Story : Reverses Collide by Lt-Tomoe87

Anime : Gravitation by Maki Murakami

Chapter 1 : Of All the Colors

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Though we are on distant paths, I see behind your mask and relate to those memories that haunt you. The threat of a cycle of pain makes you numb as you wish you could undo the past. Lay those times to rest among the cloudy sky and break from the void the morphine brings you to. Why not believe the truth in front of you? There is a reason it is called bittersweet.

The air was cut fresh from the late autumn evening and the leaves were taking their turn in the change of the season. Strangely the noise had died down in the city making a walk more meaningful and bringing a relief of the crowded mass of buildings.

Shuichi Shindou, the famous novelist of usually teenage romance stories, was now feeling the consequences of a serious writer's block. His editor K, had already threatened to blow his brains out with one of his many guns at least forty times in the last thirty six hours. And it was becoming rather annoying to the twenty three year old. Finally having enough of his plain and empty apartment, he decided to take a walk through the park to hopefully clear his thoughts. The wind ran through his dark pink hair which many thought was amazingly immature for the man considering his age. He didn't care. It made him stand out as if his immensely popular writings weren't enough recognition. On top of that, it made him feel unique. And he liked that.

As Shuichi was coming from the east end of the park, another young man of nineteen, Eiri Uesugi, a blonde hair and golden eyed kid with a bad attitude was coming from the west end cursing at how his lyrics never seemed to be enough lately. He had always wanted to be a J-POP star and aspired to be like famous singer Ryuichi Sakuma of Bad Luck. But it seemed as if his lyrics were always too dark. At least, that's what Fujisaki Suguru of BD Studios who was also part of Bad Luck. Bad Luck had retired two years ago which allowed the keyboardist time to run BD studios. And also the time to tell Eiri his lyrics were not good enough. "too dark" or "too deep". It looked like he and his brother-in-law, Tohma Seguchi weren't going to be able to start their band, Nittle Grasper which was greatly disappointing to him considering the work he, Tohma, and their manager Noriko had put in to the band.

Eiri sighed as he scanned over the lyrics lazily scrawled onto the piece of paper for the millionth time. "I don't see what's wrong with these!" He thought aloud with a cigarette dangling from the side of his mouth. Frustrated, he crumpled up the piece of paper and threw it towards what he thought was a trash can. It was dark, and only one light in the park was working around him. He knew it wasn't a trash can when it yelled, "HEY!"

"Oh shit…" Was all that came from the teenager's mouth. Before he was even able to run, the owner of the voice was standing in front of him holding the crumpled piece of paper. Only, he was reading it. He was glaring down at the lyrics and then at the boy. "Hey! Who said you can read that?!" Eiri tried to reach for it but found it useless since the man was much taller than him.

"Oh? You're the one that wrote these?" The man was thoroughly surprised. Eiri stepped back and got a better look at the man.

Not that Eiri knew it, but it was none other than Shuichi Shindou. Why the hell is his hair PINK?! Of all the colors…pink! He thought dumbfounded at the bizarreness he saw in front of him.

"I'll ask you again, did you write these lyrics?" Shuichi asked once more.

"Ah…yeah…I did…" Eiri came out of his thoughts and faced the man.

"Hmm…" Shuichi looked over them again and an unimpressed frown came upon his face as he re-crumpled the paper and threw it over his shoulder probably missing the can that Eiri had failed to score in the first time. He looked down at Eiri and his frown widened. "How old are you?"

"Why should I tell you?!" He now felt insulted.

"Stubborn aren't you." Shuichi put one hand to his chin to frame it as he studied the boy. "I'm guessing at least nineteen." His smug smile faded as he was totally unsure considering the boy was glaring at him the whole time but decided to hide his uncertainty. He then snatched the cigarette from the boy's mouth and stamped it out on the pavement.

"Who the hell do you think you are?!" Eiri yelled at him.

"You shouldn't be smoking when you're so young! You'll die of cancer!" Shuichi yelled back at him. There was silence between the two and Shuichi started to walk away. He stopped once to make sure that Eiri was listening, "Oh, and kid, you're also too young to be writing lyrics like that." He continued to walk, hands in his pockets, totally dismissing what had just happened.

Eiri, though, stood there, dumbfounded at how lowly he was just insulted. Well, it seemed so to him. He should be able to write whatever he wanted and make it work! "That…that bastard!!" He yelled to no one. He hoped that Shuichi would hear, but he was long gone.

Humiliated, Eiri decided to go Tohma's house. Mika never minded seeing her little brother considering that he had a cold attitude towards almost anyone. "Well, what were the lyrics?" Tohma asked bringing a tray with two cups of tea on it into the living room.

Eiri looked away like a stuck up twerp and Tohma realized which ones they were. "Don't tell me…" The platinum blonde held back a laugh.

"YES. IT WAS SUICIDAL RAGE. NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP!!" Eiri yelled, pounding his fist on the table in the process.

Tohma was now on the floor laughing. The platinum blonde knew that song was an ultimate fail in the title department from the start, but Eiri thought it was the best he had done in a long time. He had gotten used to Eiri's outbursts and took any chance to tease the boy. "Now, who did you say this guy was?" He finally stopped laughing.

"I didn't catch his name. All I know is that he had this retarded pink hair and purple eyes." Eiri grumbled.

"Hmmm…" Tohma thought deeply and took a sip of his tea. "There are only a handful of people like that around Tokyo I would assume."

"Well, I want that guy specifically to rot in hell." Eiri downed the steaming hot tea in one frustrated gulp. He regretted it, but wouldn't let Tohma see at the risk of being teased again.

"Isn't it a bit early to just want him to rot in hell, Eiri?" Tohma asked a bit amused by the extremeness of his wish.

"No!" Eiri shot at him. "He spoke as if he knew me so well and that he didn't need permission to grab that cigarette away from me."

Tohma was serious now, "You're still smoking?!"

"AH! UH…NO." Eiri knew he was in trouble now. Oh, Fuck… No quick excuse came to mind. "Maybe..."

Tohma sighed, "I won't tell Mika. But please. Make an effort, Eiri."

Half relieved, Eiri relaxed. "Why should I?"

"It's not good for your health."

"Pfft. You sound like him." Eiri stood up and headed towards the door. "I'll see you tomorrow for practice." And left the apartment.

Tohma sighed, "Sometimes I wonder why that kid feels so out of place anymore."

"It's probably just because he's a teenager." Mika's voice came to greet Tohma as she scratched the back of her head, frustrated with Eiri's behavior as usual. "And what that idiotic mentor in New York did. Selfish piece of crap that guy was."

Tohma sighed at the last part of her speech. That was already two years ago. I guess anything in over-emotional with Eiri is possible. At least he wasn't too close to the guy or it would have been worse. "I don't think you give him enough credit." Tohma smiled trying to change the subject.

Mika sighed with a smile also, "You're probably right." She stared out the window and watched until her brother ran out of sight down the road. She was never able to figure out why Eiri was such a pain in the butt a lot of the time. Though that incident in New York had been awhile ago now, it definitely changed Eiri a great deal.

"Oh, come on, Shuichi!" K tried to convince him that this rough draft of his novel was actually good.

Shuichi stared out at the scenery of the café where they had decided to meet. The sun was slowly setting on the city, "Yeah…whatever you say…"

K was a bit disturbed with his behavior to say the least. Usually he was jumping up and down like a giddy school girl on her first date when K told him he had written something worthy. "Did that doctor of yours up your depression medication?"

"Nah." Shuichi plastered a tired smile on his face with the lie. "It just took me awhile to write that."

His editor shrugged, "Then you can use your time to rest up." He stood up, telling Shuichi that their exchange had ended and he was free to go home.

Shuichi always preferred to walk rather than to drive a car. Even though he had a nice Cadillac, he liked the fresh air and the environment of the noisy city he called home. As he took in a deep breath, he heard some yelling from an alley. Someone was screaming, "Help" and "Stop". It seemed as if all the other pedestrians were deaf to the obvious cries of pain though. Alarmed, Shuichi ran into the dark alley to help who ever was crying out.

What greeted him at the end of the alley angered him. Three men were beating on a younger boy and telling him to shut the hell up.

"Eh? Who're you?" One of them looked over to Shuichi.

Shuichi grinned evilly as he had a plan devised within a millisecond. He was never good at fighting, but could weasel his way out of a scrape fairly easily. "Your worst nightmare." The boy who was being beaten could have sworn there was a flash of red in the writer's eyes.

One of the other guys snorted. "Pfft. Whatever. You're next." He moved away from the boy and launched a punch at Shuichi who quickly blocked him and tripped him over.

"You got to work on that stance of yours." Shuichi said observing the man who had just failed.

"You bastard!" Shuichi dodged all of the punches and managed to grab the boy by the wrist, and tossed him onto his back.

Running, as fast as he could, he managed to escape the alley, stuttering on one foot as he came to the corner of a sidewalk with the boy still on his back. "Ne, are you alright back there?" Shuichi asked.

The boy mumbled something about being in pain which Shuichi was barely able to decipher.

"Ah, don't worry. I'll take you to my apartment, and I'll get you cleaned up there." Shuichi huffed as he jumped slightly putting the dead weight of the boy back into a comfortable position for him to walk.

"I don't believe we've met. Care to tell me your name?" Shuichi came from the kitchen of his apartment to the boy sitting on the couch. He looked familiar with his blonde hair and those fiery golden eyes, but he passed it as a coincidence.

Eiri moved his pouting glare from Shuichi to the floor. "Eiri Uesugi." He mumbled. How can he forget me after that night in the park?! The bastard!!

Shuichi leaned against the wall waiting for Eiri to start a conversation, when he didn't he knew it was his turn to break the uncomfortable silence. "So, why were you in that alley?" He asked chewing on a stick of strawberry pocky.

Eiri was now officially pissed off. What gave the guy the right to question him like this? He stood up, "Shut up! You don't have any right to ask me questions!"

Shuichi shrugged unaffected by Eiri's yelling. "Am I not the one who helped you after you were beaten? Shouldn't I at least know why you were there?"

"I didn't asked to be helped!" The boy was still yelling.

Now Shuichi remembered. Still in a smooth tone he knew what to say next. "I should have known those lyrics came from one who was so ungrateful." He insulted clearly just to brush Eiri the wrong way.

Eiri was taken back. "What nerve you have!"

Shuichi coughed to hide a laugh, "'Would you finally care if I were to no longer roam the plains of agony or will you still bathe in your greed and selfishness?'" He recited the lyrics from his vague photographic memory of the paper from that night.

Eiri opened his mouth to say something, but closed it now knowing he was defeated. With his rage boiling, he stormed out of Shuichi's apartment. He would have shot something insulting back at him, but was once again, humiliated by the man.

Shuichi sighed and closed the door to his apartment. As he came to the sofa where Eiri had just been sitting, he noticed a flash of white on the couch. There was a folded piece of paper. More lyrics? Is that all the kid does? He unfolded it to find that it was a letter from BD studios to Eiri. He smirked. "I guess I'm going to have to talk to Fujisaki-san."

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