7. Bastila Flips Out

Three standard months after arriving on Telos, Revan's business acquistions were performing far better than expected. The restoration effort, nearly hamstrung by Czerka was actually ahead of schedule as the funds promised by Revan began pouring in.

Revan sat at his desk in his office looking over the figures. Business was doing very nicely, thank you for asking. The renovated cantina, renamed Ilona's in honour of the Exile's triumph over the Sith had become a hugely popular haunt for both those working the restoration project but also spacers who came through on their way elsewhere. A casino named after Visas had the dubious distinction of causing more bankruptcies than any other establishment, a fact that mortified Visas but secretly pleased Revan. He promised to lay aside some credits to open gambling addiction helplines.

Mira had been installed as his head of security. Already 93 people had been busted trying to scam the various games on offer. HK-47 ably served as Mira's backup on occasions when drunk patrons tried to resist her efforts to remove them from the premises. Seventeen separate incidences of serious assault had been logged with the Telos Security Force since HK had begun his duties. Not surprisingly, the TSF didn't seem inclined to press the issue.

Unbenknownst to any of them however, an extremely angry fly was about to land in the ointment. A small shuttle, bearing the symbol of the Jedi Order arrived from Dantooine. The pilot of the ship was following up disturbing rumours relating to recent business activites on Citadel Station. Bastila Shan, dressed in the customary brown robes of the Order emerged from her shuttle in the docking bay and headed past Ilona's on her way to see the Telosian Council to address these rumours.

Mira, in the process of throwing out a drunk and disorderly Rodian saw the young Jedi as she waked past and immediately alerted Revan.

"Rev, get down here, we got a situation."

"Define 'situation,'" Revan answered. Mira gritted her teeth and replied, "I just saw your old Jedi friend," Revan cut her off before she could continue.

"Jolee?" he said hopefully. He quite liked the old coot.

"Uh no. Somebody considerably younger and better looking," Mira said, "Female, too."
"Oh hell no..." Revan gasped.

"Oh hell yes."

In his office, Revan quickly began packing away as much as he could as fast as he could. He put in a call to the docking bay to order T3 to prep the ship for launch. If that crazy bitch caught up with him... A cold feeling of dread descended on him and he realised he was too late.

Bastila stormed into the office, fury etched on her otherwise quite lovely face. Her blue eyes flared like a lightsaber and tears of rage rolled down her face.

"You son of a whore!" she shouted as she finally locked eyes wtih Revan. She turned and kicked over a coffee table. It flew across the room and smashed into a set of vases. Revan cringed; he really liked those vases. Bastila turned to him again. Five years it had been. He had told her he loved her but then he just disappeared. She hadn't taken it well at all.

"Bastila, honey," Revan began, hands upraised. He really hoped Ilona would be back from the merchant quarter soon. She'd picked a really bad time to go food shopping.

"Don't 'honey' me! I want to know where you've been all this time! I thought you were dead! That at least would have explained why you never contacted me..." Bastila had a good head of steam built up and continued without pausing for breath for several more minutes. Revan slumped back into his chair. It was like the Jedi Civil War all over again. He makes one tiny mistake, and she's all over him a Hutt at an all you can eat buffet.

"What's going on in here?" Ilona called out as she entered the office, Mira at her back. "Bastila?" she said, in shock. "What are you doing here?"
Bastila whirled around and unclipped the double-bladed lightsaber from her belt, "Wouldn't you like to know, you little whore!" Ilona shrugged. She'd been called worse things.

"Hey, don't call her that," Revan broke in. Bastila spun to face him, her mouth working furiously. "Oh I see, I see quite clearly. I was never good enough for you but you seem perfectly fine gadding about with this...this..." Bastila seemed lost for words.

"Slut?" Mira suggested. Ilona turned around and said, "Could you maybe not open your mouth for change?"

Mira shrugged and left. Ilona placed herself between Revan and Bastila. The younger woman had clearly lost control of her emotions. A wrong word now would send her over the edge. It should have come at no surprise that Revan provided the wrong word. "She may be a slut but she's more dear to me than..."
Ilona's heart sped up with a jolt. All this time the two of them had traded barbs and flirtations but she never once believed that Revan actually felt more than friendship towards her. "Oh Revan!" she gasped like a teenage girl. Bastila flipped out. "Dear to you? Oh Revan, I was prepared to sacrifice everything for you! And now you tell me...she's dear to you?" An extremely disturbing light arose behind Bastila's eyes. Revan had seen it often enough in himself as the Dark Lord. If Bastila hadn't quite made the jump from staunch defender of the light to servant of the dark, she was pretty damn close.

And he was still without a weapon. "Um, Ilona, honey? Lightsaber?" Ilona rolled her eyes. Here we go again.

The End.