I Never Felt This Way Before

Chapter 17: All because of a stupid love letter to you.

Kuiako and Ryosuke. From what I've seen these past few days, they seem like they're in denial that they love each other. It would be so darn relieving if they just get together or something, she thought. She stalked towards Ryosuke, who was bending down to pick up some wood and she pushed him hard, so hard that he reached Kuiako's spot and they tumbled down together, on top of each other.

"There!" Umi hollered happily. "You two don't have to be ashamed of it, it's pretty cute actually."

"Ashamed of what?" Kuiako snarled, clearly annoyed because of the scratches of sand on his legs.

"You know.. That you guys are MADLY in love with each other!" Umi clapped her hands, catching everyone's attention and some giggles. Which earned a very menacing glare from Ryosuke as he stood up. "Are you demented, woman?"

Kuiako waved his arms around wildly as if to shut up Umi and ran over to her. "Umi. What are you saying? We're not attracted to each other in anyway. We're just friends!"

"B-but I saw you giving flowers to each other.. and some more sweet stuff." Umi stuttered.

"NO! You just misunderstood." Kuiako was clearly getting annoyed. Especially since people heard it.

"It's alright you can tell me—" She started.

"STOP! We are not gay okay?" Kuiako barked at her, "Now get out of our sight Umi, thank you very much for ruining our reputation." Like they had one. Umi stormed out of the very awkward atmosphere, into the forest.

I Never Felt This Way Before

"Hey. Why are you crying?" Yukino approached Umi, who was sitting on a fallen tree trunk.

"Your brother hates me now." She sobbed. "He was like a brother to me also, but now I've messed things up. I'm so stupid."

"Oh. About that homosexual stuff?" Yukino snorted. "Yeah that was pretty stupid and over the line."

Umi sobbed some more, "I am being eaten up with guilt! What do I do?"

"Umi, everyone gets eaten up by guilt at some parts of their lives." Yukino sighed.

"Wow. That's very comforting, Yukino." Umi joked then sobbed some more, sniffling all over Yukino.

"Okay okay. To cheer you up, I'll tell you one of my secrets."

"REALLY? Okay! Shoot." Umi wiped her wet face with the back of her hand and simmered down.

"I haven't told anyone about this but. I've had a boyfriend before."

"WHAT? Details! Name. Is he hot? Is he a gentleman? Details! How dare you tell me you haven't had one!"

"His name's Akira. Why would I create a relationship who wasn't good-looking or kind? Of course he was."

"What happened?"

"At first. Everything was fine; all rainbows and butterflies." Yukino smiled grimly.


"Then. Like how some relationships end, I saw him locking lips with another girl. Across the street as I came out of the book store." Yukino trembled with hurt of remembering the memory.

"What a cheat! How come you've never told us this? We could've hunted that playboy down and have him eaten by sharks!" Umi put a hand on her shoulder, acting all sympathetic. Now she was the one doing all the comforting.
"I didn't want you guys to gang up on him. Because I definitely knew you guys were gonna do exactly that."

"Well doesn't he deserve that?"

"Umi, he'll get what he deserves someday."

"Well don't tell me you didn't slap him?"

Yukino shrugged.

"Oh c'mon, Yukino! Where's this hard as stone girl I've known all my life?"

"I'm not that violent."

"Well, do you want to.. cry?" Umi beckoned to her shoulder awkwardly. "C'mon. Cry away! Invisible tears are the hardest to wipe away you know."

"I'm not crying."

"Okay, I'll cry for you!" Tears began overflowing in Umi's eyes once again, she really had the talent on these things. Channeling someone else's pain into hers. "He was so harsh! I mean, if I gave someone all my love and then it turned out he was like (sob) two-timing me, or more, I would've probably locked myself in a room with a refrigerator full of cookie dough!"

I Never Felt This Way Before

"HEY! (The two jumps in surprise) I've been searching for you guys everywhere." Miako wiped the forming sweat on her forehead and trudged down to where they were sitting. "Were you guys hiding from everyone?"

"No." Umi sobbed. Yukino pinched Umi's lower back causing her to flinch.

"What were you guys talking about?" The brown-haired girl questioned with a raised brow.

"Well, Yukino was just telling me—" Umi started then stopped when she felt Yukino's death glare ripping through the back of her head. "Oh I mean.."

"Apparently.. Hitachiin left a love letter for you." Yukino spoke with well picked words. And then Umi pinched her arm, which made her grit her teeth. Her steely eyes fell to the direction of Umi without moving her head, and she could see her mouthing the words, "what are you talking about? Just tell her!"

In return, Yukino nudged her hard in the tummy causing Umi to bite back an ow. "Let me handle this." She mouthed back.

"Huh? Really? But isn't he out there chopping wood?" Miako scrunched her nose and thought again.

"Well I think it was him, I saw him enter your room earlier."

"Thanks for telling me about that letter thing. I appreciate it!" She smiled; everything about her suddenly seemed radiant. "I can't wait to see his face when I tell him I know about it!" She hollered as she ran out of the forest.

"Umm. I think she would've appreciated it more if you told her about the boyfriend bit." Umi shrugged disappointedly.

"She doesn't need to know that." She stood up, brushing off the leaves that stuck to her shorts.

"Yukino, it would crush her when she finds out about him. You're best friends."

"That's the point."

"And she's supposed to be the first one to know about that secret, you know."

"Well it's more complicated than that okay? That relationship was a mistake."

"How so?"

"That guy was Miako's first ever crush."

I Never Felt This Way Before

"Senpai." A soft voice pierced through the silence and a smiling girl peeked from behind Hikaru's back.

"I heard that you had something for me." Miako grinned wider and opened her hands in front of him.

"Hmm? What are you talking about? This?" Hikaru said bluntly, and raised the axe about to put it on her hands.

"Umm No. More of like a.. letter perhaps?" She blushed at the thought and fidgeted with the sand caught between her toes.

Hikaru approached her slowly and put his hands on her shoulder, lowering his face to hers, causing Miako's heart rate to climb. "Lackey, I don't have that letter you're talking about." He whispered huskily, his eyes caging hers.

Miako looked down, disappointed. And walked away into the yacht, "O-Okay, I'll just look for it then!" She called out.

"H-hey!" Hikaru called and scratched his head. What going on with that girl?

I Never Felt This Way Before

Yukino hurried over to the yacht and brought out a piece of paper, wrote with her left hand strategically, and hesitated when she reached the end.. If I sign Hikaru's name.. He's just going to say he didn't do it. But if I write Kuiako's.. No one would care. She neatly signed Kuiako's name on it and enclosed it in an envelope. She tore out of the room as quickly as she could before someone saw her.

As she ran out and was panting, the sun slowly began to dip down. She recalled what happened when she was still unwise and immature. When she made a choice of betraying her best friend. She regretted it. It was a mistake. She wished that she could take it all back, because it just ended badly. She slowly walked back to the growing circle of new friends she had garnered these past few weeks. She was never much of a people person, but thanks to Miako, she learned to get along with others more. And with that teensy bit of betrayal she had committed, she tried her best make up for her little secret.

I Never Felt This Way Before

Miako roamed around the yacht, humming to herself as she passed the halls. And there it was; her room. She entered the room and immediately went searching for the letter. A strange beige colored envelope positioned on top of a lampshade caught her attention, it's the letter, she thought. It didn't have a name on it, but she could sense that her name was all over it, if you know what I mean. She knew already it was the one Yukino mentioned earlier. It meant for her.

She took a seat at the foot of the bed and opened it, her heart beating fast, and the butterflies inside her tummy mutated into dragons. She quickly read it, not missing a beat, or a word. Her thoughts on the letter: Yes. Sweet words are there. Yes. Confessions present. Yes. And.. But when she got to the bottom. Her heart sank six feet under. It wasn't from Hikaru..

She stood, letter in hand, when..

"What are you doing in there?" A voice suddenly spoke. Miako hid the letter as a reflex, her face flushed as she saw Hikaru leaning against the door jamb, he looked majestic as ever.

"Nothing!" Miako said nervously, getting all giddy. She crumpled the letter and chucked it secretly at the narrow bed side.

"What were you reading?" He narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms. His gold eyes pierced her brown ones, like a golden knife slicing chocolate bread.

"Oh, umm. That was nothing. Seriously, it was just homework. Pfft. Let it go." She breathed and exited the room, ignoring his intimidating position. She didn't notice the sun had set and it was now dark in the yacht. She gulped.

I Never Felt This Way Before

As soon as Miako mentioned that mysterious letter, Hikaru couldn't stay put. He didn't know what it meant. Was that code for something? Did she want him to make a letter? Or was someone using his name? He didn't know. So after he finished up with the wood, he put on his shirt like a boss and trudged after Miako at the yacht. After they saw each other..

I have to see that letter. It's impossible that piece of paper is homework. He thought. I need to call backup.

Ring. Ring.

"What do you want?" A similar but lighter voice grunted through the phone.

"I want you to go to Miako's room and find some kind of letter." He mumbled as quietly as he could on the phone as he slowly stepped out of Miako's room.

"Why? We aren't exactly on speaking terms you know."

"Yeah well, I'm kind of over our little fight. Fine, if you really like that girl so much, I won't stand in the way."

"Really? You don't want be pawned or something?"

"What? Are we twelve or something? I'm serious. Make sure nobody sees you."

"Okay. You owe me." With that. He put away his iPhone, grinning because of that stupid letter, he and Kaoru had finally made amends. It was sort of a serious fight, but they made up over the phone. How unserious was that?

"W-were you talking to someone?" Miako stuttered, it was dark, and the air was still inside the ship. Her words echoed of the wall.

"No." Hikaru replied coolly. "You must be hearing things." He put his left arm around the shoulder, and smirked. He was cool again with his bro, and had his lackey closer to him.

Clank. "What was that-?" Miako seemed to notice every sound she heard.

"Oh that's probably Jason dropping his machete." He voiced in an anxious tone. She turned her head towards him and she felt his arm tighten around her, her terrified eyes and fast beating heart reaching out to him. But Hikaru wasn't moved, instead he laughed. Miako squealed and slapped his shoulder.

"You're joking, aren't you?" Miako grumbled as she stopped walking.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry, I'll stop." He smiled and approached her, his hands falling on her narrow shoulders.

"Hmph." She pouted and started walking ahead of him. Hikaru couldn't stop chuckling to himself and put his left hand in his pocket, while his right skidded along the walls, making a soft screeching sound because of his nails. Miako stopped walking and ran back to Hikaru.

"Did you hear that?" She said frantically as she clung to his arm, her eyes wide and scanning the hallway.

"I think that was Freddie's claws." Hikaru said solemnly as he nodded with a hidden smirk.

Suddenly there was a knock knock knock. It wasn't Hikaru. They both broke off into a run and laughed so hard when they got out of the yacht because of their sudden scare trip.

"What's their problem?" The captain shrugged as he peaked through the nearest door with a hammer.

I Never Felt This Way Before

"You guys!" Miako screamed as she neared her friends. "You'll never believe what just happened."

"What, did Hitachiin here kill the captain and now we're stuck here forever?" Yukino droned as she threw a stick she was fiddling with to the side. She was nervous at what she was going to say, but of course, it didn't show.

"So how was the letter?" Umi popped a marshmallow in her mouth.

"Forget about the letter. There was something in the yacht. It really scared us!" She motioned to herself and Hikaru.

"It didn't scare me." Hikaru rolled his eyes and put his hand on his hip.

"Tch. You were scared." Miako laughed and hit the hand that was propped on his hip. And Yukino glared, the daily routine when she saw some development with the two. Since this topic Miako brought to the circle was about something scary, the letter was out of the air. That letter wasn't scary one bit.

"WHAT HAPPENED?" Renge roared "Just get on with it!" She kicked the sand impatiently, annoyed with the interruptions.

"There was a ghost in the yacht! Or something." Miako shuddered.

"Oh dear! It might be some psychotic-murderous-island-person-serial-killer! Oh God." She rushed over to the shore, letting her feet get touched by the ocean water. "SOMEBODY! HELP US!" She jumped like she was doing jumping jacks.

"Please. There is no such thing as ghosts okay?" Hikaru smirked as if it was a fact. "Besides, you ladies will be safe, with us men hanging around." He crowed.

"He's right." Haruhi spoke. They barely noticed her, sitting on a piece of driftwood popping marshmallows in her mouth. Hikaru couldn't help but blush a bit, "Um yeah.. Thanks, Haruhi."

"Right. And what will you do to save us from our doom?" Yukino cocked her head to the ship.

Hikaru was about to counter her remark when Renge shouted.

"Holy crap!" She suddenly stood up and pointed at the yacht. There was a glowing light. And it moved slowly and ghostlike-ly.

"Oh c'mon, that's probably the captain with his flash-" Hikaru started.

"Spirits! That could be it. Or ghost. Well who cares really? It might be some spirit of a dead guy." Umi nodded agitatedly.

"And who might have died recently? That yacht is new." Haruhi finally stood up.

"Well, let's see." Renge's words made everyone steer their heads towards the direction of the party of boys across the yacht. "Keisuke's there. As usual, looking dorky."

"Kyouya-san's there. Mori-san. Hani-senpai." Umi scratched her head.
"The captain's there. Tamaki's standing on a tree stump." Haruhi cleared her throat and stuffed her hands in her pocket.

"My brother and Ryosuke's sulking over by the boulder." Yukino sighed.

"Hikaru-senpai's here." Miako sounded confused, "But where's Kaoru-senpai?"

"Oh my god!" Umi shouted. "Miako, it's him! He must have died. Lord, I pray for Kaoru Hitachiin's soul." She did a sign of the cross.

"Somebody whip out a Ouija board!" Renge yelled excitedly.

"Already got one!" Umi chirped and told everyone to sit on the floor. Except for Hikaru.

"Hey, are you guys sure Kaoru-senpai's the ghost?" Miako mumbled with an anxious look as she shifted uncomfortably besides Umi.

"He's not dead." Idiots. Hikaru wanted to add. But he wanted to be nice and wanted to be seen as the gentleman type.

"How do you know that, senpai?" Miako turned to face him.

"He's.. he's fishing over there." He pointed at the far end of the beach. He wished they'd just believe him.

They were all silent for a while.

"There's no sound, Hikaru-senpai." Miako said sadly.

"He might have drowned or something or maybe Tarzan chose to sacrifice him for some jungle ritual with the gorillas." Umi held back a laugh to keep the moment serious.

"Stop with those assumptions, Umi!" Renge threw a marshmallow at her head. Kaoru was her crush here in the host club and she didn't know how to react to his death.

"Well there's one way to find out." Haruhi nodded at the board.

"He's not dead!" Hikaru hissed angrily at the girls who were raving about how his very own twin brother was dead. They kept going on about it, making it seem like he really was dead. It was like a part of him was crumbling, if he imagined Kaoru was dead.

He whipped out his iPhone and rang Kaoru, suddenly a creepy horror movie sounded in the yacht making the girls snap their heads towards the ship with eyes wider than saucers. Only Yukino wasn't interested. The glowing light they saw earlier was moving fast in different directions.

"ooh. How scary." Yukino said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes.

Hikaru decided to cancel the call and text him instead. The horrific sound immediately stopped.

Have you gotten the letter? The girls want to see you. Get down here quick.-H

.. Less than a minute later, Kaoru replied.

I'm here at her room, still can't see the letter. Be down soon. –K

Miako stood up and toddled towards Hikaru, "Umm. I don't know what to say. Condolences.. Just in case." She smiled sadly.

"For the millionth time already, he's not dead." He raised his hands angrily and kicked the sand.

"It's only if it's true, okay? Chill." She crossed her arms and pouted.

"Well, what's the point of doing all of this crap," he motioned towards their activity," if you're not even sure he's gone, huh?"

"Look. I know you're hurt but, think of this as a practice for when it does happen." Miako cringed at her words. And took it all back, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. I.. Let's just forget—"

"Okay. Well said, lackey." He said coolly, but it was pretty clear he was upset. "Have fun with your false pre-funeral fun." He kept his head down, not bothering to look at her and left without another word.

"Senpai-" Miako felt like she was the one who died.

I Never Felt This Way Before

Yukino noticed the sadness on Miako's face and got up. "Stop this now." She said sternly.

"You people should quit scaring yourselves. It's pathetic. I'll just go in there and see for myself." She started towards the yacht.

"Wait!" Miako called, "do you want some company?"

"There'll be company inside the ship." She smiled darkly and looked at Umi, "care to give me one of your flash lights?"

Umi threw one at her, and she caught it gracefully. She headed towards the yacht again and stopped at the entrance. She saw footprints. Or shoeprints? Whatever. It was far from Miako and Hikaru's steps. She examined it closer, crouching down as she observed the crisscrossed pattern on the soles. These look familiar, she thought. Suddenly someone got on her back, sitting on her shoulders, making it harder to move, it shocked her so, she almost screamed. It was like a scene from Shutter. And that wasn't called a horror movie for nothing. She stood quickly and suddenly the creature laughed.

"Yukino-chan!" the person chimed, "that was fun! Do it again!"

Hani. Should have known, she thought. "Get off of me."

He got off and grinned. "Did I scare you? Where are you going? Can I come with you? Is your heart beating fast? Why do you have a flashlight?"

"… You must have eaten too many sweets again." Yukino raised an elegant brow and went inside the yacht.

It was dark, as in dark dark. The kind of dark a vampire's home would be. She swiftly moved through the hallway and stopped when she saw some light moving around like it was in some disco party. As she got closer, it lost its hyperactivity, as if growing cautious.

"Who's there?" Her strong voice broke the silent air. The light went out

No reply. She quickly entered the room. It was Miako's room. She aimed her flashlight everywhere, no movement. But a glint of orange caught her eye. She walked towards it. It was a strand of hair on Miako's bed. She smirked.

"Hitachiin, you can come out now." She crowed in the empty room.

"I-it's the captain." A gruff voice spoke. But it sounded fake.

"Sure. If you say so." Kaoru's head popped out in the corner of Miako's bed and he rolled on the bed as if on relief.

"How'd you know it was me?" He said, bemused.

"Strand of hair." She picked it up and held it in front of the flashlight. "Tsk. You're balding."

"I'm not." He stood up suddenly serious.

"Oh come on." Yukino walked towards him and teased, "No need for secrets."

"Speak for yourself." Kaoru showed her the letter with a serious look on his face. "Why'd you have to write this? You even used your left hand."

"Oh." Yukino took a step back and cleared her throat. "It's nothing important."

"Are you sure you don't want to talk about it?" Kaoru said with concern.

"Yes." Yukino nodded softly and turned, "We should go."

I Never Felt This Way Before

End of chapter.

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