Hello people this is my second fanfic for step up. Few things to get straight first in this fic Andie and Tyler are twins! So they live with Bill and Lana (I think that's the names of the foster parents) It starts at the beginning of step up and then I change somethings. So for the sake of my story Chase, Andie, Tyler, Nora and everyone else are all 18. It starts at the beginning of the school year so here we go. I've changed some of their clothing styles, just had to tell you that.

Andie moved her hips against Jake, the guy she was dancing with. Andie was wearing baggy black jeans with a green belt, a blue strapped top, a baggy navy blue and white spotted zipped jumper and a black and white checked bandana around her neck. Her hair was up in it's usual ponytail and it was covered by a black cap.

Her twin brother Tyler was dancing with this girl. He was wearing a pair of baggy jeans, a long sleeved top and a cap. He was twisting and moving around the girl unaware he was under the watchful eye of PJ.

Upstairs Skinny was questioning Mac above Tyler and Andie. "Where do you think they are? They live on the dance floor" responded Mac and with that Skinny took off down the stairs to find Tyler and Andie.

Downstairs PJ was getting annoyed with Tyler because he was dancing with a girl he liked. Everyone was watching the two couples dancing in the middle. PJ got raged and walked over to Tyler grabbing him. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" yelled PJ.

"Oh come on PJ we were just dancing" said the girl.

"I'm sorry I didn't see your name on it" said Tyler quietly. Everyone was watching them, Andie had stopped dancing. She joined her brother's side.

"Why don't you lay off PJ" said Andie.

"Look her you little slut, just continue dancing your little moves and let the big boys get on with it" said PJ.

"Yo don't be hating just cause you can't dance" said Andie shrugging, making sure she was getting PJ annoyed. Then PJ launched himself at her. Tyler tried to pull PJ off Andie, just getting more involved in the fight. At that moment Mac had been coming down the stairs, he saw the fight and rushed down. He tackled the three pulling Andie and Tyler over to one side. The three out of breath teens turned to face PJ, who had drawn out a gun. Everyone was watching intently.

"You think you're so smart" said PJ pointing his gun at Tyler. "You little slut" he said pointing it at Andie. Andie narrowed her eyes.

"Let's get out of here. Come on D, Ty. Skinny let's go" said Mac shoving Tyler and Andie towards the door. Skinny rushed past PJ and out of the door after Tyler, Andie and Mac.

"You feel like because you're a white boy you gotta overcompensate or something?" asked Mac as they walked through a lane.

"Oh come on Mac. You heard what he said to Andie didn't you?" said Tyler shrugging.

"I can protect myself you know. Don't need my twin brother doing it for me" said Andie aggressively.

"Yeah well you might want to grow a couple of inches before we let you take on PJ by yourself" said Mac waving his hand over the top of Andie's head. Andie laughed sarcastically.

"Yeah I mean give it a couple of years and I'll be taller than you" said Skinny.

"You wish" said Andie as Tyler kicked down a trashcan. Andie jumped over it and continued walking.

"Woo wait" said Mac holding his arms out stopping only Tyler in his tracks. He almost hit Andie's hat off and Skinny just ducked under his arm. Skinny grabbed some rubbish and through it at PJ's car that had almost driven round the corner.

"What the hell is he doing?" asked Andie, Tyler shrugged.

"Am I the only one not trying to get us killed?" asked Mac.

"Oh come on I ain't scared of him. I ain't scared of you two and I'm definitely not scared of you shorty" he said referring to Andie. He ran away after Andie began chasing him.

"Then why you running?" asked Andie as she, Tyler and Mac began throwing things at Skinny. There was a crash as something Tyler had thrown hit a window of a huge building.

"Well done Ty" said Andie sarcastically as they went over to Skinny who was standing beside the window.

"What is this place?" asked Mac.

"It's a school look I'll show you" said Skinny kicking in the rest of the window.

"Skinny" said Mac in disbelief. Mac looked at Tyler and Andie for help.

"Go get him he's your brother" said Tyler shaking his head. Mac disappeared through the window. Andie shrugged and followed him. Tyler slipped in almost falling on Andie.

"You twat" said Andie brushing herself down and following Mac and Skinny.

"Love you too" said Tyler following her. Andie, Mac and Skinny stood looking at some trophies. Tyler disappeared through a door. Andie followed him.

"Wow" she said hopping up onto the stage beside Tyler. Mac and Skinny came in and began messing about breaking things. Then the light flashed on and a security guard jumped on Mac. Tyler hid behind the clothing rack. Andie ducked down behind the timpani drums. Tyler made a signal for Skinny to run for it. Skinny ran out as Tyler rugby tackled the security guard and Mac. Mac jumped off the stage as the security guard held Tyler down.

"Go Mac go" said Tyler, Andie had joined Mac's side. "Go" yelled Tyler. Mac ran away. Andie's eyes connected with Tyler's. "Go D just go" said Tyler. Andie ran away.

"Up you get" said the guard dragging Tyler up. Then there was some noises from outside the theatre and some more guards came in with……..

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