Story: Reverses Collide

Anime: Gravitation

Chapter 13(the last!): The Hard Way

Everyone at BD studios had thoroughly given up on trying to get Eiri back with the band after three weeks. He had enough money already to just live on his cigarettes and beer. Though it was not the lifestyle he had planned, it was all he had the energy to do since Shuichi had left him.

There was a big uproar of disappointment from the fans when it was announced that Nittle Grasper was no longer a band. Eiri obviously did not arrive at the press conference so it was Hiroshi, Tohma, and Noriko who broke the news. It was also mentioned that it was very unlikely for the band to join together again unless Eiri decided he'd be able to put up with the work.

Suguru and Hiroshi did their best to avoid calling Shuichi about the matter. They only wanted him to come back home when he was ready. Though there was a certain doubt that he would never come back. Finally, against Suguru's wishes, Hiroshi contacted Shuichi on the extra cell phone Suguru had given him before he left.

"Hello?" Shuichi's voice sounded tired as he answered.

"Shu…when are you coming back?" Hiroshi asked concerned.

"I told you I needed to think things over." He reminded. The conversation with Ryuichi didn't do very much to motivate him after it soaked in the first few hours.

"Isn't three weeks long enough?" He was getting annoyed with Shuichi's obliviousness to the situation at hand.

A long sigh came from the other end of the phone and Shuichi spoke clearly, "How bad is it?"

Hiroshi thought of way to make it less shocking for his friend, "Well…He punched Tohma, insulted Suguru, quit the band and picked up his smoking and drinking again." He paused to make sure Shuichi was listening, "I saw him about five days ago to check on him. He's fallen so low. Eiri's just a kid; I couldn't help but pity him." There was still silence from Shuichi's end as Hiroshi said the next thing, "He's nothing without you, Shu. I think he'll be able to get through his darkness within a couple months and start working again, but I know he'll be bitter. Like you were inside after Kitazawa."

"That was different." Shuichi said quickly to defend himself.

"How?" Hiroshi felt like Shuichi had totally given up, "Someone he thought he could trust and love, betrayed him and left him there to rot. Tell me, Shuichi. How is it different?"

There was no response, but Hiroshi knew that he was listening, "He loves and misses you so much. I can guarantee in the end he'll find someone else. How can you live with yourself though?"

"Stop it…" A pained whisper came from Shuichi's end.

"Putting him through that." Hiroshi continued. His intentions were to make Shuichi break. So far it was going as planned.

"Stop it, Hiro…" Shuichi pleaded as he curled into a ball on his hotel room bed. He felt defenseless and weak as memories of the incident flooded his vision with tears. "Please…"

"You're no better than Kitazawa!" Just a little more.

"STOP IT!" Shuichi bellowed and threw the cell phone against the wall across the room, efficiently shattering the device.

The loud crack that came to Hiroshi's phone hurt his ear, but even if that was the case, he smiled and closed his phone. His mission had been completed. "See you soon, Shuichi."

He doesn't love me. Otherwise he would have never put me through this. Eiri's thoughts were starting to turn against his affection for the writer. Even though deeply he knew that he'd never stop loving Shuichi. I wonder why I keep coming here. This stupid place. Where I met that stupid man.

Like always these days, he had a cigarette dangling from his lips as he had his arms folded leaning against the railing of the serene park. That stupid man… Eiri's thoughts wandered. That I love...damnit Shuichi. A tear escaped his control and he quickly wiped it away.

The sky was already dark and the stars were his only company as he pondered his emotional debates. "I wonder…" He thought out loud to himself, "If I jumped from here. If he would save me in time." Eiri thought back to the night that he believed Shuichi was planning to do what he was thinking through.

"Of course I would." A familiar voice came from not too far away. Their tone was casual, but inside it made Eiri's heart beat fast. "You really shouldn't be smoking you know."

But, Eiri being Eiri, he pretended not to care. Eiri ignored the comment about the smoking, expecting it. He continued to stare off in the distance, "I wouldn't be so sure."

Shuichi came out of the darkness. He swallowed hard at Eiri's response, "You were right about me being afraid to make a promise." He had his hands formed into fists deep in his pockets. Just wanting to hold Eiri. To let him know how he felt.

"Why should you have been afraid if you knew you were going to break it anyway?" Eiri was doing a much better job hiding his true feelings than Shuichi, and he knew it. He took the cigarette from his mouth, threw it down and firmly ground it into the concrete with his shoe to confirm it was out. Eiri then turned to Shuichi who was about three meters away, doing his best to hold a straight face.

I'm so sorry, Eiri… The silence ate at the two of them; waiting for the other to make a move. Eiri stood his ground though, and kept his eyes narrowed at the man who had turned his life upside-down.

Shuichi finally decided to walk over to the younger man, still deciding what to do once he was closer to him. Eiri only looked up at him with cold eyes as Shuichi placed a hand on his cheek.

Only now Shuichi couldn't control the tears anymore. Though they weren't visible in the dim light, Eiri knew he was crying. Finally, Shuichi couldn't contain himself he was embracing Eiri tightly in his arms.

Eiri eyes were wide as he couldn't find the air to breathe and he could feel himself start to let silent tears escape also. "Shuichi…" He managed to get past his lips.

Shuichi held Eiri as close as he could, "I'm so sorry Eiri…" He softly whispered in his ear, just enough not to tickle him. "I love you so much…please…"

Eiri smiled, tired but still relieved and returned Shuichi with a tight embrace. "I forgive you, Shuichi." He closed his eyes, "Don't ever leave me again…" He said choking on his tears. He buried his face into Shuichi's chest and breathed in his essence.

Shuichi broke the embrace since now they were kneeling on the sidewalk to face each other, "I won't…I promise." He pulled Eiri into a kiss which Eiri didn't resist. It was the love he had wanted all along.

"You don't taste as good anymore." Shuichi stated as the two walked back to the apartment. Though he had enjoyed feeling the boy's lips again, it bothered him to know Eiri was hurting himself the way he was. "The cigarette smoke really makes you smell weird too." He wrinkled his nose even though he had his arm wrapped around Eiri's shoulders.

"Hey, you didn't keep up your end of the bargain, why should I have tried?" Eiri reminded him.

"At least mine wasn't life threatening." Shuichi argued, "You're going to die of cancer before you're thirty."

Eiri laughed at this, "Oh, like losing you wasn't life threatening? Give me a break." Shuichi was surprised with Eiri's hidden sense of affection, but still smiled.

"Being away from you wasn't exactly the best time of my life either you know." Shuichi mumbled nonchalantly.

"Really? That's a surprise. You should have come home sooner then." Eiri replied blankly, being the one to point out the obvious for once.

"I was afraid of you." Shuichi admitted.

"Afraid of me? That's the stupidest thing I've heard of in awhile." Eiri stifled his chuckle as best as he could.

"Well, when you love someone it's hard not to be afraid of them a little bit. Because when they have you so tightly wrapped around their finger, you want to trust them." Shuichi explained maturely.

Eiri smiled sincerely as he leaned his head against Shuichi's chest, "Sounds like a sappy romance novel."

"Eh." Shuichi sighed relieved, "Love's just like that." And pulled Eiri close to him.

"It would seem so." Eiri agreed; taking in everything he could. He thought it was bizarre, that even he would have a happy ending. It's like Shuichi said though…love's just like that. He decided to himself, content.

A bit of that emotion wore quickly as Shuichi saw the damage done to his apartment. "Eiri…what the hell did you do when I was gone?" He asked afraid of the answer.

Eiri nervously laughed, "Believe it or not, all I did was drink and smoke. I guess the smoke made everything look darker."

Shuichi coughed, "It doesn't help all the curtains aren't drawn back." He pulled the string and revealed the bright shine of the moon.

"Noo!!" Eiri fell to the floor, "The light!!"

Shuichi looked down at him and sighed, "Eiri…even you should know that vampires actually enjoy the moonlight."

Eiri's face turned to embarrassment as he realized how stupid he had just acted and sat up, "Well I'm no Anne Rice fan." He mumbled looking to the side with a frown.

Shuichi laughed, "Eh, it doesn't matter anyway. The bill to get the smell out of this place is coming out of your pocket."

Shit…that's going to cost a lot. Eiri then smirked, "Are you sure there isn't some other way I can pay for it?" He asked mischievously.

Shuichi raised an eyebrow, "You're going to have to be pretty good to make up the comparison." He said in a serious voice, his arms crossed.

Eiri's smirk didn't fade, "Oh, I think I'm capable." And he launched himself at Shuichi, both of them landing on the couch with a thud.

Shuichi returned the action with a gesture of his own by grabbing a handful of Eiri's hair and closed his eyes as he kissed Eiri forcefully and with so much hunger, left Eiri gasping for air when it was broken.

Between his heavy breaths, Eiri managed to whisper an "I love you" and rested his head on Shuichi's collarbone.

"I love you too, Eiri." Shuichi closed his eyes, holding Eiri as close as possible as they wanted the serene moment not to end.

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