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Chapter 10 – Lies, Secrets and Memories wanting to be Remembered

"She and I are best friends . . . . . nothing more than that. . . . . "

"Nakatsu? Are you okay?" Komari asked trying to get Nakatsu's attention. They've been walking for several minutes already but Nakatsu's been in a dazed state that they hardly had any conversation.

There was still no reply from him. His head was still bowed down and he looked like he was in deep thought.

"Nakatsu!!???" Komari yelled disturbing Nakatsu from his thoughts. She was upset because since the start of their date, Nakatsu hasn't been paying any attention to her.

He just plainly looked at her and said, "Huh?"

She was furious, as she looked him with almost crying eyes.

"Is there something wrong with me?" She asked, looking directly at his eyes.

He was surprised with her question. He looked at her and noticed that she was about to cry. He realized that it was because of him, not paying enough attention to her, her girlfriend. It was his fault, for thinking of other things- thinking about her. It was wrong of him to be thinking of such pointless things.

"Gomen. Please, don't cry." He didn't know what else to say. He was not good with this kind of things. For him, girls were just something to play with and he kept on thinking how he had a girlfriend. The past he had forgotten was really an important part of his life.

"I know you don't remember me . . . I know you can't remember me as your girlfriend," Komari said as she went on, "but you don't have to treat me this way . . . Ignoring me. . . Not paying attention on our date . . . . Can't you understand my feelings?"

He didn't know what to answer her or what he could say to straighten things up. He didn't like seeing Komari cry or he didn't want seeing girls cry, especially if it's because of him.

"I'm sorry. I was wrong. Please forgive me . . . I-"Nakatsu wasn't able to continue because Komari had suddenly hugged him.

"Say that you love me . . . . Please . . .?" Komari asked, almost like pleading as he hugged Nakatsu tighter.

He just looked at the figure hugging him. He was dumbfounded and didn't know what to say. He couldn't explain why it was hard for him to say those words to his girlfriend. There's just something that's preventing him to do it.

"Nakatsu . . . please . . ." She spoke again, begging him even more.

"Komari is my girlfriend, there's no reason for me to not like her. . ." Nakatsu thought. He wanted to fix the mess that he had done. He pulled away from the hug and held her on her shoulders. He was now looking at her intently.


"I wanted to say those words facing you . . . . I-" He paused for a moment then went on, "I. . . love you . . ." There, he said it.

Her face lit up. Komari was overjoyed. The words Nakatsu said to her made her the happiest woman alive. This was the first time he said those words to her and with that; she didn't regret that he had lied to him. Maybe, just maybe, that accident happened to Nakatsu for them to be able to get back together. She felt bad for being thankful that Nakatsu had an accident but she just couldn't help it. If Nakatsu hadn't had an accident, she wouldn't have her chance.

"I love you too . . . . Nakatsu . . ." She hugged Nakatsu once more, happiness filling her heart for having him by her side now.

He hugged her back, but still he felt something wasn't right. He shoved the feeling away, thinking, "I really love her. . . . right?"

* * * * *

"What could the two of them be doing right now?" Mizuki thought as she played with her food, pushing back and forth the dumpling on her plate.

"Mizuki, is there something wrong?" Sano noticed that Mizuki was acting weird since the start of their date.

"Oh! I'm fine! There's nothing wrong with me!" She smiled, showing him that there's nothing wrong. She didn't want him to suspect that there's something going on. "There really is nothing going on!" Mizuki thought, shoving her thoughts away.

"You're acting weird."

"No, I'm not." She smiled sheepishly, wanting to drop the conversation.

"Yes, you are."

"He really won't let me get away this time . . . " She thought, eyeing Sano, observing him.

He was about to speak once more when his phone suddenly rang.

"Hello? Oh. . . ."

"There we go again . . . Why does he always have those annoying phone calls." Mizuki was irritated. Sano always receives those phone calls whenever they were together. She was wondering what those calls could be about. Could it be something serious?

"Okay, okay, thank you. Bye." Sano said in a polished professional tone he uses when he talks about serious matters. This made Mizuki think that there's something serious going on.

"Who's that?" She asked, hoping to know what those calls could be about.

"That was nothing. Just some unnecessary things." From how he said it, it was obvious that he didn't want to talk about it.

"It didn't look like something unnecessary." She said with a firm voice. She knew there was something up and she wanted to know what it is.

"It is."

"No it isn't. You always receive those phone calls and the look on your face when you're talking . . ." She couldn't continue. Sano was looking at her with an expression she couldn't understand. But, she feels that he doesn't really want to talk about the current subject anymore. She didn't want to have a fight with him so she figured that it would be better to drop the subject.

"I guess you don't really want to tell me. Well, then, forget it, let's just eat!" She smiled at him and started eating hoping that everything would be back to normal. She hates seeing Sano angry.

"Why do you want to know?" He suddenly asked. He didn't want Mizuki to think that he was hiding things from her. He didn't like the sad look from her face just minutes ago when he said he didn't want to tell her anything and the fake smile she was giving him.

She wasn't sure about how she'll answer him. She glanced at him, then on her plate, glance at him then back to her plate again, a never ending cycle.

"I'm worried, you know. Those phone calls, they seem something serious. Like there's some kind of problem you're having and you're not telling me." Mizuki said, having second thoughts if she said the right thing.

"You're worrying too much. There's nothing wrong. It's just my father, checking on me." He said, assuring her. He didn't like to worry her too much.

"But, the tone you're using with your father . . . it's like you're talking about business."

"With my family, that's how every conversation we have goes."

"Oh." Mizuki remembered how Sano's father was like. "Judging from Sano's attitude and his father's, it really is possible." Mizuki laughed at the thought.

He looked at Mizuki who was now laughing quietly because of her own thoughts. He frowned.

"She doesn't need to know. . . "

* * * * *

"What's taking her so long?" Nakatsu thought as he anxiously sat on the living room sofa. He glanced at his watch for the hundredth time as he was impatiently tapping his feet. It was already 11 in the evening and Mizuki wasn't still home.

An image of Mizuki crying in pain appeared on his mind. He clenched his hands at the thought. He shouldn't be thinking of those kinds of things. She was fine. Nothing bad could happen to her. Nothing will. But still, he started to get nervous. What if something happened to her? What will he do? He shook his head and calmed himself. He looked at his watch again, 5 minutes had already passed and there was still no sign of Mizuki.

Nakatsu suddenly heard the sound of an opening door. From the door, entered Mizuki. She looked tired and was yawning as she walked through the apartment.

Mizuki noticed that Nakatsu was still awake. It was already late and she didn't expect that she would still see him. "Nakatsu . . . why are you still awake? Were you waiting for me?"

Nakatsu abruptly stood from his seat. "Waiting for you? No way. I was just watching some late night T.V show. Why would I wait for you? Don't flatter yourself." He walked passing Mizuki, not even looking at her and went inside his room.

"How cold . . . . Just this morning we were okay then he returns to his arrogant self again. What's with him?"

* * * * *

"I was worrying for nothing . . . "

Nakatsu was lying on his bed as he stared at the ceiling. His mind was filled with many thoughts. Questions to be exact, of what had happened before, how he acted before the accident, about his girlfriend Komari, if he was really head over heals in love with her and about her best friend. He looked around his room and noticed a wilted red rose lying on his desk.

"What is a rose doing in my room, and a wilted one to be exact?" He thought as he held the rose and observed it.

A flashback suddenly entered his mind.


"This is perfect.." Nakatsu thought as he reached for the rose and walked towards the counter.

"I'll buy this." Nakatsu said to the old man who he assumes is the owner of the shop.

"That will be 200 yen." The old man said. "By any chance, is this for your girlfriend son?"

"She's not my girlfriend...yet." Nakatsu said as he smirked and handed the 200 yen to the old man.

End of Flashback

Nakatsu's head started to ache. He walked to his bed and lied down, hoping to ease the pain he was feeling. He felt dizzy so he closed his eyes. After a few minutes, the pain he felt was gone.

"Another memory huh? But, it doesn't just make sense. I can't understand these memories." He sighed, wanting to remember more. He feels that he had forgotten something, very important.

* * * * *

Mizuki was humming in a slightly out of tune way as she rummaged through the kitchen cabinets hoping to find some ingredients for a certain recipe. She planned to cook lunch. It was a Saturday morning so there were no classes. To amuse herself, she decided to cook something for her and for Nakatsu.

She was disappointed for not being able to see some useful ingredients. She was planning to cook spaghetti, an Italian dish she used to eat when she was in America. She wanted Nakatsu to be able to eat something besides Japanese food. She was curious of his reaction.

"I think I need to go to the market." Mizuki decided as she went to her room to change.

* * * * *

"Tomato sauce, check. Mushrooms, check. Okay, the only thing I need is the noodles." Mizuki thought as she pulled her cart towards the noodles section of the convenience store. She eyed the different variety of noodles and picked the best quality among the selection. She wanted her spaghetti to be perfect.

After paying for the goods she bought, she was about to go home when she felt two small hands holding onto her shirt, stopping her from leaving. She turned around only to see a small boy around the age of seven smiling at her. She quickly recognized the boy's face and flashed a big smile at him.

"Shinji!" Mizuki hugged the little boy because of happiness. The little boy somehow made her feel warm and happy inside. There's just some connection that links her to him.


"What are you doing here? Don't tell me you're lost again."

"I'm here with Oba-chan." Shinji replied, pointing at an old lady looking through the stack of canned goods.

"Good for you Shinji." She said as she messed through his hair. His hair was soft and she liked the feeling of messing it.

"Mama, don't mess my hair. Girls don't like guys with messy hair." Shinji said as he held her hand from messing his hair even more.

Mizuki laughed with what Shinji had just said. He may look like seven but he has a mind of an 18 year old.

"Mama, where's Papa?" The little boy asked out of the blue.

She didn't expect him to look for Nakatsu. She thought for a minute on what to answer him. "Ano . . . he's busy right now." She couldn't come up on anything else to say.

"Why aren't you two together?" Shinji asked again. He was a really determined to know where his Papa is.

"You really are a persistent boy, do you know that?" Mizuki just smiled.

"Mama! Answer me. I want to see Papa." The boy demanded, almost crying.

"Ano- well . . . . . ." She was cut of by Shinji's grand mother.

"Shinji? Come on now, don't disturb this young lady." The old lady said as she placed her hand on Shinji's hair. Then, she looked at Mizuki and gave her a smile. "I'm sorry if Shinji- kun is being too pushy."


"Shinji, don't be a brat . . . ."

"No, no it's okay! Shinji's already been close to me and . . . ." Mizuki wasn't able to continue when the old lady suddenly held her hand.

"Arigatou." The old lady said as she gave Mizuki a warm smile. "I'm sorry if Shinji-kun is like these . . . . He lost his parents from an accident since he was one." She frowned as she looked at the little boy who stood beside her, now had his head bowed down.

Mizuki couldn't help but feel compassion towards the little boy. It was hard . . . and sad, not being able to be with your parents. It's sad to lose your parents in such a young age. She clenched her fists, and thought of something. She wanted Shinji to be happy. She wasn't sure if what she is thinking is the right thing to do but still, she should try.

"Shinji, want to sleep over our apartment tonight?"

With Mizuki's words, the boy smiled in satisfaction. He won, once again.

* * * * *

Nakatsu was tired. He lazily took of his shoes and opened the apartment door. Komari was just too energetic. The two of them were at the carnival since morning and for the whole day they rode the rides non- stop. He felt dizzy for riding every single ride they saw, even the merry-go-round. All he wanted to do was to lie down his bed and sleep. The day was just too strenuous for him.

Nakatsu's POV

I lazily walked pass the living room when I heard a voice screaming, "Papa!" Huh? Who was that? It didn't sound like Mizuki at all. The voice was high-pitched and it sounded like it was from a kid. Impossible. How could there be a kid inside this apartment. And calling me Papa for God's sake! I couldn't possibly have a child in my past. Maybe I'm just tired. Hahaha, I'm so tired that I'm starting to have hallucinations.

I laughed at myself and continued my way to my room when small hands suddenly held onto my shirt. I turned around to see the owner of those hands and what I saw was little boy who was smiling at me. He had big, round, almond eyes that were looking directly at me. Who is this? And, why is this boy in my apartment?

"Nakatsu, you're back!" I heard Mizuki say from afar. I looked in her direction as she approached me. She was smiling nervously. It was evident from her smile that she had something to do with this.

I looked at her with confused eyes as I pointed to the boy who was still holding onto my shirt. "Who's this?"

"Ano . . . come with me for a sec." She said as she held onto my hand and dragged me to the farther end of the living room. Her touch had an electrifying effect.

"There's something I need to tell you . . . "She said in a soft voice that only the two of us could hear. She looked like she was thinking of how she was going to explain everything to me. I suddenly became nervous.

She isn't going to tell me that I have a child right? It couldn't possibly happen. I couldn't have done such a thing in the past. I impatiently tapped my feet as I waited for her to speak.

"I know you don't remember some of your past memories but could you please act normal in front of him. Make him think that you remember him."

"Could you be more clear?" I didn't get what she was trying to say.

"Ummm . . . . Shinji- kun lost his parents from an accident. So he really wants to have a father and a mother. So he sees the two of us as his parents." She looked nervous as she explained to me the details of the story. But still I couldn't understand.

She went on explaining further saying, "Before . . . we agreed to be his pretend parents and that made him really happy. I want Shinji- kun to be happy. It's just I feel sympathy for him because he doesn't have parents and….. Well, I'm sorry for dragging you into do this and if you don't want I . . . ."

"Okay, come on. Let's go." I didn't know why I agreed to do this. I'm not someone who's good with kids but . . . . that boy. There's something in him, like a bond or something.

She flashed me a wide smile. She looked so happy with me agreeing to this. Her smile, was I waiting for it the whole time? I looked away, as an image of Komari appeared on my mind.

"Mama, Papa, what are you talking about?" I heard the boy say from afar. Mizuki hurriedly ran towards the boy, flashing him a wide smile. She uttered some words I wasn't able to hear. I just stared at them, as a smile slowly curved onto my lips. I don't why it's just, I feel like smiling with the scene I was seeing.

"Hey, Nakatsu, come over here!" She said as she waved her hand to me, motioning me to come near them.

I instantly followed and eyed the little boy. What do I do? I'm not really that good with kids. How was I going to act as a father to this one?

Mizuki elbowed me and looked at me, wanting me to say something. I just looked at her, shook my head, telling her that I have no idea on what to do.

The boy suddenly grabbed my hand and shook it. "Papa, I want ice cream."

"Ice cream?" I looked at Mizuki and she was blushing. It looked like she remembered something that made her all flustered.

"Come on, let's get some ice cream." The boy said, shaking my hands even more. Then he looked at Mizuki and a mischievous smile was slowly visible onto his small face.

"Okay okay." I said. Was there something about ice cream that I didn't know?

"But. . . we don't have ice cream." She looked at the boy then went on, "Let's just get you some other things."

"I want ice cream." This boy is really persistent.

"Ano . . . Well, then let's just go out and buy some ice cream." She said giving up to the boy's wants.

* * * * *

I sat uncomfortably at the park benches while I impatiently was tapping my feet in an unknown rhythm that seemed familiar to me. The persistent little boy sat beside me, constantly stealing glances towards me. Then once again, he looked at me, flashing me with his favourite mischievous smile.

"I know you don't remember me . . . and what happened before." I heard the little boy say. I was surprised. How did he know that? Was I too obvious?

"I heard your conversation with Mama." He told me, explaining further. But then, how could a young boy like him understand those kinds of conversations?

"I don't remember you, so?" Damn. Was it the proper thing to say?

The boy grinned. "You don't remember me, and also what you did before . . . . to Mama."

Huh? What I did before? What did I do before . . . . to her?

"Mama!" I heard the boy say. I turned to him and saw him getting up from his sit and running towards Mizuki. She was holding 3 ice cream cones in her hand as she smiled at the boy. Damn. That smile again?

"Nakatsu! Help me with this." She said as she approached me and gave me one of the three ice cream cones she was holding.

"Shinji, here you go." I heard her say as she gave the boy his ice cream.

And then there we are. The three of us, sitting together while eating ice cream. Why do I feel so nostalgic? This scene, why does it seem to happen before?

"I knew it! I knew you too would do it! But I didn't expect Mama to faint."

Huh? Who said that?

"You and Mama love each other."

Am I starting to get crazy? I'm hearing such weird things inside my head. Ouch . . . Again! Why does it have to hurt now?

At first, I just felt dizzy. Then, little by little, I felt pain. I dropped my ice cream because of the soreness I was feeling. I held my head with my hands as I groaned in pain. Why now?

"Nakatsu!" I heard Mizuki say. Then, a pair of hands suddenly held onto my shoulder, maybe trying to support me. As I looked up wanting to tell her that what she is doing is really unnecessary, I was surprised to see her face so close to mine. She looked at me, worry visible in her eyes as she uttered the words, "Are you okay?"

The pain I felt moments ago instantly vanished. All I could feel was my heart, beating rapidly because of her. She was just too close. I felt hot all over. I wanted to answer her, to say something, but I just couldn't speak.

"Are you sick? You're face is really flustered." She said as she touched my forehead with her hand, checking my temperature. Again, it was electrifying.

I instantly looked away, shoving her hand in the process as I mumbled the words, "I'm fine."

"Really?" I heard her say.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine." I said still not looking at her.

"Good." She muttered as I heard her sigh.

I turned to look at her and there she was, smiling . . . again. That smile . . . it didn't fail to make me feel all weird inside. This feeling . . . maybe this is just some side-effect of losing my memories. Yeah, maybe that's it. I believed in that. Really.

End of Nakatsu's POV

* * * * *

"EEHHHHHHHH???????!!!!!" Mizuki exclaimed. She couldn't believe that Shinji would ask for something like this.

"You want me and her to sleep in the same bed together?" Nakatsu asked, as he looked at the boy disbelievingly.

"It's normal for a couple to sleep together, right?" The boy said as he looked at them with puppy eyes. He was determined to get what he wants.

"But . . . " Mizuki still wasn't sure on what to do. She promised Shinji's grandmother that she would do her very best to make their grandchild happy for a day but Shinji's wish was just too . . . . much.

Mizuki stole glances at Nakatsu to see what his reaction was. He just looked like his usual, calm self. "It doesn't even bother him?"

"Please, Mama, Papa. I really want to sleep together with you . . . It's really my dream to sleep with my parents but unfortunately . . . ." Shinji said as he looked at them with an almost crying face.

Once again, Mizuki, being her usual compassionate self, had given in to the little boy's winning act.

"Okay, okay. Shinji- kun, please don't cry. We'll sleep together with you. Right . . . Nakatsu?" She looked at Nakatsu, nervously, hoping that he would agree to this.

"Yeah." Was Nakatsu's short reply. Then, he just looked away.

* * * * *

Mizuki couldn't sleep. It was very uncomfortable, not being able to move at all. The three of them were sleeping on the same single sized bed. It was just too small them. But Shinji was such a pushy little boy. It couldn't be helped. She sighed as she stared at the little boy beside him. She couldn't really see him because it was dark but it sounded like he was already asleep.

Then she thought of Nakatsu. Could he be already asleep too?

"Nakatsu?" She said in a soft voice, checking if he is already asleep.

There was no reply.

"Ehhhh?? He's asleep already?" Mizuki just sighed. "Am I the only one uncomfortable here?" She thought as she closed her eyes, trying to fall asleep.

"Hmmmm . . . . This day has been pretty tiring and maybe I might just fall asleep . . . . . . If I . . . . ."

* * * * *

"Is there any progress?" A man on the other line asked.

"I haven't talked to him yet." The younger man replied.

"What do you plan to do?"

"He lost his memories. It will be easier for me to convince him." The younger man assured the man on the other line.

"Just make sure you'll be able to bring him here. Their company has been pressuring me. If you're not able to bring him back, you're the one who's coming back here. Remember that."

"Yes, Dad." He answered as the call ended. He looked down and sighed.

"I'm sorry, Nakatsu . . . "

* * * * *

Shinji got up from his sleep as he looked at the clock. It was 2:00 in the morning. He looked at the two figures sleeping peacefully on the single sized bed. He grinned. He was just about to execute his plan.

"Enjoy the night . . . Mama . . Papa . . ." The boy said softly as he quietly exited the room.

* * * * *

Nakatsu's POV

It feels so . . . warm. Where am I?

I tried opening my eyes. I was . . . hugging something. I'm so tired . . . I couldn't understand. What am I doing? But, it felt so right doing this . . . This feeling, warmth, love? I'm dreaming, right?

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