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Well I only got thirty-eight reviews for the second chapter so I am assuming that it wasn't as good as the first chapter but don't worry I am going to go back and see exactly what people liked about that first chapter.

Now it seems a lot of people don't like Sakura and the fact of the matter is I just can't see her with Naruto like some people do because she is solely focused on Sasuke. I always thought that this nonsense about her finally seeing Naruto is just that nonsense she is just using Naruto to get Sasuke back and we all know that yet people seem to think the two will end up together newsflash not going to happen also she beats the living hell out of him sometimes just because she's having a bad day that's not cool at all I mean with the life Naruto has had she continues to beat him even after she finds out what a jinchuuriki goes threw.

This is the only thing about the Naruto serious that I hate when came back from his trip he was supposedly more perverted then before then WHY I repeat Why is he trying peek on Sakura who would kill and has nothing to see over Hinata who would probably welcome it and has a whole lot to see. I see know that Naruto is truly an idiot in the show but thank god for fanfiction right.

Next I have had people ask me about older women and I just wanted to let you know that I haven't decided if I want older women in the harem though I do want this harem to be realistic.

Another thing is that whoever Paul Evans is I just wanted to say that I loved both of your reviews and it also looks like you are really thinking on some parts of your review though I can't tell you what parts.

Finally someone corrected me by saying Yukie's hair is blue not black but when I saw the movie it looked black to me though I will fix it I just wanted to know if her hair looked black to anyone else.

Sorry for the rant now here is the story.


Chapter 3 A New Mission and Adventure

"So does any want to come with me and Kushina to get some ramen?" asked Naruto to the group.

Everyone looked at each other before nodding and following Naruto to the ramen stand.

When Naruto and the others arrived they saw Teuchi and Ayame making ramen.

After Naruto spotted them he quickly ran in and took his favorite seatbefore yelling to Teuchi, "Hey old man I'm back I hope you got some ramen ready for me."

When Teuchi heard that voice he recognized it immediately and ran to the front. When he arrived he saw a blond haired man sitting in Naruto's seat holding a red haired child.

Naruto smiled at the old man when he saw that Teuchi didn't recognize him and asked, "Old man it's me Naruto don't you remember me?"

Teuchi smiled and ran up to the young man then hugged him tightly, "Naruto it's been such a long time where have you been?" asked Teuchi as he watched the rest of the group come in.

"Well Jiraiya-sensei and I decided that we should extend the training mission a little longer." said Naruto.

"I see well let me go and get some ramen ready for you."

Teuchi was about to run into the back when he felt something grab his arm.

"Actually old man I was wondering if you could tell Ayame to come out so that I could introduce you both to someone?" asked Naruto.

Teuchi gave a nod then yelled for Ayame to come out.

When Ayame came to the front she saw a hot blond sitting next to the Hokage.

"Yes tou-san is there something you needed?" asked Ayame.

"Well I just wanted you to come out and greet Naruto." Said Teuchi.

"Naruto really were is he?"

"He is sitting next the Hokage."

Ayame looked at Naruto who began to laugh at her along with the baby he was holding. Ayame grinned and ran toward Naruto who gave Kushina to Tsuande before Ayame glomped him much to the chagrin of some kunoichi.

After the two were done catching up Naruto introduced the two Ichiraku to Kushina.

"Naruto this is your daughter?" asked Teuchi.

"Yep" said Naruto.

Ayame walked toward the Kushina and took her from Tsunade.

"She's beautiful Naruto." said Ayame.

"Thanks I think so to." said Naruto while rubbing the back of his head.

After Ayame reluctantly gave Kushina back to Tsunade she went into the back to get some ramen made.

"So Naruto you never told us how you got so strong." Said Chouji.

"Well Jiraiya-sensei taught me the bulk of what I know but I also learned from people we meet on our travels." Said Naruto.

"Like what?" asked Neji?

"Well Kushina's mom taught me a lot of water jutsu since she was from the waterfall."

"Water jutsu I didn't you could manipulate water Naruto." said Kakashi.

"Neither did I but Kanna sat me down and showed me her jutsu. She then explained to me how she did it and what I was doing wrong even Jiraiya-sensei lent a hand."

"So did you learn anything else?" asked Kiba.

"I sure did Yugito here taught me how to use fire and lightning jutsu."

"So what would you say would be your weakest element?" asked Asuma.

"Earth style jutsu I mean I know a lot of them but they just don't come to me as naturally as the others do."

"Well Naruto all this jutsu talk is nice but I want to hear more about this Kanna." said Tsunade.

"What did he tell you?"

"Well he said that you just brought her back to the hospital after you saved her from rock ninja that thought she resembled your mom."

"What how did you know about that Jiraiya-sensei I never told you."

Jiraiya laughed nervously before telling Naruto he needed to get some research done.

Naruto watched as Jiraiya ran away from the stand with thoughts of how he was going to kill his sensei later. Naruto was then brought out of his thoughts when Tsunade hit him in the back of the head.

"Why did you hit me?" whined Naruto.

"Because you were ignoring me now tell the story." said Tsunade.

"Fine but only until the ramen is done."


Kanna had been sitting in her hospital room for three days recovering from her injuries which was hard because she was forced to keep beating up the male doctors and nurses for attempting to hit on her.

"I hate hospitals!" yelled a frustrated Kanna.

"You to what a relief I thought that it just me." said a voice from the doorway.

Kanna looked toward the source of voice and saw the same blond man that had saved her three days ago.

"What do you want blondie?" asked Kanna.

"My name is Naruto and I just wanted to make sure you were ok and also to apologize." said Naruto.

"Apologize for what?"

"Well I have been so busy with training and that's why I didn't come to see you sooner."

"You make it sound like I wanted you to come and check up on me."

Kanna turned away from Naruto so that he couldn't see the blush that covered her face even though Kanna wouldn't admit it she had been thinking about Naruto ever since he left her at the hospital.

"I know it's just that I wanted to make sure you were alright." said Naruto.

"Well as you can see I am fine." Said Kanna who was still facing away from Naruto hoping that he would stop being so sweet so that she could stop blushing.

"Well I just wanted to give you something since if you're like me you wont like the food they serve here."

Kanna looked back to Naruto and saw that he had brought a scroll out then set it on her bed so he unseal whatever was in it.

"Look its ramen." said a smiling Naruto.

"You brought me ramen." said Kanna.


"Baka ramen is bad for you."

"Well I won't tell if you won't."

"Well I guess one bowl of ramen can't hurt I mean the food here is just awful."

Naruto smiled at Kanna as she ate the bowl ramen very quickly.

"You were really hungry huh?" asked Naruto

"I told you the food here was horrible I mean they want people to get better not worse right?" asked Kanna.

"Well let's talk about something else?"


"Well do you know any cool jutsu?"

"Yes I do know some cool jutsu in fact as award for saving me I'll show you some when I get out of here."

"So where were you headed?"


"What do you mean?"

"I was banished from my village for completing a mission."

"How can you be banished for completing a mission?"

"My sensei set me up to steal something very important to the village and for that I was banished."

Naruto eyes opened slightly as he realized that what Kanna had gone through was similar to what he went through with Mizuki.

Naruto turned his attention back to Kanna who was still facing away from but could see from the reflection on the window that she was crying. Naruto moved the now empty bowl and wrapped Kanna in a big hug.

When Kanna realized what was going on she began to struggle against Naruto who was determined to help her and if that meant he had to take a couple of blows then so be it.

After five minutes of struggling Kanna wrapped her arms around Naruto and began to sob into his chest.

"Why did this happen to me?" asked Kanna.

Naruto didn't respond he just continued to hold her and stroke her hair.

"I loved my village and they just threw me away like a piece of trash."

"Listen red sometimes bad things happen to good people but the things that make us ninja is the will to never give up." said Naruto.

"Stop calling me red and how can you talk to me like you know what I am going through?"

"Because I do I once had a teacher that wanted me to steal something very important from my village so that he could betray us but with the help of my sensei I was able to see the truth and stop him."

"I see."

"I have a question for you. If you were banished wouldn't they have taken your headband?"

"They tried but I switched it with a headband without a symbol on it then put a powerful genjutsu on it to make them believe that I gave them theirs back."

"So what are you going to do now?"

"I don't know."

"Well why don't you come with me at least until you find out what you want to do with your life."

Kanna looked up at Naruto and knew she had a good feeling about him though she didn't want to make it seem like she was easy.

"I'll think about it." said Kanna.

"Well not to be pushy or anything but you have until tomorrow morning." said Naruto.


"But if you do decide to go I just want to let you know that my sensei is very perverted and will try to peek on you."


"Yeah though if he does feel free to beat the crap out of him"

"I don't know blondie I mean I get that you saved my life and everything it's just that this would be a big change."

"I understand well listen I will be back tomorrow for your decision and don't worry I think you're well on your way to becoming a great kunoichi red."

With that said Naruto released Kanna from the hug and walked toward the door hoping that she would decide to travel with him.

When Naruto got outside he saw Jiraiya leaning against a wall while staring at him.

"What is it ero-sennin?" asked Naruto.

"Do you think it was wise to invite her to come along?" asked Jiraiya.

"Yes I really do."

Flashback Ends

"So what happened did she decide to go with you or not?" asked Tsunade.

"Sorry baa-chan the ramen is here." said Naruto who was now completely ignoring everyone and everything that was not ramen.

"Fine Shizune and I have to get back to the office when you are all done catching up report to the Hokage tower."

With that said Tsunade and Shizune left before Tsunade ran back and grabbed Kushina.

Everyone watched as Tsunade and Kushina took off with Shizune in tow.

"Hey Naruto Tsunade-sama is taking Kushina with her." said Ino.

Naruto never looked up for his meal but still answered Ino's question anyway.

"The sannin are Kushina's godparents so I don't mind if they take her off my hands for a bit besides with them she's in the second safest place I know." said Naruto who had already started on his third bowl of ramen.

"So what's the safest place for her senpai?" asked Moegi.

"With me"

The group continued to ask Naruto questions about his journey except for Sasuke and Sakura who were both furious that Naruto had surpassed Sasuke in power and Sakura decided to make this known.

"Why are you all so interested in the dobe? We all know the only reason he's stronger is because of the demon fox." said a smug Sakura.

"You bitch I should kill you!" yelled Yugito.

"No Yugito don't waste your time on Sakura I don't know what her problem is but ignore her." Said Naruto as he finishing his tenth bowl of ramen and started on another.

Yugito looked like she wanted to argue but a slight glare from Naruto stopped any argument she could get started.

"As much as I hate to I must agree with Sakura if it wasn't for the fox you would be nothing and you definitely would not have defeated me without it." Said a smirking Sasuke believing that he had just shot a blow to Naruto's ego and pride which allow help him get a step up on the blond.

"Well then if that's the case everyone that cares for you should be thanking me since without the fox as you and Sakura have put it you would have supposedly defeated me and defected to Orochimaru." Said Naruto who never once looked up from the bowl ramen of ramen he was eating.

Sasuke and Sakura frowned while everyone else except Kakashi smirked as they all knew of how the Uchiha hated to be reminded of his failed defection or of his defeat at Naruto's hands.

"Besides I seem to remember you being addicted to the curse mark's power like candy." said Naruto.

"Yeah Sasuke you should just give it up you will never be better then nii-san so why do you keep trying." said Konohamaru.

"Sasuke-kun was always better then Naruto-baka back in the academy." said Sakura.

"Yes he was but that was because he had extra training from the civilian half of the council who convinced some shinobi to train Sasuke." said Asuma.

"While most of the academy teachers wouldn't teach Naruto that's why he decided to skip the academy so much right Naruto." continued Kurenai.

Naruto looked at both Asuma and Kurenai then began to think back to the day that he had first skipped the academy and decided to visit jii-san.

"So I was right it was you and Asuma hiding in jii-san's closet that day I skipped class." said Naruto.

"What in the world are you talking about Naruto?" questioned a red faced Kurenai.

"I saw you two making out on jii-san desk while the secretary was telling me that jii-san wouldn't want to see a demon like me when he returned from his meeting."

"We were not making out." said Asuma.

"Don't try to deny it I told jii-san what you were doing while he was gone it was then confirmed when we heard Kurenai moan while you were still hiding in the closet causing jii-san to pass out from blood loss I then hid under jii-san's desk so you would think you got away scot free."

Everyone at the ramen stand stared at the two blushing jounins who for the life of them tried to deny Naruto's claims though knew they were completely true.

Kurenai was so angry that she couldn't stop blushing and hoped that this would go away soon.

Naruto saw the looks both of them were sneaking each other and couldn't resist teasing them a little more. 

Once Naruto finished his fifteenth bowl of ramen then paid Teuchi he vanished and reappeared between Asuma and Kurenai then put his arms around their shoulders, "Hey you two don't be embarrassed you know Kanna and I didn't in some strange places to." Said Naruto causing Kurenai to let out a frustrated sigh and caused Asuma to get a small nosebleed from what Naruto was implying.

Everyone began laughing at the flustered jounins before heading to the tower to find out what Tsuande wanted.

With Tsunade

Tsunade groaned as she looked at all the paperwork on her desk before turning to Kushina, "Why did I let that baka father of yours talk me into taking this job Kushina?" asked the angry slug sannin to her goddaughter.

Kushina looked up at her godmother before crawling over Tsunade's paperwork and sitting down right in top of it.

"Well would you look at that you've temporally defeated a kage's greatest enemy something only your oji-san was able to do." said Tsunade.

Tsunade was about to lift Kushina off her paperwork when she saw Kushina point to the window. When Tsunade looked over she saw Jiraiya shaking his head at disapprovingly at her.

"What's your problem you old coat?" questioned Tsunade.

"Nothing but the simple fact that your skills are getting rusty" said Jiraiya.

"How do you figure?"

"Simple Kushina had to point me out to you and you are supposed to be a Kage level warrior."

"Well forgive me if I was distracted but as you can see Kushina is sitting on my paperwork which Shizune is going to yell about if it's not done by time she gets back."

"Fine I'll keep Kushina busy for you."

Jiraiya picked Kushina when he saw that she had something in her hand.

Tsunade also saw the letter in Kushina's grasp that she was about to read which was from Princess Koyuki.

Tsunade gently took the letter from Kushina and began to read it while Jiraiya played with Kushina. As Tsuande began to read the letter her eyes got wider and wider until they looked as though they were going to pop out of her head.

"Jiraiya come over her and read this letter out loud to me so that I can make sure that I am not hallucinating." said Tsunade.

Jiraiya shook his head thinking Tsunade had a little too much to drink until he looked the letter over himself.

"Dear Tsunade-sama

There are three things that I would like to speak to you about in this letter. First, I would like for you to send some of your best ninja to escort me to speak with the Priestess Shion of the Demon Country which is a very important proceeding between our two countries. This is why I ask that you send six to thirteen of some of your best ninja as I will be away from my kingdom therefore be more vulnerable to assassinations attempts. Next topic is because of an event that happened which you may or may not have known about but to make a long story short I am pregnant. This brings me to the last thing I would like to speak with you about I would like for one of the ninja you send to be Naruto Uzumaki the father of my child.


Koyuki Kazehana"

When Jiraiya finished he along with Tsunade stood in shock before they looked at each other with matching smirks on their faces.

"This is perfect a couple of days ago Shion asked for some ninja to guard her as well we can simple split up the Konoha twelve and have them guard both the priestess and the princess." said Tsuande.

"You know Tsunade I think that is an excellent idea and you know what you should send the gaki on this mission as one of the two leaders." Said Jiraiya as he thought about the beating pregnant women give to the partner when they first find out. The toad sannin had a feeling that once the shock of being pregnant passed for Koyuki she would be sorry for beat down she was going to give Naruto.

"You know I think your right I mean the only other elite jounin in the Konoha twelve is Neji so if I send the Konoha twelve Naruto and Neji will have to lead them."

The two sannin began to laugh until they saw Kushina climbing on the curtain and quickly cut off their laughter to stop their goddaughter from hurting herself, "Curse you Tsunade in all my planning with you I forgot that Kushina is more unpredictable then her tou-san and oji-san." said a frustrated Jiraiya.

"Hey don't blame me you've babysat her more than I have so you should have known the moment we turned away from her she would do something like this." Said Tsunade as she got Kushina to let go of the curtain she gave Kushina to Jiraiya and attempted to get her paperwork while trying ignoring Kushina's giggles.

Eventually, Tsunade got a lot of her paperwork done even though she stopped to play with Kushina some. Tsunade quickly finished her last document when she heard the group from the ramen stand coming. Once everyone entered the room they found Jiraiya playing with Kushina while Tsunade was happy that she had finished most of her paperwork.

"Great now that you are all here I can give you your new assignments." Said Tsunade and watched as everyone stood at attention especially most of the women since they were hoping they would get paired with Naruto.

"Kurenai Asuma Gai and Kakashi I'm sending the four of you out on an A-ranked mission with a possibility that it could turn into an S-ranked mission. Your mission is to take care of some thieves in the land of waves and since Kakashi is one of the heroes of the wave he will lead the mission you leave tomorrow at noon.

I will also have Jiraiya stop by your home sometime today Kakashi to tell you some other things about your mission." said Tsunade.

"Yes Tsunade-sama." Said the four jounin simultaneously then left quickly as Tsuande turned back to the ninja left and cleared her throat as she began to address the ones left.

"Moegi Udon and Konohamaru you three are going on A-ranked mission that shouldn't be too much trouble for the three of you." said Tsunade.

"So basically what you're saying is this mission is going to be boring right." said Konohamaru.

"Missions aren't meant to be fun or cool they are meant to be done by the ninja they are assigned to. Now your mission is to escort Temari back to the sand village then bring back an important scroll for me from the Kazekage your mission starts at noon as well."

"Understood Hokage-sama" said the three chunin.

"Hey you three good luck and stay safe." said Naruto.

Moegi blushed before responding, "Thank you sempai that really means a lot to us."

"Now as for Yugito Jiraiya has told me about the extent of your powers and the only problem I am having is should you be an elite jounin or just a jounin know that I will have a decision for you at the end of the week." Said Tsunade as she took a breath before turning back to the Konoha twelve and smiled as she knew that this group with the exception of Sasuke was exactly what her sensei always meant when he spoke of the will of fire she only wished he could be here to see it.

"Now as for you twelve I have decided you all are going on an S-ranked mission. On this mission half of you will be guarding Koyuki-hime while she makes her way to the Demon Country to talk with Priestess Shion who the other half of you will be guarding." said Tsunade.

"You mean the Priestess that Sakura-san Uchiha-san Lee and I protected?" asked Neji.

"That's right Neji."

"Cant someone else do I mean she kept making passes at Sasuke-kun?" asked Sakura.

"No it has to be you twelve because this is a very important mission and I need you all to do it." said Tsunade.

"Yes Hokage-sama." said Sakura.

"Now Neji since you know Shion you and a team you pick will be guarding her while Naruto and a team he chooses guards Koyuki since you two are the highest ranking officers of this group. You all will leave at noon so be on time understand?"

"No I don't understand. Why does the dobe come back and out of the blue get to lead a mission?" asked an enraged Sasuke who couldn't stand the thought of having to taking orders from his rival.

"Because he and Neji are the superior officers of this group now stop this foolishness Uchiha and respect your commanding officers on this mission dismissed!." Yelled Tsunade as everyone except Naruto left the room quickly hoping to escape Tsunade's wrath.

"Oh and Haku I will need your help at the hospital in two days so please be there bright and early!" yelled Tsunade to Haku retreating form.

Tsunade then turned her full attention to Naruto who was hoping Tsunade wouldn't get angry at what he was going to ask, "Is there something you want Naruto?" asked Tsunade.

"Yes I just wanted to let you know that I am taking Kushina with me on my mission." said Naruto.

"I wouldn't advise it but since she is not a ninja under my jurisdiction I can't tell her where and where not to go though I do want you to be careful with her."

"I will relax baa-chan."

"Oh I also want you to let me know if that Uchiha doesn't follow your orders."

Naruto waved at Tsunade before picking Kushina up he then turned to Jiraiya with a serious look on his face.

"Hey sensei I was going to introduce Kushina to the man that kept my life on track you want to come?" asked Naruto.

Jiraiya looked at Naruto for a moment then closed his eyes and smirked at what Naruto was saying, "So you're going to visit Sarutobi-sensei I guess I could pay the old guy a visit to."

As the three headed toward the Hokage Mountain they saw Sakura attempting to calm down a raging Sasuke who still seemed to be complaining about Naruto leading the mission.

Naruto noticed that Sasuke was staring at him with hatred and envy in his eyes. Naruto was about to laugh at him until Kushina began to fuss.

"I'm sorry Kushina your hungry aren't you?" asked Naruto.

Naruto gave Kushina to Jiraiya then he unsealed Kushina's bottle from one of his scrolls.

"Alright Kushina daddy has your bottle." said Naruto.

Naruto put the bottle in Kushina's mouth and instantly smiled when she stopped crying.

"Get ready kid and hang on." said Jiraiya as he put his hand on Naruto's shoulder then shunshin Kushina Naruto and himself to the Hokage Mountain.

"You go first sensei." said Naruto.

"Alright then I will. Hey Sarutobi-sensei it's me I just wanted to say thank you for looking after the gaki here when I should have been doing it myself I know it must have been hard with the council on your back.

Well now since that is over with I just wanted tell you that the gaki here has become quite the ladies man ever since we took that trip and since you were a fan of my books I know you would be proud of him." Said Jiraiya as Naruto stared at him before shaking his head realizing that the old toad sage would never change his perverted ways.

"You perverted old coat I guess that means it's my turn. Hey jii-san well I first wanted to say sorry for not visiting you in a while but with the training trip and all I couldn't. Next I want to introduce you to my daughter Kushina who as I am sure you guessed is named after kaa-san.

Jii-san I always thought you did things for a reason but I just don't get why you put me on team seven though it doesn't matter any longer because I am no longer a part of team sevens history. Finally jii-san I beat Kakashi and was made an elite jounin I even get to lead my first mission tomorrow. I promise to do my best and make you proud of me I miss you jii-san." Said Naruto before Jiraiya smiled at his student while putting a hand on his shoulder at looking out to the village.

'You've already made him proud Naruto if only you knew how much.' thought Jiraiya.

"Well Jiraiya-sensei I have to get to the Hyuuga compound and speak with Neji about the mission then go home and pack." said Naruto.

"Alright gaki see ya later." Responded Jiraiya as Naruto laughed when he saw Jiraiya take out his pen and pad.

Jiraiya turned to Naruto and was about to ask him if he wanted to come with him when he saw Naruto and Kushina shunshin away.

'Kukuku must still be embarrassed about the time we peeked on Kanna." thought Jiraiya as he followed his godson's lead and shunshin to the hot springs.

With Sasuke

Sasuke had just watched Naruto walk off with Jiraiya to probably get more special training while he was stuck with Kakashi who Sasuke felt was a good jutsu provider but was nothing compared to those jutsu of the legendary sannin.

Sasuke let his thoughts wonder to the mission which he felt since he was an Uchiha should be leading and was now planning to get the other members of the Konoha twelve to agree with him starting with team eight.

Sasuke began walking to team eight's training ground since they usual trained together about this time.

When Sasuke arrived at the training ground he found Hinata using her rotation to fend off attacks from Kiba Akamaru and Shino.

"Hey Hinata Kiba Shino I need to talk to you guys for a minute." said Sasuke.

"What do you want Uchiha?" asked Kiba.

"I just wanted to let you guys know that Naruto shouldn't be leading the mission tomorrow. I mean come on he was dead-last in our class and know he is suppose to be leading us besides he just returned a few days ago."

"Actually Sasuke I can't wait to see how Naruto-san's skills translate to leading a high profiled S-ranked mission." said Shino.

"But it isn't fair that he comes back then gets to lead such an important mission."

"Can it Uchiha your just angry because it's your arch-rival is leading the mission." said a smug Kiba.

"Be that as it may I am still worried about the safety of the group knowing that Naruto is in charge."

"Excuse me Uchiha-san but were you worried about us when you tried to go to Orochimaru for power?" asked Hinata as she began to remember how her Naruto looked after he had been brought back by some toads he summoned.

"Hinata-san you know I was under the affects of the curse seal and couldn't control my actions."

"Please that is only what the civilian half of the council says when every shinobi knows that you went to him of your own freewill." Said Kiba

"Look I have come to ask you all to come with me and tell the Hokage that Naruto shouldn't be leading this mission."

The three looked at each other and smirked then turned back to Sasuke.

"Sorry Sasuke but we don't have a problem with Naruto leading the mission tomorrow." said Kiba.

"Fine then I will just have to have team Gai for help or team ten." said Sasuke.

"Don't you get it Sasuke-san only you and Sakura-san have a problem with Naruto-san leading tomorrow's mission and the sooner you get that threw your head the better off you will be." said Shino.

"Just wait and see you'll all be sorry when that dope leads us to our deaths then you'll wish you had listened to me."

Team eight stared at Sasuke with slight smirks on their faces before saying their goodbye's to each other and leaving.

Sasuke watched as team eight left the training ground and just couldn't understand why they didn't see what he saw about Naruto. Sasuke sneered at their backs then went to find the members of team Gai hoping that they would see what he saw.

Sasuke leapt from rooftop to rooftop looking for any members of team Gai but just couldn't seem to find them until he saw Tenten dragging something green out of a weapons store.

Sasuke quickly jumped off the roof he was on so that he could confront Tenten and what now looked like an unconscious Lee.

"Tenten I was hoping I could speak with you and Lee." said Sasuke.

Tenten was about to answer when she felt Lee shake himself out of her grip.

"What do you want Uchiha-san?" asked Lee.

"What is with the guys of the Konoha twelve and not liking me?" asked Sasuke.

"Oh I don't know maybe it's because your selfishness almost got us six members of our group killed."

Tenten stared at Lee surprisingly in all the years she had known him she had never heard him speak to anyone like he had just spoken to Sasuke.

Sasuke for his part was inwardly cursing himself he had forgotten that all six members of that retrieval team plus the sand siblings hated him thus making his quest to hopefully gather enough support to get Naruto out of the leadership role impossible since he needed a majority but with Hinata and Shino shooting him down he wouldn't be able to get it.

"So Sasuke-san what did you want?" asked Tenten.

Sasuke looked up at both of them and even though he hoped that they would side with him he knew that it didn't matter.

"It was nothing." said Sasuke.

Tenten watched as Sasuke vanished in a swirl of leaves before turning Lee who had a scowl on his usually upbeat face.

"Lee what's wrong with you I never seen you look so angry." said Tenten.

"It's nothing really though everyone that was apart of the Sasuke retrieval team hates Sasuke because all of us almost died for no reason." said Lee.

Tenten thought that the members of the retrieval team had gotten over that but when she looked back to Lee to ask him he just stormed off.

'Wow I know Lee must have been angry because once Sasuke showed up he didn't once yell anything about the power of youth.' thought Tenten.

With Naruto

Naruto and Kushina arrived at the Hyuuga compound pretty late but knew that it wasn't late enough to stop having visitors.

Naruto walked to the entrance only to be stopped by to branch guard members.

"What is it that you are here for?" asked one of the guards with what looked like a permanent scowl on his face.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and I need to speak with Neji Hyuuga regarding a mission." said Naruto.

"I will inform Neji-sama that you are here." Said the second guard who seemed a bit nicer then his counterpart.

The first guard watched as the second guard vanished then turned his attention to Naruto.

"So you are the one who defeated Neji-sama in the chunin exams." said the guard.

"That's right." said Naruto

"I also know that you have the kyuubi sealed inside of you."

"Yes I do what does that have to do with anything."

"I am just surprised that's all."

"And why is that?"

"I didn't know that your kind could have children is all."

"Excuse me."

"I didn't know that demons could have children."

"I am not a demon I am the container that my father chose and if you can't see that then I feel sorry for you."

The guard was about to make his reply when the second guard came out and escorted Naruto into the compound.

Naruto followed the guard until he saw Hanabi and Moegi coming out of what appeared to be the kitchen sandwiches their hands.

"Naruto-senpai what are you doing here?!" yelled Moegi

"Well I need to talk to Neji about our mission." Said Naruto

Hanabi looked at the guard before dismissing him stating that she could show Naruto where Neji was.

Hanabi looked at Naruto before telling him to follow her to the study where Neji was.

When the three finally arrived at the study they found Neji reading a scroll.

"Hey Neji." said Naruto.

"Ah Naruto what a pleasant surprise what are you doing here?" asked Neji.

"Well I just wanted to talk to you about the mission tomorrow."

Neji nodded and knew right off the bat that Naruto would make an excellent leader since he was already thinking ahead.

"Very well let's talk." said Neji.

"Oh hey Hanabi is your sister here?" asked Naruto.

"Yes nee-chan is here." replied Hanabi.

"Well how about you and Moegi take Kushina to get to know her a little better."

"Really senpai?" asked Moegi.

"Yep but she just finished eating so if she starts to fall asleep let her since it's about her bedtime anyway."

Both girls quickly nodded then Hanabi took Kushina from Naruto and left to find her big sister.

"Now Neji I just wanted to know how you think we should approach this mission when we are together." Said Naruto

"Well Naruto what is your knowledge of the Demon Country?" asked Neji.

"Not good since I have never even heard of that country let alone been to it."

"So what about you Neji what is your knowledge of this Demon Country?"

"Well as you heard Lee Sakura-san Uchiha-san and myself went to protect a priestess named Shion who can see the future that resides in the Demon Country."

"So how about we just go with knowledge."


"When we are together in the Demon Country you will be in charge since you know more then I do while I will give my input on certain situations."

"That is a very good strategy and I agree whole-heartedly."

Neji then looked at Naruto before explaining to him that they need to pick teams which Naruto agreed to until Neji said he wanted the first selection.

"Fine you can have the first pick with one condition." said Naruto.

"Fine I accept this condition." Said Neji knowing that he could pick Tenten with the first choice which was why he wanted it in the first place.

"Since you already took it the condition is that you have to pick Lee as one of your choices."

Neji cursed knowing that Naruto would probably want him to take Lee but didn't really care since Tenten would be able to keep him quite.

"Fine I accept your terms and chose Tenten." said Neji.

"Alright then since you have Lee and Tenten I get two picks and with those two picks I want Hinata and Shino." said Naruto.

"Ok then I will take Shikamaru."

Naruto cursed as Neji took Shikamaru knowing that Shikamaru and Chouji liked to stay together if they could.

"Alright then I am taking Chouji." said Naruto.

Neji calmly want threw the list of people left and smirked when he thought of who would be left for Naruto after this.

"Kiba" said Neji while feeling slightly sorry for Naruto.

"Fine then I will take Ino." said Naruto causing Neji to frown slightly.

Neji was now stuck with a hard decision between to a fan girl or a traitor but hoped that his pick would perform up to par.

"I'll take Sakura." said Neji.

Both boys stopped and stared at each other after they heard Neji's choice knowing that meant Naruto would be stuck with Sasuke.

"It's not like it matters but are you alright with these teams?" asked Neji.

"Yeah with the exception of Sasuke my team is great for me." said Naruto.

The two laughed then began to talk about some things that happened while Naruto was gone and about what Neji had heard some kunoichi talk about a few days ago.

When Neji began to tell Naruto about what he heard some of the kunoichi saying about him stunned the blond ninja he never thought that girls would think of him the why Neji said they were talking about.

"Well Neji I almost for got to tell you that I have decided to bring Kushina along." said Naruto

"That's fine it's none of my business really as long as you can protect her and lead a mission." responded Neji.

"Trust me I can do both."

"Good then there won't be a problem."

"Well I should go get Kushina and head home by the way do you think you can show me where the girls would be?"

"Oh of course they would be in Hinata-sama's room follow me."

"Hey we will tell everyone whose team they are on before we go."

Nodding Neji stood up then walked out of the room with Naruto following him.

When the two finally reached Hinata's room they found the girls swooning over a sleeping Kushina with whisper shouts of "KAWAII".

Naruto smiled while Neji simply put his head down in embarrassment of his two cousins.

Naruto walked over to the girls and listened as they explained when Kushina began to get tired and how cute her little yawns were.

Once the girls were threw with their explanations Naruto picked the sleeping girl up and chucked as she grabbed a handful of his vest then bid a farewell the Hyugga's and Moegi before disappearing a puff a smoke.

Naruto arrived outside of his home only to hear the sound of expensive things being smashed inside. Naruto quickly decided that it might not be save to go in with Kushina but knew that trying to hand her to a shadow clone might wake her up and he knew the sleeping girl would need all of her energy for tomorrow.

Naruto looked around before making two clones then sending them the house with pacific orders.

When Naruto got the information back from the clones he was anything but happy as he went in to see Yugito trying to kill his sensei and Kiba for perverted actions that he wasn't able to catch.

Naruto cleared his throat hoping to get the attention of the enraged Nibi jinchuuriki but realized his efforts were in vein since she had her back to him. Naruto sighed and took a glance down at Kushina hoping that she wouldn't wake up from what he was about to do but knew that if he wanted to save the valuable items in his parents house he needed to stop Yugito.

"YUGITO NII STOP BREAKING THINGS IN MY PARENTS' HOUSE RIGHT NOW!" yelled an enraged Naruto as he watched Kushina shift in his hold slightly but stayed asleep.

Yugito stopped when she heard Naruto yell and realized that she should have taken these two perverts outside to kill them instead of in Naruto's house.

"Sorry Naruto-kun." said a slightly ashamed and still angry Yugito.

"Its ok Yugito just kill them when they leave. Now as for the two of you hurry up and tell me why you are here so I can put Kushina to bed." said a calmer Naruto.

"Well Naruto I was wondering if I could live here with you and Kushina for a while?" asked Jiraiya.

"Of course you can sensei but you usually don't stay in one place to long."

"I know but after this business with the Akatsuki is over with I am going to retire."

"But sensei"

"I know what you are going to say and don't I still feel so bad for my obsession with Orochimaru and leaving you at the mercy of the village when I should have been here for you."

Naruto blinked a couple of times before nodding his head and letting a large smile grace his features.

"Now Kiba what do you want?" asked Naruto.

"I just wanted to tell you to be careful since Sasuke has been going around asking members of the Konoha twelve to go with him to the Hokage and go against you being a leader of tomorrow's mission." said Kiba.

"I see so he still can't handle me in a position higher than him huh."

"So do you want to tell the Hokage that maybe she should take Sasuke off this mission."

"No that would kind of give Sasuke what he wants to not have to serve under me no I want him to have to take orders me."

Kiba smirked at Naruto realizing that this was a dangerous game he was playing with Sasuke's ego but a very funny one which he couldn't wait to see the result of.

"Ok I just wanted to tell you that see ya later." said Kiba who opened and locked the door as he left.

Yugito turned to Naruto after Kiba left with a pleading look on her face.

"Fine if I let you go after him will you promise to be good from now on?" asked Naruto.

"Yes I promise." said Yugito.

"Ok but don't hurt him to bad he does have a mission tomorrow."

As soon as Naruto finished his speech to Yugito she dashed out the door after Kiba though it wasn't until Naruto had make it upstairs and laid Kushina down for bed he heard someone yell out in with sounded like pain.

Naruto shook his head before he took off all his clothes except for some shorts then went over and kissed the sleeping Kushina on the forehead before he laid down to go to sleep.

Naruto's Mind

"So you've come." said Kyuubi.

"What why is it since I met Kanna you can only communicate with me threw dreams?" asked Naruto.

"Because that's around the time you got strong and decided that you didn't need me anymore."

"But I never need you most of those other times."

"Yes you did though you didn't ask you did need me and besides I couldn't take the chance that you were wrong then we would both end up dead."

Naruto looked at the Kyuubi and thought about how hot she looked though he would never admit that to her.

"Kyuubi is there something you need?" asked Naruto.

"Yes there is I wanted know now that you have seen my human form do you think I am attractive?" asked Kyuubi.

Naruto looked at Kyuubi for a moment and thought that she could read his thoughts then remembered that the seal keep their minds apart.

Naruto lowered his head so that Kyuubi couldn't see his cheeks just incase he had a blush coming on.

"I guess you're cute." said Naruto hoping and praying to Kami that she wouldn't push anymore on the subject.

"That's it just cute." said Kyuubi.


"Then I assume you are going to let me out of here."

"My week isn't up yet so stop trying to influence my decision."

"Fine have your week though it shouldn't be that hard of a choice."

"To tell you the truth its not but you are a vixen which means you are trickster by nature."

Kyuubi simply huffed and turned away from him over time she had grown to care for her container so much yes at first she just healed him because she felt it amusing to watch him try and gain the faith of this village.

Eventually, she saw that one attribute that would make any sane woman even a demon woman that wasn't blinded by hatred fall in love with Naruto over time and that attribute was his loyalty to someone even if they did him wrong if he felt they could change he would never lose faith in them.

Kyuubi began to think about when Naruto met Kanna it was true that Naruto believed that he didn't need her power anymore when he met her but a big reason was the fact that Kyuubi saw how much Naruto cared about Kanna so she decided to put a small barrier between her and Naruto up so he wouldn't see how upset she was.

"Fine I guess you have a point but what happens when you do need my power then what?" asked the sexy vixen.

"We'll cross that bridge if we come to it Kyuubi not before. Now can you please allow me to get some sleep?" asked Naruto as he left his mind due to a loud noise.

Outside Naruto's mind

Naruto woke up to the sounds of his daughter's crying as he took a look at his clock which said two forty on it. Naruto took a look around to see if he could find out why Kushina was crying when he was startled by sound of thunder which only caused his daughter to yell louder.

Naruto shook his head and realized that Kushina has always been afraid of thunder which meant the only way either of them was going to get any sleep was if she slept with him.

Naruto sat completely up attempting to ignore Yugito's sleep talking of sex and sushi as he got out of bed to comfort Kushina.

When Naruto got at her crib he saw that she had her hands into little fists and she was sniffling with her eyes closed.

"Hey Kushina its okay daddy's right here." Said Naruto as he picked the crying red head girl up and walked with her back to his bed.

As Naruto sat down he turned back to Yugito who was speaking clear enough for him to understand.

"Oh Naruto not now we've been going at it now for four hours straight and I'm tired" Said Yugito while Naruto's right eye twitched as he listened to Yugito naughty dreams he didn't realize that Kushina had already making herself comfortable while Naruto did his best not to listen to his bedmate.

Naruto laid down with his arms wrapped loosely around Kushina who didn't make as much of a fuss when she heard the thunder this time, 'That's right honey daddy will protect you from the lightning.' thought Naruto as he remembered his own childhood and wished that someone would have held him when he was frightened.

As Naruto began to drift off to sleep he felt Yugito snuggle up to his side and sigh. Naruto smiled as he looked at her with her hair unbound like it was every night before she went to sleep and though he thought she looked beautiful no matter what style her hair was in he did think she looked especially hot with it free like it was now.

Naruto wondered about having a family and even though she was an oddball Naruto wouldn't mind starting a family with Yugito.

Deciding to put these feelings on the back burner for now Naruto decided he had better get some sleep though before he went back to sleep he turned his head so that he was facing Yugito. For a moment Naruto stared at her luscious lips then kissed her softly causing her to moan in her sleep before he himself went back to sleep.

Next Mourning 7:00am – Akatsuki Hideout

Pein walked threw the Akatsuki hideout looking for Hidan since he knew that Kakuzu would be counting the organization's money for the better half of the morning.

Pein walked toward the shrine room that Hidan had set up so that if any other members wanted they could pray to Jashin just incase Hidan wasn't around at the moment they decided to believe.

As Pein walked to the room he saw Hidan coming out with a satisfied smirk on his face and decided to just tell Hidan about his mission until he was beaten to the punch.

"Hey you ass turtle when are you going to give me something to do that shows Jashin-sama how much I believe in him?" asked Hidan.

"Soon in fact I want you and Kakuzu to go the Demon Country in five days to kill the child of the Kyuubi jinchuuriki." aid Pein.

"How in the world do you where he is going to be motherfucker?"

"I have a source in Konoha that tells me everything that goes on with their jinchuuriki."

Pein then instructed Hidan to go and speak with Kakuzu so that they would be on the same page then told him that they would find a way to kill him if he killed the jinchuuriki.

Hidan snorted as he watched Pein walk away as if his rules controlled a follower of Jashin if his lord wanted the jinchuuriki dead that he would be dead end of story.

Hidan walked to the treasury where he saw Kakuzu greedily counting the money and frowned if only this man would worship Jashin the way he worshiped his money.

"So counting the money again I see." said Hidan.

"Of course I mean someone could try to be sneaky and take the money right out from under our noses if we don't count it properly." said Kakuzu.

"Is money that important to you?"

"Of course it is can you believe that a couple of days ago Itachi asked me for some money so that he could buy some pocky I almost killed him for that."

"Look I can tell that you are busy so I just came to tell you that in five days we leave to kill the daughter of the Kyuubi jinchuuriki."

"I see very well in five days I will be ready though I don't like to leave the money uncounted this will be a great chance for me to get the organization more."

Hidan stared at his partner before walking away when he heard a voice from behind him yell out to him.

"Oh and Hidan when we kill the girl make sure you don't take all day with your Jashin nonsense alright." said Kakuzu.

Hidan scowled before he took his scythe flinging it at Kakuzu but realized that both he and his money were gone. Hidan quickly prayed to Jashin to give him the strength necessary to convert or kill Kakuzu when the time came.

Same time with Tsunade

Tsunade walked into her office and sat down in her chair before leaning back.

As Tsunade waited for Shizune to bring in her paperwork for the day she began to wonder if Naruto allowed Jiraiya to move in with him seeing as there was no chance in hell he would ever live with her.

While Tsunade continued to let her thoughts wonder she saw open the door and reveal Shizune with surprisingly 

not as much paperwork as she was use to though she wasn't going to complain.

"Good Mourning Tsunade-sama I hope you slept well?" asked Shizune.

"Actually I did." said Tsunade.

"Tsunade-sama I was wondering have you informed Kakashi of the problems he could face on his mission?"

"Yes I had Jiraiya stop by Kakashi's home and tell him of the Akatsuki threat so they should be will prepared."

Shizune gave a quickly nod of her before she left the room to get started on her own work for the day.

When Shizune was out of the room Tsunade let out a sigh while silently praying that the Akatsuki wouldn't be in the area at least not while the team she sent out was there.

Tsunade broke off her thoughts and smiled at the light workload before realizing why the paperwork was so light it seemed that her former teammate had somehow squeezed some peeping in before or after talking with Kakashi though all she knew was that she would take care of him personally.

'Oh yeah that old pervert wont even know what hit him.' thought a happy Tsunade.

With Jiraiya

The toad sannin woke up in a room that Minato would always let him use before he had to kick him out for peeping on Kushina when she would take her erotic bubble baths as he referred them though intelligently didn't tell Naruto that he use to peep on his mother.

Jiraiya sat up in his bed and yawned before he decided to go check on his prized student and his daughter of course the fact that he knew that Yugito was with them had nothing to do with it.

As Jiraiya opened the door to Naruto's bedroom he saw Naruto with his arm draped over his chest as if he was holding something that wasn't there. Jiraiya then turned his attention to the person next to Naruto and saw Yugito with her hand on Naruto's upper thigh with Kushina snuggled comfortably between her breasts which Jiraiya would have been able to see if only she hadn't decided to wear a bra since the light blue gown she wore was see threw.

Jiraiya smiled and slipped threw the door then quietly walked over to the bed then took the hand of Yugito's which was resting on Naruto's thigh and put it inside his pants then began to rub slightly causing Naruto to moan in his sleep.

Jiraiya quickly ran out of the room attempting to hold in his laughter until he was a safe distance away from the room.

When Jiraiya finally made back to his room he fall back on his bed laughing and decided to create a shadow clone which would stay outside their room so he could hear their reactions when they woke up.

As Jiraiya continued to laugh he began to get dressed so he could have a talk with Tsunade before he had to see Naruto off.

After getting his clothes on Jiraiya chuckled one last time before jumping out of the window and heading toward the Hokage tower to tell his old teammate what he had done.

While Jiraiya was traveling to the Hokage tower he avoid Lee and Gai who he knew would be yelling about flames of youth and though he never wanted to deal with them if he could help it he certainly didn't want to do it this early in the mourning.

When Jiraiya arrived threw Tsunade's window he was met with a fist to the gut then was stomped on repeatedly.

Forty-five minutes later when Jiraiya awoke from his beating he looked at Tsunade and asked her what that was about.

"For causing me to have paperwork because of your peeping!" yelled Tsunade.

"Hey I was wondering why Shion needed ninja guards?" asked Jiraiya.

Tsunade looked up from the paperwork she was doing before leaning on her desk and looking him straight in the eyes.

"Shion had a vision of someone coming after her sometime soon." responded Tsunade.

"Was she able to give a description?" asked Jiraiya.

"No but she said whoever it was seemed strong since her guards were no match for him."

Jiraiya walked back to the window before turning around and leaning against the nearest wall.

"Can you believe Naruto?" asked Jiraiya.

"What do you mean?" questioned Tsunade.

"I mean taking his daughter on such a high level mission."

"True but before she died Kushina use to take Naruto on S-classed missions and she would always come back with Naruto in one piece."

Jiraiya smiled at the memory of Naruto's mom then frowned as he remembered every single ass kicking that Kushina ever gave him especially when she found out that it was him who named Naruto and not Minato like she had been led to believe.

"Your right besides Naruto has long since surpassed his Kushina in shinobi abilities so he should have no problem protecting his daughter and future children." said Jiraiya.

"But if I found out that Kushina got hurt well he'd better hope she doesn't." said Tsunade.

Jiraiya looked at Tsunade before allowing a smirk to appear on his face at just how close Tsunade had let herself get to this child she had only know for a few days.

'Well well well the big bad slug sannin has a weakness for something other than Naruto.' Thought Jiraiya as he watched Tsunade grumble about her paperwork and how much she hated it.

Elsewhere – In parts unknown

A man sat on a throne as he listened to what his minion had to tell him.

"My lord we have scouted the Demon Country and found that you by yourself could take it over without any problem." said the minion.

"Excellent you and I will leave to capture priestess Shion soon so be ready until then." said the man.

"Yes of course my lord."

'Once I have Shion's power to see the future I will be able to avoid all the threats of this world that would dare challenge me.' thought the man as he prepared himself to go to the Demon Country.

Naruto's House

Naruto opened his eyes and looked down at his chest expecting to see his daughter fast on his chest instead he found slight pleasure from someone rubbing his crotch.

When Naruto looked down he saw Yugito with her hand in his pants rubbing his dick slightly in her sleep.

Naruto held back a moan as he took Yugito's hand out of his pants then turned to face her when he saw that either Kushina must have rolled out of his grasp somehow or Yugito took her from him in the middle of the night for some reason.

Naruto wouldn't have minded Yugito sleeping with Kushina except for the fact that Kushina was using Yugito's breasts as a pillow.

'Well she looks content and I guess it's not hurting anything.' thought Naruto.

Naruto looked over at his clock and saw that it was eight forty-five which meant he could allow Kushina to a while longer before he would have to wake her up.

Naruto stood up and walked out the room to get some water when he saw white hair go around the corner. Seeing that Jiraiya must have done something wrong 

Naruto quickly took off in pursuit of the sannin but when he found him he simply disbursed himself.

"I wonder what that was about." said Naruto as he continued his trek to the kitchen to get some water.

As Naruto filled his bottle with water he heard what sounded like crying coming from upstairs. Naruto quickly ran back up stairs to see Yugito holding and rocking a crying Kushina.

"Hey what's wrong with her?" asked Naruto.

"She just woke up and is a little cranky that's all." said Yugito.

"So are you going to be ok with us gone?"

"You make it sound as though I have never lived with either of you."

"It's not that it's just we having been away from each other in a long time."

"Will you relax I said I would be fine didn't I?"


"Then let it go already."

Naruto stared at Yugito knowing that she was going to be pretty lonely after Kushina and he left though also knew that she was to proud to admit it.

"Fine I will then." said Naruto.

"Wait why won't she stop crying?" asked a frustrated Yugito.

"I thought you said she was just cranky."

"Well that's what I thought but she is still crying and it had been a while."

Naruto walked toward Yugito then took a step back pinching his nose together, "You don't smell that?" asked Naruto finding it hard to believe that he didn't notice that Kushina needed to be changed.

Yugito took a sniff of the air before she heard a knock on the door.

"I'll change Kushina while you see who that is." said Naruto as he felt his eyes water when he opened up Kushina's diaper.

Yugito quickly ran out of the room and dash downstairs happy to get away from the smell of Kushina's dirty diaper since all jinchuurikis have a sensitive sense of smell which she knew must have been killing Naruto right now. When Yugito opened the door she saw Neji waiting patiently.

"Yugito-san I was wondering if Naruto was in I need to speak with him?" asked Neji.

"Sure he's upstairs with Kushina." answered Yugito.

Neji nodded then step inside and shut the door then followed Yugito to where Naruto was.

"Naruto's in that room." said Yugito as she backed away from the door slowly.

"Aren't you coming in?" asked Neji.

"Oh no I have some training I need to do so if Naruto asks just tell him I'm at his training ground and he'll know what you're talking about."

With that said Yugito quickly ran back the way they came leaving Neji to open the door. When Neji stepped inside he saw Naruto changing his daughter and apparently wasn't bothered by the smell which caused Neji to cough a few times.

Naruto looked up and saw Neji in the room then waved at him before finishing Kushina up, "There honey good as new." Said Naruto as he took Kushina's old diaper and threw it in the trash without the smell affecting him in the least.

"Naruto wasn't that smell bothering you?" asked Neji who was still feeling the side effects of the smell.

Neji watched as Naruto didn't answer instead he simply dispelled himself. Neji simply watched as another Naruto walked out of the closet and smiled at him.

"Now Neji is their something I can help you with?" asked Naruto.

"Actually I wanted to tell you that we need to meet everyone a little earlier so we can be ready with our respective teams to move out at twelve." responded Neji.

"Alright so about how early should we be there?"

"Half an hour"

Naruto nodded to Neji who then asked Naruto if he would do some light sparing with him. Naruto declined telling Neji that he had some things he needed to get done before they left.

After Naruto showed Neji out and got Kushina dressed he decided that it would be good for the two of them to get some fresh air so he wrote a quick note to Yugito since her heard her training then left with Kushina.

Front Gates 11:30

Sasuke arrived at the gates a half an hour early like Neji had told him to and assumed that the Hyuuga was playing a trick on him since he was the only person there until he noticed Sakura walking toward him.

"Hi Sasuke-kun." said Sakura.

Sasuke glanced toward her but didn't respond instead opting to turn his attention to the three people heading their way.

"Hey forehead Sasuke-kun are we the first ones here?" asked a distracted Ino who seemed to be looking around for something.

"Yeah we are Ino-pig." Said Sakura who wasn't hiding the fact that she was angry with team ten had interrupted her alone time with her Sasuke.

While Ino and Sakura began to argue Chouji and Shikamaru shook their heads before sitting on an empty bench. Both boys began to talk about what they thought might happen on the mission especially with Naruto leading it which was almost enough to get Shikamaru excited.

The five continued to do their own things when they saw team eight and team Gai without Neji walk into the clearing and greet them.

"Hey Shikamaru Chouji what's up!" yelled Kiba.

"Could you stop being so troublesome?" asked Shikamaru.

"What'd you say you lazy slacker?"

"Now Kiba-kun I am sure Shikamaru-san didn't mean anything by it." said Hinata as she and Shino greeted Chouji while Kiba continued to attempt to argue with Shikamaru who simply yawned at him as he yelled.

"So Hinata have you seen Neji?" asked Chouji.

"The last time I saw him he said he was going over to Naruto-kun's house to tell him about meeting early then he was going to train."

Chouji nodded then grabbed a bag of chips before going back to his seat next to Shikamaru.

Fifteen minutes passed when the Konoha twelve saw the members of the other missions arrive along with the sannin.

"Hey everybody where is Naruto and Neji?" asked Tsunade.

"We don't know they haven't shown up yet." responded Tenten.

"Is that the kind of leader you want Tsunade-sama one who can't even be on time for a mission?" asked Sasuke.

Tsunade ignored Sasuke and turned to Jiraiya who simply shook his head as he had no clue to where Naruto could be.

"I just can't believe that he and Neji aren't here." said Tsuande.

"Has anyone seen him?" asked Jiraiya.

Everyone shook their head except for Konohamaru which indicated to Jiraiya that he knew something.

"Out with it gaki." said Jiraiya.

"I don't know where he is but I did see him walking with a cute black haired woman that wasn't Kurenai-sensei or Shizune." said Konohamaru.

"Really a new girl. I wonder who it is."

"Yeah she was a civilian but nii-san walked with her for a while and all they did was talk."

As Konohamaru was explaining things to Jiraiya he failed to notice the glares he was getting from the three girls behind him.

Tsuande listened to Konohamaru's story and tried to remember someone with black hair besides Kurenai or Shizune.

"Well we'll just have to find out now wont we." said Jiraiya.

As soon as Jiraiya said that they spotted three figures walking toward them. As the figures came closer they saw that it was Naruto Neji and they assumed the female that Konohamaru talked about.

The group ran toward the three and greeted them with all kinds of different types of questions but the same question that everyone had was who was this black haired woman.

The girl simply giggled then addressed two people that she recognized, "Hi Shino Ino its great to see you two again." said the young woman with a smile.

"Do we know you?" asked Ino.

"I know I look a little different without scales or looking like a giant fish monster but I thought you two would remember."

"It's good to see you again Isaribi-san." said Shino.

Ino stood dumbfounded that she hadn't recognized the girl that ultimately helped them stop the fake demon of the ocean that was robbing ships. Ino smiled then embraced the girl in a hug before apologizing for not remembering who she was.

"Don't worry about it Naruto and I didn't even recognize each other when I bumped into him lucky for me he was able to catch me and his cutie of a daughter." said Isaribi.

Jiraiya quickly ran over to Isaribi without even bothering to close his mouth to stop the drool from leaking out.

"So you're interested in Naruto-chan eh." said Jiraiya.

Isaribi simply blushed and looked away from the old pervert which to Jiraiya answered the question in a big way.

"Well Naruto saved my life so why wouldn't I be interested in him?" asked Isaribi.

Jiraiya grinned perversely before Tsunade drug him away from the terribly blushing girl, "Hey Naruto what did you bring a civilian here for?" asked Jiraiya.

"Well it's been a while since we've seen each other so I decided she could walk with me here so we could get to know each other again." said Naruto.

Tsunade looked at Isaribi and shook her head okay since she wasn't giving out any important information before looking to the two team leaders, "Naruto Neji have the two of you chosen your teams your teams?" asked Tsunade.

Both ninja shook their heads before Naruto stepped up to inform everyone of what team they were going to be on, "Alright listen up if you hear your name called then you are on my team and that means your headed to the Spring Country with me." exclaimed Naruto.

Everyone stood still and silent even the sannin and members of other missions to find out who was going to be on whose team.

"These are the orders I chose my members in just to let everyone know Hinata Shino Chouji Ino and Sasuke." said Naruto as he let it all sink in.

Sasuke immediately frowned at having to take orders from Naruto but was especially angry of his status of being last which he decided to find out the reason of, "Why was I last dobe?" asked Sasuke.

"Because that's where you were picked." answered Naruto.

"Picked?" questioned Shino.

"That's right Naruto and I had a draft of sorts and that was the order of Naruto's picks." exclaimed Neji.

Sakura was listening to all of this and was absolutely fuming at the fact that she wasn't going to be with her Sasuke.

"So what Naruto did you make sure that Sasuke-kun was on your team so you could boss him around?" asked Sakura.

"Did you even hear what I said?" I had the last pick which meant Neji was the one that didn't choose Sasuke." said Naruto

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that Neji picked before me and it came down to you and Sasuke which he chose you."

"Then trade someone for me."

"Like who?"


"Sorry I need the Byakugan plus I like Hinata more then I do you."

Sakura growled at Naruto hoping to intimidate him into trading for her which didn't work at all.

"Look Hinata was my top pick which means she is very valuable to my team. Now if no one else has anything else to add then team Naruto is ready to head out." said Naruto.

"Hey Naruto-kun who's going to watch Kushina-chan for you while your gone?" asked Hinata.

"No one she's coming with me."

"What," yelled everyone except for Neji and the sannin.

"Tsunade-sama there has to be some rule against that right?" asked Sasuke.

"No Kushina is technically a civilian which means she is allowed to go anywhere she or her father so chooses." answered Tsuande

Naruto smiled at his team before he gave them their directions then had them move out.

As Tsunade watched team Naruto leave she had a feeling that these teams led by Neji and Naruto were going to do something amazing on this mission.

Neji smiled as he watched Naruto's team head toward the Spring Country and silently prayed that Naruto would take care of Hinata.

Neji turned to his own team before he told them what he expected of them then ordered them to follow him as they moved out.

As the teams left Jiraiya smiled as he remembered how he watched Minato go off on first mission as a team leader which made him feel the same way he was feeling right now that feeling of being the best teacher in the world.

"So Jiraiya what do you think is going to happen?" asked Tsunade.

"With Naruto on the mission anything and everything which I am sure he can handle." answered Jiraiya.

The talked a little while longer as they saw the other teams off but noticed that Isaribi hadn't left the spot she had been standing in since Naruto left.

Tsuande smiled and asked her if she remembered what Naruto was like when he saved her she then proceeded to tell Isaribi that Naruto was going to be just fine.

Isaribi smiled as she realized that Tsunade was right and that Naruto was going to be completely fine.

"Now Isaribi I don't believe you ever told me the complete story of how you and Naruto met. So if you would like we could talk about it over a drink?" asked Tsunade.

"A drink really I mean I don't usually." said a nervous Isaribi.

"A first timer don't worry I'll go easy on you."

Jiraiya watched and chuckled as Tsunade drug the nervous girl off to her office probably in one last desperate attempt to corrupt someone.

With Team Neji

Neji was able to speak with Shikamaru before they entered the formation that Neji wanted which allowed Neji to watch the groups back while Shikamaru was able to give out the orders that Neji wanted given out.

Shikamaru then estimated that it would take two to four days to get to the Demon Country and it would take Naruto two days to get to the spring then three more to get to the Demon Country.

Sakura on the other hand continued to complain about not being with Sasuke which was making everyone on the team angry especially Tenten who hated working with Sakura because she was the ultimate fan girl that in turn made all kunoichi look bad.

"Sakura you are on Neji's team we don't want to hear about how you want to be with Sasuke." said Tenten.

"I know I'm on this team but it doesn't mean that I can't want to be on Sasuke-kun's team." answered Sakura

"Then wish in your mind geez is that all you can do is talk about Sasuke I mean if I hadn't known you were taught by Tsunade-sama I wouldn't take you seriously as a kunoichi." said Kiba.

Sakura growled at Tenten and Kiba believing that it wasn't any of their business of if she wanted to be with Sasuke or not.

"Sakura they're right I don't care if you want to be with Sasuke you are apart of my team therefore you will no longer speak openly about your desire to be with Sasuke." said Neji's voice from the back of the formation.

"As troublesome as it is Neji's right if you cant think about anything other than Sasuke then you are going to be no good to us on the mission." said Shikamaru.

Sakura huffed at her teammates but knew that if her leader told her to stop doing something she had no choice but to comply.

Neji looked at his team then at the sky and realized that it was time to rest for the night.

"Alright team were going to set up camp here." Said Neji

Neji quickly set up his tent and waited until he saw Shikamaru set up his tent he then pulled him aside so he could ask him some questions, "Hey Shikamaru how do you think we did on time?"

"Well if we keep up with this pace we should make it to the Demon Country half a day early." Shikamaru answered.

"Good that's all I wanted to know."

Shikamaru gave a nod then went and laid down next to Kiba before letting out a lazy yawn.

Neji looked over the campsite before explaining the watch shifts to everyone. Once Neji was done making sure everyone knew their jobs and that the camp was in order he sat down next to Tenten so they could talk, "Hey Tenten."

"Neji how are you?" Tenten asked.

"I'm fine listen I wanted to talk to you."


"You know what about."

"Listen I am fine with you being with that fan girl."

"But I'm not with her."

"Then why were you kissing her?"

"That wasn't what it looked like."

"Right look Neji we are teammates and that's all we we'll ever be I understand that now."

"But I want to be more than teammates."

"I sorry Neji but I don't think it would work out."

Tenten gave Neji a soft smiled then went into her tent to go to sleep.

Neji frowned as he watched Tenten walk away from him to Neji Tenten was the perfect girl for him since she wasn't a fan girl and actually had a deep dislike for them.

Neji sighed then began to think about what brought this all about and realized that he shouldn't have gone drinking with the male members of the Konoha twelve last month but he wanted to have some fun since he'd just come back from leading a month long mission a couple of days before. Once he was drunk he met a girl from his graduating class then one thing lead to another and they ended up making out in the middle of the street for everyone and most importantly to Neji Tenten to see.

Neji sighed then looked over his team before heading to his tent to get some sleep hoping that somehow on this mission he could get Tenten to understand what really happened.

Kiba watched as Neji and Tenten went into their respective tents then turned to Lee to get some answers.

"Hey Lee is Tenten still mad at Neji for making out with that girl?" asked Kiba.

"Yes I saw how hard it was for her but Gai-sensei helped her get over it some." Lee answered.

"What do you mean Gai-sensei helped her get over it?" asked Shikamaru who joined the conversation from his comfortable spot.

"Well Gai-sensei used the thing that Tenten hates most in the world to help her get over Neji."

"And that is?" asked Kiba.

"Are you that dumb Kiba everyone knows that Tenten hates fan girls that why she can't stand Sakura." Shikamaru said.


"Gai-sensei must have told Tenten that whenever she was around Neji she acted like a fan girl right Lee."

"Exactly Gai-sensei then explained to Tenten that she needed to get over Neji unless she wanted to end up like Sakura." said Lee.

"So he basically scared the feelings she had for Neji out of her?" asked Kiba.

"That's right."

Shikamaru listened to Lee's story and smiled as he realized that Gai wasn't as dumb Kakashi and some of the other jounin made him out to be which made him glad he listened to Asuma.

"Well we had better get some sleep since Sakura has first watch." said Shikamaru.

Next Day with Team Naruto

Chouji yawned as he watched daybreak and decided to wake up Naruto to find out what he wanted to do going forward. Chouji grabbed a bag of chips from his tent then went into Naruto's tent and woke him up.

Naruto looked around and saw a smiling Chouji looking back at him. Naruto smiled back and stood up making sure he didn't disturb the sleeping Kushina who made sure she had a tight grip on her father.

"So Naruto what do you want me to do?" Chouji asked.

Naruto looked at his friend for a moment then remembered what it was that he need done.

"Chouji I need you to wake up Sasuke and Ino while I take care of Shino and Hinata." said Naruto as he began walking toward Shino's tent.

Chouji nodded then went to wake up his teammate and Sasuke.

Naruto reached Shino's tent to find him already awake with most of his belongs backed.

"Hey Shino." said Naruto.

"Naruto how are you and Kushina doing today?" asked Shino.

"We're fine."

"Well one of my bugs told me that Chouji had already gone to wake you so it came back and told me that you were coming."

Naruto nodded then turned around to see Ino leaning up against Chouji while trying to wake up fully and Sasuke coming out of his with a scowl on his face.

Naruto chuckled at his former rival then went to Hinata's tent only to find her gone. Naruto looked around the camp site but couldn't find her so he summoned a tracker toad to help him out.

Naruto ran over to Chouji and asked him had he seen Hinata leave when he said no Naruto had the tracker toad get Hinata's scent then followed the toad as he dashed off into the woods.

Hinata was currently in the middle of a lake relaxing naked while trying her best to think of a way to get Naruto to notice her.

'Maybe I should do what Kurenai-sensei and Tsuande-sama said and just tell him how I feel about him." thought Hinata as she dove under the water.

'Or maybe I should do what Anko-sensei said and show him the goods though I wonder if that would even work since I know he must still think that I am weird.'

As Hinata rose out of the water and jumped back on shore she saw a yellow standing next to her almost as if it had been looking for her. Hinata bent down and picked the toad up then noticed that it had a jacket on which made her wonder what kind of toad was this.

While Hinata examined the toad she saw someone jump out of the bushes and land in front of her. Hinata eyes widened when she realized that this person was Naruto who was in shock himself.

"Naruto-kun." said a stunned and now horny Hinata.

"Hinata I'm sorry but I just wanted to tell you that we are about to head out." Said Naruto as he did his absolute best to keep his eyes even with Hinata's (Which would be very hard and I am sure no one would blame Naruto for not being able to.).

"Thank you for telling me this Naruto-kun."

Naruto simply gave a nod his head then turned around to head back to camp when a head on his shoulder stopped him.

"Naruto-kun I don't think you want to forget your summon." said a red faced Hinata.

"You're right I wouldn't what to forget her thank you." Naruto said as he took off back the way he came.

Hinata watched as Naruto leapt away from her with the toad on his shoulder and Kushina in his arms when Hinata was certain Naruto was a good enough distance away she let out a fan girl scream.

Naruto ran back toward camp with a huge blush on his face while he did his best to keep a perverted smile off his face as he thought about what he saw, 'Wow Hinata sure has grown at this rate her breasts will be in the same class as baa-chan in a few years.'

When Naruto got back to the group it looked as though there had never been a camp here which Naruto smiled at.

"Hey Chouji I assume you are the one who back up Kushina and mine's things?" Naruto asked.

"Yep." said Chouji.

Naruto looked around and saw that Hinata's things were packed as well.

"Who packed Hinata's things?"

"No one her belongs were already packed we just took down her tent." said Shino.

As soon as Shino finished talking Hinata came out of the woods with a slight blush on her face but it wasn't anything out of the ordinary for everyone.

Naruto was mentally thanking Kami that Hinata was covered up again but knew he had to put those memories out of his mind since his teammates were counting on him to lead them.

"Alright everyone hears the deal if we travel at the same pace we traveled at yesterday then we will make it to the Spring Country around one." said Naruto.

Everyone nodded except for Sasuke then took off toward the harbor that would take them to the Spring.

As Team Naruto neared the harbor Kushina woke and began to cry.

"Hey Chouji do you have that bottle I gave to you yesterday?" asked Naruto.

"Yep." said Chouji

Chouji tossed Naruto the bottle who in turn gave to Kushina.

"That's a good girl." Said Naruto

"It's about time you shut that kid up." said a voice from behind most of the group.

Naruto turned and faced the owner of the voice who was smirking at Naruto for some reason.

"What'd you just say Sasuke?"

"You heard me." said Sasuke.

Naruto turned to Sasuke then performed ten one-handed hand signs and yelled, "Fuuton: Daitoppa." Naruto along with everyone else watched as a slight breeze past then saw Sasuke's pants spilt down the middle leaving him wearing purple and pink underwear.

Everyone stared at Sasuke then began laughing at the fuming Uchiha even Shino had to put his hand over his mouth so that his smirk couldn't be seen.

Sasuke quickly henged so that it looked as though he had pants on then the made to the harbor and received a boat for free since Koyuki had been expecting them.

After the short boat ride Team Naruto was led to castle so that Koyuki could speak with them.

Koyuki arrived in the waiting room and stared at Naruto intently but the odd thing was that she looked lost.

"Koyuki-hime my squad and I will be ready to escort you to the Demon Country whenever you are ready to leave." Naruto said trying to act professional but found it hard because of the look in Koyuki's eyes.

"I see and you are the leader of this team Naruto?" asked Koyuki.

"Yes Hime."

"Good we will leave the day after tomorrow that why you and your friends can rest."

"Thank you Hime."

All of Team Naruto was shown their rooms they would be sleeping in for the night while Naruto waited for someone to escort him to his room.

After twenty minutes of waiting Naruto was shown to a room that looked very familiar to him. The man that showed Naruto to his room left as Naruto started to open the door.

Once Naruto stepped inside he recognized this as Koyuki's bed which was identified by the he bent Yugito over.

"Look familiar?" asked a voice from behind him.

Naruto turned around to answer when Yuki slapped him across the face with tears running down her cheeks.

"Yuki-hime why did you hit me and what was wrong with you earlier?" questioned Naruto.

"Wait you mean they didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"Naruto do you remember that night we made love?"

"Of course but what does that have to do with any of this?"

"Naruto I'm pregnant and it's your fault."

Naruto watched as Yuki continued to cry and realized that she's probably scared just like Kanna and he were when they found out about Kushina. Naruto put Kushina down on a crib Yuki had in the room then slowly picked 

Yuki up and carried her to the bed then hugged her until she stopped crying.

"Naruto you don't want to be with me do you?" asked Yuki.

"Yuki I can't believe you would think that I would be the kind of man to stop caring about you just because I got you pregnant." said Naruto.

"So you do want to be with me?"

"Of course but there something I have to tell you."


"Well there's an organization after my life and more importantly my daughter so for yours and the baby's safe we can't let anyone other than the sannin know you being pregnant with my child."

"Ok well no one besides the sannin no but how am I going to keep it a secret?"

"Do you have any male friends that you trust?"

"Yes one."

"Well tell him that your jerk of a baby's father left you when he found out you were pregnant then explain to him that for your reputation you need him to pretend to be the child's father."

"I don't know."

"Trust me that why I can come and visit the kid."

"Alright I will ask him when I get back from the meeting with Shion."

"Good now get some rest."

Naruto smiled as he wrapped his arms around Yuki and felt her snuggle up against him he then rubbed his cheek from the slap Yuki gave him then went to sleep with on thought on his mind, 'While at least it wasn't as bad as when Kanna she was expecting.'


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