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Well fifty-four reviews for one chapter I say that is pretty good. I again just want to say thank you to all of my readers out there. Now my goal in all of my stories is to always out do my previous chapters.

First I just wanted to say thanks to Darksnider05 he saw exactly what I saw when I first downloaded that picture of female Kyuubi. I honestly believe that if Kyuubi was actually a girl that picture would be her so I just wanted to let you know that I am glad that someone else sees that as well.

Next I was asked if I was going to give Naruto fox features and the answer to that question would be no. I have already used that in a different story and I don't want to become predictable so no fox features this story or any other stories except for Naruto's Promise.

I have also been asked if any of the girls or Naruto will feel love at first site and that answer would also be no there are feelings there from when Naruto helps girls like he so often does. I don't believe in love at first site maybe lust or some feelings but not full blown I will trade my life for your life love.

Finally a couple of new girls will be making their way into Naruto and Kushina's lives so be on the look out and lastly I will do my best to clean up and proofread my writing.

Oh and Kushina is six months old so that means she was three months old when Naruto had sex with Yugito and Yukie.

Now on to what you guys and girls came to see

Chapter 2 Haku's Date and a families bond

Naruto and Haku walked down the streets of Konoha with huge smiles on their faces.

Haku's smile was the result of being on a date with a man that saved her life and asked for nothing in return. Haku knew that she had strong feelings for Naruto and decided that the outcome of this date would decide if she would romantically pursue a relationship with Naruto.

Naruto's smile was due to the fact that he had already had sex with three women and had a child with one of them though had never actually been on a real date.

'Well I did go on that date with Sakura before I had to save Sasuke but that wasn't so much a date as it was her using me like always.' Thought Naruto

Haku watched as people stared in awe of Naruto and remembered that his dad was the Yondaime who Naruto looked an awful lot like.

Haku looked back at Naruto before letting out a big sigh.

"So Naruto-kun what's it like being the son of the greatest ninja ever?" asked Haku

"Well to be honest I don't really care if my dad was the greatest or worst I would still love him anyway." Responded Naruto

"I know but have people been treating you any differently now that the secret is out?"

"Yes they have been treating me differently than in the past I would have been against it but now I have Kushina to look out for not just myself."

Haku looked away from Naruto and smiled she understood that he didn't want the easy rode though had no problems taking it if involved his family.

"So Haku I see you've changed what's your rank now?" asked Naruto

"Well I'm a Jounin now and I am hoping to take on a team." Said Haku



"Well good luck usually only three Jounin get selected to be Jounin sensei."

"Well I heard that it is going to be a lot more then that this year."

"Really why"

"Well apparently parents have been telling their children bedtime stories of Yondaime and now almost every kid in the village wants to be a ninja. The strange thing about it is that most of the kids that entered didn't drop out even when they found out how hard it was going to be."

Once Haku was done speaking Naruto began to laugh he couldn't believe that his father was changing children's minds about becoming ninja from beyond the grave.

Naruto and Haku talked while they walked to a new restaurant that Haku wanted to try out.

While the pair talked Haku wasn't shocked to find that Naruto was not the idiot that Sakura and Ino made him out to be.

When they finally reached the restaurant Naruto began to understand why Haku wanted to try this place out.

"Haku this is a great restaurant." Said Naruto

Haku simply gave a nod of her head then began wait for someone to come and seat them.

While they were waiting they saw when you were done eating that you could dance with your date.

Someone finally came over and gave them a pretty good table.

The two order their drinks and food then immediately got back to their conversation neither one ever knowing they were being spied on by multiple people.

With Yugito

Yugito had been following Naruto ever since he left the house she had almost blown it when Naruto asked her to watch Kushina but she was able to get out of that one by saying that she had something very important to do.

Yugito watched as Naruto and Haku began to get deeper into their conversation. The one thing that Yugito saw was that Naruto seem to be enjoying Haku's companying.

Seeing this date made Yugito begin to wonder how much she actually knew about Naruto other than he had a huge cock and an even bigger heart.

With Tsuande Kushina and Jiraiya

Tsuande and Jiraiya were arguing with each other while attempting not to yell so that they wouldn't wake up the sleeping Kushina who was currently resting on her godmother's shoulder.

"Jiraiya why won't you leave Naruto alone?" asked Tsuande

"As his sensei/godfather/father figure it is my job to watch over my student." Said Jiraiya

"Then why did you have to drag me and Kushina with you?"

"Tsuande I am not going to miss out on research just because of you."

"Jiraiya do you know how luck you are that I am holding Kushina right now?"

Jiraiya didn't bother to answer his former teammate instead he turned his attention back to his prized student.

Jiraiya knew that Tsuande didn't understand why he was so adamant about this but his greatest book came off of his spying on Naruto and Kanna when Kushina was conceived.

Tsuande had no idea why Jiraiya was so interested in spying on Naruto's date but knew that if he woke Kushina up that he would have hell to pay.

With Sakura and Ino

Ino was hoping that a couple of days ago when they where putting Naruto down would be enough to make other girls stay away from him until she could make it up to him for being so mean to him in the past.

She had always thought that Naruto was a loser that would never amount to anything and that was the reason why she and Sakura went out of their way to make him feel bad.

Sakura didn't even know why she was here but knew that she was she wanted to beat the hell out of Naruto and Haku.

She wanted to beat Naruto up because he had actually gotten over her and this made her angry. Sakura always thought that Naruto would stay head over heels for her thus giving her confidence in herself.

Sakura often compared herself to the other kunoichi even when she was still twelve and saw that she wasn't nearly as developed as Haku Hinata Temari or Naruto's new friend Yugito. These things really hurt Sakura but she always thought that she would have Naruto to fall back on and make her feel beautiful.

Sakura also wanted to hurt Haku for taking Naruto away from her. Sakura and Ino tried to make sure that most of the kunoichi in village thought that Naruto was still his same annoying self but saw that this wasn't working like they hoped.

Both girls decided that they would find a way to get Naruto interested in them some how.

With Tayuya and Kin

Kin was watching Naruto and Haku with an angry Tayuya watching next to her.

"Tayuya what is wrong?" asked Kin

"That cocksucker Naruto is what's wrong I had no idea that so many girls liked him this much." Said Tayuya

"Most girls in the village that see him began to lust after him Tayuya there is a difference between what they feel for him and what we feel for him. Besides Naruto's is not a man whore that would just fuck anything with lips legs ass and breasts."

"I guess but what are we going to do now I mean I am sure that most of the kunoichi that know Naruto are going to start going after him."

"Then we will have to go after him just in a different way."

Tayuya silently agreed and began to wonder just what she would have to do to get Naruto to notice her.

Kin looked at her friend and sighed even though Tayuya was one of the roughest people she had ever met she knew that she had a soft side that wanted a strong man to protect her so she didn't have to act so rough.

Back with Naruto and Haku

Naruto and Haku had finished their meals and began to talk about random things which they found out that they also had a lot in common.

"Naruto-kun I was wondering what you think of Sakura and Ino?" said Haku

"Well to tell you the truth I don't think much of either of them." Said Naruto

"Really why is that?"

"Well Kushina's mother explained to me that it is a great thing to be loyal though there is also such a thing as being loyal to a fault she told me that it was alright and that she would help me out with it."

"Wow I can't believe you were that loyal and people took advantage of you like that."

"Yeah well I understand now when people are trying to use me now."

"So if Sakura or Ino were to pursue a relationship with you?"

"I wouldn't give them the time of day just like they did me."

After hearing this come from Naruto's mouth Haku felt a lot better about her chances she also felt that Naruto had made a wise choice in not allowing Ino or Sakura to get to close to him.

Naruto looked at Haku and saw a smile on her face after he said what he said about Sakura and Ino he looked away from her until he heard some music come on he quickly grabbed Haku and led her to the dance floor.

Haku was completely surprised when Naruto grabbed her hand and took her to the middle of the dance floor though she didn't mind talking to Naruto while she laid her head against his chest or while grabbed Naruto's and wrapped them around her waist while allowing her arms to wrap around him.

"Naruto-kun what's it like to have a child?" asked Haku while enjoying the position she was in with Naruto.

"Well I didn't plan for it to happen but Kushina gives me a purpose in life a family even if it is a small one." Said Naruto

"So what do you think about the having at least five wives thing?"

"Well I don't really mind it I mean I'm not really sure that I will find even one woman that is right for me though I am not afraid to look."

"Naruto-kun do you know most of the girls in the village like you?"

"Yes and did you know that most of those girls put me down when I was younger?"

"Well I had heard things but I thought they were rumours."

"No they aren't rumours they were very true and those girls like Sakura and Ino I will keep at a distance."

While Naruto was talking he never realized that he had tightened his grip on Haku who did happen to notice.

"So Naruto-kun let me ask you what would a girl that you took as a wife be like?" asked Haku

"Well she would have to be kind, have a good heart, be good with kids and last but not least be able to keep me in line." Answered Naruto

"What do you mean keep you in line?"

"Well before Kushina was born I use to act out and do what ever I wanted because I never had any parents to tell me not to from time to time I still do that what I meant."

"And just how should she keep you in line?"

"I don't know really but I know I don't want a girl like Sakura who will beat you into a coma for the slightest thing."

"So what girls exactly do you think you would go for?"

"Well if you really want to know I would say Yugito Yukie-hime, Temari, Kin, Tayuya and you."

Haku blushed heavily when Naruto mentioned her as one of women he wouldn't mind being with but inwardly was cheering loudly.

"What is so special about the girls you named?" asked Haku

"Well I just find them attractive in different ways."

Haku was about to ask what he found attractive about them when Naruto stopped her.

"Ok I have answered a lot of your questions now I would like you to answer some of mine." Said Naruto

"Ok" said Haku

"Why did you ask me out on a date?"

"Well to be truthful Naruto-kun I wanted to find something out."

"And have you found this something out?"

"I've begun to."

While the date was going the smoothly the spies were becoming more and more interested angry and jealous.

With Yugito

Yugito was so excited that Naruto thought of her as someone he could have a romantic relationship with but was angry when she heard the other five women names.

As the jinchuuriki of the two tailed cat Yugito was prone to get personality traits from her prisoner such as being very possessive and she was also fond of fish.

Yugito decided that she would make a move on Naruto soon and the best way to do that was to get Kushina to love being around her instead of just like being around her.

Nibi's jinchuuriki smirked before she decided to head back to Naruto's house for the rest of the night.

'Soon Naruto soon' thought Yugito as she took off.

With Sakura and Ino

"I can't believe this Naruto not only didn't name either one of us as woman he would like but he told Haku that he was going to keep us at a distance." Said Ino

"I know and where does Naruto get off saying that I hit him for the slightest thing?! I don't hit him that much… Right Ino?" asked Sakura

"Well actually that was probably the only thing that Naruto said that I agreed with."

"What?! Not you too! I don't hit Naruto that often!"

"Sakura you hit Naruto so often that I thought that you would have to go rehab."

"I don't care I have a date with Sasuke-kun tomorrow so I should stop wasting my time watching that baka."

Both girls nodded to each other and decided to go their separate ways for the night.

With Tayuya and Kin

Kin was doing her best to restrain her friend from jumping down and raping Naruto after what they had just heard that he wouldn't mind having a relationship with both of them.

"See I told you that he would like us Tayuya." Said Kin as she wrestled Tayuya to the ground

"Then let me up so I can show that ass monkey how much I like him." Grunted Tayuya

"No, Tayuya raping Naruto is not the way to get a relationship with him."

As Tayuya continued to struggle Kin began to think about what she was going to do attract Naruto.

Kin looked down at the struggling Tayuya and thought that it would be best if they went back to their apartment for the night so Kin quickly pressed a pressure on Tayuya neck that knocked her unconscious.

When Kin finally got Tayuya to settle down she picked up her friends limb body and took her home so she could rest.

'Don't you worry Naruto-kun once I find a sure-fire way to have you your mine" Thought Kin

With Jiraiya and Tsuande

Tsuande looked down at Kushina and was amazed that she could sleep threw all of Jiraiya's perverted giggling.

Tsuande looked over to see Jiraiya scribbling things down in his little notebook she began to grit her teeth and just as she was about to hit him she felt Kushina began to gripped her shirt.

Jiraiya looked back and saw that his goddaughter had unknowingly taken care of his team mate for him he then turned back to the date in front of him.

"Naruto you dog that's my student you're so much better at helping me with my research then your father ever was." Said Jiraiya

"You know Jiraiya Naruto would kill you if he found out that you took his daughter on one of your researching adventures right." Said Tsuande

"Well I never said that you two had to come along."

"Well you know what Jiraiya I am cutting you off for the rest of the night."

"What why in the hell are you doing that?"

"Because Naruto deserves to have fun without his sensei spying on him so for the rest of the night you spy on Naruto."

"Ok Tsuande I understand I will see you later."

After that was said Jiraiya quickly jumped away from Tsuande and surprisingly the other direction from the hot spring.

Tsuande looked at her fellow sannin with sceptical look before turning her attention back to the sleeping Kushina but froze when she a stuffed toad with its tongue sticking out at her.

"JIRAIYA!" yelled Tsuande before taking off after the toad sage.

Back Naruto and Haku

"Naruto-kun thanks for accepting my offer I am having so much fun." Said Haku

Naruto smiled and was about to answer when he thought he heard something.


"Did you hear something Naruto? Asked Haku

"Yeah my perverted sensei must have done something to piss off baa-chan." Said a smiling Naruto

"Baa-chan who is that"

"Oh that is what I call the Hokage."

"And she doesn't get mad you at?"

"Are you kidding she has nearly knocked my head of my body on six different occasions."

"Then why do you keep doing it?"

"Because annoying her is the way I show her that I love her."

When the song was over Naruto and Haku paid for their meals then left the restaurant.

"Well Naruto-kun I guess this is goodnight." Said a slightly saddened Haku

"Or you could come with me so I can show you something." Said Naruto

Haku quickly gave a nod of her and wrapped herself around Naruto's arm.

Naruto felt Haku press her body up against arm and blushed when he felt Haku's large breasts on his arm.

Naruto began to make small talk with Haku so he could ignore the feel of her breasts.

Haku became confused when Naruto led her up some kind of a hill.

"Naruto-kun where are we going?" asked Haku

She never got answer as Naruto stopped and told Haku to look to her left.

Haku did as she was told and saw a great view of the whole village.

"Naruto where are we?" asked Haku

"The Hokage Mountain this is where I come to think or let out my feelings when I was young." Said Haku

"I see thank you for bring me her Naruto-kun."

"It's alright Haku only my special people have seen this place and I count you as one of those people."

Haku turned around so that she was facing Naruto she slowly began to walk to him until they were mere inches apart.

Naruto smiled as he looked into Haku's eyes.

Haku stared back into Naruto's big blue eyes then reached up and pulled him into a deep kiss which he returned with little hesitation.

When the two broke the kiss Haku had a large blush that covered most of her face.

Naruto looked down at her with a small blush of his own and began to smirk at her.

"What?" asked Haku

"That was nice." Said Naruto

"Well it's something I have wanted to do since you saved me from Kakashi's chidori you know a way to say thank you."

"That's it a way to say thank you?"

Haku blushed but quickly gave a nod to answer his question.

"Well Haku if that is your way of saying thank you then let me show you how I say you're welcome..." Said Naruto and before Haku could even respond Naruto had grabbed her and returned the kiss she had just given him.

Haku began to moan into the kiss signalizing that she was enjoying what he was doing.

When Naruto broke the kiss he smiled widely at Haku who still had her eyes closed and her lips puckered showing the jinchuuriki that she was lost in her own world.

"Are you alright Haku?" asked Naruto

Haku shook herself out of her daze knowing that she had a blush on her face.

"I am fine Naruto-kun." Responded Haku

"Good because I should be getting you home." Said Naruto

"Yeah that sounds like a good idea."

With Jiraiya and Kushina

Jiraiya winced when he heard Tsuande yell out his name and knew that the beating she was going to give him was going to be indescribable for stealing Kushina.

Jiraiya quickly ran to the hot springs entrance where he knew that most women came out at this time to go home for the night and quickly put his plan into action.

When Jiraiya saw a group of women come out of the hot springs he quickly acted as though he was about to enter himself.

Jiraiya began to hum when the women ran toward him commenting on how cute the sleeping Kushina was.

"Yes ladies she is very cute isn't she?" asked Jiraiya

"Is she yours?" asked a random woman

"Why no she isn't she's actually the granddaughter of the Yondaime and the goddaughter of yours truly."

The girls gasped as they realized just exactly who this child was.

"So you mean that she is Naruto Uzumaki's daughter?" asked another random woman

"That's right and like her grandfather and father before her she will be learning under me." Said Jiraiya boastfully

The women began to swoon over Kushina while continuing to ask questions to Jiraiya who was far to busy looking at their breasts to answer any of their questions.

Jiraiya smiled as he continued to ogle the swooning and silently thanked kami for his goddaughter's cuteness. Things seemed as though they were only going to get better when Kushina opened her eyes revealing the same big blue eyes her father and grandfather were noted for.

"Oh she's waking up look how adorable she is." Said a woman

Kushina looked around a little confused at where she was but then she looked up to see her godfather smiling back at her. She immediately giggled and began to bounce up and down in her godfather's arms which only made the women attract to her even more.

Jiraiya couldn't believe that Kushina could get him this much action and made a mental note to hint to Naruto that he could watch her whenever he needed.

Jiraiya began to think about how he could milk this even further he then remembered a time when Kushina wouldn't stop crying and Naruto summoned a toad which she almost squeezed into oblivion.

Jiraiya smirked and patted himself on the back for his brilliant then quickly summoned a toad the size that Gamakichi use to be he then order the frog to hop into Kushina's view.

While Kushina was hoping up and down in Jiraiya's grasp the toad jump onto Jiraiya's shoulder. Kushina immediately stopped bouncing when she saw the toad and began to reach for it.

The women awed at Kushina's actions and became even more infatuated with the young girl when she was able to get a hold the toad and begin hugging it for dear life.

As Jiraiya was about to make a move on the women he felt a since of dread wash over him and realized that his teammate must be somewhere near by.

Jiraiya's fears were confirmed when he saw Tsuande stomp around the corner.

When Tsuande arrived she saw Jiraiya and Kushina surrounded by women and realized that Jiraiya must have been using Kushina to attract women.

"Hi Tsuande what's up?" asked a very nervous Jiraiya

"Oh not much just wondering where my goddaughter got off to that's all." Said Tsuande

"Oh well I just wanted to spend some time with her and as you can see she is very happy."

When Tsuande looked at Kushina she was indeed happily squeezing a poor toad to death.

"Well Jiraiya tell your friends goodbye because we need to get Kushina back to the office before Naruto gets back from his date." Said Tsuande with a look in her eyes that promised pain when they got back to the office

Jiraiya informed the women that he and Kushina had to go all the women sighed though knew that the girl's father was probably waiting for her so they reluctantly said goodbye to the pair.

"So Tsuande lets get going." Said Jiraiya

"Oh I agree whole heartedly." Said Tsuande who took Kushina away from Jiraiya who began to walk away

"And just where are you going Jiraiya?"

"Back to the office like you said."

"Oh I have a much quicker why for us to get there."

Tsuande placed her hand on Jiraiya's shoulder and the three of them were shunshin'd back to the office.

"Well Tsuande I should get going you can tell Naruto that he has his test tomorrow right?" asked Jiraiya

Tsuande looked at Jiraiya then called Shizune in to take care of Kushina while she had a talk with Jiraiya.

Shizune arrived to find Jiraiya pleading with Tsuande while Kushina was cuddling with toad.

"Shizune, Kushina just woke up a little while ago so she might be hungry." Said Tsuande as she began to crack her knuckles

"Tsuande I'm sorry I just wanted to take Kushina to meet some new people is all I swear." Pleaded Jiraiya

"I see Jiraiya well I would like you to meet someone that you are very familiar with."


"The end of my fist"


With Naruto and Haku

Haku and Naruto were walking down the streets holding hands when they heard something that sounded as though someone was crying out in pain.

As Naruto and Haku continued their conversation Naruto noticed that they were coming toward the Hokage tower.

"Hey Haku I didn't know that you lived passed the Hokage tower." Said Naruto

"Yeah I do is that a problem?" asked Haku

"No actually its great see I left Kushina here with her godparents so we can pick her up on the way to your home if that's alright with you."

"Of course it's alright."

Naruto and Haku walked into the tower passed the ANBU and knocked on Tsuande's door.

The two waited until they heard Tsuande give them permission to enter. When they walked in they saw Tsuande and Shizune playing with Kushina and what looked like a summoned toad.

Naruto was about to get their attention when something white caught his eye. Naruto looked to the corner of the room and saw his sensei twitching uncontrollably.

"Tsuande-baa-chan what happened to Jiraiya-sensei?" asked Naruto

"Well Naruto your sensei was using your precious little daughter here to pick up women." Answered Tsuande

Naruto turned to his sensei and shook his head disapprovingly before turning back to Tsuande.

"Well baa-chan I was going to pick Kushina up on my way back from dropping Haku off but saw that to get to her house you needed to pass the Hokage tower so I thought it would be a good idea to pick her up now." Said Naruto

"Ok but before you do I want to tell you about the test tomorrow." Said Tsuande


"You will be facing Kakashi and three judges will be deciding what rank you get."


"Now if it is painfully obvious that you deserve to be a higher rank but the judges don't give to you for whatever reason then I can step in to give you your rightful rank."

As soon as Tsuande was done talking Kushina began to cry.

Naruto was about to sprint over to her when Shizune gave him a look that said she had it taken care of.

"Now Naruto once Shizune is done changing Kushina we will give her to you so the two of you can go and get some rest for tomorrow." Said Tsuande

"Can you tell me exactly what time I am suppose to be there?" asked Naruto

"Yes Kakashi has talk to you about it right?"

"He tried."

"Well I want you there at noon since I told Kakashi to be there at nine."

Naruto looked at Tsuande and sighed deciding that this was the best time to ask her the question that had been on his mind ever since he started his training with Jiraiya.

"Hokage-sama" said Naruto surprising everyone in the room who could talk.

"Ok what do you want brat?" asked Tsuande

"How do you know I want something?"

"You would never call me Hokage-sama if you didn't want something."

"Maybe I am finally giving you the respect you deserve."

Shizune stopped changing Kushina and looked toward Tsuande who had a huge smile on her face, before they burst into laughter.

"What's so funny?" asked Naruto

"Oh nothing kid its just that you don't have a respectful bone in your body." Said Tsuande as her and Shizune's laughter continued until they were able to get a hold of themselves.

Naruto looked at Tsuande and growled knowing that he had called her baa-chan for to long to get her to fall for a trick like that.

"Fine I want you to do me a huge favour baa-chan?" asked Naruto

"And what would that be?" asked Tsuande

"I want you to change the history of team seven."

"To what exactly"

"I want you to change it so that I was never apart of that team."

Tsuande looked at Naruto and sighed knowing that he had probably thought this over a lot while on his training trip with Jiraiya.

Tsuande looked over in the corner where she had left Jiraiya and noticed that he wasn't there anymore she quickly looked toward the window to see him sitting on the sill.

"So what exactly do you what me to change it to?" asked Tsuande

"I want you to stick someone else name with that team and make it so that people think that Jiraiya took me on straight from the academy like he did my dad." Said Naruto

"What do you think Jiraiya, is this ok with you?"

"Yes it is." Said Jiraiya

"Fine there is a boy named Sai who joined team seven when you left. I'll put his name with team seven and yours with Jiraiya as your sensei." Said Tsuande

"Thank you baa-chan this means so much." Said Naruto who was holding back tears of joy from running down his face

"Don't worry about it I will change the records tonight and then announce what I have done to everyone tomorrow. Now you had better get home and get some rest so you can get a high rank tomorrow."

Naruto nodded then went over to Kushina who seemed happy about her father being back and picked her up. Naruto then looked back to Tsuande Jiraiya and Shizune before leaving with Haku and Kushina.

Naruto was quite happy about Tsuande excepting his offer and that he would finally be away from team seven.

Naruto looked over at Haku who had a smile on her face after witnessing the events that had just took place.

"Hey Haku" Said Naruto

"Yes" said Haku

"Could you help me out and hold Kushina for me?"

Haku turned to Naruto and looked at him surprising before nodding she then took Kushina from Naruto and held the girl as Naruto smiled at her.

"Why are you smiling?" asked Haku

"Oh no reason at all" Said Naruto

The two walked a couple of blocks before they reached Haku's apartment.

"Well I guess this is goodnight Haku." Said Naruto

Haku responded by quickly rising onto her toes and kissing Naruto who was very happy that she could resist the urge to wrap her arms around his neck since she was holding Kushina.

Haku finally broke the kiss she stroked Naruto's whisker marks lovingly causing him to shiver. Haku smirked and began to walk inside her apartment before a hand on her shoulder stopped her she looked back at Naruto was smirking.

"Haku I'm sure it feels natural but I am going to have to take Kushina back from you." Said Naruto

Haku looked down and blushed realizing that she was about to take his daughter without even realizing it.

"Naruto-kun before I give her back to you I want to know something." Said Haku

"What's that Haku?" asked Naruto

"Do you mind if I come and watch your match against Kakashi?"

Naruto smiled then bent down and took Kushina back then kissed Haku.

"I don't mind at all besides I will need an extra set of eyes to watch Kushina to make sure she doesn't get in trouble." Said Naruto before walking away and leaving a blushing girl behind

Naruto yawned and saw that Kushina was tired as well so he decided to shunshin back to his house instead of walking.


A man with a spiralling orange mask that led to the right eye sat at a desk as though he was waiting for something or someone suddenly the door to his office opened to reveal a man with red with circles on them.

"So you have finally come to report to me have you Pain." Said the man

"Yes Madara"

"Well exactly what have you found out about the Nibi and Kyuubi Jinchuuriki?"

"Well they are far stronger then we expected them to be. The Nibi jinchuuriki could probably give most of our members a run for their money plus she is protected by the Kyuubi jinchuuriki."

"I see and what about the Kyuubi jinchuuriki."

"He wouldn't be able to defeat you or me right now but could give you a better fight then the Shodaime did even though you lost that fight."

Madara quickly glared at Pain from behind his mask then quickly rose up and slammed him against the wall.

"Well it is a good thing I am a lot stronger then when I fought that pathetic Hashirama Senju." Said Madara

"Yes I guess it is." Responded Pain

"Now if that's all you may leave."



"I wanted to real know the reason you want us to capture the daughter of the Kyuubi jinchuriki? I mean I don't for one second believe that you actually care for that girls well being."

"First of all you miss understood me I said kill the girl but capturing her was just as good I guess."


Madara walked around to the front of his desk and looked at Pain before deciding what to do.

"Ok Pain I trust you more then I do anyone else around here so I will tell you.

When I was younger before I was banished from the Uchiha clan I came across a scroll that was written in blood a so called prophecy." Said Madara

Pain looked at Madara with great interest as he began to wonder what was on the scroll that could have to do with the daughter of the Kyuubi jinchuriki.

"I can tell that you are interested just as interested as I was when I first came across the prophecy but when I opened it I was overcome with fear for the first and only time in my life." Said Madara

"Well Madara-sama what did the prophecy say?" asked Pain

"The prophecy said and I quote:

The First Born Child of the Jinchuriki of the Nine tailed Fox Would Grown Into Womanhood and Kill the One Known as Madara Uchiha

Me! Do you have any idea how that feels to know that someone has already predetermined when you are going to die?" asked Madara

"Madara it could have been fake."

"No this was no joke this was a real prophecy I should know I've seen eight of them in my lifetime."

"So why didn't you tell us that you just wanted the girl dead?"

"Well I thought that if we captured her we could lure her father here take his bjuu then kill her but I have decided to go back to my original plan."

"Very well is there someone you would like me to send after the child?"

"Yes there is send the immortals to deal with her but make sure that Hidan does not kill either the Nibi or Kyuubi jinchuriki."

Pain stared at Madara a little longer before leaving the room to inform the immortals of their job.

Madara watched as Pain left the room and with every step he took became more confident that Kakuzu and Hidan would take care of his only fear.

"Kukukuku… Kushina Uzumaki you won't grow old enough to kill me." Thought Madara as he continued to workout his plans for after he got the last two bjuu

With Tsuande and Jiraiya

Tsuande and Jiraiya were sitting in Tsuande's office drinking sake and talking about important things namely Naruto.

"Jiraiya there is something I wanted to know?" asked Tsuande

"What is it?" questioned Jiraiya

"Well when Naruto was describing the kind of girls he would go for I saw you bowing your head why was that?"

"Because he wasn't just throwing out random things everything he said described Kanna."

"Explain to me how they met Jiraiya."


Jiraiya had just left Naruto alone so he could practice his new Rasengan.

"Stupid Ero-sennin he should at least be helping me with this!" Yelled a frustrated Naruto

Naruto stood in front of a tree and began to charge his Rasengan when he heard a battle cry being the curious person he was Naruto decided to go and investigate.

Naruto arrived to see a very beautiful girl with red haired that reached her butt with large C cup breast bright green eyes and an athletic build from years of being a serious kunoichi fighting off what appeared to be Iwa ninja.

Naruto watched as the girl used her sword to cut down two ninja and hold off another two.

"We thought you died Red Storm but it seems that you just moved to a different village after your Yellow Flash died." Said a Iwa ninja

"I am not this Red Storm as you keep calling to me I am Kanna Hibara." Said Kanna

The eight remaining ninja didn't pay attention to her at all as they began to attack her and slowing wearing her down.

Kanna knew she was fading fast as she stabbed another ninja in the gut before decapitating him but before she could recover she was hit in the chest with a large rock sending her to the ground.

Kanna hit the ground and coughed up some blood then attempted to get up though was only able to get to her knees.

One of the Iwa ninja walked toward her a bent down with a perverted leer on his face while giving her the once over.

"If you give us a kiss we might let you live." informed said Iwa ninja

The responds he received was Kanna spitting blood in his face before she was slapped to the ground.

The ninja began to surround her with evil smirks on their faces while laughing at what they were going to do to the girl.

"Boys lets have some fun." Said one ninja

As one ninja made his advance on Kanna she closed her eyes and silently began to cry until she heard someone scream in pain.

Kanna opened her eyes and saw that there was a man between her the Iwa ninja.

'Oh great a hero that thinks he needs to help the poor helpless kunoichi now he will probably want a reward or something perverted like that.' Thought the slightly peeved kunoichi

While Kanna was cursing and thanking her luck at the same time the Iwa ninja were scared completely out of their minds at the new arrival.

"I don't believe it he came back from the dead to protect his wife or maybe it's a ploy by the kunoichi to save her own skin." Said a Iwa nin

The other weren't as sure as their friend was and though they didn't run away they weren't eager to fight this new foe either.

"I am telling you that it is one of her tricks watch." Said the same ninja as before

The ninja turned toward Naruto with a kunai in hand he then began to charge him when he reached and stabbed Naruto the others began to get their confidence back until they saw him disappear in smoke.

"Hey it was a shadow clone." Yelled a ninja from behind

They all began to look around for Naruto until they saw him standing next to the man that had tried to kill him with a familiar blue spiraling orb in his hand.

The other Iwa ninja watched on in horror as Naruto hit the man in the chest with a doubly charged Rasengan killing him instantly.

Once his first opponent was taken care of Naruto turned back to the other ninja and charged another Rasengan.

"Do you want to die?" asked Naruto

The rest of the rock ninja quickly ran off yelling about the return of Konoha's Yellow Flash.

Naruto watched as they ran out of site then he turned his head to the girl that he rescued. Naruto saw that the girl attempting to get up and rushed over to her.

"Hey are you ok do you need any help?" asked a concerned Naruto

"So what do you think you are big stuff since you saved me?" asked Kanna

Naruto looked at the girl confusingly until she was able to get back to her feet triumphantly.

"You see I didn't need any help I just needed a rest is all." She said cockily until she began to fall backwards.

"Hey listen I know you don't need it but let me help you." Said Naruto

"So you can brag about to your friends about how you saved a weak Kunoichi?" asked Kanna

"Is that what you think?"

"Isn't that what you think?"

"Not at all actually I was watching most of your fight from the bushes and I know that you are plenty strong to take down a lot of shinobi."

Kanna looked it Naruto's eyes and saw no hint of deception. Kanna looked away from Naruto and allowed a tiny blush to pass over her cheeks.

"I'm sorry." said Kanna

"Its alright." said Naruto

"So what now blonde"

"I have a name you know."

"Really what is it?"

"Naruto Uzumaki"

"I see well I like calling you blonde better."

"Alright then I am going to call you red from now on."

"I have a name as well thanks for asking."

"Kanna Hibara"

"I must already be famous huh."

"Actually remember when I said that I had been hiding in the bushes."

Kanna remembered that he said that earlier and began to feel completely foolish for letting her mouth run before thinking.

Kanna was trying to get over her own embarrassment when she felt herself being lifted into the air.

"Hey what are you doing blonde?" asked the slightly enraged kunoichi

"We need to get you back into town so you can get those wounds looked at." Said Naruto

"I can walk you know."

"No you can't."

"Fine but don't get use to the feeling of me being in your arms."

"Fine I won't just calm down and enjoy the ride red."

"Don't call me red!"

As they went back to the village Naruto took note that she had waterfall hitai-ate on arm.

They quickly arrived at the hospital and as Naruto dropped Kanna off on thing ran threw both of their minds.

'I wish that walk wasn't so short because I was enjoying that.' Thought both ninja

Neither ninja noticed a certain white haired old pervert writing down things on his notepad.

End Flashback

"So what happened when they got to the hospital?"

"Sorry Tsuande only one bedtime story a night."

Jiraiya quickly laughed then finished off his sake before waving goodbye to his friend and jumping out of the window.

Tsuande stared at the window before letting her thoughts drift back to the story she had just heard then remembered that the story she just heard was similar to how Minato and Kushina's relationship started.

Tsuande smiled and shook her head at the memories before standing up. Tsuande walked to the door and turned the lights off with only one thing on her mind.

'If history serves correct then Kushina will be a rough tomboy before growing into a beautiful woman then fall in love with a handsome blond man destined for greatness." Thought a giggling Tsuande

With Naruto and Kushina

Naruto and Kushina arrived at the house to see Yugito sitting on the couch reading a scroll on lightning and fire jutsu.

Naruto was about to ask Yugito what jutsu she was on when Kushina began to cry.

"Oh I'm sorry honey you must be hungry huh?" asked Naruto

"There is a bottle already made just warm it up." Said Yugito

Naruto nodded and went to get the bottle while trying to settle his crying daughter down.

Naruto quickly heated the bottle then dabbed a little of the milk on the back of his hand to make sure that it wasn't to hot. Naruto decided that the milk was just warm enough to give to Kushina who was still cry until he put the bottle in her mouth.

Naruto watched as his daughter drank the milk then decided that after Kushina was done and he burped her that he would go to bed.

Naruto walked into the living room passed Yugito then upstairs to his room.

When Naruto arrived in his room he put Kushina down in her crib then went too lay down in his bed before thinking about Haku and his test against Kakashi.

'I wonder how I will do against Kakashi.' Thought Naruto

"You know exactly how you will do your going to wipe the floor with that jerk." Said a voice

'Kyuubi what do you want?'

"I want to know have you made a decision yet."

'I don't know.'

Naruto looked over to Kushina and saw that she was almost done with her bottle then made a mental note to burp her when she was done.

"I don't understand you humans when demons get an opportunity to protect our young we take it without hesitation but humans have to take time and think it over." Said Kyuubi

'Its not that I don't want to protect Kushina it's just that I don't want the very power that I am using to protect her to come back and hurt her.' Replied Naruto

"Foolish human your father made the seal for a reason once I gave you my power the seal would do its job and purify my chakra then it would become your chakra."

'Fine I will have a decision for you by the end of the week. Is that ok with you?'

"That's fine with me."

When Naruto ended his conversation with the Kyuubi he saw Yugito walked into their room and blob down on the bed then stared at Naruto.

"Naruto are you ok?" questioned Yugito

"Yeah why do you ask?" asked Naruto

"Well you seem a little I don't know distracted."

"Well now that you mention it I am a little worried about tomorrow."

"What's tomorrow?"

"Oh that's right! I never told you well I'm going to have a placement test to see where I would be ranked since I have been gone for so long."

"So what's the problem?"

"I don't know it's just that I stopped by baa-chan office and asked her to make Jiraiya my sensei since I left the academy."

"Let me guess, that Kakashi guy was your technical sensei."

"That's right."

"Well the only thing I can say to you is stand by the decision you made and everything else will be just fine."

Naruto looked at Yugito then laughed at her advice knowing that she got it from a book she had read somewhere.

Naruto then stood up and walked toward Kushina's crib and saw that she was completely done with her bottle.

Naruto smiled at his daughter then grabbed the towel that he used to burp her and threw it over his shoulder.

Naruto quickly picked Kushina up then walked over to the bed and sat down next to Yugito then began to pat Kushina's back.

"So I was wondering why I wasn't invited to go to your little placement test?" pondered Yugito

"Well to be truthful I didn't think you would want to go." Said Naruto while doing his best to get Kushina to burp

"Well are you going to invite me to come with you to your test?"

"Why you should I you should just come now that you know about it."

"I am a lady and you should still invite me."


Naruto began to laugh at Yugito when he heard Kushina finally give a small burp.

"Now that's my big girl." Said Naruto

Naruto got up and put Kushina back pick in her crib where she gave a loud yawn then smiled at Naruto before he went to lay down with Yugito.

"Well I guess I have no choice but to go with you tomorrow fox boy." Said Yugito

"Ok just don't stay mad to long kitten." Responded Naruto

Yugito simply growled and shifted towards Naruto so that her back was facing him.

After Yugito got settled she smiled knowing that she didn't really mind the nicknames Naruto came up with for her. Yugito actually only called Naruto fox names because she knew how much he hated it.

Next Day

Naruto groaned as he woke up to the sounds of someone giggling. Naruto sat up and waited for his vision to return to him.

He leaned over to the clock and saw that it was ten o' clock which meant he slept in.

When Naruto's vision completely returned to him again he looked to his right then saw Kushina on the changing table naked from the waist and giggling.

Naruto let his gaze follow to what Kushina was giggling at and saw Yugito covered in baby powder about ready to lose it.

Naruto looked at his friend before he followed suit and laughed at her along with his daughter.

Yugito looked over at Naruto, only to see that he was laughing at her.

"What are you laughing at, huh?" asked Yugito

"Do you need to ask?" questioned a laughing Naruto

"Well if you're so smart let's see you change her."

Naruto stood up and rubbed the remaining sleep out of his eyes before creating a shadow clone.

After Naruto created a shadow clone the clone ran into another room to find something when it found what it was looking for it came back into the room.

Yugito looked at the clone and saw that it was holding a stuffed fox toy which she assumed was the toy Naruto was speaking of when he mentioned her favourite toys.

Yugito watched as the clone held the toy over Kushina who was attempting to get at it not even realizing that her father was changing her diaper.

When Naruto was finished he dispelled the clone which allowed the toy to fall into Kushina's grasp.

Naruto picked Kushina up but not before the two got one last laugh in at Yugito.

"Hey maybe you should take a bath." Said Naruto

Yugito didn't even bother to respond and quickly left the room to hide her slight anger and embarrassment for being defeated by a child.

Naruto looked back at Kushina who was much more interest in her toy then her father at the moment.

"Well kiddo lets get you ready for today." Said Naruto

Naruto looked around for the clothes that he left out for Kushina the night before and was surprised when he couldn't find them.

Naruto quickly sat Kushina back on the changing table and began to tear the room apart looking for the clothes he left out for her.

Kushina held her stuffed toy close as she and her toy watched her father tear apart the room.

While Naruto was searching for Kushina's clothes Yugito had just finished with her bath when she realized that she had forgotten to bring fresh clothes with her.

"Maybe I should just wear these old clothes out until I get back to the room." Said Yugito

Yugito began to put her old clothes back on when an idea struck her and instead of put her clothes on she decide she would just go into the with a towel on.

'This will teach you to laugh at me Naruto.' Thought Yugito

While Yugito was plotting her revenge Naruto was starting to become desperate no matter where he looked the girls' clothes just seem to be lost.

Naruto became so focused on find Kushina's clothes that he never noticed the half naked Yugito walk into the doorway.

Yugito watched as Naruto glanced at her before going back to searching for the clothes.

"Naruto don't you see me here?" asked Yugito

"Yes I see Yugito, and you are very sexy, though right now I have to find Kushina's clothes." Said a confused Naruto


Yugito walked toward her closet and picked out her clothes for the day when she was done changing she decided to explore the house with Kushina.

Yugito picked up Kushina and walked out of the room with a light smile on her face.

Naruto glanced and saw that Yugito had taken Kushina with her but didn't mind at all seeing as how he trusted Yugito with Kushina.

One hour later Naruto had found some of Kushina's clothes in her crib.

"Now I wonder how these clothes gotten in there." Pondered Naruto

Naruto put the clothes on the bed then just to be safe made a shadow clone to watch over them until he got back.

Naruto wonder downstairs hoping that the two girls would be in the living room or perhaps the kitchen when he saw they weren't in either of these places he continued his search to another part of the house.

Naruto knew that his father's old house was big but never thought that it was this big.

Naruto began searching the west wing of the house when he saw a door open after he stepped through he saw pictures of his dad hanging on the walls.

"Hey Yugito what's up?" asked Naruto

"Oh nothing just showing Kushina some pictures of her grandfather among other things." Said Yugito

Yugito smiled toward Naruto and turned around so that he could see her front.


With Tsuande and Shizune

Tsuande was getting herself ready for Naruto's placement test and also the announcement she was going to give about Naruto and team seven.

Tsuande stopped what she was doing to watch Shizune run around like a chicken with its head cut off attempting to make sure that everything was done for Tsuande's short absence.

While Tsuande was getting a laugh from her apprentices' actions she never saw her old team mate jump threw the window and land in front of her door.

Tsuande turned back to see Jiraiya wave at her and immediately thought something was wrong.

"Who are you?" asked Tsuande

"What do you mean who am I?" responded Jiraiya

"The real Jiraiya never uses my door to enter my office."

"I didn't use the door I jumped threw the window and landed here."


Tsuande was about to say something else when a knock on the door turned her attention.

"Who is it?!" asked Tsuande


"Come in."

"Tsuande-sama how are you doing"

"I'm just fine Haku-san is there something I can help you with?"

"Yes I was wondering since Naruto didn't tell me where the placement test was going to be held I thought that I could go with you."

Tsuande shook her yes then to Shizune who was making some last minute correction to some documents.

Jiraiya shook his head at Tsuande and Shizune before asking the three women if they were ready to get going to training ground seven.

As Jiraiya and the three women walked to the testing site Shizune and Haku got to know each other while taking turns treating Jiraiya who continuously tired to make passes at women with Tsuande standing next to him.

When the four arrived at the training field they saw the Konoha eleven with their sensei's plus the Konohamaru corps along with Temari, Tayuya, Hanabi and Kin.

"What are you all doing?" asked Tsuande

"Well Kakashi said he was fighting the dobe so we all decided to come and watch while he embarrasses him." Said Sasuke not noticing that he was getting glares from most of the women expect for Sakura who was staring at him dreamily.

"Well Kakashi I see that you are finally on time for once."

"Yes I just figured it out when I arrived as one of the first ones here that you told me to come three hours ahead of the normal time that you had scheduled." Said a irritated Kakashi








Everyone quickly closed there eyes to avoid seeing the two green glad ninja.

"Hey old woman where is Naruto-nii-san anyway?" asked Konohamaru.

Tsuande growled at Konohamaru then faster then anyone could see sped over and punched him in the face.

"That's much better." Said a now satisfied Tsuande.

After Tsuande's fun with Konohamaru was over with she took a deep sigh then glanced over toward Jiraiya who gave her a nod of confidence.

As everyone began to get settle down from the Konohamaru incident Tsuande raised her hand and called for silence.

"I have an important announcement." Said Tsuande

"Jiraiya Naruto and I have talked about this and have decided that Naruto was not trained by Kakashi therefore he should not be a student under Kakashi's name." said Tsuande

"So what exactly are you saying?" asked Kakashi

"She is saying that she's changed the records so that Naruto was never apart of team seven and that I was sensei ever since he graduated from the academy." Answered Jiraiya

"But Naruto is our team mate! This isn't fair." Said Sakura

"No what isn't fair was Kakashi not teaching Naruto anything but tree climbing."

"That's enough Jiraiya no matter what is said please understand this decision can not be changed I am sorry but this is for the best." Said Tsuande

Kakashi looked away from the group in shame of failing his sensei by not teaching his son until he was brought out of his musing by a voice.

"Good riddance is all I can say that dobe never did do anything but slow the team down anyways." Said Sasuke

"Was that before after he was done kicking your ass?" asked Kiba

"Shut up Kiba!" Yelled Sakura

"I must concur if Naruto was so much the dead-last as you would have us believe he is then why was he able to stop you from going to Orochimaru." Said Shino

Sasuke didn't answer he simply glared at the ground and clenched his fists it never did sit will with him that Naruto was able to defeat then to add insult to injury he had Jiraiya seal the curse mark away himself which made accessing its powers impossible.

Sakura began to yell at Shino before she saw his gaze rest on her and quickly shut her mouth.

Tsuande looked at Sakura and often wished that Naruto hadn't brought Sasuke back then maybe Sakura would have concentrated more on her ninja career. It was true that she was able to use Tsuande's super strength but she hadn't really gotten it down like she would have if she hadn't been spending all her time chasing Sasuke.

Jiraiya looked at Kakashi and shook his head he just didn't understand what he saw in Sasuke that wasn't in Naruto except for evil that stretched for miles. Jiraiya was about to tell Tsuande same things she needed to know when he saw Naruto walking toward the group.

"Hey Naruto!" yelled Jiraiya

Naruto saw Jiraiya and waved back to him he then looked over to Yugito who had a big smile on her face.

When Naruto Kushina and Yugito arrived to the group everyone stared at Naruto who was holding a fussing Kushina.

"Why are you all staring at me?" asked Naruto

"Naruto why is Kushina dressed like that?" asked Tsuande

"Ask Yugito she hid all of Kushina's clothes to the point where I couldn't find them until it was time to go then when I did find them I saw Kushina dressed like this." Said an angry Naruto

Naruto held Kushina up so that everyone could see her and when they did they saw she was dressed like a cat.

The women immediately began to swoon over Kushina and her outfit while Naruto shook his head at Yugito.

"Alright that's enough lets get this test started." Said Naruto

"Fine if Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and Kakashi Hatake would please step forward." Announced Tsuande

Naruto turned to Yugito who was still laughing at the expression that Naruto had on his face.

"Since you dressed her like this you keep an eye on her." Said Naruto

Naruto and Kakashi walked toward each other and waited for Tsuande to explain the rules.

"First let me say that whether you win or lose Naruto is not the deciding factor to where you are placed it is determined by what the judges see and think about your performance.

Next I can and will stop the match when I think someone can not continue and I am not to be argued with do you both understand?" asked Tsuande

"I got baa-chan." said Naruto

"Understood Tsuande-sama" Said Kakashi

The three walked to the middle of the training field then Tsuande raised her hand to signify the match was about to begin.

Tsuande asked if both men were ready which she received a nod from both then dropped her hand and jumped away.

Kakashi watched as Naruto observed him and began to realize that Naruto had indeed changed it was at that point that he decided that he should use the sharingan.

"So I see you are serious this time Kakashi." Said Naruto

"Will you have been all over the world and gone for six years I sure you have some tricks that not even I have seen." Answered Kakashi

"So in other words you want to copy my jutsu."

Kakashi's reply was several shuriken launched toward him.

Naruto skilfully blocked five and deflected two then pulled out a kunai of his own while Kakashi copied the process.

The two ran toward one another and the two kunai clashed each man battling for to over power the other.

The two quickly realized that they were in a stalemate and broke off the battle with the kunai.

Naruto quickly jumped away from Kakashi then decided that he wasn't going to give Sasuke or Kakashi the pleasure of stealing his jutsu so he quickly began to form hand signs.

"Water Style: Hidden Mist Jutsu" yelled Naruto

Suddenly a light mist fell over the training ground causing Jiraiya to laugh.

"What is this?! What is going on Jiraiya-sama?" asked Kiba

"Oh nothing Naruto just created this mist so that the sharingan couldn't copy any of his techniques." Said Jiraiya

Kakashi saw that no one besides Naruto could see his face so he decided to pull his mask down so the could perform certain jutsu. Kakashi quickly began to make hand signs and finally spotted Naruto.

"Fire Style: Phoenix Flower Jutsu" yelled Kakashi which Naruto easily dodged and went to the offensive by landing four hard blows on Kakashi which turned out to be a clone.

Naruto looked around for Kakashi until he felt a powerful blow to the back of his head knocking him out.

Kakashi looked down at Naruto and saw that the Naruto he had been fighting was just a clone. Kakashi quickly turned around and blocked Naruto's kick with his forearm he then flipped over and kicked Naruto into the ground.

'Damn that Naruto this is going to be so much harder without the complete use of my sharingan.' Thought Kakashi

Kakashi jumped away from Naruto and began to make hand signs for another jutsu while attempting to keep his eyes on Naruto.

"Fire style: Fire Flame Bomb" called out Kakashi

Naruto lifted his head up just in time to see and avoid Kakashi's attack.

Naruto then jumped farther away from his previous position and began to make seals of his own.

"Ninja Art: Summoning Jutsu" was the name of the jutsu Naruto yelled out and when the smoke from the jutsu dissipated a toad the two times the size of Jiraiya was standing next to Naruto.

"Hey Gamatotsu glad you could make it." Said Naruto who began to make seals for another jutsu

"Of course Naruto-sama what's the problem?" asked Gamatotsu

"I'm in the middle of a fight and need some assistance."

Naruto finished the last of the seals then located where Kakashi was hiding.

"Gamatotsu I need some oil." Yelled Naruto

"I've got just what you need." Said Gamatotsu as his cheeks and stomach expanded while Naruto took at deep breath.

'Fire Style: Toad Flame Bomb' thought (Don't you need to SAY the jutsu, not think?) Naruto as he shot a fire from his mouth that mixed with the oil Gamatotsu shot out.

Kakashi looked around for Naruto then stopped his search when he felt a chakra spike.

Kakashi jumped out of the way of the fire jutsu that was shot out his way before blocking the hilt of a sword with a kunai.

The mist began to clear up and the spectators saw Naruto and a giant toad fighting Kakashi.

Gamatotsu swung his sword at Kakashi who ducked only to get punched in the face by Naruto then kicked by Gamatotsu.

Kakashi jumped away from the duo and formed a hand sign that Naruto was all too familiar with.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu" yelled Kakashi who had made a copy to hopefully deal with the toad.

Meanwhile many of the spectators couldn't believe what they were seeing.

"I can't believe the dobe is beating Kakashi not even I can do that. Yelled Sasuke

"I am sure you could if you tried Sasuke-kun." Said Sakura trying to encourage the angered Uchiha

Sasuke didn't say anything else but did growl at Sakura for attempting to correct him when he wasn't wrong.

"I told you Naruto is a lot better then he was before he left here." Said Jiraiya

"But how is that possible Jiraiya-sama? I mean Naruto couldn't even perform a simple clone and now he can go toe to toe with Kakashi." said Kiba

"The way it is possible is the fact that my sensei ignored the fact that some of the academy instructors would mess Naruto up on purpose while many wouldn't even try to help him."

"I don't remember that." Said Ino

"Of course you wouldn't if I am right you are a Sasuke fan girl meaning if it doesn't have anything to do with Sasuke you don't care."

"Did anyone else notice this?" asked Sakura

"This is so troublesome but yeah Shino and I did though when we told our dads they said that the council was making sure that Naruto didn't pass and that there was nothing they could do." Said Shikamaru

"But the most surprising part was Naruto knew before Shikamaru and I did." Said Shino

"So why didn't Naruto or either of you tell sensei what was going on?" asked Tsuande

"We did but he just said that it was all in our imaginations." Responded Shikamaru

"You see all Naruto need was someone to pay attention to him like Kakashi did with Sasuke and when he finally got that attention he ran with it." Said Jiraiya

"But wait what about Iruka he always treated Naruto well." Said Ino

"No don't you remember that whenever Shikamaru and Naruto would fall asleep during class that Iruka would call Naruto out as if Shikamaru wasn't even there." Said Shino

"That was only a couple of times and besides Naruto's grades were as good as Shika's were."

"Ino I am not going to argue with you the fact of the matter is that Jiraiya-sama is right whether you want to believe it or not."

Tsuande was about to ask another question when an explosion brought her attention back to the fight.

When everyone looked back they saw that the mist was clearing up also that Naruto and his summon were over powering Kakashi and his clone.

Gamatotsu jumped into the air and landed on Kakashi's clone dispelling it then grabbed Kakashi so that he was holding him up toward Naruto.

Naruto wasting no time charged Kakashi as a blue orb of swirling chakra appeared in his hand.

Kakashi's eyes widened as he realized that Naruto was in fact taking this very serious. Kakashi looked glanced back at the toad then head butted it in the face forcing it to let go he then flipped behind it and pushed it toward Naruto's Rasengan.

Naruto watched as Kakashi pushed Gamatotsu toward him and smiled as he ran threw the toad then laughed as it dispelled. Naruto looked toward Kakashi who was trying to figure out when Naruto made a clone of his summon but was brought out of his thinking when he felt webbed hands wrap around his shins.

Kakashi looked down and saw that Naruto summon had been hiding the entire time and Naruto had been moving him to this spot.

'I can't believe how much he has improved but I still have some tricks left up my sleeve." Thought Kakashi

Naruto stared at Kakashi and decided that he had better start to use the better moves in his arsenal before Kakashi got serious.

Kakashi pulled a kunai out and cut the summons's hand causing it to dispel then brought out a scroll and smeared some blood over it before slamming it into the ground.

"Ninja Art Earth Style: Fang Pursuit Jutsu!" Yelled Kakashi

Naruto looked around as he felt the ground began to shake then yelled out in pain as he felt something bite him in the legs shoulders and arms.

Back on the sidelines, Yugito Tsuande Shizune and Haku attempted to calm the crying Kushina down after she heard her father yell in pain.

"You see I told you that dobe couldn't beat Kakashi even his pathetic daughter is ashamed of him." Said Sasuke who quickly dodged a fist from Yugito

"Watch what you say Uchiha." Said Yugito

"Don't let him get to you Yugito they're just words and besides Naruto hasn't even begun to get serious yet." Said Jiraiya

"How can you be so sure Jiraiya-sama?" asked Asuma

"Because Naruto hasn't even brought out any of the SS ranked toad jutsu he's learned."

Everyone turned back to the fight to see Kakashi facing and talking to Naruto.

"Naruto these are my ninja hounds they can rip you apart with one word from me." Said Kakashi

"Really I doubt it." Responded Naruto

"Fine but remember I tried to get let you off easy."

Kakashi jumped farther back then began to hand seals for his most famous jutsu.

Naruto watched as Kakashi began to perform the seals to a jutsu he had grown so tired of seeing.

"Chidori" said Kakashi

Naruto stood and watched as Kakashi finished charging his Chidori then began his dash toward Naruto.

Everyone watched as Kakashi closed the distance between Naruto and himself in a hurry just as he was about to hit Naruto in the shoulder with Chidori he stopped.

"Why did he stop?" asked Sasuke whose question was answered when the whole area turned into the inside of a stomach.

Kakashi looked toward Naruto who was still captured by his ninja hounds and thought that Naruto couldn't possibly have done this until he heard Naruto explain.

"Ninja Art: Toad Mouth Trap!" yelled Naruto who was smirking at Kakashi.

"What in the world is this?" asked Kakashi

"You're in the stomach of the Mountain toad welcome Kakashi to the belly of the beast Jiraiya-sensei said that he had a sensitive digestive track so you shouldn't move around much." Said Naruto

"I don't know how you were able to do this without hand signs but as long as my ninja hounds have you in their jaws there's no escape."

"Is that right?"

Naruto smirked at Kakashi who noticed that his ninja hounds that were holding on to Naruto were starting to be digested.

"I see that you noticed that everything in this stomach that isn't me will be digested including your ninja hounds." Said Naruto

At that moment Kakashi realized that this fight was basically over since he couldn't move and he didn't want this ninja hounds to be digested.

"I surrender." Said Kakashi

Back on the sidelines most couldn't believe that Naruto had just defeated Kakashi Hatake Sharingan Warrior.

Sasuke watched the fight and was seething with rage he knew that if he had to he could beat Kakashi though not the way Naruto did.

Most of the Jounins were shocked beyond reason that Naruto the boy no one wanted was able to be Kakashi with at least sannin level moves.

The rest of the Konoha eleven also couldn't believe that Naruto knew jutsu that most jounins didn't even know.

Everyone was brought out of their thinking when Naruto and Kakashi walked over to the group after Naruto dispelled the jutsu.

"Well Naruto congratulations on your victory now we will found out what your rank will be first Kurenai." Said Tsuande

"I think he fought will and deserves the title of Elite Jounin." Said Kurenai

"What but that means he would outrank the every member of the Konoha eleven!" yelled Sasuke

"Be quiet Uchiha! So one vote for Elite Jounin now Asuma what is your vote going to be." Said Tsuande

"I saw that he has the skills to plan ahead and the charisma to make people follow him no matter even if they out rank him or not just like my father and his father so I agree with Kurenai that we should award him the title of Elite Jounin." Said Asuma

"And finally Ebisu what rank do you think Naruto should receive?"

"I think he should be given the rank of Special Jounin." Said Ebisu

"So that's two for Elite and one special Jounin therefore Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze I hereby declare you an Elite Jounin."

Naruto smiled then gave Haku and Yugito a hug before turning his attention to Kushina who was being held by Jiraiya.

Naruto began to laugh as he saw both of them giving him approving looks he then ran to Jiraiya before taking Kushina back she then giggled as Naruto gave her a kiss on the nose.

Naruto held Kushina while making funny faces at her not realizing that Gai was approaching.


Naruto who was to preoccupied with trying to make Kushina laugh thought he heard Gai say something but decided to make sure.

"Did you say something Gai-sensei?" asked Naruto


Jiraiya put his hand on top of Naruto's head and smiled proudly at him.

"Gaki I am so proud of you and I your parents would be as well." Said Jiraiya

"Ok everyone you have the rest of the day off report tomorrow for missions." Said Tsuande


A beautiful black haired woman sat in a hospital after feeling sick for the past month.

'I wonder what I have I just hope it isn't serious.' Thought the woman

She sighed before walked toward the window and smiling as she looked at the people below. The woman walked back to the bed and sat down right before the doctor came in to the room with hopefully the answer to whatever was wrong with her.

"So doctor do you know what is wrong with me?" asked the woman

"Yes Hime I do it turns out that you're pregnant congratulations." Said the doctor

"I'M WHAT?!" Yelled the woman

The doctor cowered in fear of the woman but attempted to speak again.

"Y-y-y-y-y-o-o-o-o-o-u-u-u'r-r-r-r-e-e-e-e-e p-p-p-p-p-p-p-r-r-r-r-r-r-e-e-e-e-g-g-g-a-a-a-a-a-n-n-t-t-t-t." Said the strutting doctor

The woman quickly stormed out of the room and went to a room in a large building before sitting down to write a letter.

Once the woman was done writing the letter she gave it to a messenger then told him where and who she wanted it delivered to.

'When I see you again well you better hope I don't.' thought the woman

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