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Catastrophic Revelations

Chapitre 1: A Tiny Sunshine

Kurogane had just entered the apartment where he and the others were staying at for the time being. They were lucky enough to get a two-room apartment on the world known as Ombre. Fai, Syaoran, and himself had each found jobs. He was coming back from his job, he didn't like it very much, but they really needed money at the moment so he had to remain where he was.

He walked into the front room and found it quiet, just the way he liked it. There was no one. Not even Mokona or either of those two annoying girls who had somehow got Yûko to let them join with them.

Kurogane decided to go to his room that he was sharing with Fai and Syaoran and sit down and relax for a few moments before the moment was gone. He walked up to the door and opened it and froze when he saw that the room was being occupied by a living life form that was laying on the ground with a controller in hand, television on and game system on.

The person looked over her shoulder and smiled, sitting up. "Hey, Kurogane, how was work?"

It was Kyoki Okamiki. One of the girls who had been traveling with them for the last six months. They had found the two girls on a world called Earth. The witch had told them that they would be getting two new members of their group right before they came to that world. Kurogane didn't know what they paid Yûko to be able to travel, and he didn't care either. At first he found the two annoying, but as time went by and they got use to seeing new worlds, they calmed down.

"What are you doing in here? You have your own room." He told her, sitting down on the edge of one of the three beds.

"Y-yea... I know... it's just that... Kyoki paused her game, ran to the door to make sure no one was out there, closed it and came back and sat on the edge of one of the other bed near his. "But Yume and Fai said they needed to "talk", so they asked if I could play my game in here for a little bit. And they didn't want to "talk" in here in case you came barging in and yelled at them. And I couldn't play my game in the living room cuz there are a lot of gun shots and the person who lives below has their bedroom right there and they have asked us not to be so loud in that area. So... this was the only option left." As she said 'talk' she used her pointer and middle fingers on both of her hands to make the quotation signs.

Kurogane sighed, realizing that his one chance at a relaxing moment was far over. "Why do you keep doing that?"

"Oh? The quotations?"


"Because... well, I don't think that Yume and Fai are doing this... but they could... I don't know... but whenever I was at home and I was asked to leave the room so someone could "talk", they did more than just "talk." If you get my drift. I know Yume-chan likes Fai-kun, but I don't know if Fai-kun likes her like that. But, maybe he does and... Oh, I hope they don't make a mess. I should have grabbed Pakku-san before I left."


"My cactus. He's just a baby. He shouldn't see that kind of stuff... well... that is if they are doing those kinds of activities. Though, like I said, they may not."

Kurogane growled. "I'm not going to deal with this kind of hanky panky business when we have more important things to worry about. C'mon." He stood, grabbed her wrist and brought her with him as he walked to the door, opened it, and stepped into the hall. He took two steps across to the girls' room and was about to knock, but stopped when he heard giggling coming from the inside.

"Kurogane-san, we can't do this, we have to get out of here. It's not safe for us here." Kyoki said, worried.

He looked down at her, curiously. "What are you so worked up about? They aren't going to kill us."

"How do you know?" Kyoki hissed at him. She grabbed his wrist that was holding hers and tried to pull him away from the door, but wasn't making any progress at all. "I know Yume. She's my cousin, for crying out loud. I am pretty sure she wouldn't want us to eavesdrop right now on their "talking." I wouldn't want someone to ease drop on me if I was "talking." I wouldn't want anyone to ease drop on me even if I was not "talking."" She once again used her fingers as quotation.

Kurogane was just about to tell her how weird she was when they heard talking from the other side."

"I wanna tell them, especially Kyoki. It's so wrong and weird keeping this huge secret from her." Yume said, and with that Kyoki planted her ear next to the door to try to listen in better.

"I thought you wanted to get out of here?" Kurogane said.

"Hush, you. Listen, they are talking about you now." Kyoki said.

Kurogane rolled his eyes, but put his head to the door too. She was right.

Fai had just said: "I know. Kuro-pii should know the truth too. I-"

"What the hell are they talking about? What do we have to know?" Kyoki whispered.

Kurogane couldn't hear what she was saying with her talking. He covered her mouth with her free hand as he listened to the end of what Fai said.

"-I just wanna kiss him and tell him how I feel."

Kurogane's eyes widen slightly as he took a step back from the door.

Kyoki gasped and covered her free hand over her mouth. She looked at the door to Kurogane.

"I should go look for him now." Fai said. They heard him coming closer to the door.

Kurogane, forgetting that he still held Kyoki's wrist, ran to back to the room, dragging a stumbling, confused Kyoki behind him. Once the two of them were in the room, he locked the door behind them. He crossed the room to the nearest bed and sat down.

"F-Fai likes you and wants to kiss you? But... Yume-chan likes him... but... I guess Yume-chan knows that he likes you then she is fine with that. She seemed to be happy when she was talking to him." Kyoki walked over to him, and put her hand on his right shoulder. "I'm happy for the two of you. I know how much Fai is attached to you. I'm not homophobic, so I shall support the two of you to the very end. I just feel sorry for Yume since she really likes Fai so much. A-and for whoever likes you. Wherever they are. I'm not saying no one likes you. I'm sure there is, ah, somewhere. I just never met them or something like that. This is getting embarrassing. If you want, I'll go tell him you are here. And the two of you can confess your feelings to each other in private. If so, I just need a moment to save my game though."

Kurogane stood suddenly, her hand falling back to her side.

"What the hell are you talking about?!"

"You like him, don't you?" Kyoki asked, raising an eyebrow curiously.

"Hell no! I do like him kinda as a friend, kinda, but not anything like what he's thinking." Kurogane told her, looking up at her, seeing as since he was sitting down and she was standing, he had to look up.

Kyoki felt kinda odd having to look down at him, since she was used to looking up. "S-so you don't like him... like that?"

"I just said, 'Hell no!"

She sighed in relief. "That is good. I-I mean for Yume-chan. Then she still has a chance with him... Maybe..." She looked down at the ground nervously.

"What's up with you?" Kurogane wondered.

"N-nothing. I-I just want Y-Yume-chan to be happy with the person she l-loves. And she l-loves Fai." She looked at him, determined. "You can't tell anyone I told you that! She made me promise not to tell anyone. And I told you. And now I am the most shittest friend in the world. I-" Kyoki's eyes threatened to release tears.

Suddenly there came a knock at the door.

"Oh no! She's found out! She's going to ex-friend me and never want to talk to me again." Kyoki cried out as she jumped forward, hugging onto the nearest thing to her: Kurogane. His face was automatically pressed tightly into her breast area. As she did this, she stumbled forward and her knee advanced forward into his crotch, causing him to squeeze his eyes in pain, losing his concentration on staying sitting upward. He leaned laid back onto the bed... with Kyoki on top of him.

There was another knock.

Kyoki heard some muffling under her and remembered that she was on top of Kurogane. She quickly rolled off of him, apologizing nonstop. Her cheeks began to glow a bright red at how embarrassing that situation was.

"Kyo-chan? Are you in there?" Fai called.

Kyoki looked at Kurogane.

"Answer the door, don't tell him I'm in here." He whispered.

She nodded. "You should hide."

Kurogane scowled at the thought of hiding, but he really didn't want to face Fai right now. He didn't have a problem with Fai, it's just that he didn't want to confront Fai and his feelings about him right after being kneed in the crotch and having his face smashed into Kyoki's boobs. Though, he did feel a little unsteady about-facing Fai. He was a close friend of the weirdo, but how would their friendship turn out after Fai was rejected?

She nodded again and walked over to the door and waited until Kurogane managed to get himself under one of the beds before opening it.

"Hey, F-Fai. Sorry I didn't come right away. I was in a fight on my game, yea. And it was a big fight, yea. And I was going to die if I left, yes. I'm sorry."

"Oh, it's fine. Are you feeling all right? Your face is all red." Fai put the back of his hand to her forehead to feel her temperature. "You're warm. Maybe I should take you to a doctor."

"N-no. I'm fine. It was just an intense battle, so I forgot to breath there toward the end. You know how it is, right? Adrenaline pumping and all, you kinda forget stuff." She smiled weakly.

"Are you sure that is all?" He looked down at her, worried.

She nodded. "Yes, that is all."

He studied her face a few moments. "All right. I must go, but if you start to feel sick, tell Yume or Kurogane. I think Kurogane is around here somewhere. Have you seen him, by the way?"

She shook her head. "No, I think he is still at work."

Fai smiled at her. "Thanks. See you later, Kyo-chan."

Kyoki nodded as he walked away. She closed the door behind her. Kyoki walked over to one of the beds and sat down on it. She heard Kurogane growl as the weight of the mattress squished his feet.

"I'm sorry." Kyoki cried out as she stood from the bed.

Kurogane began crawling out. He was about to stand up when there was another knock on the door, startling Kyoki once again who went to go hid between the space of the two beds, but collided with Kurogane who fell forward, landing on his stomach on the ground with Kyoki on top of him.

"I'm sorry. It might be him again, you should hide."

"I'm not going under there again." Kurogane snapped.

Kyoki rolled once again off of him and stood up, her face getting even redder than before.

Kurogane said nothing and made his way to the closet where he carefully slipped himself in around all the clothing, weapons and other items that were there from the previous owners.

When he was situated, she opened the door again to reveal her cousin who was two years younger than her and several inches shorter.

"Hey Kyoki. Is Fai around? Hey, are you feeling all right?" She felt her cousin's forehead with her hand.

"I'm all right. Why is everyone saying that?"

"Because you are burning up like the sun and you're face is all red and you're sweating." Yume said, retracting her hand.

"I'm fine, really. Fai just left."

Yume nodded to herself. "All right. I better go catch him. He, uh, forgot his umbrella. It's about to rain. I gotta go. Hope you feel better." And with that, Yume took off down the hall and out of the door.

Kyoki was about to close the door, but stopped when Kurogane told her not to bother since the other occupants were out.

"This is becoming one of the most stressful days of my life." Kyoki said as she watched Kurogane disentangle himself from the closets items. She was rather amused watching him try to untangle his foot from some rope. That was until she saw the glowing eyes of a feral beast inside the closet. What appeared to be a claw began to come out toward Kurogane.

"Kurogane! Watch out!" She rushed forward, planning on grabbing Kurogane and pushing him toward the bed to safety. She did grab him, but he, being startled by her once again sudden outburst, lost his footing due to the rope and fell to the ground on his back. Kyoki, still holding onto the front of his shirt, went down with him. However, this time she did not land on him... at least not laying down. This time she was sitting on his stomach, her legs straddling his sides.

Kurogane rubbed the side of his head where a headache was forming.

"And once again, I'm on top of you." She leaned forward slightly so she could stand up, when a pole from the closet came down and hit her on the head, causing her to black out from the pain for a few seconds. She sank forward, her head resting inches from Kurogane's head.

"Oh, my."

Kyoki looked up in horror to see her cousin, standing shocked in the doorway.

"Yume-chan, what are you doing back?" Kyoki said, sitting up, looking at the shocked expression on her best friend's face.

"I-I came back to ask if Fai said where he was going. I'm sorry for walking in on your... your... ah..."

"Yume, it's not what it looks like." Kyoki said, standing up.

Yume saw the ropes around Kurogane's face and took a deep breath before speaking. "I'll go find Fai now. Bye." Yume backed out of the room and ran so fast she looked like a blur.

"No, no, no. Now she thinks you and I..." Kyoki smacked herself on the head.

"Who cares what they think." Kurogane sat up and untied the ropes around his ankles.

"I DO! They are going to think that you and I are... you know... romantically involved or something. And I'm sure you don't want to be seen romantically involved with someone. You're just too cool for that. But if Fai knew you were already in a relationship, then perhaps he would like Yume and such. No, that would be wrong. You should tell him that you just don't like him if that is how you feel. It's-"

"Shut up." Kurogane said, not meanly, but not actually nice either.

She did as she was told.

He sighed as he stood up. Her eyes followed him as he paced back and forth in front of the beds.

"You know, I was thinking... if Fai and Yume-chan are together, then maybe Fai wouldn't have time to come up with cute names for you...But if both you and Fai like each other as much as the two of you seem to at times, then I think you should be together." Kyoki told him, talking softly.

He stopped in front of her, forehead more furrowed than usual. The eyebrow on his right twitching. He lowered his face down so they are face to face, merely inches from each other. "How many times do I have to tell you? I. Don't. Like. Him." For the last four words he tapped her on the head with finger with his left hand.

"But..." She shook her head for a second as she composed her thoughts. "Oh, if you don't like Fai, then you must like someone else... right?" She looked down at her hands sadly. She had had a huge crush on Kurogane since the moment she met him six months ago. She knew that Kurogane was not the type of guy who would like someone like her, so she knew that she couldn't be the one he liked... that is if there was even someone out there that he liked.

His right eyebrow still twitched as his left eye widen slightly in confused surprisement. "W-what the hell are you talking about?"

"N-nothing. Just thinking of crazy stuff. Yep, cuz that's me, Kyoki. Thinking and talking of crazy stuff. Hehe, well, I am getting a pretty good damn headache, so I think I am going to go take a shower and then go to bed. So goodnight." She stood suddenly, causing Kurogane to stand as well as not to have his face once again be slammed with her boobs again. She rushed out of the room; completely forgetting her game was still on.

Kurogane stood there, rather confounded by it all. Kurogane decided to go make himself some dinner and left the room.

"Where the hell did Fai run off too?" Yume asked as she held the umbrella in her hand.

It was a clear night, not a cloud in sight. She felt horrible for lying to Kyoki about bringing an umbrella to Fai.

Her mind flashed to the scene she saw with Kurogane and Kyoki. Yume shook her had, trying to get that shocking image in her mind. She knew that her cousin really liked him, but didn't think the two of them would be doing... well... whatever the hell they had been doing.

She felt slightly hurt that Kyoki had not told her about her and Kurogane... though Yume had a secret of her own from her cousin, so she couldn't really be very mad...

Yume began to run, as if running would make everything straighten out somehow and make everything clear. She didn't look where she was running as she turned the corner and ran into the person that was coming around the same corner, opposite direction.

As Yume slowly started to fall backward from the impact, she felt warm hands wrap around her waist. The person who caught her then moved forward and hugged her tightly.

Yume instantly recognized the hug as being from Fai. The umbrella slipped from her hand as she wrapped her arms around him, hugging him tightly right back. She buried her face in his chest as she began to cry for reasons unknown to her. Fai kept one arm around her and with the other one ran it through her hair as he waited silently until she calmed down to tell him of what was wrong.

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