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The Gift

Daddy's Little Princess


At age 3, Lilian could say her father's name...

"Come here, little princess," Hwoarang called his little daughter. She was a miniature version of her mother. The little girl, blond and blue-eyed, trotted to her father, into his big, wide arms. He then engulfing her to an embrace.

"Who am I?" Hwoarang asked his daughter with a wide smile. She replied with a mirthful and loud, "DADDY!"

"What's my name?" he asked her again, to which the little girl replied cheerfully, "Warang!"

Hwoarang carried his little girl in his arms and said. "Close enough."

- -

Tea Party

At age six, Lilian began dragging her father around with her...

"Sebastian, did you see my husband?" Lili asked her ever-loyal butler, but he shook his head.

"Now where in the world is he?"

Lili decided to look for Hwoarang in Lilian's room. The door was half-open, and she could hear the tinkling of glass and ceramics. "Lilian, did you see your..."

The young queen didn't even bother to continue. As she fully opened the door, she saw her husband seated down on one of the small, pink satin chairs. He was included in a tea party.

"Hi, mommy!" Lilian's sweet, squealing voice said. "Daddy's playing tea party with me!"

"I see..." Lili turned to look at Hwoarang, who was holding a tiny tea cup in his hand, obviously blushing and blundered after being caught by his wife.

"Would you like to play as well, mommy?"

Lili smiled. "Why, I'd love to join you, Miss Lilian! I thought you'd never ask!"

Lilian smiled as well, exactly the same smile her mother flashed not a minute ago. "Please take a seat, Miss Lili!"

And Hwoarang just looked at his wife and daughter. How he wanted to face-palm. "Tea parties suck!"

- -


At age nine, Lilian began to kick her father's ass...



Two seconds ago, Hwoarang was standing, and now, he was pinned down on the ground. He winced as he tried standing. Flabbergasted, he asked his daughter, "Where did you learn that move?"

The princess smiled triumphantly. The smile her father was very familiar with. "Mommy taught me."

He got to his stance, not wasting any time. He had to get back at his daughter for the blunder he committed a while ago. "Well... Then come on and hit me with what I taught you. Come on!"

"All right, daddy... You said so! YAAAH!"

- -


At age twelve, Lilian told her father about her first crush...

Hwoarang accidentally spat out all the juice in his mouth, directly at Sebastian's clothing. "WHAT?!!"

And his question was followed by a string of curses he hasn't said for a long, long time now. Sebastian, on impulse, quickly covered the young princess' ears. Not a moment passed by when the young queen arrived to witness the scene.

"What's going on, Sebastian?"

"The master is, uh... Expressing his feelings towards Miss Lilian's new-found romance."

"Oh... You have a crush on someone, Lilian? Who is the lucky guy?"

"You might go berserk like daddy," the princess said, ears still covered by two gloved hands. Lili laughed lightly. "I'm not like your daddy, sweetheart."

"I told daddy that I have a crush on the toughest fighter in the universe!"

"You have a crush on your Uncle Paul?"

"No. It was a joke. And daddy believed," she giggled.

- -


At age fifteen, Lilian told her father about her two suitors...


Hwoarang was reading some Korean novel. "Yes, little princess?"

"Um... How did you court mommy?" came the question from out of the blue. He looked up from his book and turned to his daughter. "And why are you asking?"

Lilian gave her father a sweet and innocent smile. "Uh... No reason, really."

"Who are they?" he asked. And just like he read through her, Hwoarang asked his daughter who her suitors were.

"Daddy... You won't get angry at me, will you?"

"Of course not, little princess... Daddy won't get angry," he said with a twisted smile that said otherwise. "Now tell me who those guys are before I break someone's neck."

"Daddy... Please... Please promise to me that you won't hurt them!" Lilian held onto her father's arm. He shrugged her little hands away. "Okay, okay! I promise!" His eyes were still angry, so she wasn't fully convinced that her father was all right. He sighed and said, "Cross my heart two times."

Lilian began fiddling with her fingers. "Okay... Well... There's two of them... And their families are very close to us..."

"Are you talking about Kevin Fox?" he said automatically. He expected his best friend's brat to be courting his little princess, but the next one almost gave him a heart attack. "Uh, yes, daddy... And Yuu as well."

On impulse and fury, Hwoarang threw his book out to the veranda, which caused his daughter to quaver. "D-Daddy... I-Is something wrong?"

"Yuu Kazama?"

The queen arrived in the nick of time, just right on time to save her daughter from her husband's wrath yet again. The princess went to her mother's side. "Mommy..."

"What's wrong, sweetheart?" Lili asked her shaking daughter. The look in her daughter's eyes gave everything away, as well as her husband's furious outburst. "Is this about your suitors again?"

"Yes... And daddy isn't happy about it..."

"Why?... Who are your suitors?"

"Kevin and Yuu..."

"Well, I was sixteen when Hwoarang courted me."


"Tell your suitors that they need to wait until your sixteen."

Hwoarang groaned. "Stupid kids..."

- -


At age eighteen, Lilian received her very first invitation to the King of Iron Fist Tournament...

"Daddy! Look at this!" Lilian was ecstatic. She jumped up and down like a little girl as she held a piece of paper and a card in her hands. Hwoarang looked at his daughter. Never has he seen her so excited and pumped up for a fight. "What's that?"

"It's an invitation to the King of Iron Fist Tournament!"

"You received an invitation?"

"And not only me, daddy! Kevin, Yuu, Yoko, and the others received invitations as well!"

"I see... Well, you know what that means, little princess."

Lilian smiled. "I know very well what you mean, daddy."

"Training starts at 4 O'Clock in the morning. Don't be late."

"Thank you, daddy!" The air-depriving hug was unexpected. Perhaps this was something she inherited from her mother.

The love for fighting.

- -

To Walk the Aisle

At age twenty-one, Lilian was about to tell her father something very important... Important and shocking...


"Yes, Princess?"

"I... have to tell you something..."

Hwoarang closed the book he was reading. Her daughter's voice was grave and urgent that he couldn't ignore it. "What is it?"

"...We have to wait for mommy... And Kevin..."

He raised an eyebrow. "What does this have to do with Kevin?"

. . .

"Aunt Lili."

Lili looked back from the door and saw Kevin Fox, the boxing champion-in-training, and her godson. "Oh, Kevin! You came to see Lilian?"

The young man looked down and touched the band-aid on his left cheek. "...Both of us have something to tell you."

"Come in..."

. . .

Hwoarang and Lili waited for their daughter to speak. Just what was it that she had to tell them?

"Daddy... Mommy... We have something to tell you."

Hwoarang was silent. "I think I already know where this is going..."

Lilian took a deep breath. She. Had. To. Say. It. "Dad, mom... I'm pregnant..."

Kevin spoke as well. "And... I'm responsible..."

At first, Lili couldn't believe what she just heard. The look on her face was incomprehensible. Unreadable. Hwoarang didn't look happy. Not one bi.

"Kevin... Have you spoken to your parents?" Lili asked. The young man just nodded. Right after that, he cleared his throat and spoke. "I would like to ask for your permission... And blessing... To marry your daughter."

Hwoarang's eyes widened. "Permission to MARRY?"

"Daddy..." the look on his daughter's face was already pleading. Hwoarang knew that nothing else he'd say would change the track of their lives. The child- his grandchild- was already there. No words are able to bring back time and are able to revert what happened. Everything was already there.

"Fine... You both have our blessing," he said in defeat. Tears came to Lilian's eyes as she embraced her father. "Thank you, daddy... Thank you so much..."

. . .

And who knew that the wretched day had to come? The last time Hwoarang saw the altar of the church was at his wedding, and he grew weak to the knees when he saw his bride. Just a few hours from now, he had to walk the aisle again, and what's so painful about that walk is that he had to entrust his daughter to a man other than himself... His only daughter...

Hwoarang waited at the entrance of the church, standing still... And the bridal car stops right in front of the church. His heart turns, and he sees his daughter step out of the car, wearing the same wedding gown her mother wore at her wedding. "She looks just like her mother."

"Hi, daddy."

"Let's go?"


Lilian held her father's arm. Who knew that they had to walk the aisle so soon? As they reached the altar, where the groom was waiting, Hwoarang fought the urge to take his daughter away. How could he take his only daughter away from her happiness?

Once both reached the altar, Hwoarang had to hand over Lilian to Kevin, another heart-breaking moment for him. "Go ahead, Princess."

Before Lilian let her father go, she gave him a hug, "Daddy, I will always be your little princess... Thank you so much..."

"To walk the aisle is so much trouble..."

- -

Little Rainbows

At age twenty-three, Lilian visited her parents quite often than usual...

"Suri, don't run!"


Lilian and Kevin's daughter, Suri, came running to her grandfather and her grandmother.

"Aah! There you are, little princess!" An older and stronger Hwoarang took the little girl in his arms and carried her. Everything was so nostalgic. So old... and so brand-new at the same time.


"She looks just like her mother..."

"Suri, grandfather might get tired if he carries you all the time."

Hwoarang scoffed at his daughter's statement. "Oh, come on, Princess... I don't get to hold my granddaughter often... And I'm not yet old!"

His reply earned him a disgruntled sigh from his daughter. "Daddy..."

"Where's Kevin?"

"He went to see Aunt Christie and Uncle Steve."

Suri smiled, same like her mother's, and even her grandmother's. "I love gwampa!"

"Suri, do you want to see little rainbows?"

"Yes! Gwampa will show me?"

"Yes, grandfather will show you."

"Really, gwampa?!"

Hwoarang smiled, revealing some lines and creases on his face. Proof of aging. "Yes, little princess."

"Gwampa, why do you call mommy little pwincess?"

Hwoarang carried his granddaughter to the mansion fountain and thought of the reason why. "Because..."

The three of you... You're all my princesses.

Take note of these little story bites:

Lilian is Hwoarang and Lili's daughter.

At the third part of the story, the move Lilian used on her father was Lili's "Kiss of Devotion".

Oh, yes... Kevin Fox is Steve and Christie's son, and is three months younger than Lilian.

And Yuu Kazama is Jin and Xiaoyu's son. (Even though Jin has no real interest in ladies, since he wanted to end the cursed bloodline with him, anyway.)

If you don't know, Suri is the name of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's daughter.

This ends The Gift series.