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Pairing: Martha/Tom Rose/ten

Spoilers: Last of the Time Lords and Sontaran Stratagem (But not huge ones, very tiny!)

In between the yelling and stomping of heavy black boots they managed to find a quiet corner in an empty briefing room. Martha sipped contentedly from a cup of coffee while desperately missing Ianto's magic. The Doctor clasped a steaming mug of tea; he never really was a coffee person.

"How are you?"

Martha smiled, "You asked me that all ready."

"Oh, right… so I did."

"So, what's been going on? With you, I mean."

The Doctor sucked in his breath, "Oooh… been on the Titanic, blown up Vesuvius, met some fat," he looked away, "Amongst other things."

"Sounds… the same as ever, really"


They sipped at their respective drinks as they lapsed into an awkward silence.

"So, erm… this Tom guy?"

Martha grinned, "You never met him."

"No. No I didn't. Is he nice?"

"Better that nice. He saved my life," the Doctor quirked an eyebrow and looked slightly puzzled. "I mean, granted he didn't really. Year That Never Was and all that, but he still did it."

"You have a dangerous life Martha Jones."

"Yes, I do. And he knows all about it. When I've battled aliens and things here I go home at night," she paused and smiled, her eyes glazing slightly with a far-away happiness, "And he's there."

She looked to the Doctor who's eyes had also glazed slightly. She recognized that look. It was his 'Rose' look. Once upon a time that look would have cut her like a knife. Now… nothing. Peculiarly she felt sorry for him, she hadn't expected that. She had found happiness in the arms of another, and he believed he would never find happiness in Rose's arms.

"But, he's a good guy?" The Doctor's question snapped her back to reality. She heard the protective tone in his voice- like that of a big brother. Perhaps he didn't love her. But that was fine.

"The best!"

He pulled her into a warm hug, "I never said. Congratulations Martha Jones."

Martha grinned. As they walked back to the commotion she remembered what Jack had said when he'd let her in on the secret.

"We've found her Martha. We've found Rose. But don't tell the Doctor. Not yet. We'll tell him when they're both ready."

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