The cutest catastrophe

"So, you're saying that work is done for today."
"Yes, sir..."
"There is nothing else to deliver to the other squads."
"No, sir..."
"No report to write, read nor sign."
"All was done, sir..."
"Any case, complaint, suggestion from someone of the squad that i should take care of."

The officer shook his head, looking compassionate. The captain took a deep breath, and walked to the door of his office. He stopped, frowning. No sound could be heard from the office.

Scowling at himself for showing such a weakness in front of his subordinates, the captain of the sixth squad grabbed the knob with a slightly shaking hand. And pushed the door open.

The only thing his mind could register at first was the missing inkpot on his desk. Not that he had really disappeared, actually, for that it was less than one meter far from the wooden table. On the floor.


Forgetting how to breathe, the captain looked back at the desk, following the graceful black trail that strangely crossed every single sheet of the papers around there, even the ones which had landed on the floor along with the inkpot, replaced from then on by tiny footprints slaloming in front of the bookcase, almost to one meter up the next wall, all th way up the precious curtains he has bought just about one week before, to lead, if not directly, at least definitely to the chair under the other window, the one kissed by the sun on the evenings.
The one where he carefully deposited his scarf on hot days like today.
The one where a small furry ball was moving slightly up and down, at the same time as a little snoring flew across the room. As a minuscule ink-stained paw moved, a piece of the once white scarf fell on the floor before the eyes of the stunned officers still at the door.

Kuchiki Byakuya was a very calm man. No one could bring him to display such a lack of control over himself as to shout or start a fight when someone got on his nerves. Even when he unsheathed his zanpakutou to discipline the said people, he always kept a composed face.

So when he finally stepped into his devastated office and towards the proudly sleeping kitten, it wasn't a shout that escaped his lips...

It sounded more like a grunt.


Two little ears pointed out at the call, and the awakening pet looked at his master with big, bright, innocent, and oh-so-loving eyes, totally oblivious to the black stain ornementing his muzzle.

Notes : For those who think the picture of the room is exaggerated, or who don't know how a kitten can sleep proudly (especially after that kind of event), i suggest you to buy one