Ok, so this is my first fanfiction. Be kind! I do not own the characters. I wish I did but I don't. Enjoy!

" Hey Aunt Ziva. How's it going?"

" Fine. How was school today?"

" Great. Oh, by the way, Ms. Portman wants to you to fill in for her as chaperone at the Valentine's Day dance."


This was all new to Ziva. Her niece, Sammie, the daughter of her older sister, had just recently moved in with her after her sister and brother in law had died in a car crash. Everyone at NCIS had been thoroughly shocked to find out that Ziva had a teenager living with her, but Tony had been the only one to put his shock into words.

" What are you doing with a teenager and why is it still alive?" Tony had asked Ziva the first day that Sammie had come to see her after school. Ziva had continually asked her self that same question for about 7 months now.

" Ziva, you have to chaperone the dance, you're the only mom... I mean guardian that she likes. You have to remember I go to a private school for rich kids. All the moms are gold diggers and most of them are step moms who are only a few years older than the seniors," Sammie persisted.

" I am NOT chaperoning a high school dance!"

" You can bring a date," Sammie told her in a sing song voice.

" And who am I supposed to bring?"

" Tony of course."

That is when someone finally butted into the conversation.

" There is no way in hell that I am going to chaperone a high school dance," Tony said.

"Come on Uncle Tony, it'll be fun," said Sammie, calling Tony by the nickname she had given him in order to drive Ziva up the walls.