Being With You this is based on the Hana Kimi Japanese drama...hope u like it.. The pairings, like I said will depend on you. =]

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Mizuki is back! And now she is in Japan not because of Sano but because of school?? Yes, now Mizuki will attend Kantou University but in her way she meets someone familiar...

Chapter 1 – An unexpected meeting

Mizuki's POV

As I walk in the grounds of the university I'll be spending my college years with, I can't help but remember my high school life the last time I have lived in Japan. It was 3 years ago, when I went here because of him, Sano Izumi. I entered an all boy's school just because of him. Just because I want to see him jump again. I dressed myself as a boy, even made my long hair short and I did my very best to act all boyish and stuff just to help him and, make him smile again. At first I thought I just want to help him. But later on, I fell for him. I loved Sano Izumi. But, I needed to go back to America, so we parted our ways. I never heard of him since then. Then, I got a call from our dorm head, Nanba-senpai, I heard that he went to England to train and at the same time study there. Since then, I never heard of him. I admit, I usually think of him. But, as time passes by, I am able to move on. I know there will be a time that I'll completely forget about him, my first love. But, going back to Japan just makes me remember him even more. And now, it's my first year in college, and I don't want him to distract me from my goals. I need to forget! Forget Mizuki! Forget!

Normal POV

Mizuki walked in the quiet hallways of Kantou University. She was not used to silence maybe because in her former school, Osaka High, the hallways would always be filled with noise of her wacky and playful schoolmates.

"But that was then, now is different", Mizuki thought. But suddenly, the silent hallways was now occupied with screaming girls.

"What's this all about?" Mizuki thought. She was really confused. Then, she realized that the commotion was about a stupid boy.

"So, a bunch of fan girls have already ruined my day, what a bummer." Mizuki really felt awful. Then when her eyes shifted on the guy that caused all the commotion, her eyes became wide with shock.

"Eeeeeh!! Nakatsu??" She was really shocked as she screamed his friend's name despite all the screaming fan girls.

Nakatsu's POV

Here we go again. These girls make me sick. Why did I become popular again? Oh, because of that stupid tournament. I love soccer but because of it, my life became worse every minute. All because I won in the Nationals, these girls started to chase me. I don't hate girls, in fact, I love them. But these girls just make me sick. They take pictures of me, call me Nakatsu-sama, follow me everywhere. I hate it! But I still need to smile to them because of my coach's instruction. Smiling when you are totally freaked out. That's the worst.

Normal POV

Nakatsu then stopped walking. He heard someone from the crowd call him. Well everyone screams his name but, the voice seemed familiar. So familiar that he remembered suddenly the owner of that voice. He could never forget that voice. That voice belonged to...

"Mizuki??!!!!" Nakatsu shouted. He looked at Mizuki with a surprised look. She's here, but why?

The screaming fan girls stopped screaming and eyed the girl who caught their Nakatsu-sama's attention. Their eyes were filled with jealousy and curiosity.

Nakatsu approached Mizuki. He dragged her outside the noisy hallway by pulling her arm. The fan girls were wide eyed with what had just happen.

He needed to talk to her, alone. After all this years of not seeing her, he really missed her so much. He thought that time could make him forget her but he was wrong. He still thought of her despite many girls approaching him. Many thought he was gay or a woman-hater for not having a girlfriend. He was not ugly, in fact, girls would chase him everywhere. He just couldn't forget about her, after all those years.

"Nakatsu is here? And what is he doing? " Mizuki thought. She stared at him for a minute and realized he changed a bit. " Hmmmmm... Nakatsu looks so mature now. He lost his boyish features and he looks more . . . . . muscular?" She couldn't help but observe him even more. This is the first time they met after 3 years and she just couldn't help but notice that Nakatsu had changed.

When Nakatsu had found a place where they can talk privately, he let go of Mizuki's hand. He stared at her for a minute and realized that she had changed. Her hair had now grown long and she was not wearing boy's clothes anymore. Every aspect of her now is a woman's. He couldn't help but blush.

"Nakatsu?? Why are you here?" Mizuki asked, staring at his wide eyed companion.

"I should be asking you that question! I thought you're in America! Why do you suddenly arrive in Japan without telling me. You're a really cold guy Mizuki." He blurted out.

"He hasn't changed at all." She thought. "Well, gomen for that Nakatsu. How could I tell you. I don't even know your number. Gomenasai!!" Mizuki bowed to show her regret. She really thinks that she needed to say sorry for this one. Nakatsu looked really mad.

But, two manly arms suddenly embraced her. It was Nakatsu's. She was surprised. He was hugging her. Well of course he hugged her before but she can't explain why now his hug feels really different. She could smell Nakatsu's mint perfume. She could feel his warmness. She felt calm.

"You should have informed me that you're coming back so I had prepared, baka! You're always like that. You don't think of what others feel for you...But now I'm glad you're here."

With those words Nakatsu let Mizuki go. With those words, Mizuki felt something odd. But she just swept the odd feeling away.

"Gomenasai Nakatsu. Next time I'll always inform you. But I'm really happy that my best friend is in the same university with me." Mizuki said to stop the awkward feeling surrounding them.

"Best friend? So that's what all I am to Mizuki. What am I thinking? From the start, I was just her best friend. No more no less." Nakatsu felt sad with the thought and with what Mizuki had just said.

"Hahahaha!! You really should be glad that I'm here with you. I'm your best best friend!! Come on Mizuki! Let's go!!" Nakatsu shouted at the top of his lungs while making a very funny face. He wanted everything to be normal for Mizuki. "It's better to be her best friend than nothing at all..."

Nakatsu?? Are we even in the same class?? Mizuki asked.

"Ano...Suka!! Well, I better get going. Ja ne, Mizuki!" Nakatsu said as he walked down to his class. Now Mizuki was left alone thinking. She remembered Nakatsu.

"I really feel that he's so different now. Unlike before, he's not like a child anymore. It feels that he has matured. A lot..."

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