Hey Hey guys this if my new story called Sweet's revenge set in season 6 after Once More With Feeling. This is my first Buffy Story Read and Review but please be kind :-) PLEASE luv you all


As Sweet re-entered his kingdom minus his new child queen he started to pace furiously

"Mortals" he growled

Yes it was true he had left but only because of the show stopping number the slayer had created who knew SHE was harbouring such a tragic story.

And the LOOK on her friends faces as she confessed she was in heaven and her resentment towards them at being savagely removed. The crushed looks on their pathetic faces.

Sweet smiled at the thought, though the smile quickly became a confused look. The only thing that had stopped the slayer bursting into flame from her own dancing had been the bleached vampire, and the song which stopped the slayer and caused her to quiver, making her heart stop for a second had also been sung by said vampire.

He also didn't miss the look of hatred flicker amongst the male members of the slayers gang as they watched their precious slayer in the arms of the vampire, watched her be SAVED by the seemingly evil un-dead.

An evil smile spread over Sweets red face as he softly stroked his chin as he slowly sank down onto his jewel encrusted throne a plan forming in his head. Just because he had returned to his kingdom and couldn't return till he was summoned his powers could still reach the slayer and her friends sure it would drain him for a time but if his hunch was correct a spanner would still be able to be thrown into the works yes granted he couldn't cast the spell on the whole town but the slayer, her friends and the vampire were a welcome complementary prize in his eyes.

His mystical powers which caused those to sing their hearts desires, their minds hidden truths could be the very thing to drive the slayer over the edge. Could the slayer confess feelings towards her vampire hero? And even if she could would her so called friends allow it?

It was confession time...