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It has been a little over 8 years since that fateful day that so many peoples lives were changed when the Yondaime Hokage of Konoha sacraficed his life to defeat the Kyuubi no Kitsune. Durring that time Konoha fought a small war with Cloud and ended it nearly starting another one. It had also had alot of dangerous threats from outside forces as well as inside of it that nearly destroyed them. Most revolving around a certian blond hair, blue eyes, whiskered face boy. Others for other reasons.

Now today was the day of the accademy graduation exam and like always it is the bunshin, henge, and replacement jutsu as the test. A suprisingly large group of students passed and a few of the kids who passed were very well off in the financial department thanks to thier parents money.

One such kid was named Beavis Burder. His father was a widow and a member of the civilian council.

The accademy teacher looked at the class and said "Right, that was everything. Now for those of you who passed congratulations and I hope to see you all on monday for team assignments. To those who did not pass better luck next year. Your all dismissed." as he walked out of the class.

Beavis walked over to a group of girls who were packing thier things and said "So ladies. Which one of you lucky woman want to be my date to the party at my place tonight."

Each of the girls looked at him and started to walk away snickering and he said "Hey, I was not joking." getting a little mad.

The girls said "We know but your not worth our time." as they left laughing.

Beavis looked at them with hate in his eyes and then turned and saw the rookie of the year packing her things and he smiled and walked over and said "So Kurenai, you going to come to the party tonight."

Kurenai said "Yeah, Im going but I am not going as your date so don't ask. I already told you I am not interested in dating until I prove my ninja way. Besides your not my type. Well cya later." as she left the room.

Beavis looked at her leave and thought "we will see about that Kurenai. I will show you I'm your type alright. Hehehehe."

A few hours later at the party at Beavis's house, his father left and he waited until he was gone and he came out and said "Hey everybody, look. Sake." as he pulled out several bottles of Sake.

All the new gennins looked at him and Kurenai said "Hey, were not old enough for that Beavis and you know it."

Beavis said "Old enough to kill, old enough to drink. Quit being an old maid and show everyone here your not scared of a little sake, or are you really not a ninja." as he reached under the counter and pulled out a glass and quickly poured a glass and handed it to her.

Everyone was looking at her and she looked at the sake and then sighed as she drank it coughing a few seconds and Beavis quickly screamed "See everyone, no harm no foul." as he poured several more glasses for the others.

He smiled to himself and enjoyed the party over the next 30 minutes and then he saw Kurenai leaning agianst the wall looking a little sick and he walked over and said "Hey, you ok."

Kurenai said "Yeah, my head feels funny. I guess its the sake. I never drank before."

Beavis said "Its ok, it goes away but perhaps you might go home and lay down. I mean don't want you passing out in front of all these people and never live it down. It would ruin your reputation."

Kurenai shot him a look and said "I guess so. I'll head home." as she quit leaning on the wall and started toward the door only to stumble and Beavis caught her.

He said "Here, let me walk you home."

Kurenai said "No, Im fine." as she tried to stand up straight only to sway a little.

Beavis said "I insist. I mean its a chance for us to talk about our possible teams and what we think about who would make good teams. Trust me. We are both ninja of Konoha after all."

Kurenai who was feeling even worse for some reason said "Alright." as she let Beavis lead her out of the house and toward her house.

They made it about halfway when she suddenly felt very sick and Beavis said "Here, lets go over here and lean agianst the wall of this ally so nobody sees you like this. I mean we don't want people to start rumors after all about you."

She nodded with half lidded eyes as he lead him to the ally and she leaned agianst the wall and slowly blacked out.

Once she was passed out Beavis smirked and said "I knew those pills would do the trick. Dad takes them to help sleep and when mixed with sake makes it where you won't wake up for a while. Now your mine." as he leaned her down onto the ground off the wall and raised her dress and pulled her shorts and panties off.

Kurenai moaned a little and Beavis took off his pants and crawled over her body and looked at her face and said "Your mine now bitch." and he drawed his hips back to thrust forward when suddenly he screamed out "AAHHHHHHHH." as he rolled to the side holding his nutts.

He had tears on his face as he looked and saw Kurenai being dragged toward the street by a blond hair boy with blue eyes."

He was still in pain and looked down only to pale as he saw his nutts were bleeding and the kid said "Serves you right asshole." as he kept pulling Kurenai toward the street.

Beavis did not care what happened right now. He was in so much pain.

As the boy finally made it to the street with Kurenai he said "hey, someone, help. This girls needs help." as he pointed to Kurenai.

An old woman looked at Naruto and sneered and then looked at Kurenai and saw her state of dress and said "You filthy demon, raping a poor girl like this." and started to scream for others to come.

More and more people showed up and they circled Naruto and Kurenai who luckily was covered by the woman who took off her coat to save her some modesty.

The people saw Kurenai passed out and the old woman pointing to Naruto and they started to hit him.

As he was getting hit and beat down a voice said "Whats going on here." making everyone look and see the Hokage who had arrived with the ANBU.

The old woman said "That thing was assaulting this girl."

The third asked "Really, and what do you say Naruto. Did you attack this girl."

Naruto said "No, that guy whose holding himself there did. I saw him lead her into the ally where she passed out and then he took her cloths off while saying that he used some pills on her to make her pass out and he was about to attack her so I kicked him in the nuts. Honest."

The third pointed to the boy and said "Is that true. Did Naruto kick you."

The boy said "Yeah, that demon kicked me and busted my nuts. I need medical help." not thinking about what could be believed by the rest of him admitting as he was holding himself in pain

The third said "Well as I see it Naruto just saved this girl here from rape and you miss started a riot in my village so I am arresting you boy for attempted rape and you miss for disturbing the peace. Your both going to visit Ibiki and you boy are also going to spend the next 5 years in jail on top of your punishment for your crime for breaking my law. Now ANBU, take this girl to the hospital and arrest that boy and this woman. Naruto come with me."

Naruto nods and leaves with the Hokage and the crowd that had gathered and some muttered 'demon lover' not even thinking that Naruto did do the right thing.

A few hours later Kurenai woke up in the Hospital and she looked around and saw the Hokage sitting in a chair and she said "Hello, Hokagesama." in a groggy voice.

The third said "Hello Kurenai. I was wondering if you could tell me what happened earlier."

Kureani looked around and said "I don't really remember. I was at a party for us who graduated and then someone gave me some sake and then after a little while I started feeling wierd and then Beavis, the guy who held the party and gave me the sake offered to take me home. I don't remember anything after that. What happened and why am I in the hospital sir."

The third said "Well you were poisoned by a drug that was to knock you out. Especially when mixed with sake. That boy, beavis then lead you to an ally where he attempted to sexual assault you."

Kurenai paled and asked in a shaky voice "Did he."

The third said "No, someone who saw you and him enter the ally came and when he saw what was about to happen saved you and dealt with Beavis. I have Beavis locked up right now and he will stay there for a very long time."

Kurenai said "Who was it that saved me sir."

The third was silent a moment and said "A concerned citizen. He said he didn't want you to know so that way you can forget all about this and get on with your life. Now rest. You have been given an antidote for the drug but you will be in here for the rest of the weekend. I would sugest from now on to never drink something from someone unless you know for sure its safe. I mean its obvious that beavis had this setup to drug you. I am sorry for everything that happened and glad someone saved you. Please now rest and don't worry. Your perfectly fine now."

Kurenai nods as she watched the hokage leave and she thought "thank you my knight in shinning armor, who ever you are." as she smiled a small smile and fell back to sleep.

4 years later, Kurenai had worked hard after that event and had already started to make a name for herself in the ninja world as a genjutsu mistress. She had been a chunnin now for 2 years and she had also started getting herself a new nickname, the ice queen of Konoha from men in the village. She may have gotten out of that attack safely but she never trusted men the same after that. She had made male friends but kept them at arms length. She had started hanging out with her best friend and roommate, Anko, they had been teamed up together alot and since she was 3 years older then Kurenai and she valued her advice since she was a true female ninja. She had also made friends with Kakashi, Gai, and Asuma having been on missions with them also a few times and since they hang out with Anko. Hanna who had graduated with her also was in her circle of trust and besides Anko was one of the few who knew why she stayed arms length away from men.

Kurenai was now standing in the Hokage office waiting to recieve her next mission and the door opened without knocking and a man she had learned to avoid for the last 4 years walked in and said "Hokagesama. I demand that my son be released and reinstated as a ninja."

The third sighed and said "No Mr. Burder. For the last time your son is still in jail for another year of his original crime and that is if he behaves plus he will still serve the 5 years for his second crime after his first term is over. I will not release him and I will never let him join as a ninja of this village. Do not come in here agian or else."

Mr. Burder said "This is all that damn boys fault. You should have let us kill him and this would never have happened." not noticing Kurenai who was over to the side.

The third said "Naruto is not at fault here. What he did that day was admirable and it is fools like you who are the real threats to this village. You think because you are a council member you can just get what you want when you can't. Now leave my office or I will have you arrested for disturbing my work. Now leave." as he released a little KI.

Burder turned and sneared and saw Kurenai for the first time and said "Hmph, you should tell the truth that your spread your legs for my son wanting to suck up to him for his money and then I can prove that demon trash was the real villain that day or are you just his little demon whore."

The third slammed his fist on the table and yelled "ANBU." and then 4 ANBU appeared and the third said "Take this man away to Ibiki for breaking my law and also for threats and slander to a Konoha ninja. I am revoking his rights as a council member as well and he will be replaced. Now get him out of here." as the ANBU grabbed him with him screaming "you can't do this." as they dragged him away.

The third sat back down and sighed as he rubbed the bridge of his nose and after a few moments looked up at Kurenai and said "Sorry about that Kurenai."

Kurenai said "Its alright sir. I have heard him say most of that before anyways...I do have one question. Why was he kept refering to Naruto Uzumaki sir. I mean what does he have to do with any of this."

The third sighed and said "Before I answer there is a question I must ask.What is your opinion of Naruto."

Kurenai said "Well I am old enough to remember the attack and the truth but I also know the difference between a scroll and an item sealed. Why."

The third smiled and said "I thank you for realising the truth. Now I suppose theres no since denying it any longer. You see the person who saved you that day was Naruto. He was the one who followed you into the ally and the one who broke Beavis nuts. I mean he litterally kicked him hard enough to break them. The reason I never told you who it was who saved you was because I was afraid you would change your story if you hated him for what he contained. If you had I might have had to banish him because people hate him that much."

Kurenai was stunned and said "I see. Thank you for telling me the truth. Now what was my mission sir."

The third said "Oh yes, the reason I called you here is Hiashe Hyuuga has asked for a female ninja to start taking his eldest daughter to the accademy each day and since you are also the new teacher at the accademy this year I figure this would be a good mission for you. He is wiping his hands of her training and refuses for any family member to go out of thier way for her. He thinks this will toughen her up and make her a better heir. Personally I think this is a mistake but I can't argue with clans."

Kurenai nods and said "Thank you sir, I will do my best." as she turned and started to leave when the third said "oh and one more thing. Naruto never knew your name and he did not do that for you because he was wanting some kind of reward so don't feel you need to do anything for him. Hes not expecting it anyways."

Kurenai nods and walks out the door.

1 year later Naruto was on the ground bleeding. He had been found by a group of shinobi and they attacked him and left him for dead. He was unable to move do to the fact he had a kunia in his spine making him unable to move. He was slowly bleeding to death.

Kurenai who was preparing for the Jounin exams had just finished her training for the day and was walking through the woods on a shortcut back to the village when she smelled blood. Being a ninja of the village and naturally curious she decided to investigate.

When she found Naruto he was passed out and she gasped and acting quickly she placed her hand on his shoulder and shushined them to the hospital.

When she arrived she screamed "I need a doctor quick."

A few doctors came and when they saw Naruto they turned and walked away. She saw this and quickly shushined her and Naruto to the Hokages office.

The third was reading his Icha Icha paradise book when Kurenai appeared and said "Sir, Naruto needs help NOW." as the third dropped his book and ran around the desk and asked in a commanding voice "Why did you not take him to the hospital."

Kurenai said "I did. When they saw him they turned and walked away."

The third sighed and said "Stay here and protect him. I will be back in a moment." as he left.

While he was gone Naruto slowly opened his eyes and said "Are you an angel." as he saw Kurenai.

Kurenai said "No Naruto, Im not, hold on, the Hokage is bringing help."

Naruto said "Oh...I thought you were an angel to save me from my pain." as he closed his eyes agian passing back out.

Before Kurenai could think the Hokage ran back in with 3 doctors and they immideately got to work on Naruto.

Kurenai moved back with a few tears on her face and the third asked "What happened to him."

Kurenai wiped the tears off her face and said "I don't know. I found him on my way back from training ground 8. I smelled blood and went to investigate and found him in a puddle of his blood. I used shushin to take him to the hospital and called for help and like I said as soon as they saw it was Naruto they turned and walked away. I then came here."

The third sighed and said "Thank you for saving him. I will make sure hes ok now so why don't you go on home and get clean up. I mean you got blood all over you."

Kurenai looked down and saw she did have blood on her and she said "Are you sure you don't need me for anything else."

The third said "No, I mean you don't have any medical skills that could help right now so theres no need for you to worry. You did all anyone could ask of you already by bringing him here. He will be alright now."

Kurenai nods slowly and turns and leaves using shushin to get home.

A few hours later when Naruto woke up he was in a hospital room and looked around and the third who was sitting in the room said "How do you feel Naruto."

Naruto slowly moved and winced and said "I hurt old man. I thought I died because I saw an angel with red eyes."

The third smiled and thought "angel huh." and said "No Naruto. You did not die but you came close. Can you tell me what happened."

Naruto was silent a moment and said "I don't really remember. I was walking through the woods to go wash my cloths in the river when I was hit in the back. I fell to the ground unable to move and then someone in a mask came and started to stab me over and over agian. I blacked out after that."

The third asked "what kind of mask was it."

Naruto said "It was blank except it had some wierd Kanji on it."

The third narrowed his eyes and bit his thumb and drew something on a piece of paper and asked "Was this the kanji Naruto."

Naruto looked at it and said "I think so but Im not for sure. I don't know them that well."

The third sighed and said "I see. Ok Naruto, you go ahead and rest and I will check on you later."

Naruto nods and slowly closes his eyes and said "Hey old man, if that was not an angel I saw, who was she. She was pretty."

The third said "I...don't know." lying.

Naruto nods as he falls back to sleep.

The third goes back to his office and thought "perhaps Naruto, you might find out someday."

The next day when Naruto awoke he saw he had 2 white lillies sitting in a vase beside his bed and he blinked looking around and saw there was a card and opened it and read Get well soon Naruto, my knight in shining armor, signed your angel.

Naruto smiled to himself and thought "so she was an angel."

Timeskip...Day of team placements. Naruto was sitting in his chair next to Sakura and Sasuke waiting for thier sensei to come when a man with a cigerette in his mouth walked in and said "Team 10 come with me." and they got up and started to leave when another person walked in and the breath in Naruto throwt froze when he saw who is whats and he mouthed "Tenshiangel" as he looked at Kurenai who for a moment looked at him and read his lips and said "Team 8, come with me." as she looked away to her team before walking out the door hiding the light blush she had.

Naruto started to get up when Sakura hit him on the head and said "Where are you going you baka, where team 7."

Naruto rubbed his head and said "I know Sakura-chan, I was just stretching from sitting so long." as he got up and looked out the window and saw team 8 leave.

Naruto thought "I wonder who she really is. I mean she looks just like that angel I saw that day."

After meeting Kakashi and finding out there was another test Naruto went to the Hokage office and when he walked in the Hokage asked "So what is it you need to see me about Naruto."

Naruto said "I was wondering if you could tell me about the sensei of team 8."

The third took a puff of his pipe and thought "so he remembers her, huh. I think I will humor him a little." and said "Well her name is Kurenai Yuuhi. She is 5 years older then you and a rookie Jounin. Anything else you want to know about her you would have to ask her. Would you like me to arrange a meeting for her and you."

Naruto said "Um...no. I just was wondering who she was because she looked like that angel I saw when I was attacked a little over a year ago. I don't want to bother her on somekind of silly fantasy. I just thought I would like to know who she was. Thanks." as he left.

The third smiled and thought "seems to me someone has a crush."

Time skip...the day team 7 returned from the land of waves. Naruto and his team had just been let go from the Hokage office when Naruto ran into team 8 on thier way into the tower.

Kiba said "Hey deadlast, hows is going."

Naruto looked up and said "Hey Kiba, we just got back from an A-rank mission. What about you."

Kiba gaped and said "A-rank, how the hell did a loser like you get an A-rank. I bet you screwed it up deadlast."

Naruto looked at him a moment with a dark look and started to say something when Kurenai said "Kiba, thats enough, lets go turn in our mission report team." as she looked at Naruto who looked into her eyes for a moment and then looked away as he started to walk away.

Kurenai watched him leave and as he walked away she thought "what was that in his eyes. It was like...Im going to ask the Hokage about it." as she walked in to the office following her team.

After her team gave her thier report she dismissed them and waited until they left and the third asked "Is something the matter Kurenai."

Kurenai said "Um I was wondering if you would not mind answering a few questions for me sir."

The third looked at her and said "Perhaps if I can. What do you need to know."

Kurenai said "When we came in we past team 7 and then a few moments later we passed Naruto and Kiba and Naruto was talking a moment and I saw something about Naruto that bothered me sir."

The third asked "What do you mean." looking at her.

Kurenai said "Well his eyes. I mean I know he has a mask on that hides his feelings. Anko has one also as you know so I can see through them better because of my experience with her and Naruto is basically the same. When I looked into his eyes when Kiba was talking about thier missions something flickered in his eyes. An emotion I believe like a great sadness or guilt. Did something happen on thier A-rank sir to Naruto."

The third sighed and said "I suppose you would pick it up. Yes, something did happen. I won't tell you what though but if you want to know you should ask him. I mean if he trust you then he will tell you. I should warn you though he does remember you from saving him that day. He may not remember the first time he met you but he thinks your an angel. He came to me after the teams were made and asked me about you. I told him your name and that your 5 years older then him and then I told him just what I told you. If he wants to know you then he would have to ask you. He told me he did not want to bother you with some stupid dream he had because of the attack so he never sought you out."

Kurenai nods and said "I was just wondering because it just felt wierd when I looked in his eyes."

The third smiled and said "Thats really funny. I mean his own sensei does not even pick that up and you with one glance can. Naruto is the type of person who does wear a mask like you said but his eyes show his real emotions. I guess you can say the eyes really are the windows to the soul."

Kurenai asked "Does Kakashi know whats bothering Naruto."

The third said "No, I was going to call him later and ask him to talk to Naruto about it."

Kurenai said "If you don't mind sir, I will go talk to him. You said it yourself, Kakashi did not even pick up on it and may not realise what is wrong because of Naruto mask. Just for my own concerns sir."

The third smiled and said "Go ahead, he lives one block south of Ichiruka ramen stand in the only apartment complex in that area. Third floor room 309. Nobody else is on that floor so you won't have a problem finding him."

Kurenai nods and leaves and after she was gone the third thought "hmm, thats interesting. Shes able to read him with a glance. I wonder if she realises how much she actually is concerned for him. I guess she wants to repay her savior." as he sighed and got back to his paperwork.

Kurenai quickly found Naruto apartment building and scruntched her nose at how run down it was and walked up the stairs and got a sickly feeling the closer she got because the inside was worse then the outside. She thought "how can he live in a place like this." as she finally made it to the 3rd floor.

After she found his door number she saw the door was busted off the henges and laying on the floor and she looked inside and had tears going down her face. His apartment had been broken into and all his things had been broken and cut up as well as grafitti on all the walls. She then heard a noise inside and quickly casting an invisibility genjutsu on her and slowly walked inside.

She looked around and saw Naruto sitting in the floor of his bedroom messing with one of the floor boards and soon had it picked up and started to pull items out and put them in his travel bag and said "Well looks like I am sleeping in the woods again for a while. Better go see dad and tell him about the mission." in a sad tone as he put the boards back and got up and left

Kurenai eyes got wide a moment as she hid outside the room as she heard him say his dad and that he was sleeping in the woods again and she slowly walked behind him still under a genjutsu.

She followed him through the village on the roof tops and then followed him up a mountain path the the Hokage monument. She was getting confused as Naruto set his bag down and walked over and sat down on the Yondaimes head and said "hey dad, its me again."

Kurenai who had hidden in a tree and channeled chakra to her ears blinked as she heard this and thought "dad, yondaime..." and her eyes went wide realising exactly what this meant. She then listened in even more closely.

Naruto sighed and said "Well we went on a C-rank mission dad and it turned into an A-rank mission. We first ran into 2 chunnins missing nins from the mist. I was going to act when Sakura screamed distracting me and then I froze when I saw her in danger. Then Sasuke acting all heroic attacked both of them like an idiot. Kakashi faked dying so he could see who they were after. He then congratulated Sasuke and blamed me for freezing. I got cut by a poison blade and then I blead it out after vowing never to freeze agian. We continued the mission after we heard about how bad things were in Wave and then we ran into Zabuza. Him and Kakashi got ready to fight and Sasuke got scared by some KI and Kakashi said he would not let anyone die. He then got all bragging about how good he was and got captured in a water prison. He told us to run but I refused and attacked some of Zabuza water clones and then came up with a plan after distracting the clones with my clones. I henged myself into a demon windmill shurikan and then had one of my clones throw me to Sasuke who threw me at the real Zabuza.

After I passed Zabuza I transformed back throwing a kunai at him forcing him to free Kakashi. Kakashi then braged how he never falls for the same trick twice and continued fighting Zabuza. Then when Zabuza was about to die a fake hunter nin came and put him in a fake death. Kakashi then stopped me saying the hunter nin was doing their job and let him take Zabuza body. Kakashi then congratulated Sasuke on a good job and even Sakura who gaurded the client but ignored me. He then passed out and I had to carry him to the clients house.

After a few hours he woke up and told us that Zabuza was alive and the hunter nin was fake. That night we basically rested and then he showed us how to do the tree climbing excersice. He said it was to help us all but the truth was he was doing it for Sasuke only."

Kurenai frowned at this and continued to listen "I know that Kakashi had weights on because I had to carry him and I saw them. When Sasuke and I was doing the tree climbing Sasuke had Kakashi weights. I acted like I did not notice and worked on my own mastering it. Sakura did it the very first time but with moms bloodline its not suprising."

Kurenai blinked and thought "moms bloodline, does that mean him and Sakura are related and what bloodline. If so then why does he act like he wants to date her."

Naruto sighed and said "Anyways as the days went the clients grandson Inari finally said some stuff that pissed me off. He said I did not know what its like to be sad and lonely. Huh, what a joke. Anyways I blew up a little and left the house to blow off some steam. I passed out that night in the woods and the next morning I was awoken by a girl. She talked to me a little while and asked me if I had any presious people. I was confused by what she meant at first and then she told me that you can only get true strength when protecting something precious. I got that because thats how you were able to beat Kyuubi. Anyways I told her I did but I did not tell her who. There are only a few I consider precious. The old man, my cousin Sakura, old man Ichiruka, Iruka-sensie, Ayame, and Kurenai."

Kurenai blushed and thought "he thinks I'm precious to him...wait a moment, cousin. If shes his cousin then what is the whole thing about acting like he wants to date her." as she sat confused listening.

Naruto layed back and said "Anyways she talked a few more minutes and then left. The rest of the time went by relatively normal until I was getting pissed again at Kakashi blatent favoritism of Sasuke agian and worked myself to exhaustion. The next day Kakashi decided to leave me at the house asleep and went to the bridge. I awoke shortly after they left and followed them to the bridge but on my way I saw signs of people heading for the clients home so I decided to go back to make sure they were ok. When I got there 2 mercs had the clients daughter Tsunami held captive and Inari her son was running toward them screaming for them to let her go. The mercs were about to kill him when I replaced both Tsunami and Inari and then I killed both mercs."

Kurenai gasped and Naruto looked around looking and after a few moments sat back down. Kurenai who put her hand over her mouth thought "so he made his first kill. Is that why he was feeling sorrow."

Naruto layed back looking at the sky and said "I guess that should have messed me up but my mind instantly told me that if they attacked there at the house then they attacked at the bridge also so I shoved the bodies into the river and told Inari and Tsunami to run to town and hide. I then took off to the bridge. When I got there the bridge was covered in mist. I saw Sakura gaurding Tazuna and I saw Sasuke inside a dome of ice. I could hear Kakashi and Zabuza in the mist so I came up with a plan to save Sasuke. I created a Kagebunshin who ran under the bridge and came up on the other side while I used one of my special kunais and threw it at the ice dome.

The hunter nin caught the kunai and then my Kagebunshin threw a smoke bomb and did a big distacting intro making me look even more of an idiot. While everyone was looking at the clone I used the Hiraishin to get inside the dome and appeared behind Sasuke."

Kurenai nearly fell out of the tree she was in. She thought "what the hell. How can he do the Hiraishin. Is he really the Yondaimes son. How good is he actually. I mean how the hell..." as she tried to find the right words in her mind.

Naruto pulled his knees up to his chest and said "Well I thought Sasuke died durring the fight with the hunter nin and I let my emotions of guilt because I knew how much pain it would bring Sakura-chan and I promised I would never cause her pain. Because of my own inner fight I summoned some of Kyuubis chakra and used it to help me fight the Hunter nin. Turns out Kiba was right earlier when he said I most likely would screw up the mission. The hunter nin turned out to be Haku. I did not know it until I broke her mask. She then told me about her life and asked me to kill her since she was useless as a tool for Zabuza. I did not want to, even after she told me she killed Sasuke I could not do it. I finally gave in and went to kill her but she stopped my attack and used her ice mirrors to appear in front of Zabuza and took the fatal blow from Kakashi chidori.

Zabuza tried to kill Kakashi but missed and loss the use of both his arms. Then Gato showed up and kicked Haku body. I lost it and wined like a baby to Zabuza telling him how he should feel for her because she loved him and she was not just some damn tool. Zabuza finally cracked and asked for a kunai which I gave him. He then went through several of Gatos men and killed Gato. After the battles were over we buried Haku next to Zabuza on a sea cliff and I made a new promise to myself. I would live my life the way I want with no regre. I would make my own nindo in this world. I won't be just some tool." as he stood up and looked at the village.

Kurenai smiled as she heard this and Naruto turned around and walked to the edge of the cliff backwards and closed his eyes and said "I live my life from this day forward with no regret. I live my life as if it is my last day alive for one single step is all that is saving me from death. One step backwards and I shall fall to my eternal darkness and one step forward moves me away from the edge. My life from this point will show me if my life is to move a step forward to safer ground or a step back to death. The people I meet and know in this world will be the ones who control my feet. Will they save me or doom me." as he held his foot over the edge of the cliff.

Kurenai eyes widen as he said this and looked at him ready to move as he held his foot over the edge. He held it there for several minutes and sighed placing his foot back on the cliff top and said "Well dad, I guess I better go. I still need to find a place to sleep. Take care now." as he grabbed his stuff and walked away.

Kurenai waited until he was almost out of the area and thought "I thought he might actually do it. I better keep an eye on him." as she slowly followed him.

10 minutes later Kurenai saw Naruto find an old tree with the bottom rotted out into a small cave and Naruto set his stuff inside, grabbing a bush and cutting it free he placed it over the front of the hole and he took his jacket off and putting it on him like a blanket as he laid his head down on his backpack and went to sleep.

Kurenai waited until he was asleep and shushined away to the Hokage office.

When she arrived the third said "Hello agian Kurenai, what can I do for you."

Kurenai sighed and said "Sir, I have been following Naruto since I left earlier and I have seen and heard things that have made me questions some stuff. I would like to ask you about a few things if you don't mind to help me sort out all I have seen or heard."

The third blinked and said "Really, what would that be if I can help you."

Kurenai said "Did Naruto really kill someone on that A-rank mission."

The third sighed and said "Yes."

Kurenai said "And is Naruto related to Sakura."

The thirds eyes got wide a moment and said "I see, so he does remember that. I was hoping he had forgoten that all those years ago. To answer your question, yes he is."

Kurenai asked "Then why does he act like he wants to date her and why is it he still lives alone if he has family sir."

The third said "When Naruto was 4 I had to take him out of the orphanage because of the abuse he recieved there. I knew who Naruto mother was because the yondaime told me and I knew she had a brother because I remember when they first came to Konoha and I know he died durring the Kyuubi attack and his mother died durring labor so I had asked Sakura mother if she would look after Naruto but she was like most of the villagers who only saw him as the Kyuubi. She even attacked Naruto. As for why Naruto acts like he wants to date Sakura, I don't know. I had thought he had forgot that day but since you ask that means he must remember. Hmm."

Kurenai said "So that explains that...You wouldn't happen to know who Narutos father is or was would you. I mean if you know who his mother is you might know who his father is also."

The third said "No, Im afraid I don't know, why, does Naruto think he knows who his dad is." as he looked at her.

Kurenai said "No, I mean I just was wondering myself if you knew for him. Thats all."

The third looked at her and said "Well I don't. So tell me, what else has been bothering you."

Naruto said "Um, I was just wondering if its true Kakashi is playing favorites for his team. From what I heard hes pampering the Uchiha and basically ignoring Naruto."

The third said "I believe it but I have no actual proof and whats worse is the council is pretty much all for that anyways so I can't really do anything about it. The only thing that could change is if they were to get another sensei and currently thats not an option since all available jounins already have a team and the ones who don't are in the group that don't like Naruto." as he looked down.

Kurenai said "Right, well thats all I guess. Thank you for putting my mind at ease sir." as she got up and started for the door.

The third asked "May I ask why you were wondering if Naruto was related to Sakura and also if Kakashi was playing favorites."

Kurenai said "Oh, I just was wondering because if he was not then I would think he was becoming mentally unstable but since you said it was true then I think Naruto is just depressed. Well I must go." as she left.

The third waited until she left and put the crystal ball in his lap back in his safe and thought "so Naruto, you know who your father is and the Hiraishin, I wonder why you never told me. You must have found that scroll from your parents in the forbidden scroll that night you took it. I am suprised though that you learned it already. Hmm, I wonder though, what will you do with this information Kurenai. I admire that you hid that from me but you should know you could not. Hmm...this could work out better then I thought in the long run. If my hunch is correct things are going to brighten up for you Naruto." as he smiled and started going through his drawers looking for some documents. Finding the one he was looking for he began to fill it out.

Kurenai sighed as she walked to her home. She was so deep in thought that she had completely missed the look her roommate Anko gave her.