My first drabble

My first drabble. I feel happy. Enjoy, and please review.

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She screamed as they crested the top of the roller coaster. She was terrified of heights, and he knew it. But he couldn't stop her from going on the damn roller coaster again and again. Besides, it was interesting to hear her scream something other than his name.


Some times, when he was silent, she knew he really loved her. It was the silence, the absence of his words that told her the truth. Besides, she knew he couldn't tell her he loved her. It would ruin it. After all, he loved silence, so why not let him enjoy it?


She cried a lot. She cried when she was happy. She cried when she was upset. She cried when he was upset. And that was just another reason why he loved her so very much.


It was all a misunderstanding. Of course it was. He hadn't meant that he wanted her forever. He had meant he wanted her for now. But with Light Yagami, nothing was really forever was it?


Misa saw him. She saw him cutting in the line of fans. And she told her body guards not to call him on it. After all, he was cutting to see her sooner. She was fine with that.


Light could never hate Misa. And he told her that every time she messed up and said he must surely hate her now. But he never did. He couldn't.


Light was a liar. He had told Rem he would never hurt her. But he had. He hurt Misa every single day, by not saying what she most needed to hear. I love you.


L's death hadn't shocked Misa. She wasn't even sad. But she was happy that Light had gotten one of the things he wanted. Now all that was left for him to be recognized by the world as what she had always known he really was. A god.


His betrayal hurt. Really badly. Rem was dead, because of Light. Misa didn't know what to do. Hate Light or not? She didn't know.


Light knew it was wrong. Falling for this girl that he led on for so very long. After all, he was Kira. He was as god. He was not supposed to fall in love with someone he would kill. Because he would too…he would kill Misa, because she was in the way now that her Shinigami was dead…But he still loved her.


Light was not perfect. Misa knew that, and she loved him all the more for it. He was a little too tidy. He was cold at times. And she knew he lied through his teeth.

Mia wasn't perfect at all. She was a ditz. She was annoying, and she was more trouble than she was worth.

But still, Light loved her.

Misa still loved Light.

After all, imperfections made a person perfect.

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