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All for You...


A sudden act of movement, her transformation complete as tears were continuing to fall.

"I won't let this happen!"

Her swiftness grew stronger as she stared at the moon with her amethyst eyes…

"I won't lose to that girl!"

Her black wings flapped, as she followed the alley cat.

"I won't lose Ikuto to that girl!"

With her swiftness strong, she continued to fly.


Around the corner, she saw Amu's home just at the end, and by second she saw Ikuto and her on the roof.

The full moon strode on her gently as the strength in her body grew stronger and she flew quicker.

To the second she stopped, a sudden thrust of emotion weakened her soul.

As if she heard her own song and Ikuto's violin mixing together to making a depressing yet peaceful song.


She didn't want to see it, hear it…even think about it! They might've been siblings but this was not worth it…she loved Ikuto with her heart and now, he did this to her.


Her name was not Hoshino but Tsukiyomi Utau, and though she held the same family as him, she could not stand this.


Her words were like nothing to him, as he was joyous.


The tears were thrown overboard as she tried to run and follow but it was so far, so far from her grasp.


One moment of joy struck her as she saw the lips unlock, yet the two continued to stare at each other, and she was nothing…


Yet this time, he heard and the two turned, she staring at the floor with tears dropping down.

§Blood will soon be following these tears…§

Another moment struck them as she pierced the two with her eyes, a blade of sorrow weakly forming.

Tears dropped to the floor.



Running off, Ikuto glanced one more time at Amu. The two were both shocked as Ikuto jumped off in follow of the blonde singer.


She couldn't stand this all.


Staring at the ground, she curled into a ball and shut her eyes shut, slamming her fist against the wall knocking off a sharp edge…

A sudden thought came to her mind as she picked it up, Ikuto's footsteps heard from afar.

§I must do this quick…§

She stared at the sharp edge as if it were there to kill her, the footsteps growing louder and louder by the second.

§It's my chance…why not take it?§

Her heart wanted to so much, mostly Ikuto.

They were both Easter pawns, and even if she did give him the Embyro, it would mean nothing to him, he would just go with Amu.

A solitary drop landed on the ground and then she saw the Meikyuu butterfly.

Eyes large, it disappeared and the footsteps finally stopped.

Ikuto turned his head and saw Utau on the floor, the sharp edge in her hand, blood surrounding her body as the Meikyuu butterfly landed on her stomach, as if staring at Ikuto.

It spoke…

"All for you…"

Well my first Shugo Chara! story and it's sorta stating that when Nikaidou said that she would do anything for him, her heart would be hurt when he did something like this.

I really do love Amuto but also kinda like Utau, her character strong.

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