And then they were two

Summary: Post Epilogue about 10 years. Bruce has finally passed away leaving only Superman and Wonder Woman as the surviving members of the original seven. What happens when Diana returns and the 2 meet up again? Kal/Diana.

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters.

Authors Note: My first Superman/Wonder Woman story. Just wanted to write one really so enjoy.

So here Kal-El was standing at another grave. He was no longer Clark Kent. Clark was dead. He died 5 years ago along with his beloved Lois. He faked Clark's death. Not hard really, he had been planning it for years. After Lois's death he had retreated to his Fortress, needing some time alone to grieve. While there he washed out the grey he had been adding to his hair to allow Clark to live longer in the world. Once it was gone he noticed he did actually have a couple of real grey hairs. A couple. Here he was nearly a hundred and all he had to show for it was a couple of grey hairs. Apart from that he looked as he did 70 years ago. How long would he live? No-one knew. Some scientists speculated that he would live as long as there was a yellow sun in the sky. If that were true he would still be here in 5 billion years when the sun expands into a red giant. He had no children. While it was possible for humans and Kryptonians to have a child, it seems Lois and he were not destined for that fate. She had been pregnant once and it almost killed her when they lost the baby. They had never been successful again after that. He knew it ate at her, not having children but she never said anything and he never raised it.

They're all gone now. The original League members have all given the world everything and passed on. J'onn was lost during the near apocalypse of 09. Strangely he had left instructions on how to have a Martian funeral ceremony. It was almost like he knew he wouldn't survive. Diana left shortly after that, called back home. Her mother was lost during that battle in 09 and it was her duty to take the throne. Kal had thought if Bruce had asked her to stay she would have but he didn't and she left. Kal didn't know if she was alive or not. In either case she was beyond his reach on a island hidden by magic so she may as well be dead. He missed their little talks though. She had always been a good friend. It seems odd thinking back on it. The princess and the farm boy who shouldn't have anything in common but like him Diana tried to see the good in people, even men.

Wally paid the price of his hyper accelerated metabolism. It shortened his life in half but it was a good life. Wally married and had twins. He and Lois used to baby-sit them. God even as toddlers they were zipping about. It was a good thing he was nearly as fast as Wally. He actually missed their races. Yeah it seems silly grown men having races but Wally liked having someone who could keep up with him. He honestly didn't know who was really faster, he had long believed Wally was slightly but in races they always seemed to end up a dead heat. He enjoyed the races for the same reasons. It was good to just to let go and have some fun every so often. This world was like cardboard to him. It was incredibly frustrating at times. Always having to be in control and gentle especially around Lois. How he would have loved to been able to embrace her with his full strength, no holding back, nothing between them but that was never possible. Kal wiped the tear that had fallen down his cheek.

John and Shayera lived a good life. Thinking back on it John had wasted too much time fighting his feelings. Kal knows better than anyone how short life is, John was just stupid. Eventually they got together. Only took a near apocalypse to accomplish it. They had a son Rex, his fellow league member now. He has Shayera's temper, not always a good thing but even he is aging. Kal can see it. How many will he have to watch grow old and die before its his turn? John lived till about 20 years ago and Shayera a few years later. As it turned out Thangarians have a similar life span to a human and both had lived hard lives. It takes its toll in the end.

Finally we come to Bruce. It is Bruce's grave he is standing at now. The service is over. His son's have gone home. His son's Terry and Matt, a product of Amanda Waller's last project Batman Beyond. Kal had not attended her funeral. Bruce did though. He thought even she deserved someone to say goodbye. Perhaps he was right. In either case Kal had been on a mission so even if he had wanted to he couldn't of gone. Kal had once joked that Bruce was too stubborn to die. He wished that was true. Bruce had certainly lasted longer than even Bruce thought he would. He lasted long enough to see his son take on the Batman mantle. Terry even took the Wayne name, Terry McGuiness Wayne it was now. Bruce has left everything to him and his wife Dana and their children. Typical Bruce had obviously planned it long ago. So here Kal is standing in Gotham, Bruce buried next to his parents. The world still calls Kal Superman but he no longer wears the red and blue. Its mostly black these days. He still has his family's crest on it and he misses the cape but it didn't seem to fit anymore. Then there was one, him, the last man standing. Typical of his life really. He should have died long ago. He was always the one who went in first. Luthor should of killed him several times over. God even he was gone now. Both his enemies and his friends, Kal was going to outlive them all. The only question was would he be alone for the rest of his life? He is interrupted by a voice from behind. "Excuse me". Its female and Kal turns round. "Diana?"

Then they were two.