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Chapter 8 Looking Underneath The Underneath

Naruto dashed toward Kakashi launching a kick at the jounin's head which Kakashi blocked only to receive a knee to the chin sending him stumbling back a couple of steps before he was able to gain his balance allowing him to sweep kick at Naruto's legs which was avoided, this of course was what Kakashi wanted as he took the advantage of Naruto landing to kick the student of Jiraiya into a building causing it to shake. Kakashi quickly closed the distance between himself and Naruto then slammed him back against the building before punching him in the ribs, with the advantage Kakashi head butted Naruto before tossing him to the ground confident Kakashi started to speak only to which the downed Naruto dispel. Kakashi turned his head to find Naruto, however the only thing he found was a blow which sent him skidding into a street full of civilians who immediately went to help Kakashi up but stopped when they saw Naruto charging.

Kakashi leapt to his feet then stuck his foot out expecting Naruto to run into it instead said opponent flipped over him, landing behind Kakashi resulted in the grey haired ninja whipping his head around just in time to receive a double axe handle blow to the top of the head which sent him to the ground. Naruto grabbed Kakashi dragging him to his feet but was shocked when the Kakashi in his arms disappeared confused as to what happened Naruto found himself on the ground from a kick to the back of the head. "Tsunade-sama didn't have time to tell all of the ninja what was going on however I know and I won't allow you to hurt my student Naruto.

Turning around Naruto glared at Kakashi who he could tell was giving him one of those stupid eye smiles he always hated, as Kakashi watched Naruto get back to his feet Kakashi being the veteran ninja he was took his advantage punching Naruto in the jaw sending him back to the ground. Naruto quickly jumped to this feet before turning around to deal with Kakashi the right way only to find ten ANBU standing beside the copy ninja, as Naruto figured out how he was going to get to the hospital the captain of the ANBU squad that came to aid Kakashi stepped forward, "Namikaze-sama, Tsunade-sama has ordered you be brought to her office so she can discuss what will happen to the Uchiha for kidnapping Kushina-sama."

"Thanks for that but I can tell you what's going to happen to him, for kidnapping my daughter comes with a price of death should I ever catch the one responsible please inform the hag of that will you while I depose of my old sensei then teach his spoiled brat of a student a lesson he should have learned when his older brother handed his ass to him." Naruto answered ignoring the look in Kakashi's eyes.

"She has told us to bring you by force if we have to as long as it's not deadly force, Hokage-sama is quite confident you will heal." The ANBU said as he along with the rest of his squad prepared should Naruto still refuse to leave.

Their answer was a large toad spring up from behind them with its mouth open ready to swallow them whole, four ANBU and Kakashi were able to dodge the toad however the other six were swallowed. The ninja who weren't swallowed were shocked Naruto would actually kill his comrades, what they didn't know was the ANBU weren't dead simply trapped inside the toad until Naruto released them though Naruto didn't care to let them know they weren't dead instead he charged the group causing the ANBU to launch kunai at him forcing him to flip to the side of a building. Naruto stood on the building looking down at the group for an open then felt something hit him in the back sending him to the ground with such force he was unable to even brace himself as he hit the ground, stunned Naruto rolled over to see Sakura scowling at him with nothing but hatred in her green eyes.

"What do you want Sakura?" Naruto asked as he stood up not in the mood to put with any of Sakura's bitchiness. "Naruto you hurt Sasuke-kun, plus Tsuande-sama said that because of his actions she won't heal him and neither will that bitch teammate of yours so I'm going to bring you into Tsuande-sama alright though not until I've taught you a lesson about respecting your betters."

Naruto smirked at Sakura who grit her teeth in response which was something Naruto didn't understand he felt Sakura should be happy he wasn't outright pointing and laughing at her which took some actual effort on his part not to do, enraged he didn't see her as a threat Sakura made her way down the building and threw a punch at Naruto who flipped out of the way. Naruto smiled at Sakura who in his mind looked like a large gorilla with the way she had her hand stuck in the ground and was huffing at him, this thought didn't last long as he avoid a kunai from his side before blocking a bunch from an ANBU seeing he was in trouble Naruto attempted to lure his opponents into a more confined space but was blocked by Sakura who he kicked in the chin sending her flying into an alley.

The ANBU quickly took advantage of the distracted Naruto by hitting him in the back with a combined earth and water jutsu sending him crashing through two buildings into what looked to Naruto to be a bedroom of some kind, as he got up Naruto came face to face with Hinata Hyuuga who had an orange towel wrapped tightly around her dripping wet body. "Naruto-kun we were told to bring you in by Tsunade-sama."

Naruto tried to jump to his feet only to gasp in pain before falling back to the ground, knowing he wouldn't be able to fight Hinata off until his back healed. Naruto began to stall the female Hyuuga from attacking only to hear Kakashi yelling from outside turning back to Hinata he was grabbed him by the hand and ran him into her bathroom she then put her finger over her lips as she shut the door, not knowing what Hinata was doing Naruto placed his ear to the door while hiding his chakra just in case Hinata was trying to help him.

Hinata grabbed a brush before sitting down at her dresser and running said brush through her hair like nothing was happening until she was interrupted by Kakashi, Sakura, and the ANBU who demanded to know where Naruto was only to have Hinata state she had know idea which Sakura called a lie saying Hinata would do anything for Naruto because she'd been in love with him since before they were in the academy causing Hinata to blush because said love was hiding in her bathroom. Angry Sakura had let the cat out the bag Hinata stood up moving a couple of feet in front of Sakura with a determined look on her face which Sakura didn't see because she was scowling at the large bouncing bust said Hyuuga was slightly showing off.

"If Naruto-sama isn't here Hinata-sama we will apologize to you but I'm afraid if you don't give us permission to search her room then we will just have to ask Hiashi-sama if we can." The ANBU Captain said causing Hinata to wave him on as she now had no other choice.

The ANBU captain again apologized as the six began to search Hinata's room, the ANBU were all respectful as was Kakashi who Hinata made sure she kept an eye on especially when he made his way to her underwear drawer which she pushed closed the moment he opened it. The worst however was Sakura she obviously wasn't too concerned with finding Naruto as she was with trashing Hinata's room which caused the two to get in an argument especially when Sakura opened Hinata's closet and began to throw her clothes out. The ANBU were more professional they quickly went right for the only shut door in the room which was the bathroom, as they made their way in they searched from top to bottom though they were unable to find any trace of Naruto being there causing them to promptly apologize to Hinata one last time before leaving through the open window Naruto himself had just come through.

Once she was sure the group had left Hinata ran back into the bathroom to find Naruto standing in the middle of the bathroom like he'd been there the whole time, causing Hinata to jump into his arms happy the ANBU weren't able to find him. Naruto returned her hug though he was kicking himself that he didn't pay attention to Hinata when she was shuttering around him, he then told her to put some clothes on and go to his house so he could talk to her about her feelings for him which she agreed to with a blush Naruto could have sworn reached the roots of her hair. Hinata asked Naruto to turn around while she changed and while she did this she asked why he wasn't going with her, only to receive a look that answered her question. Once she was finished Naruto told her a blonde woman who resembled Tsunade body wise would be there along with a red haired woman who was actually the Kyuubi.

Naruto jumped out of Hinata's window before running up the side of her house, he then ran toward the hospital only to grab from behind by an ANBU. Naruto noticed as he kicked the ANBU off him there was just one meaning the ones that had been with Kakashi and Sakura must still be with them looking for him, safe in the knowledge this would be mostly a one on one fight Naruto attacked the ANBU who dodged while using flashy jutsu to gain the attention of other ninja. Thinking quickly Naruto created two clones which attacked with wind jutsu forcing the ANBU to dodge by jumping into the air this allowed Naruto to use a low powered rasengan sending the ANBU flying off the roof.

Naruto cursed himself for allowing the ANBU to use the jutsu he did because it drew the attention of the group that'd been chasing him earlier along with some of the rookie twelve. Naruto knew that if he didn't get to the hospital now he wouldn't get another chance so he dashed toward the target as he landed on the roof of the hospital he felt webbed hands trying to grab at him forcing him to jump to the next roof. Surprised Naruto watched as his teacher arose from the roof with a look Naruto had never seen on the former toad sannin's face, it was at that moment Naruto knew that his road to Sasuke had just become a great deal longer even though he was so close.

"Naruto by order of Tsunade you need to come with me so we can deal with the Uchiha the legal way." Jiraiya said as Naruto grit his teeth at his teacher. "You know the civilian council who know nothing about being ninja will just bitch and moan until they get their way but not this time Jiraiya I will deal with Sasuke even if I have to go through you."

"Don't do this Naruto its different this time this time it's someone Tsunade cares about deeply."

"The Third said he cared about me but when the civilian council would hire ninja to kill me or Danzo would try to kidnap me they would only get a slap on the wrist I will not risk Sasuke getting a slap on the wrist."

"If you hurt Sasuke, Tsunade won't be able to protect you listen to me."

"I'm done listening she's your goddaughter Jiraiya you should be just as upset as I am."

Jiraiya sighed he didn't even know why he was wasting his breath the kid was right after all but he didn't want to spend his retirement raising Kushina because Naruto had been put in jail, so he would stop his student for his own sake. Jiraiya decided that it would be better to get the fight as far from Sasuke as possible so a stray jutsu didn't hit him this forced Jiraiya to summon Pa and Ma allowing him to be at his strongest when he fought Naruto. Once he summoned the two and explained to them why they had to fight Naruto they reluctantly agreed to help if only to save Naruto from himself, the three fired a mixture of oil and fire at Naruto forcing him back a couple of buildings.

As the three watched Naruto jump back they attacked him with taijutsu knowing Naruto wouldn't be able to block the blows directly because of the force they gave Jiraiya. Jiraiya leapt Naruto who kicked the legs out from under the sage the moment he landed before kicking him off the roof. As Jiraiya fell he could feel Naruto closing the distance on him so he turned his body over allowing Ma to block Naruto's attempt to send Jiraiya into the ground with anymore force, while this went on Pa released himself from Jiraiya's shoulder then kicked Naruto in the chin sending him back up toward the roof.

Naruto groaned as he had sense enough to grab the edge of the roof on his way back down from Pa's kick there was no way he could beat Jiraiya if he had Pa and Ma fighting alongside him but if he ran they would catch him, he just hoped this plan he'd already put into action would work or he'd never get near Sasuke. Naruto dodged Jiraiya who was back from off the ground, the only problem Naruto now faced was Jiraiya still didn't have Pa on his shoulder, causing said ninja to search for the old toad but knew because Ma and Pa used nature he couldn't sense them unless he could use it as well something he hadn't focused on like he should have.

Naruto understood if he was going to have any chance against Jiraiya in sage mode he'd have to actually try to kill him which was something he didn't know if he could do even with the hatred for Sasuke as strong as it was, Jiraiya had been the one to believe in him when Kakashi made it clear that Sasuke was his prized student and it was him first then the rest of the team. It was then Naruto turned and dashed away from Jiraiya whose eyes' widened before giving chase to his student as he ran from Jiraiya, Naruto was cut off by Sakura who he punched in the stomach before kicking her in the side only to be ganged up on by the ANBU who'd been searching for him earlier. Naruto tried to fight them off though because he wasn't trying to kill or seriously injure them he was at a disadvantage, it didn't help when Ma and Pa launched their tongues at him wrapping tightly around him leaving no possible chance for escape.

Jiraiya watched as Naruto struggled, shaking his head knowing there was no escape from Ma and Pa when they worked to together. Jiraiya moved to knock Naruto out so transporting him would be easier, only to see Sakura get back to her feet and charge Naruto with her hand covered in chakra moving to cut her off Jiraiya noticed Kakashi had an opportunity to stop her though he was conveniently looking the other way. As Sakura reached Naruto, Jiraiya cut her off with a punch to the side of the face sending her off the roof before he rounded on Kakashi who looked shocked that the sannin would actually hit an apprentice of his own teammate and made a mental note to bring the incident up in random conversation to the Hokage.

The problem with that was he might not live that long as Jiraiya grabbed him by the throat his large webbed hands squeezing Kakashi causing him to gasp for air as he stared into the eyes of the angry sannin. Jiraiya noticed some of the ANBU making their way to him cautiously, obviously worried about catching his wrath like Kakashi while Pa tried his best to get him to let go. Finally, after a few tense moments Jiraiya let the student of his first student go but told him if he ever let any of his students attack Naruto while he was around there would be hell to pay with that Jiraiya turned to the ANBU who were clearly intimidated by his look while in sage mode.

"I'm taking him to Tsunade she has already convened the council." Jiraiya said as the ANBU and Kakashi shunshin after Jiraiya.

The Council Room

Tsunade sat with a frown listening to a member of the civilian council arguing over why Sasuke shouldn't receive any punishment for the charges filed against him. Finally at the end of what she could handle Tsunade slammed her fist down almost breaking the table which shut the person speaking up allowing her to address the members of both councils, "If I have to repeat this to any of you after this there will be severe consequences Sasuke Uchiha is a ninja meaning he falls under the jurisdiction of myself and the ninja council in fact you are lucky to even be here. If any of you make a sound as we go through these proceedings I'll kick you all out."

The moment finished she made that statement Jiraiya appeared with Naruto tied up though what startled everybody including Tsunade was Jiraiya's face and appearance. Tsunade stared at her former teammate in shock as she never seen him like this before, even though she hated to admit it and would never do so out loud her teammate had always been a handsome man she was sure if he wasn't so perverted he would have found himself a good woman, letting a blush come across her face she even wondered if it would've been her though she quickly shook that thought off as the eyed the toads which had Naruto captured. Tsunade thought they looked familiar but wasn't able to put her finger on exactly where she'd seen them before, the one thing she did know was if they were powerful enough to keep Naruto under control they weren't toads that you wanted to mess with.

"J-Jiraiya good you found Naruto good now the reason I had you brought here was so you could see firsthand the punishment that Sasuke Uchiha would be receiving. Now there is no question Sasuke Uchiha is guilty as I have the testimonies from the Kages that were here, the question is what will be his punishment?"

With the floor now open Danzo stood up before voicing his opinion, "Give the Uchiha boy to me I will straighten him out the way Hiruzen should have."

"I say put him in jail maybe then when he is with convicts he will change his spoiled tune." Inoichi said.

"Keep in mind if we punish him it might persuade him to betray us and go to Orochimaru taking with him the sharingan." Choza said.

"It's troublesome but if he can't take punishment he has no business being a ninja."

"I think I have a solution that if Naruto-san and Jiraiya-sama would be interested I could allow them to tweak the bird cage seal then put it on Sasuke-san that way we would not have to worry about treating him unlike any other ninja." Hiashi suggested.

Hearing the ideas the civilian council started to argue only to receive a glare from Tsunade shutting them up in a hurry.

"What do you mean tweak it?" Naruto asked now free from the tongues of the two toads who had taken residents on his shoulders.

"I've talked to Hiashi about this before he means making it so that one hand sign can cause pain and should he leave another so we can kill him." Jiraiya answered his student while the rest of the shinobi council began murmuring at the thought of not having to worry if Sasuke left during the middle of the night appeased them greatly. As the council talked amongst itself Naruto noticed Koharu and Homura staring at him, Tsunade seeing this as well hoped the two weren't trying to cause trouble for Naruto so she decided to try and gage what they were thinking.

"Koharu, Homura what do you think of Hiashi's plan?" Tsunade asked the elders who glanced at each other with Koharu looking sternly at Homura cleared his throat as he answered. "We find it suitable this way Sasuke will understand that the Hokage runs the village not him."

"Also when this meeting is over the two of us would like to speak with Naruto-san about something very important." Koharu added causing Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Naruto to eye them carefully.

Just as Naruto was about to ask why the elders wanted to talk to him members of the civilian council jumped to their feet with anger clearly written on their faces when they realized Hiashi's idea might actually have some chance of being passed. "You can't do this the best way to insure Sasuke's loyalty is to give him power with this solution it's like you want him to defect to Orochimaru."

"With this solution it doesn't matter in fact he probably wouldn't even think of leaving because we could kill him the moment we found out he was gone." Jiraiya said as Danzo silently looked at Koharu and Homura who nodded in response.

"Then the time for talking has come to an end shinobi council it is time to pass judgment on Hiashi's idea. I for one think it is the past logical solution to make sure we keep Sasuke and more importantly the sharingan under our control." Homura said causing the civilians, Jiraiya, Tsunade and Naruto to start in shock at what was happening. Koharu quickly stood up in support of her teammate with the rest of the shinobi council following suit until the last person left was Danzo, many felt that he would disagree unless he was given access to the hand sign that would kill Sasuke, they were surprised to find the bandaged shinobi vote for the seal. With that finished Tsunade explained she needed to go check on Sasuke to make sure he was healthy enough the sealing process.

The moment the meeting was over the civilians stormed out of the room while the shinobi walked out slowly talking about the events that had happened leaving Naruto in the room with Homura and Koharu. Naruto stared at the advisors until Homura cleared his throat before standing and making his way out of the room leaving Koharu with Naruto who was trying his best to figure out why the elders hadn't jumped on him like he was a piece of meat. As this went on Koharu stood before making her toward Naruto who snapped out of his thinking and followed her lead by standing as well ready for the old woman to make her move, only to be shocked when she calmly wrapped her arm around his allowing her to guide him toward the door.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at Koharu as they walked out the door leading to the street then gathered the courage to yell out the old woman only to be cut off, "I'm sure you're wondering what I'm doing, its quite simple really I did this with Hiruzen before he became Hokage the same with your father before he took the mantel and now you."

"I get so it's some type of political move you think I'm going to be the next Hokage so you want the people to see you with me." Naruto answered as he started to pull his arm away from Koharu who was surprisingly a lot stronger than she looked.

"It is also the best way for us to talk about your mother Kushina Uzumaki without drawing to attention."

Naruto glanced down at the woman walking arm and arm with him, to civilians it looked as though Naruto was escorting the wise elder but to higher up ninja a battle of wills was taking place.

"Tsunade and Jiraiya can tell me everything I need to know about my mother." Naruto answered.

"Except what happened the night she passed away and exactly what she was." Koharu responded sagely.

"What exactly was she then old woman?"

"Your mother was the second jinchurriki of the Kyuubi."

During the Council Meeting

A lone Anbu stood guarding the door to the room of Sasuke Uchiha his orders were not to let anyone besides Jiriaya or Tsunade, the doctors knew not to come anywhere near the room even though there had been a lot willing to help Sasuke the moment he was brought in. The Anbu stared at the wall in front of him only to have his concentration broken by two figures walking toward him. The Anbu placed his hand on his sword ready to cut down the figures only to see the Hokage and her former white haired partner heading toward him. Knowing the two heading toward him could be fakes the Anbu took off his mask revealing his identity to be a Hyuuga, he then used his Byakugan to check and make sure the two were legit. Once they'd pasted his eye test he kneeled on the floor, only to be told to stand up.

"I need you to go out and help capture Naruto he's proving to be harder to catch then I thought." Tsunade said as the Anbu nodded as he vanished.

Jiraiya turned to Tsunade who nodded as she opened the door to Sasuke's room to find the Uchiha unconscious from a medical jutsu she'd used when he first came in. Once the two were in the room Jiraiya looked the door behind them before turning around to find Tsunade already standing next to Sasuke's bed.

"It's sad that you've decided to throw away the chance you were given all those years ago by Itachi though I'm not surprised you're a puppet you always have been and you always will be, it's just another stupid choice by you to try and take my child Sasuke." 'Tsunade' said as Jiraiya went up in smoke while 'Tsunade' placed her hand on Sasuke's head waking him up.

The groggy Uchiha groaned as he opened his eyes to see the Hokage standing over him with an open frown on her face which caused him to smirk. Knowing she must have been upset about him taking Naruto's child meant he had an edge on her already though the only thing he was uncomfortable about was how she was looking down at him something no one did. However the problem he ran into when he tried to sit up was he couldn't move which he suspected 'Tsunade' of doing but decided against saying anything.

"Your helpless Sasuke just like my daughter was when you took her from her room you teme." 'Tsunade' said causing him to turn his head only to snap it back toward the Hokage when what she'd said registered in his mind.

Sasuke opened his mouth only to have it covered by 'Tsunade' who transformed into Naruto and began applying pressure to Sasuke's jaw drawing a groan of pain as the sound of bones crushing reached Naruto's ears. Sasuke closed his eyes as he put all of his willpower in trying to move only to realize it was hopeless and opened his eyes. Once he opened his eyes he found a kunai over both his eyes causing him to yelp in surprise as he looked past the kunai to see Naruto smirking at him.

"You know Sasuke I always wondered how great a ninja you'd be without your sharingan?" Naruto asked only to smile as he took a whiff of the air. "Well by that smell and the wet spot that's on your hospital gown I'm thinking not very well."

With Sasuke's jaw completely shattered Naruto slowly lowered the kunai toward Sasuke's eye while the clone that was holding the other kunai copied the process. Naruto smirked as he leaned forward knowing if the kunai hit a certain part of Sasuke's eye he could sever the chakra flow rendering the sharingan useless. Naruto smirked as Sasuke's let a tear fall down his cheek while Naruto went to teach Sasuke the ultimate price at least for an Uchiha, only to be tackled from behind causing him to leave a cut from the bottom of Sasuke's right eye to the root of Sasuke's hair.

Enraged Naruto glanced to Sasuke who was groaning in pain from his cut though Naruto was unable to tell how deep the cut went before turning his attention to the two Anbu who were standing in front of him. Noticing the masks of the Anbu Naruto wondered why they had no markings like he remembered the Anbu having though this was put in the back of his mind when the two Anbu positioned themselves between himself and Sasuke. Naruto glanced at the whining Sasuke before readying himself to make a move on the two Anbu that is until the Anbu addressed him, "Naruto-san our master wishes to extend an olive branch of sorts to you. Our master already knew the you fighting the Anbu outside of this room is a clone, now even though we aren't allowed to let you harm Sasuke Uchiha any further than you have already we are willing to get rid of any evidence you were here."

"You aren't like any Anbu I've seen so who are you and who is your master?" Naruto asked as he glared at the two.

"All will be revealed in time though for right now we suggest you get back to your daughter to make sure she stays safe. From what we've heard the young girl has had a rough day and on her birthday no less." The other Anbu replied.

Deciding whether it would be a good idea he once again glanced at his former rival who was murmuring about his eye and revenge, he chose to once again let Sasuke off the hook though the two Anbu could tell he wasn't happy about it. Once Naruto was gone the Anbu glanced at one another before turning their attention to Sasuke and taking care of their second mission. Returning to his house Naruto found Hinata waiting for him as expected, the problem he ran into was the Kyuubi glaring at both Samui and Hinata while holding a sleep Kushina away from them protectively. Making his presence known forced a blush Hinata, while Samui continued to look bored, and the Kyuubi smiled in satisfaction that she'd done her job while secretly hoping Naruto would look for away to let her out permanently even if she wouldn't have her powers.

Creating a clone Naruto had it show Kyuubi and Samui rooms they could sleep in then took Kushina from Kyuubi before thanking her. Once he finished with those two Naruto sat on the couch with Hinata who was now blushing up a storm from being so close to Naruto but luckily she was about to strike a conversation, "Naruto-kun I know you went after Sasuke-san please tell me you didn't do anything that would get you in trouble."

Naruto turned away from Hinata causing her to look down at the floor with the answer incredibly clear that something bad had happened. Still looking away from the Hyuuga, Naruto felt she deserved some type of an answer, "I did what I had to, however I think it's time we talked."

"Listen Naruto-kun I'm sorry you had to find out how I felt about you the way y…" Hinata started only to have Naruto's hand halt her in midsentence.

"If anyone should apologize it's me I'm the one who ignored you when we were younger. Something told me there was more to you than an odd girl who occasionally followed me around I just was so hung up on getting Sakura to like me which I felt by extension the rest of the village would like me. I ignored someone who could have possibly made me truly happy and for that I'm sorry for Hinata."

Hinata smiled before letting out a chuckle while the thought in her head was, 'It was a little more than occasionally Naruto-kun good thing you weren't as aware of things then as you are now.'

"No I don't blame you Naruto-kun we were young and I should have tried to be more forthcoming with you." Hinata admitted.

"Well how about we give it a shot and I take you out someplace." Naruto suggested with a hand rubbing the back of his head.

Hinata fought down a squeal as she didn't want to wake Kushina and didn't want to look like a fan girl in front of Naruto, so she simply nodded before hugging Naruto who smiled. The two talked for another half an hour and decided their date would be in two days before Hinata decided to head home before anyone noticed she was missing. Naruto on the other hand went upstairs with Kushina only to stop in utter shock when the information his clone gathered came back to him.

As he stood on the stair he could only think about two things, first was his mother and second was having a long discussion with the Kyuubi. Naruto stormed up the stairs then made his to Kyuubi's room, as Naruto entered the room Kyuubi waved at him only to find herself pinned to the bed with Kushina now resting soundly beside her head. Kyuubi looked back to Naruto who was looking at her with rage in his eyes, making her wonder what'd she'd done as she felt him beginning to draw on her power.

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