Well here is the Epilogue I do hope you all have enjoyed the last chapter of SR I loved writing it and am very sad to see it end =(

Thanks to all who stuck with me I love you all and now on with the story


Rage is the only quality which has kept me

~Jimmy Breslin


Sitting alone is his own corner of hell Sweet chuckled long and low his spell was working a treat it wouldn't be long until the little Scooby club was destroyed forever and the little Vamp Tramp slayer and her beached toy were damages in the ruin that once was their mediocre lives.

Sure losing the little girl was a little disappointing, his long red tongue flicked out,

'now she would have made a tasty queen' he thought laughing a little.

Standing up from his throne he started to make his way over to his liquor cabinet soon his spell would be strong enough to bring him back to the human world and their his revenge would be sweeter. Then he would be free to reek mayhem as he wished.

Suddenly he felt something snap in side himself, and then he was flung across the room as a bolt of blood red lightning hit him square in the chest. A scream of rage erupted from his chest

"DAMN" he roared as a snarl rose from his chest they won this battle but the war... the war would be his

"I'll get you if it's the last thing I do Slayer and your little friends too" he vowed his eyes glowing red...


A/N: OMG finished this is so sad =( I love you all thanks for sticking with me I hope you all enjoyed the last chap and the epilogue