17 years later.

"Very good princess" Phillipus tells her opponent as they spar. Her opponent being a 17 year old girl.

"You know she is very good" Kal says as he watches on from the side. "Must get it from her mother"

Diana smiles at him as she too watches her daughter "Flatterer"

"You know me. Has she grown again?" Kal asks. He had been away in deep space for a month and had just gotten back.

"Another half inch. She's nearly as tall as you now. She's worried she's going to be lanky" Diana informs him.

Kal laughs "She'll be fine. I was lanky, as you put it, when I was a teenager and I turned out ok"

"Yes you did" she says in reply. Diana kisses her husband. Her husband of approaching 18 years now. He still looked remarkably good. He was a little greyer but not that much so and a few lines had appeared at the corner of his eyes but still to anyone who looked at him he looked in his early 40s at most and not the 110 plus he actually was. Of course she too was now aging. She had given up her immortality. She didn't want to live forever, not without Kal anyway. He had been remarkably supportive of her decision. Their lives were now linked literally. They were growing old at the same rate, a gift, Aphrodite called it and Diana supposed it was. She hadn't been sure the gods would agree to it when she asked them to lift her immortality but they did and she doesn't regret her decision in the least. Diana turns her attention back to watching her daughter.

Lois had always enjoyed sparring with Phillipus. Even though she could easily defeat her with her heat vision or her superspeed she understood her parents' wish for her to possess control and focus. She especially needed control over, what she thought, was her rather lanky body. She wished she would fill out a bit more like her mother. Control was especially important for her because she had gifts beyond either of her parents. It had started the night of her 16th birthday when someone had insulted her father. No-one insults her father. She was so mad and then suddenly the Amazon who mocked her father was blasted away with a pulse of energy. Anyone who had seen her that night and frankly you couldn't miss her because apparently her whole body glowed was truly stunned. In fact only her father could actually get near her due to the heat she was giving off. That only lasted until her temper eased and since then she hasn't been able to reproduce it by will. Her father tells her that she should be patient and one day she will discover what triggers that gift and then she will be able to control it like all her other gifts.

Lois' attention is caught by a whoosh. She knows that whoosh anywhere.

"Jon!" Diana yells at her 14 year old son who appears next to her looking rather sheepish. A 14 year old spitting image of his father stands there looking sheepish awaiting his mother's wrath.

"Jon what have we said about running around the island?" Diana reminds her son.

Jon looks down at the ground knowing full well what his mother has said to him before about doing that. "Sorry mom". Jon being the only one who uses the word mom. Diana couldn't work out why or where he got it from except that he is too much like his father.

Kal looks down at his son. He looked so much like Kal did when he was that age. He hadn't expected another child. Jon like Lois was a little unexpected but in a good way except for Diana's mood swings which he had to endure again. It was getting on to 18 years he had been married now and he had decided he liked marriage just as much the second time round as he had when he was married to Lois. Of course his super powered children were going to be the death of him one day and speaking of said children. "Jonathan. Why were you running this time?"

"Well you see I thought if I could just run fast enough I could get airborne like you and Lois"

Kal laughs at him. He can't help it. "Son. You'll fly when you're ready to fly. I couldn't till I was 16. You must have patience. Now I assume that you have done your homework if you're running about"

Jon shuffled uncomfortably at that question. Diana folded her arms across her chest "Jonathan Kent. Have you done your homework?"

"No mom. I'm sorry. I'll go do it right now I promise"

Diana shakes her head "Go then and no more superspeed" she tells him.

Jon looks up at his father with pleading eyes.

"Sorry Jon I'm with your mother. We'll see about you superspeeding later after your homework is done"

"Yes dad" Jon concedes in defeat.

As Jon walks past Lois she sticks her tongue out at him after overhearing the whole conversation. Unfortunately for Lois that momentary lapse in concentration allows Phillipus to knock her flat on her back.

Jon laughs at her "You should pay more attention sis"

Lois' eyes glow momentarily.

"Lois. Don't be mad at your brother for your lapse" Diana tells her.

Lois picks herself up "Yes mother. You are right. I am sorry"

"Princess in battle. One must pay attention to her opponent and not become focused on any distractions" Phillipus tells her.

"Yes I know. I understand"

"Good. Now we'll do it again until you get it perfect"

"Yes I am ready" Lois tells Phillipus as they start again with their sparring match.

"She wants to leave and be a hero like you" Diana tells Kal.

Kal places an arm around Diana "I know. Guess we can't keep it secret anymore"

"No. I'm amazed we kept it secret this long. I can still remember my concerns that we would have to tell everyone before they found out anyway"

"So can I but we did a good job considering she has the power to whip both our butts" Kal points out to his wife.

"She doesn't know that yet" Diana reminds him. It had been obvious for years now that Lois surpassed the two of them not to mention this energy she could project from her body although that was still a work in progress.

"She will soon. I can barely keep up with her now and she's not fully grown yet"

"Jon is different. He's more like you even though I can't explain why"

"He's still young. After all we didn't know what Lois could do till she was 16. In fact I'm not sure we've even seen the limits of what Lois can do. No wonder the gods were afraid of her birth"

Diana frowns "They still won't harm her. I won't allow it. Besides she worships them like I do. She wouldn't harm them, well not all of them. If she ever wants to hurt Hades or Ares or Eris I wouldn't object"

"Neither would I actually. She truly is a miracle just like you said she would be."

"Yes she is. I gave her life and carried her within me. I've never forgotten what that felt like"

"Neither have I especially the mood swings"

Diana elbows him in the stomach.

"Hey what was that for? Twice I'll remind you I had to endure those mood swings of yours"

"Well you should have been more careful the second time around in remembering protection."

"Oh now wait a minute your Majesty. I wasn't the one who decided to spend our anniversary alone at the Fortress and I certainly wasn't the one who took your bracelets off. I still to this day don't know what you were thinking"

Diana gets a very smug look on her face "I was thinking about spending some time with my husband without any barriers of any kind between us"

"Yeah but you play rough without those bracelets. What is it with you and biting me?"

"You taste good and besides if it was anyone else I would be fighting them to the death. It's just my love for you is stronger"

"I wasn't that far from death after that if I recall correctly."

"You're exaggerating. You were just a little worn out"

"We nearly wrecked the Fortress" Kal points out to her.

"It wasn't as bad as the farm when we had our 10th anniversary and that time was your idea if you'll recall"

"I do but at least we did remember protection that time. I can barely keep up with two kids. I don't know how Terry and Dana cope with 4"

"Well to be fair they weren't planning on twins and besides it is 6 kids when we get them to baby-sit for us"

"You have a point and of course it helped that Terry got Matt to become Batman so he could stay home and help raise them"

"True. Is Bruce planning to take on the mantle?" Diana asks in reference to Dana and Terry's oldest son.

"He did last month just before I left. I would have told you sooner if I could have but there wasn't time."

Diana nods in understanding "I'm glad you're alright though. I couldn't believe it when I heard you ran into Darkseid out there"

"Neither could I" Kal admits. He had simply been helping out another distant civilisation as he had done a hundred times before when there he was just as Kal remembered. Darkseid. On the plus side for Kal he was more powerful than the last time they met and kryptonite does nothing more now than give him a headache. He won the battle they had but Darkseid escaped again which means there will be another day, another battle to fight against Darkseid. Oh well it doesn't matter as long as he has his family.

At dinner that evening Kal can see Lois wants to say something but isn't sure where to start.

"What's bothering you Lo?" Kal asks her.

Oh Hera had she been that obvious? "Father I'm 17 now and I have spent as much time in Man's World as I have lived on the island and I,…" she takes a breath "I want to join the Justice League"

Diana smiles at her daughter. She had been telling her this secretly for months now and Diana had told her she would have to speak to her father about it.

"Do you indeed. Well Lois I thought this day might come. In fact your mother and I have talked about it often over the years and we decided if you want to join neither of us will stop you but be sure it is what you want. Living the life of a hero is difficult especially the secret identity part but you know that already when you spend time with me in the outside world."

The last 17 years had not been entirely easy. Diana was still Queen and she couldn't leave the island at least not permanently. She did take time off and they all lived like a family in Smallville for short periods. Even after all this time the house in Smallville was still remote enough that no-one really noticed their comings and goings or the fact Diana and the children were not there all the time and the times it was noticed, well Kal had been making up stories for 90 years about his disappearances so he had gotten really good at it. Of course he wrote novels as a living on top of that. He even had a couple published to some critical praise.

"I know father but this is what I want to do. I want to help people like you do. Isn't that what our powers are for?"

Kal and Diana both smile, glad they had instilled that point into their daughter and hopefully their son as well. "Yes it is" Kal answers her.

"But you will still have to be careful. Your powers are still growing and developing" Diana warns her.

"I know mother but maybe using them will help me better understand the powers I have that you and father don't possess even though there is only one of them so far and I still don't know how I did that with the glowing and the heat and the energy pulse and am I rambling?"

Jonathan laughs "Yes you are. Only Zeus knows who you picked up that trait from" he says as he lobs some food at her which hits her square in the face.

"Oh you are in for it now Jon" Lois says back to him as she hits him back with food.

"Oh stop it you two" Diana reprimands them. "Tell them Kal"

Diana turns her head to look at Kal just in time to see him throw some food at her with a smirk across his face.

Diana wipes the food off "Kal-El! You will pay for that!"

"Promises, promises. I hear a lot of talking Diana but little action" Kal says back, his smirk never fading.

Diana scoops some food up.

"Oh come on Diana. You know you can't hit me if I see it coming" Kal points out due to his superspeed.

"But you won't see this coming" Diana assures him.

"Heads up dad" Jon shouts but it is too late as Lois hits him with an apple.

With that distraction Diana throws her food which hits him as well. "We're being ganged up on here son" Kal says to Jon.

"I know dad. What will we do?"

Kal gets a very enigmatic look on his face as he disappears into a blur and Diana loses sight of him.

"Kal!" Diana shouts. "Lois?" Diana asks of her daughter.

Lois shrugs. Even she has lost sight of him and she'll have to ask him how he did that because he shouldn't have been able to lose her. Then suddenly food is flying for her and Diana and smack. Once they have cleaned it off they find Kal standing exactly where he was before like he had never moved.

Diana shakes her head "You're acting like a child" she says to Kal.

"Well you do help keep me young" Kal says back to her.

Diana strolls up to him and arches an eyebrow. "Do I?" she asks in a seductive tone of voice.

Lois and Jon roll their eyes. They've seen this dance before. "We'll just go and clean up" Lois says.

"Yeah and by the way eww" Jon says to his parents as he and Lois leave.

"I don't know where he picks up that slang. It's at least 50 years out of date" Diana comments.

"Me neither but then again I still haven't figured out where he picked up mom from"

"That one has me at a loss as well but truthfully I like it" Diana says.

Kal moves to her and pulls her into a hug. "Motherhood is softening you" he tells her.

"Shouldn't that be has softened me?"

"Nah. It's still a work in progress" Kal says as he leans down slightly to capture Diana's lips in his own.

"I love you Kal" Diana says in between kisses.

"I love you too" Kal says as they kiss again.

Just then Lois barges back in "Sorry to interrupt but can I get a cape on my outfit?"

Kal scanned through the wall of the tower at the mass ranks of the media. Over 80 years since he started being Superman and the media still can't enough of heroes.

"Are you sure you want to do this Kal?" Barda asks. Barda was still remarkably untouched by time but that was true of all natives of Apokolips.

"This is how we always introduce new members Barda. We don't hide from the media."

"You know what they'll ask as soon as they see her"

"I know. Send her out at the right moment" Kal tells Barda as he steps outside.

Lois stands there nervously awaiting her moment.

"Relax Lois" her aunt Donna tells her. Donna was still ambassador and over the years she had grown to quite like the role and her role of being an aunt and a godparent to now two children. And today she was here as moral support for Lois.

Kal stands in front of the hoard "Ladies and Gentlemen welcome. Today is another day when we induct a new member to the League but this member is very special to me at least. She will take on the mantle vacated by my cousin as Supergirl" That started a few murmurings among the press.

"May I introduce to you my daughter"

Lois walks out into the glare wearing a mid-thigh length blue dress with a red cape that she had insisted upon and the shield that her father wore. The shield was different in one respect. Along its top edge were two golden Ws in respect of her mother. She also wore the bracelets that all amazons wore as a remembrance of their once bondage. Lois stands next to her father as he once more addresses the crowd. "Any questions?" he asks.

The End.

Author's Note: Yep we're done, finished, finito. I hope this epilogue is ok. I always hate having to end my stories but come to an end they must. I hope you enjoyed reading this as I enjoyed reading your reviews. Thanks to all those that wrote reviews. I appreciate it. I have to go now and rest up and hopefully some new ideas will come to me. Till then, bye.