Saphira In Love

Me: "I do not own Eragon. I do own this story and it features a SaphiraXOC (Me. Well no duh! It's my story.) pairing."

Saphira: Are you ready my love? Flutters her eyes at me.

Me: "Ah-hehe. Ummmm...yes, I guess, Brightscales."

The sun was rising in Alegasiea and Saphira, a sapphire blue dragon female, was busy watching it and a black as night dragon, Codie, was busy flying after a moose for breakfast. She felt her heart beat faster as she watched him. She enjoyed watching how he turned, how he accelerated, and especially how he dove to deliver the killing strike. As soon as Codie had killed the moose he flew over to Saphira and dropped the dead creature at her feet.

I hope you'll enjoy this meal Saphira. remarked Codie as he walked over to a nearby flat rock to sun himself.

Thank you Codie, but I know you wish to say more to me, so you may as well. responded Saphira as she dipped her head down to take a small bite of her breakfast. Codie laughed quietly in her head and she couldn't help but join him.

You are a very perceptive dragon Saphira. You're right, I do have something else I want to ask you, and I see no better time than now. Saphira, I was wondering, with Galbatorix defeated and Alegasiea free, there are now only three dragons in existence, you, myself, and Thorn, and I was thinking that it is high time I chose a mate and, with her, begin to repopulate the dragons in this world. explained Codie as he looked over at the dragon he had admired for over two years. Saphira rose to her feet and walked over to Codie while her heart started to feel as if it would burst out of her chest at any moment.

Really? Is that so, Codie? And just where do you expect to find a mate if there are only three in existence now? asked Saphira.

Codie looked into Saphira's azure eyes and he reached his head forward.

I was hoping that you would be my mate Saphira. I love you and I have loved you for over two years now. Please say you will be my mate. stated Codie.

Saphira closed her eyes and, after taking a deep breath, sighed and nuzzled Codie's neck with her head. Yes Codie. I will be your mate. But, Saphira told her former lover and playmate, you will have to mate me very soon. I know Thorn desires me as his mate as well but I don't love him as I do you.

Codie growled threateningly at the mention of his rival's name only to suddenly stike at Saphira's neck with his head and he proceeded to nuzzle her affectionately while licking her neck and face. Thron will NEVER have you as his mate! Ever! You and I will be together and I'll kill ANYONE that tries to stop that. I will not lose you again as I did when we were hatchlings! Never again! he roared as he spread his wings and folded them possesively over Saphira's body.

Saphira, having known Codie for a long time, was slightly shocked at his declaration and fiercely possesive attitude. However, knowing that he cared that much about her, made her feel happy and safe around him. She smiled, nuzzled, and licked her soon-to-be mate affectionately. I love you Codie. I always have and I always will. she told him softly.

I love you too, Saphira Brightscales. And I swear, I will die before any harm comes to you from anyone. Codie told Saphira as they layed down next to each other to watch the sunrise.

Me: "Well. That was...interesting."

Saphira: Yes. It was. Begins to nuzzle me and then starts to lick down my body while growling suductively.

Me: "WHOA! Brightscales! Get a hold of yourself! Anyway, read and review and the love of God, someone help meeee!" Runs out of the building with Saphira slowly walking close behind me with flames of love in her eyes.