Summary - When Ginny was assigned to her new 'job' at the ministry, she hadn't expected to be partnered with the Malfoy heir. But when the war is over, and subsequently her job, she returns home to find some things have changed. One of those, is Ginny Weasley.

Pairings – DG, HG

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Blood and Water


A floorboard creaked softly under her foot as she crept along behind her partner, down the long, crimson carpeted hallway, no doubt the colour was irony in itself. Draco turned swiftly to look behind him, wand drawn at the ready. She mouthed a quick sorry, automatically putting her hands up in defeat, but he just rolled his eyes in return. He disliked having a tag along on these missions, but the ministry insisted on having 'teamwork' apart of everything. He was already walking on thin ice, so he decided to just let the subject drop. Permanently.

So now here he was, in the middle of an apparently deserted mansion in the middle of god knows where, trying with all his might not to shoot Ginny Weasley himself.

Draco slipped up to the next door in the hallway, listening for a moment before moving on. Weasley checked the opposite side, though he noted she did it with slightly less stealth and definately less elegance. As long as she got the job done and didn't run or get caught, he thought, approaching the next door.

"Over here." He heard in his mind. He turned, seeing Weasley directly opposite where he was standing.

"Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure, do you see any other dark wizards just lying around?" She said sarcastically through their mind link, a less than legal trick they had learned together. But what the ministry didn't know couldn't hurt them, right? Draco ignored the sarcasm in her tone, something that he had noted that was getting more frequent lately. Some of the negativity had most probably come from him, though he wouldn't admit it. Spending so much time together was not good for either of their health; mental or physical.

Draco crossed on swift, silent feet. He muttered a spell under his breath, revealing the contents of the room to him as if the wall had suddenly become see through from his eyes.

"Two in the left back corner, One in the middle. There is a table in the way so either go over and aim for their heads, or under, for their feet."

Weasley nodded curtly. Draco backed up a step, holding his wand out in front of him; Weasley did the same but on the side of the door, her back flush against the wall.

"One, Two..." On three, he kicked down the door with little effort, dropping to one knee as soon as he had done so. As he pressed his forehead to his other knee, he felt rather than heard three spells shoot over his head. When he heard the three associated thumps on the ground, he quickly stood up, not bothering to look behind him at Weasley. Three bodies lay still on the carpet, now crimson but for a different reason. She had done an alright job, certainly good for their first official mission together. He would never admit that, however.

"Let's go." He said in his deep, gruff voice, nodding tersely. Two successive loud cracks resounded against the walls, leaving the area now void of life.