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Chapter 1:

"What's your name again, pretty lass?" Mr. Yuzuru Suoh asked. He was the patriarch of the Suoh family and the chairman of the prestigious Ouran High School, where wealthy and well known students were being educated. He was pretty intimidating but you can saw him soften around pretty girls. He was glad that one of them visited his humbly office asking for scholarship.

"I'm Miako Tsukira sir," she bowed her head in respect.

"Well Tsukira-san, you are accepted in my school!" Mr. Suoh happily declared. Miako wanted to jump for joy but she remembered to behave because Mr. Suoh might change his mind seeing her behavior.

"You can start tomorrow," he said. She nodded but recalled she can't afford the uniform. She was down a bit.

"Mr. Suoh I'm sorry but I don't have uniform," she confessed. Mr. Suoh looked at her and felt sympathy.

"I can give you one," Mr. Suoh uttered. Miako brightened up.

"Really?" she asked hopefully.

"Of course but in return you should do club activities after school," he muttered, "Let's say in the club of my son, Tamaki Suoh."

Miako nodded eagerly. "I'll do it!"

"Alright, I'll phone him," Mr. Suoh excused himself and fished out his cell phone from his pocket. He dialed his son's number and talked to him for a while.

Afterwards, he turned to her again.

"This will be your uniform," he said and his secretary came to Miako with the uniform. She accepted it and grinned.

"Thank you very much, Mr. Suoh!" she exclaimed.

"You're welcome," he responded, "Now you go to the Third Music Room of the school and meet my son and the club's members."

Miako nodded and exited the office.

I Never Felt This Way Before

Miako wandered along the hallways of the school. The students were looking at her strangely but she decided to ignore them. Finally, she found the place she was looking for and entered it. When she opened the door, what she found was China. She was astounded.

"Welcome," the people in front of her greeted. They have an attractive smile in their places. She flushed.

"I'm looking for Mr. Tamaki Suoh," she uttered reluctantly.

"Not fair! Another pretty customer for him," the twins hollered in unison.

"Hikaru, Kaoru! Don't be jealous of my charm!" Tamaki said dramatically and approached Miako.

"What do you want, my princess?" Tamaki asked seductively. Miako froze on the spot.

What's wrong with him?...she thought.

"Are you Tamaki Suoh?" Miako questioned him after she regained her composture. Tamaki nodded.

"Your father sent me to you!" she uttered.

"My father?" he asked to himself. He thought hard and suddenly a light bulb lightened beside his head.

"Ah, another commoner who got scholarship like Haruhi!" Tamaki shouted. Miako's brows twitched.

"Commoner, huh?" she repeated. Tamaki nodded. He had put an arm around her shoulder and made her face the whole host club members.

"This is Miako Tsukira, our new dog!" he introduced her. A vein popped on Miako's head.

"Now, a dog!" she tried to calm herself so she won't punch the son of the owner of the school. Who knows, she might be kicked out if she did that.

"Welcome to Host club, where we entertain females like you!" Tamaki added with a grin.

"I'll introduce the members," he uttered, "Starting with the vice president Kyouya Ootori, the cool type; the Hitachiin twins, Hikaru and Kaoru, the little devil type; Haruhi Fujioka, he doesn't have a type yet; Mitsukuni Haninozuka well known as Hani-sempai, the loli-shota type; Takashi Morinozuka but you can call him Mori-sempai, the wild type; and lastly me Tamaki Suoh, the prince type."

Miako nodded. "Are you sure you are a prince type?" she asked Tamaki, "You don't look like one!"

Tamaki cried waterfalls and went to the corner. He stuck her point finger at the floor and a gloomy aura was emitting from him. He looked at Miako with his puppy eyes.

"Don't mind him Miako, he's just obnoxious!" Haruhi said and Tamaki cried louder.

"Change your clothes now, Miako. The dressing room is over there," Kyouya uttered with an evil grin in his face. Miako gulped and obeyed his orders.

I Never Felt This Way Before

"That man was scary," Miako heaved a sigh and unfastened the buttons of her dress. She was busy undressing when the door of the dressing room flung open.

"You're slow, aren't you finished yet?" one of the twins, Hikaru asked as he entered the room. Miako's mouth dropped open as she saw him smirk. She blushed.

"You pervert! Get out of here!" Miako shouted. Hikaru shrugged and walked towards the door.

Before exiting the room he said, "By the way nice body."

I Never Felt This Way Before

Miako was still fuming in anger when he exited the dressing room. She bumped into Haruhi and they both fell to the floor. Miako immediately got off and apologize.

"It's ok, I'm alright!" Haruhi said and smiled. Miako stared at her keenly.

"You're a girl, aren't you?" Miako blurted out. Haruhi was stunned.

"W-What are you talking about, Miako?" Haruhi stammered.

"I'm not a fool! You are a girl! " Miako uttered, "Your eyes are big unlike boys and there's flatlands on your chest!"

"Flatlands?" Haruhi looked confused.

"Your breasts idiot," Miako answered. Haruhi flushed.

"Alright, I'm a girl! But please keep it a secret!" Haruhi begged. Miako nodded and grinned.

"If that's what you want," Miako said. Haruhi beamed at her.

I Never Felt This Way Before

After the club activities, Miako was very tired. She had to endure the twins' pranks, games and tricks especially Hikaru who seemed enjoy making fun of her, Tamaki's childishness, Kyouya's seriousness, Hani's obsession of sweets and cute things and Mori's quietness. The only normal person in there was Haruhi. She sighed and continued to walk. She stumbled into a very dark hallway. She began to feel nervous.

Suddenly out of the darkness, a man with a black coat appeared.

"Want to join my Black Magic Club and acquire Beelzenef?" he asked showing the cat-puppet. Miako was frightened and started to run away leaving whoever person it is. She will never trade the Host Club for the Black Magic Club. Never in her whole life

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