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The Gift


"Darn it, Princess! Be careful!" the redheaded Korean quickly ran to his wife who just plopped on the pavement by accident. She winced at the sudden surge of pain directed at her body.

"Sorry! I tripped! It was an accident!" she said as she tried to stand up. Her movements were still wobbly. From her right knee, bright scarlet dripped, rolling over her skin of porcelain. Her husband couldn't help but scold her. He noticed that she was zoned out these past few days. "Look! You just scraped your knee! And you can't stand!"

"I'm sorry... I just feel so clumsy today," Lili stood as Hwoarang held both of her hands. Blood still dripped from her fresh knee wound. He bent down on his knee with his handkerchief and wrapped it carefully and securely around his wife's wound.

"Princess, please, please, please be careful..." Hwoarang said firmly as he knotted the piece of cloth. "I know that pregnant ladies are usually clumsy, but what if something bad happens when you fall? What about our baby girl?"

"Hwoarang..." she said with a sigh. "Nothing bad can happen at two months."

"Still! I can't help but be so worried! You're getting clumsier and clumsier every single day!" he exclaimed as he hugged his princess tightly. She felt constricted. It was the feeling of safety and security. In his arms, she was safe.

"We're not even sure if it's a girl or a boy," Lili said as she hugged him back." And you're exaggerating."

Four months married. So much has happened...

"Come on, Princess," Hwoarang said, wrapping an arm around his clumsy wife's shoulder as they continued their walk in the park. "Let's get some ice cream."

Lili winced at his idea of ice cream. "Can't we have chili corn dogs instead?" She asked, looking at her husband. "Or maybe... Yakisoba or tacos?"

Hwoarang gave his wife a weird look. Puzzlement and amazement. She loved ice cream more than any other sweet in the whole world. "Is this pregnancy cravings or something like that?"

Lili just smiled at him and nodded. "Also, Christie told me that pregnant ladies are much sensitive at four months and onwards."

"Are Christie and Steve expecting?" he asked her from out of the blue. Lately, his princess and Christie have been hanging out more often. Usually it was because of the pregnancy problems and raging hormones. He couldn't help the thought he had that Christie was pregnant as well.

"No... She just told me," Lili said, thinking of the ice cream. "Okay. I want ice cream."

"Are mood swings and quick mind-changing parts of pregnancy as well?" Hwoarang wondered aloud. She began pulling him to the ice cream stand without protest.

- -

"Here you go, Princess. Vanilla ice cream," Hwoarang said as he handed to his wife a cone of her vanilla ice cream. Lili was like a little girl having her first serving of ice cream. "Thank you!"

After he paid for the ice cream, the two of them began walking around the park again, licking their ice creams, holding hands as if they were dating, as if they owned the world... it was the perfect, tranquil and romantic moment meant for two.


Hwoarang didn't like the sound of that word. "Princess!"

Lili accidentally dropped the cone. "Sorry! Clumsy me!"

Hwoarang groaned. "There goes forty dollars..."