Roxas, wake up.

Go away, let me sleep. I'm tired.

But we need you here, we're all worried.

I don't want to wake up. I don't think I even could if I tried. Too tired…

Let me help you.

"Come quick! Guuuys, come on!"
"Nnnh don't… shout." He groaned, turning his back to whoever had offended his silence. However even moving was no simple task. His arms were stiff and a great ache ran the length of his spine.
"Hey, don't go back to sleep. Roxas, don't."
"And why the hell not?"
"Because you've been sleeping for days!"
"Days… ? Sora, what are you on about?" He asked, pulling himself up to sit in bed. Sora looked pleased to see movement from Roxas. A bit too pleased. The crease in the blond's brow deepened. "What's going on?"
"You've been asleep for three days straight. I thought it was weird that you were able to take a nap on the cold concrete. You slept all through the next day and Leon said to let you. We got worried when you were still there the next morning. I thought maybe you had gotten up in the night. There wasn't anything we could do, you wouldn't wake and Leon said you checked out fine. Not in a coma or anything just… sleeping. And yesterday you kept on sleeping. We've tried everything... what happened?"
"I… I don't know." Roxas stretched his still dozing joints and rubbed his warm cheeks. He was a bit in awe. It just felt like the next morning. He was in Cloud's loft and the new morning light was enough make his eyes sore and alert until he got used to it. "Are you sure? Have I seriously been sleeping for three days?"
Sora laughed. "I can tell the difference between one night and three days Roxas."
"Haha, yeah sorry… Shouldn't you and Riku have left by now? Not to be rude, I don't want you guys to go but I thought-"
"Me and Riku didn't want to go, not without you." Sora defended, sounding almost offended that Roxas would ask but he flashed a quick smile. "You gotta think you're worth more than that, Roxas. We're your friends."
Roxas couldn't help but return an identical smile. "You can be such a sap, Sora."
"Hey! Why does everyone say that?"
Roxas had made it out of the blanket and to the end of the bed, sitting with his back against the backboard. He had been re-teaching his body how to move as him and Sora talked. It was unnerving to feel his bones clamped up and his muscles too stiff to fully bend. He felt he knew why this had all happened. Cloud had been heavy on his mind as he'd drifted off a few days ago. He'd felt fine at the time. When he was surrounded by his friends the cold memories in the night had been warm and comforting. Maybe Roxas was a sap too. Even now he felt a warm swell his in chest. But once Roxas had gone to sleep where the voices of the others couldn't reach him did he fall back into nothingness? Did he have nothing to anchor his mind to his body? Without Cloud he was miserable but without any friends he was as responsive as the pillow he sat staring into. Losing people like this was tearing him apart from his body. Was something in him restless? So desperate to have Cloud back that it was trying to escape his body and float away to find him? It was a strange thought. Maybe Nobodies weren't meant to have emotion for a reason. They seemed downright lethal. What would happen next time he felt drowsy? Was sleeping about to become dangerous?

"What woke me up?" Roxas asked, wondering if he'd come to by himself.

"Oh I…" Sora looked into his own palm.
Roxas raised his brow. "You…?
"I touched your chest… there wasn't anything I could do. I mean, you don't have a heart so I used mine instead. But we kind of have the same one right?" Sora asked, smiling.
Roxas put his own hand over his chest where it felt warm. "I was wondering what that was. It's warm. But what exactly did you do?"
"I don't know. Your mind was talking to me. I know you don't like it when I mess with your head but this was important." Sora defended, clenching his fingers. "I told you to wake up but you wouldn't. Do you remember any of that?"
Roxas moved his gaze from the pillow to Sora's face, narrowing his eyes at the boys' inquisitive look in thought. "I think… I thought it was a dream."
"It wasn't a dream… or maybe it was. I dunno." Sora laughed, his carefree air returning around him.
"You said you'd help me…" Roxas said, feeling the heat in his chest flare when Sora laughed.
"I think I did, I feel whiped. Some of my strength is inside of you now, I tried to give it to you. You woke up so I think it worked."
"Yeah you look a bit pale." Roxas had wondered why Sora was leaning quietly against the wall as he talked instead of moving about with his usual vigor. Roxas stood, feeling his calves whine gratefully when he used them. He felt springy and ready to run a mile as his body remembered how amazing it was to move. "You alright, Sora?"
"Yeah, just a bit drained." He nodded.
"You know I didn't notice till you mentioned it. You're always so… motivated that it's hard to tell when something's wrong."
Sora brimmed with joy, taking this fully as a compliment.
"Should we go find Leon and the others? Tell them I'm okay?"
Sora started. "Oh yeah Leon was supposed to come and help me get you on the couch down in the main room so we could keep an eye on you. What's so funny?"
Roxas took his hand from his mouth which was holding in his chuckle. "You have no idea how much time I spend on the couch. God it's like I'm always injured somehow."
"That's what Leon said. Come on, Leon was supposed to be right behind me and help take you down. He sai-"
"SORA! Get down here we've got a Heartless problem!"
"Riku!" Sora shouted and Roxas said in unison. "Come on!" Sora said, pulling away, a little unsteadily away from the wall.
"Yeah just don't fall over." Roxas said as they raced down the ladder.

A bit of a short chapter but I decided to split this one into two, the rest will hopefully follow soonish. This makes it shorter but at least you guys get it sooner so win right? ...Right? :D