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Rating: T.

Spoiler: Five years post-5.12 "Hundred".

Summary: It was funny how in her most drunken moment, Brooke chose to think that Lucas's feelings for her had "resurfaced", rather than developed again.

Chapter 1: Blind Sighted

She looked out into the bay and couldn't help but smile. The only thing separating her from the peaceful looking waters was a thin railing and she leaned on it, looking further out, trying to picture herself seeing this view every morning on her way to work.

A soft wind blew her dark, brown curls into her face but she didn't bother brushing them off, she didn't want to disturb the tranquility around her, knowing that with the kind of schedule she had in the next couple of weeks, any moment of peace she could get, she would enjoy.

She was so immersed in her thoughts she didn't notice a man in a suit approaching her from the side, "Miss Davis?" she turned her head and gave him her signature, dimpled smile before introducing herself, "Yes, Mr. Donell, I'm Brooke Davis, it is a pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise." The older man smiled at her and shook her hand, "Shall we?" He asked pointing to the building a couple of feet in front of them and as Brooke nodded, they approached the only structure on the pier.

"This location is beautiful and also very quite." He said, opening the large door.

" Yes, I love the location, but I did notice a lot of traffic on Embarcadero." The man tensed visibly and flipped the light switch, illuminating the large, barren space as he replied, " Is that going to be a problem?"

Brooke looked at him a little suspiciously, observing the man she had been in touch over email and telephone for the passed couple weeks, "It does not have to be a problem, but I do respect my privacy and was hoping to find a more secluded area for my project."

"I understand Miss Davis, but-…" "But you are lucky," Brooke smiled again, walking towards the airy windows in the studio, "Because I absolutely love the view, the size, and that it is walking distance from my current residence, so I will definitely have my finance manager contact you about the paper work."

"So you'll take it?" He asked, looking somewhat pleased with himself.

Brooke turned around to look at the real estate agent and smiled warmly, "Yes, I will definitely take it."

"Pleasure doing business with you Miss Davis. You are quite a celebrity around here, our firm is lucky to be working with you."

Brooke nodded absentmindedly, trying not to show how repetitive his comments were. She was well aware of her widespread popularity and what it would do to this two-man run San Francisco real estate firm. But knowing that her clothing line started in a tiny two-bedroom apartment in a tiny town in North Carolina prompted Brooke to work only with underground companies rather than the mainstream ones she was constantly offered.

It seemed more natural and liberating to work with people who had minimal egos, which usually meant they were a lot better at their job. Just like this real estate agent, who found her the perfect building, she spent months searching for, in just a couple of days.

"We've had this building up for sale for about two months now, the last owner ran a publishing house here that's why there are still a lot of unshipped and unpacked furniture and equipment here." He pointed to the far corner of the warehouse, somewhere that Brooke missed, because the sunlight was not pouring into that part of the space.

"That's quite alright, it might take me a couple of days to come back here with my decorator to start drawing up plans for redesigning."

Brooke, nonetheless, made her way over to the boxes, looking somewhat curiously at all the unpacked furniture.

"So they had a publishing house here?" She asked, tracing one of the dusted desks with a perfectly manicured, purple nail.

"Yes, they are actually quite a success story." Mr. Donell waited for a response, but when Brooke didn't answer, he continued, "The owner was a best selling author for a while, but never wrote a follow up to his first novel. Instead he invested in a small publishing company and eventually took over. The company signed about three or four writers last summer and two of them just hit it big, so they decided to relocate to New York City, which is excellent news for you, because this place is all yours."

"Yes, I guess it is." She murmured, still fascinated with the remnants of what seemed to be a busy company at some point, "What is the name of the company, have I heard of them?" She continued walking around the property, her heels clicking against the concrete floor.

"Uh yes, I believe you probably have. The company is called Raven Publications." The real estate agent looked at his watch, wondering why his client was asking so many irrelevant questions.

"Oh yes, I have heard of them, they signed some of my favorite authors. I would love to meet the mastermind behind them, I read somewhere that the owner rarely makes public appearances. He even tries to keep his name out of the articles written about the company."

"Oh yes, he is a very private person, but he is also a wonderful gentlemen, very soft spoken, from a small town in the Southeast. North or South Carolina, I'm not exactly sure."

"I'd love to meet him sometime, we come from similar backgrounds." Brooke smiled somewhat dreamily, thinking back to the last time, almost half a decade ago, that she was in Tree Hill.

"I think you might actually get your chance. Here he comes to pick up the rest of his furniture." Mr. Donell said as he held the door open for some movers. They quickly walked towards the darker corner of the room, but Brooke already moved out of the way, completely oblivious to the people who rushed passed her.

She focused her eyes on the door and watched in awe as she was confronted with an image from her past, a deep, buried past that had just rudely walked into the door in a white t-shirt and dark jeans.

Their eyes immediately connected across the room and Brooke had to step back from the shock of it all. Just then Mr. Donell, oblivious to the exchange in front of him, smiled in the direction of his client and said, "Miss. Davis, this is the owner of Raven Publications, Lucas Scott."

"Luke!" The prominent fashion designer exclaimed, making her way hurriedly towards her former boyfriend, who seemed rooted to the ground.

"What a coincidence." He murmured, albeit smiling when he recognized the signature dimples his one time girlfriend was famous for.

"You two know each other?" The real estate agent asked, looking extremely confused.

"You can say that." Brooke smirked, casting a side-glance at the third party, before returning to Lucas.

"Doyle, Miss Davis and I are both from Tree Hill. We grew up together." Lucas interrupted the awkward silence. He wasn't trying to be rude, but this meeting really pulled the rug from under his feet.

He was in the middle of a huge career readjustment and relocation to New York City. In two weeks he had to be at a book debut of one of his very important and extremely nervous authors, and from the playful look in his ex's eyes and from his history with her, he knew that this wouldn't be the last he would see of her in San Francisco.

This made Lucas smile and Brooke was relieved, because in all honesty she thought he hated her or something, considering how still he became when he locked eyes with her and that he still hadn't hugged her hello.

"It's been almost five years." He added, now genuinely smiling and studying Brooke. He marveled at how some things never changed and how much others in fact did.

Appearance wise, Brooke was still the gorgeous, modelesque girl he knew back in Tree Hill. She still had lovely, brown hair and mischievous hazel eyes, but she seemed somehow taller and if possible thinner. Her body still retained its innate curves but they were modest and only slightly accentuated by the fascia pea coat she was wearing and the reason for her elevated height must have been the heels.

What Lucas noticed that was different was the way Brooke looked at him and the way she smiled. It was a tired smile that didn't illuminate her face like it used to when he last saw her back home.

"Lucas?" Brooke asked, chewing her lower lip nervously. "Yeah, oh sorry." He mumbled, realizing he had spaced out while taking in her appearance.

Just as he was about to respond, one of the movers came up to him, " Mr. Scott, there aren't enough boxes." Lucas scratched the back of his head, "Uh, ok, well why don't you guys stick around, I'll go get some more." The mover nodded and walked away, while Lucas turned his attention back to Brooke.

"So, I hear you're moving to New York?" Brooke asked, attempting to keep the conversation flowing, although it was becoming increasingly uncomfortable, considering that Lucas seemed to be in some sort of trance or other world, because he still hadn't acknowledged her presence beyond a nuisance.

"Yeah, listen I have to go get some boxes." He looked uncomfortable to say the least but Brooke was sure he was just surprised and she was right, " Do you want to come with me? That is if you're done." He looked at Doyle, who at some point during the exchange picked up his cell phone and was now hammering away on it while looking at his watch periodically.

"Yeah, I'm done." Brooke smiled and after letting Doyle know that their meeting was finished, agreed to meet Lucas by his car.

Meanwhile the blonde walked out of the warehouse that he had called his work place for the last two years and was met by a blinding ray of sunshine, which wasn't too uncommon for the city by the bay but Lucas had already been blind sighted once today and the sunshine, which he usually welcomed, was not as inviting as it had seemed yesterday.

Slipping on a pair of Ray Bans, Lucas leaned against his black convertible and stretched his legs out, waiting for Brooke to finish up inside.

When she finally walked out of the warehouse, the sunlight hit her face at an angle that made Lucas forget everything on his mind but her sparkling hazel eyes and curvaceous figure.

At that moment Lucas couldn't help but laugh at the irony of the situation, here he was freaking out about seeing his ex girlfriend for the first time in five years yet it seemed so natural, because in the midst of things and his mild anxiety he hadn't even asked her what she was doing here…