So I guess it took a little more than just a month to update then…somewhere along the lines of 2 years. Yikes..

I had forgotten all about writing (blame it on the over-hype of the Twilight movies and the absolute disaster that they call the movie franchise..eurgh *shudders*)and my fanfiction account to be honest. That is, until today when I checked this email account and saw all the mail I had from this website, telling me about the lovely people who still read my work, and appreciate it by tracking me and Internship. It was as a consequence of this that I logged on after almost two years and read this story. It made me cringe at times and wonder if it was really me that wrote all that. However, it also made me realise how excited I was about Internship, all the ideas I had in my head that I wanted to portray into words.

I know how frustrating it is when you come across a decent story and begin to follow it only to realise that the author has vanished into oblivion, never to upate again. Personally, I've always hated people when they do's never really been my style. So if Internship stops getting updated, I want it to be after its 30-something chapter. I want to carry it through to the end.

Although I certainly won't be writing anything for the next 2/3 months, once I've graduated from high school (I know right! GRADUATED *gasps*) I'm going to start updating Internship frequently.

I just wanted to put this up for all you guys that have made Internship one of your favourites. You have no idea how much it means to me :) I think I once said that the more my readers review, the more encouraged I am to continue writing. I'd like to change that – any feedback or appreciation I get for my work makes me all warm and mushy on the inside and instantly inspires me to put that next chapter up immediately (just so I can feel more love again)!

So yes, I have officially crawled out of that little hole leading to nothingness and am extremely excited to start writing again!

Lots of cyber-loving to all you awesome people out there,