongest summon."

"Who could be stronger than the toad that helped defeat a demon?" asked Hanabi

"His son Gamakichi; he has taken over for his father and is Naruto's personal summon."

"What does that mean?" asked Hinata

"It means that no one can sign the toad contract without Naruto and Gamakichi's permission before it was Jiraiya and Gamabunta's permission that you needed."

"Wow I can't believe how strong senpai is." Said Moegi

While Moegi was daydreaming about Naruto she never noticed the glares she was getting from some of the girls.

"Tsunade-sensei I always knew Naruto had a lot of chakra but how in the world could he have gotten so strong to the point he could summon a boss?" asked Sakura

"Actually, Sakura Jiraiya told me a story that Naruto told him where he summoned that same boss toad to save your life against Gaara." Said Tsunade

"Wait Sakura told me that Sasuke saved her from Gaara." Said Tenten

"Please that Uchiha couldn't even move for most of the fight. If Naruto hadn't been there they both would have died." Said Temari

Tsunade was very happy that her kunoichi were finally finding out that Naruto was now probably the strongest warrior in the leaf village.

"Tsunade-sama I was wondering is it possible to sign a contract as an infant?" asked Anko

"Usually no but Kushina would be the exception." Said Tsunade

"How come"

"From what Jiraiya told me Naruto has so much chakra that his offspring get the same type of chakra he does."

"And what type of chakra is that?" asked Shizune

"Naruto's type of chakra can be given away to someone else and would adapt to that person's body then just continue to grow like it would in Naruto's body."

"So your saying that because of Naruto Kushina is strong enough to summon a full sized toad?" asked Anko

"Yes I would say if she had the motor skills she would be able to summon a toad the size of Jiraiya."

"So how powerful will she be when she turns twelve?" asked Kin

"I don't know but Jiraiya, Naruto and I have decided we will train her."

"But don't you think that could make her too powerful?" asked Sakura

"I thought of that though it's not likely she could turn evil or anything, I mean look at her father, he is probably the kindest hearted person I know."

After Tsunade said that, everyone began to think about Naruto and realized that Tsunade was completely right, all of the things that Naruto did that used to get on peoples nerves were always him trying to help someone else out.

Tsunade watched as the girls began to think about what she said and watched as blushes come up on some faces.

'Soon Naruto I'll get you back for all those times you called me baa-chan." Thought Tsunade

At Naruto's house

"This can't be I have never met an opponent this powerful before." Said Naruto

"I was able to defeat Sarutobi-sensei before he died easily but never was he as tough as this." Said Jiraiya

The strongest member of the sannin and the son of the Yondaime Hokage had finally met their match.

Naruto took a look at his sensei who was just as confused as he was.

"How do we put this stupid crib together!" yelled Naruto

"I don't know these directions are more complicated than some of the seals I have worked with." Answered Jiraiya

"That's it, forget it."

Naruto threw the side of the cribs down and turned to Kushina with a smile on his face.

"Hi honey do you want to sleep with daddy until you're a big girl?" asked Naruto

Kushina just stared at her dad and began to cry causing Jiraiya to wish he could do the same thing.

Naruto picked Kushina up and took her to the kitchen where Yugito already had a bottle waiting for her.

"Hey Yugito thanks for having her bottle ready for me." Naruto said.

"No problem Naruto." Said Yugito

Kushina saw her father holding the bottle and immediately stopped crying as if she wouldn't get the bottle if she didn't.

Naruto chucked at his daughter who almost attacked the bottle as Naruto gave it to her.

Naruto held the bottle in place so Kushina wouldn't try to.

"Naruto I was wondering wasn't there something you said you needed to do when you got back here?" asked Yugito

Naruto looked at Yugito with a thoughtful look on his face, and then remembered.

"Of course remember now I need baa-chan to give Kushina a check up. Thanks for reminding me Yugito I'll send a toad to the hot springs right away." Said Naruto

Naruto gave Kushina to Yugito and summoned a toad with a message to give to Tsunade.

Naruto turned around to see Yugito smiling at him warmly.

"Hey what's with the big smile?" asked Naruto

"Well it's just nice to know that you trust me." Said Yugito

"And just how do you know that I trust you?"

"Because you wouldn't have handed Kushina to me if you didn't."

Naruto looked at Yugito then walked over and sat right down next to her.

"Yugito, of course I trust you, along with Kanna and Yukie-hime you were one of the first girls to give me physical pleasure along with emotional pleasure." Said a blushing Naruto

Yugito also blushed when Naruto brought up what happened when they visited Yukie's kingdom.

"Do you remember?" asked Naruto

"Yes I do I do." Said Yugito


Naruto was sitting on top of Yukie's castle watching the sunset with Kushina bouncing up and down in his arms.

Naruto began to think about his life and the life he would be able to give Kushina.

"Hey do you mind if we join you?" asked a voice from behind

Naruto turned his head around to see Yukie and Yugito standing behind him.

"What are you two doing here?" asked Naruto

"Well we haven't seen you all day and we just wanted to make sure everything was alright." Said Yugito

"Everything is fine I am just spending some time with Kushina."

Naruto turned his attention back to the setting sun and began to think about what would happen when the villagers found out about Kushina.

"Naruto we know something is wrong why don't you tell us what it is?" asked Yukie

Naruto didn't respond at first he just kept looking between Kushina and the sunset.

"I am afraid of what will happen when the villagers find out about my daughter." Said Naruto

Yukie quickly embraced Naruto but was careful to make sure she didn't squeeze Kushina.

Yugito knew exactly what Naruto was going threw she too was beaten by the villagers of the cloud village then sold to the Akatsuki. Yugito knew that if it wasn't for Naruto, Jiraiya and Kyuubi who told Naruto Yugito was in danger she would be dead right now.

"I have been beaten my entire life, what is to stop people from beating her?" Said Naruto

Naruto then broke down and began to tell Yukie and Yugito about every time he was beaten or hit including the times by Sakura.

Naruto was about to continue when Kushina started to cry. Naruto then remembered that she hadn't had anything to eat in a little while.

Naruto eventually found Jiraiya and told him to give Kushina her bottle then let her go to sleep. After much complaining from Jiraiya about how his goddaughter would mess up his research he agreed.

Naruto was about to go to his bedroom and rest before he went back to get Kushina from Jiraiya.

As Naruto arrived at his room he saw Yugito and Yukie standing there waiting for him.

"What are you two doing here?" asked Naruto

"We want you to come with us." Said Yugito

Naruto nodded and followed the girls to a different room.

"Where are we?" asked Naruto

"Well this is my bedroom." Said Yukie

"Why are we here?"

"Because Naruto we know how proud you are and we just don't want anyone to your tears."

"Thank you both this really means a lot to me."

Naruto continued to tell Yugito and Yukie about his past as he continued his stories he let his tears fall freely.

Yugito and Yukie led him toward the bed were they embraced him and told him that it would be alright.

Naruto calmed down and began to thank both girls for what they had done for him today.

Naruto was about to leave when he began to feel different he suddenly wanted something that he couldn't quite describe.

Naruto couldn't understand why he felt so weird but suddenly all he could think about were all of the good things that Yukie and Yugito had done for him.

"Naruto is something else the matter?" asked Yugito

Naruto didn't answer all he could do was look at both girls and took a big whiff of the scent that was now in the air.

"Something smells really good." Said Naruto

Yugito stared at Naruto and sniffed the air herself her eyes widen in shock.

"Yukie be very careful." Said Yugito

"Why what's wrong with Naruto?" asked a slightly fearful Yukie.

Yugito didn't answer instead she decided to go to the root of the problem which lied deep within her.

In Yugito's Mindscape

Yugito entered her mind and went straight to Nibi's cage for some answers.

"Nibi what in the world do you think you are doing?" asked an Yugito

"If you would be quiet kitten I would be getting you some fun kami knows you need it. Said Nibi

"But not like this Nibi I really like this guy. What if he has sex with me and by the way he is looking Yukie to? How do you think it would make us feel if we knew he was only doing this because of you?"

"You know exactly if he is only lust for you or if he truly has feelings for you. Now kitten lean back and watch the show."

In reality

The look that was on Yukie's face was very hard to make out. She looked as though she wanted to run but at the same time fault very attracted to Naruto.

Naruto didn't know what was happening to him the only time he had ever felt like this was when he and Kanna made love.

Naruto looked at both of the girls and attempted to get himself under control so that he could speak to them.

With Yugito

"You see Nibi he can't control himself because of the scent coming from you." Said a panicking Yugito

"You have such little fate in your mate my kitten keep your eye on him he is about to make his move." Said a slightly impressed Nibi

Yugito watched as Naruto began to fight off the effects the scent was having on him so that he could speak to them freely.

"This isn't possible humans can't fight off a demons lust scent and from what I heard it is even worse for a jinchuuriki." Said a very surprised Yugito

"Yes I know now shut up and listen to him." Said Nibi

With Naruto

"Yukie Yugito I don't know what's going on but I haven't felt this why in a long time. Please don't hate me for what I am about to do because I care for you both dearly." Said Naruto

Lemon (first try please don't heat me)

Naruto smashed his lips against Yukie's while he let his hands slip into her robes. Naruto felt Yukie's luscious breast under his hand causing him to growl into their kiss.

"Do you want this Yukie?" asked Naruto

"Yes I do." Responded Yukie

As soon as Yukie was done talking Naruto as able to get her robes undone causing them to drop to the floor exposing her beautiful self to Naruto and Yugito.

Naruto looked at her smiled he never realized just how much Yukie keep hidden from the world with her robes.

Naruto quickly kissed Yukie on the jawbone he then began to leave a trail of kiss between her breasts he then stopped and began to lick both nibbles slowly causing Yukie to moan.

Naruto then kissed his way down her stomach until he reached her pussy which was soaking wet which made him smile a bit.

"Yukie-hime it would seem you have been waiting for this for quite some time I hope I don't disappoint you." Said Naruto

"Naruto-kun you could never disappoint" was all Yukie could get out when she felt something shoot inside her pussy.

Yukie screamed and would have started to squirm if Naruto hadn't grabbed her hips to keep her in place.

When Naruto was sure that Yukie wouldn't move he moved his hands from her hips to back to her breast which caused her to spray him in the face with her juices.

Naruto licked up all the juices with his tongue he then crawled back up to Yukie who still had a dazed look in her eyes and a little bit of drool coming out of her mouth.

When Yukie came to she decided that she wasn't going to let Naruto continue to have his way. Yukie quickly kissed Naruto and helped him get out of his clothes. Yukie then grabbed him by the penis and held him place this caused Naruto to moan.

Yukie then bent down right in front of Naruto's penis and guessed that it must have been nine inches. Yukie then kissed the tip and licked the tip of it causing some pre cum to escape his penis.

Yukie looked at Naruto who was staring up at the ceiling waiting for Yukie to make her move which made her feel great.

Yukie decided she was just going to take it all in at once. As she began she stopped midway and began to loosen her throat muscles. Yukie then began to bob her head up and down she then took one look at Naruto then hummed causing Naruto to cum.

After Yukie was done swallowing all his cum she mounted Naruto then aligned her pussy with his penis. Yukie then took Naruto inside of her causing her to moan and causing Naruto to grunt.

After the pain subsided for Yukie she began to feel even more pleasure but she wanted more from Naruto so she began rocking back and forth moaning.

Naruto smirked as he saw that Yukie was about to start bouncing up and down he quickly grabbed her hips and flipped her over. Naruto then thrust into her causing her to scream he then repeated this all the while watching her pant and scream.

Naruto then felt himself about to cum he was going to pull out until she grabbed him and kissed him forcefully on the lips.

They both came together causing Yukie to scream one last time before the pleasure she was feeling caused her to lose consciousness.

Naruto pulled out of Yukie and kissed her on the lips before rolling over to the edge of the bed. Naruto stood up and looked at Yugito who still seem to be out of it.

Inside Yugito's Mind

"Nibi did you see him?" asked a dazed Yugito

"Of course I saw him kitten I am not blind. Now tell me don't you want that to?" asked a slightly horny Nibi

"Yes I do want it Nibi."

"Well kitten you are about to get it now get out there and show that sexy fox that cats rule."

With Naruto

Naruto walked up to Yugito who was seemingly coming out of her daze.

Yugito down at Naruto's manhood and blushed. Yugito then looked back at him with a large smile on her face.

"Well Naruto I hope you don't think your hot stuff just because you were about to fuck Yukie into unconsciousness." Said a smirking Yugito

"I never said I was all I do is bring what I have to the table end of story." Said a confident Naruto

"Well let's see how you do with another jinchuuriki as your sex partner."

Naruto didn't say anything else he just followed Yugito back to the bed and watched as she took all of her clothes off except for her bra.

Yugito looked at Naruto and smirked knowing that her first time was with someone she could spend the rest of her life with.

"Naruto I saw you with Yukie and though you did a great job getting her in the mood that's not the case with me so let's just skip right to the main course ok." Said Yugito

"Are you sure?" asked Naruto

Yugito didn't say anything she simply walked over to a work table Yukie had in her room and bent over.

Naruto felt that as though that had said enough so he walked up behind her and undid her bra allowing her large breasts freedom.

Naruto then thrust into Yugito from behind and grabbed her breast then he pinched both nibbles while allowing Yugito time to get adjusted to his size.

Yugito let him know he was good to go he then thrust in to her slowly causing her to moan loudly.


Naruto did as he was told and began to grunt louder as he was almost losing himself to the pleasure he was feeling.

Yugito wasn't doing much better as she found herself lost in an ocean of pleasure.

Yugito felt that she was about to cum any minute and let out a hiss/growl when she did. Yugito felt Naruto cum in her a few seconds after she came.

Naruto let out a roar as he came in her. As Naruto pulled out of Yugito she fell straight back into his arms since she still hadn't recovered from the organism yet.

"Naruto were not done yet." Said a slightly forceful Yugito

"I know I was just carrying you back to the bed since you can't walk right now." Said Naruto

Naruto was about to lay Yugito on the when she suddenly hoped out of his arms and forced him onto the bed.

Yugito jumped on Naruto like a cat jumps on it's pray she then kiss as her pussy swallowed his manhood. Yugito didn't waste any time like Yukie did she quickly started to bounce up and down his member.

Naruto was surprised at the speed she started off at and grabbed her hips so that he could meet her pace.

Yugito looked at Naruto and saw that she was going to get the best of him this time. Yugito found herself right as Naruto came in her she collapsed on him when she felt his seed side over her g-spot and came.

While Yugito rested on top of Naruto she smiled as she thought that this was definitely a man who she could spend the rest of her life with.

"Well Naruto it's one to one what are you going to do?" asked Yugito

"Well I say next one wins it all ok." Said Naruto

"That sounds fair enough."

Naruto looked at Yugito and even though he was just enjoying being his time with her he did want to win this little game between them.

Yugito was thinking along the same lines as Naruto but she did want to show him that cats were just better then foxes.

Yugito took a look back at Naruto then got on her hands and knees. Yugito then began to wag her ass in the air as if waiting for Naruto.

Naruto got behind Yugito and began to go at a fast pace just like she did.

Yugito was waiting for that she quickly got off of her hands and leaned back to Naruto slowly his pace somewhat.

Naruto was waiting for her to slow his pace and when she leaned back into him he summoned chakra to the tips of his fingers.

Yugito didn't see this and believed that her plan of tiring Naruto out would work. Yugito began to wonder Naruto never pushed her back down until intense pleasure build up in her stomach.

As Naruto used the chakra on his fingers to cause Yugito to have an organism faster he knew he had won. If Yugito didn't stop Naruto the chakra would cause her to have an organism and if she did stop him he could just finish her off the old fashion way.

Yugito grabbed Naruto's hands in an attempt to push them away but lost all self control as he thrust into her one last time causing her to cum and lean back on him.

Naruto thrust one last time before he came in Yugito for a third time.

They both fell forward as Naruto used the rest of his energy to get up and pull out of Yugito.

Naruto then picked Yugito up and laid her down next to Yukie before he crawled in between them. He held them both tightly as one thought went through his mind.

'I hope neither one of them is pregnant' thought Naruto

End of Flashback and Lemon

"Thanks Naruto" said Yugito

"For what" asked Naruto?

"For that Naruto night it meant more to me than you realize."

"Oh I don't know about that."

"Naruto can I ask you a question?"

"Yeah shoot"

"Do you mind if I sleep with you?"

"Sleep with me again."

"Not like that idiot."

"I know what you mean I just hope you don't mind Kushina sleeping with us."

"No that's fine"

Hot Springs

Tsunade was laughing at some jokes made by her fellow kunoichi when a toad appeared on her head.

All of the women stopped laughing and looked at their Hokage.

Tsunade couldn't believe that Jiraiya or Naruto would embarrass her like this on purpose.

"Tsunade-sama you have a toad on your head." Said Moegi

"Yes I know that thank you." Said Tsunade

Tsunade put her hands out in front of her and watched as the toad jumped from her head to her hands.

"Can I help you?" asked Tsunade

"No but you can help Kushina." Said the toad

"Is something wrong with her is she ok?"

"Yeah she's fine but Naruto just wants you to give her a check up since she has never had one."

"Why hasn't she ever had one?"

"Oh well when it comes to his daughter Naruto has trust issues."

"Ok inform Naruto to meet me at the hospital in one hour and we'll get Kushina checked up."

The toad smiled at Tsunade then left to find Naruto to tell him the news.

"While ladies it's been fun but I have to go make sure the brat's brat is healthy." Said Tsunade

Tsunade with Shizune stood up and walked out of the hot spring toward the hospital.

Moegi and Hanabi also decided to leave about five minutes later.

Eventually the rest of the girls called it a day and decided to out or in some cases go to work.

Naruto's House

Naruto helped Yugito move her things into his parents old room since that was where he and Kushina were going to be staying as well.

"Hey Naruto I just put Kushina down for a nap." Said Yugito

"Great I just moved the last of your things in here." Said Naruto

Naruto was about to lay down himself for a while until he felt a weight on his head.

"Hey Naruto what's up?" asked the toad

"Why is it that you pop in on people's heads? Asked Naruto

"It just seems like fun."

"So what did she say?"

"Meet her at the hospital in one, hour see ya."

Naruto laughed at the silly toad then turned his attention to Yugito.

"So do you want to go with us?" asked Naruto

"You know I would love to it's just I need some sleep." Said Yugito

"Can you do me a favor?"

"I have a date tonight and I was wondering if you could look after Kushina since she likes you."

"I guess I could but what do I get if I do this?"

"I'll give you whatever you want."


Naruto kissed Yugito on the cheek causing her to blush deeply but she quickly turned over so that Naruto couldn't see that blush.

Naruto decided that he was tired as well and made a shadow clone to stay with Kushina.

Naruto then fell on the bed next to Yugito and went straight to sleep.

Naruto's Mindscape

Naruto looked around only to find that he standing in front of an all too familiar cage.

Naruto looked inside only to see two red eyes staring back at him.

"Ok Kyuubi why have you brought me here?" asked Naruto

"I want out." Said Kyuubi

"No way"

"Hear me out kit."

"I am listening"

"I have devised a way so you can get eight tails of my power and I could keep a tail to survive."

"I don't know about this."

"Think about it kit with eight tails of power you could easily defeat the Akatsuki."

"I will think about but first come out of the shadows."

Kyuubi sighed and then stepped out of the shadows into Naruto's view.

"Kyuubi you're a girl." Said Naruto

"Of course I am." Said Kyuubi

Naruto looked away from Kyuubi before telling her that he was leaving and they would talk some other time.

Kyuubi watched as Naruto disappeared and smirked while she started to plan.

'Soon Naruto-kun you and I will both be on the outside side' thought Kyuubi

At the Hospital

Tsunade along with Shizune were getting the machines and other instruments ready for Kushina's check up.

"Shizune I think we'll need to give Kushina her shots to make sure she is healthy." Said Tsunade

"But Tsunade-sama don't you remember what happened when we tried to give Naruto-kun his some shots." Said a slightly frightened Shizune

Tsunade stopped and thought about what happened that day then remembered that it took her Kakashi, Gai, and Jiraiya to hold Naruto down while Shizune gave him his shot.

"Well let's just hope that Kushina is more mature then her father." Said Tsunade

The two women began to laugh at their blond haired friend but stopped when they saw they had visitors.

Tsunade turned completely around and saw that Moegi Hanabi Hinata Sakura and Ino were all stand at the doorway.

"Well what can I do you girls for?" asked Tsunade

"Well I wanted to help you give Naruto's daughter her check up." Said Sakura

"And the rest of us just wanted to watch." Said Ino

"Well you can watch but I don't know about helping us giving Kushina her check up."

"Why not" asked Sakura

"Because you use to hit Naruto for every little thing and even though you didn't think much of it he did."

"So what exactly are you saying?"

"I am saying that even though you are Naruto's teammate he wouldn't trust you with his daughter."

Sakura couldn't believe what she was hearing she thought that Naruto never minded that she hit him and now he would trust her with his daughter.

"Wow senpai has changed." Said Moegi

"Yes Naruto has trust issues when it comes to his daughter." Said Tsunade

"So do you know the people he would trust?" asked Ino

"Well let's see here Jiraiya Shizune Yugito Iruka and myself."

The girls in the room couldn't believe that they weren't on Naruto's trust list and made a vow that they would get Naruto to trust them.

Tsunade ignored the looks on the girls' faces and went back to making sure that everything was sit up. Tsunade then looked up at the clock and saw that Naruto and Kushina would be here soon.

"Ok Shizune they will be here in a couple of minutes." Said Tsunade

Shizune nodded and then ran out of the room to use the restroom.

With Tayuya and Kin

The two girls were on their way to the Hokage tower to see if they had any missions or could get any missions.

Both girls were completely frustrated though both of them knew that the cause for their frustration was a certain blond and his red haired daughter.

"I don't get it Kin you know when Naruto helped me out I called him an ass monkey he then asked me to stop cussing and I did it I've never stopped cussing for anyone else." Said Tayuya

"It's ok Tayuya; Naruto has that aura about him that just makes you want to follow him." Said Kin

"Well I don't care I just want a mission so I'm not thinking about his daughter or him."

"Tayuya you have to admit she is cute."

"I guess the little rug rat is cute but don't you dare tell anyone I said that I have a reputation to keep."

Kin giggled and followed her best friend to the Hokage tower.

With Naruto

Naruto awoke to find Yugito purring on his chest contently. Naruto looked at the beautiful jinchuuriki and laughed.

Naruto turned his head to look over at the clock when he saw his shadow clone standing there telling him it was time to get up.

Naruto slipped out from under Yugito then walked into the room where Yugito had put Kushina.

Naruto then saw that Kushina was sleeping in the crib that Jiraiya and he couldn't put together.

Naruto began walked toward the crib he touched it and found out that it was quite sturdy.

Naruto decided that he would move the crib into his room since all her things were already in there.

Naruto leaned over the crib and looked down at Kushina who was still sleeping without a care in the world.

Naruto left the room and went to the kitchen so he could get two bottles ready for Kushina.

After getting the bottles ready he grabbed her favorite toys and some diapers he then checked over everything before sealing all the items in a scroll.

Naruto was about to look at the clock when he heard Kushina start to cry. Naruto quickly raced up stairs and picked Kushina up.

Naruto attempted to settle her down but realized that she just needed to get the crying out of her system.

Kushina continued to cry until Naruto found what she wanted. Naruto began to beat himself up for not realizing that all she wanted was her pacifier.

When Naruto finally got Kushina to settle down he left a note for Yugito and then took off to the hospital.

As Naruto ran to the hospital he was confronted by two people he really didn't want to see.

"Kakashi and Sasuke what are you two doing here?" asked Naruto who was attempting to get Kushina to settle down again.

"Oh I just wanted to meet your daughter and tell you that Tsunade-sama wants to test your skills tomorrow." Said Kakashi

"And you"

"I just wanted to make sure that you were still the loser that I remember." Said Sasuke

"Well this has been fun but we have somewhere to be right Kushina."

Naruto's only answer was Kushina's thrashing.

"Naruto someday when you aren't busy I have a technique that would be great for you." Said Kakashi

"No thanks between the missions I am going to start getting and taking care of Kushina I won't have time to train much." Said Naruto who took off before Kakashi could even respond.

"Hey Kakashi, why don't you show me that technique." Said Sasuke

"Did you say something?"

Naruto continued to head toward the hospital with Kushina who seemed to have settled down after she got away from Sasuke and Kakashi.

When they arrived at the hospital the receptionist smiled at the father and daughter.

"Hello may I help you?" asked the receptionist

"Yes I am Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and this is my daughter Kushina Uzumaki we have an appointment." Said Naruto

The receptionist looked threw her notebook and saw that the Hokage herself was going to be the doctor.

"Of course the Hokage is waiting for you in room 222." Said the receptionist

Naruto thanked the receptionist then headed toward the room where Tsunade was.

When Naruto arrived he was surprised to find Moegi, Hanabi, Hinata, Ino and Sakura there.

"Hey what are all you girls doing here?" asked Naruto

"Oh well we just wanted to talk to you while Tsunade-sensei checked over Kushina." Said Sakura

"Yeah senpai we just want to talk." Said Moegi

Naruto gave a nod of his head then handed Kushina to Tsunade who smiled at Kushina.

While Shizune and Tsunade began running test on Kushina Naruto sat down with the girls so that they could talk.

"Well the first question is Senpai what is it like to be a dad?" asked Moegi

"Well right now it's not so bad I'm more worried about when she grows up." Said Naruto

"How do you react when she wakes you up in the middle of the night?" asked Hanabi

"Well she doesn't do that anymore but I didn't mind it when she did."

"Is she a handful?" asked Ino

"Oh yeah she has tired Jiraiya-sensei and me out many different times."

"Since when do you call him Jiraiya-sensei?" asked Sakura

"Since I realized that he was my first true sensei."

"But what about Kakashi-sensei"

"What about him he never once taught me a single thing besides tree climbing."

"But he had to train Sasuke-kun."

"You're right, so he is Sasuke's and your sensei, but not mine. As far as I am concerned I've only had two sensei's Iruka and Jiraiya."

"Naruto-kun I was wondering how you came up with the name Kushina?" asked Hinata

"Jiraiya told me that it was my mother's name so I decided to honor my parents by naming a boy Minato and a girl Kushina."

The girls were about to ask more questions when Naruto heard Kushina start to wail.

Naruto quickly ran over to his daughters' aid.

"Naruto-kun we need to give her a shot." Said Shizune

Naruto looked at Tsunade who was hoping he wouldn't make a big deal out of this but then remembered it was Naruto.

Naruto quickly snatched Kushina away and held her protectively while glaring at Tsunade who was holding the needle.

"Naruto just because you're a baby doesn't mean Kushina is." Said Tsunade

"Besides Naruto-kun this shot will ensure her good health." Said Shizune

"Ok and for your information baa-chan she is a baby." Said Naruto

Naruto reluctantly handed Kushina back to Shizune then unsealed her favorite toy which was a stuffed fox with nine tails.

As Shizune prepared Kushina for her shot Naruto began playing with Kushina and the fox to keep her distracted from what was about to happen.

Naruto had the fox playfully attack Kushina who began to giggle this allowed Tsunade to give Kushina the shot.

Kushina for her part didn't notice the shot or didn't care as she was having too much fun playing with her favorite toy and her dad.

Naruto thanked and apologized to both of the women before saying goodbye to the others.

Naruto caught a glance of a clock on his way out of the hospital and realized he had a date one hour.

"Ok Kushina we need to book it so hang on." Said Naruto as he took to the rooftops

With Haku

Haku was looked at her clock and decided that it was time to get ready. She quickly went and laid her clothes out then she undressed so she could take a shower. When Haku was done in the shower she began to dry off she then walked in front of a full length mirror. Now Haku wasn't a person to gloat about what she had but she was very proud of what she had.

Haku always got boys attention when she walked down the streets of Konoha. Haku would often find men ogling her large breasts which she was very proud of. She also saw Sasuke staring at her ass which was surprising for her because she thought he was gay.

Haku wished Naruto would ogle her like those men did because to her his opinion was the only one that matter.

She kicked herself for not telling him how she felt before he left on his trip and now he had a daughter who she was sure he would kill to protect her.

Haku forced the daydreams out of her head so she could get ready to show Naruto how she felt about him.

She picked up light green kimono and put it on then she added a little bit of makeup and ruby lip stick.

As Haku began putting the finishing touches on her outfit she heard a knock at the door.

Haku quickly ran down the stairs and answered the door when she opened the door she saw Naruto standing wearing a nice silk red shirt with straight black pants with a dark orange trench coat.

Haku began blushing at Naruto's muscles which were easily seen threw the shirt he was wearing.

"Haku you look very beautiful." Said Naruto

"Thank you Naruto-kun you look very nice yourself." Responded Haku

"Well are you ready to go?"

"Of course"

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