ALIELLE: All El-Hazard characters belong to Pioneer AIC. Apart from
myself. I belong only to the beautiful Princess Fatora! And now, the Royal
House presents, live from the bedroom of her majesty...

Featuring Princess Fatora, Unquestioned Ruler of Roshtaria; and Alielle,
Provider of Cheap Innuendo.

ALIELLE: Welcome, everyone!
FATORA: Yeah, peasants. How ya doin'?
ALIELLE: Here we begin an exciting series of tales featuring the one and
only Fatora, loved the world over for her famous warmth and compassion.
FATORA: That's right, people. See, I've decided that it's my duty, as the
natural superior to you freaks out there, to provide you with help and
guidance. And how better to teach the masses than by using the chronicles
of my own life. Each story has a very important moral lesson attached to it,
which I hope each of you will take to your heart. I will guide you! And
Alielle will hang around and do stuff too, I guess.
ALIELLE: The subject of this story is the origin of the most profound love
El-Hazard has ever known- that between the great Princess Fatora and
FATORA: Hell, even you men could learn something about love from this
one. Witness the great transformation that only love can bring... one day, a
shy, timid princess, forever in her sister's shadow... the next... the flawless
image of perfection you see before you! Love, yes, only love can... aw,
hell, just read the damn story! Hey, Alielle, you're hogging the sheets
ALIELLE: I'm cold.
FATORA: Ah, fancy a little something to warm you up?


Once upon a time in Roshtaria, there were two little princesses. Princess
Rune Venus was tall, pretty, graceful and all the things a daughter of the
royal house should be. Princess Fatora wasn't.

The news had been circulating for over two weeks, with such pace that
practically everyone in the Allied lands had heard the rumours by now.
There was a buzz of expectation in the air as the assembled crowds outside
the palace awaited the promised "official announcement".
A hush descended as Princess Rune Venus, carefully composed as ever,
stepped out onto the podium. Her face displayed not a single shred of
emotion, giving the onlookers no clue as to the content of her speech. Next
to emerge was Prince Galus, accompanied by the royal house's chief
servant, Londs. They took their places a few feet behind the princess.
There was a pause. Londs looked angrily over his shoulder, and muttered
something inaudible. Seconds later, a confused-looking Princess Fatora
darted out from behind the curtain. Looking up, she was apparently taken
aback by the vastness of the crowd. Consumed by a sudden urge not to
draw attention to herself, she discreetly stepped back until she was as far to
the rear of the stage as was physically possible.
"People of El-Hazard," Rune began, her voice echoing through the stillness
and calm of the packed streets before her. "I'm sure many of you will have
heard the rumours. Today, it is my happy duty to confirm to you that they
are true. I would like to announce my engagement to Prince Galus."
Any further details contained within her speech would have to wait until
later. The announcement had triggered an enormous response from the
crowd, which quickly settled into the repeated chant of "Glory to the royal
house", a mantra which, by the sound of it, was set to last for several
minutes at least.
Galus took Rune's hand and led her to the steps which descended from the
stage. "Come," he smiled softly at Rune, "this is a perfect opportunity for
us to meet our public."
Londs didn't seem so confident. "Princess, are you sure that this is the best
time? Perhaps we should wait until..."
"Ah, Londs. Always expecting the worst. We have the royal guard to
protect us. I would never suggest anything which might lead to Princess
Rune coming to harm", Galus reassured.
The three figures began to descend as guards gathered at the foot of the
steps. Suddenly Galus turned and looked at Fatora.
"Princess, won't you join us?"
Actually, Fatora had been hoping to sneak away quietly while everyone
else was preoccupied with El-Hazard's newest royal couple. But Galus had
a habit of getting his own way, and in the absence of a convincing excuse,
Fatora felt obliged to take up the offer.

She regretted it, of course. Two hours later, she stormed into the library.
Doctor Schtalubaugh looked up from his desk.
"Oh, princess," he said, "I've been waiting."
"What? Oh yeah, sorry," Fatora mumbled. "I couldn't help it. I was busy."
"There is no need for apologies, princess. Your royal duties must come
before your studies." Schtalubaugh closed the book he was reading and
headed for the shelves at the far end of the room.
"Duties..." Fatora grumbled to herself. "Nothing more than walking,
standing or sitting next to Rune. Two hours of my life wasted. I must've
shaken hands with every single damn person in that crowd. And why?
Because the lovely Princess Rune is getting married."
Fatora stopped. She had been quite unaware that was thinking aloud.
Schtalubaugh sat opposite her.
"Your presence is symbolic, princess," he pointed out. "Your failure to
attend such events would imply a conflict within the royal house."
Schtalubaugh began to search through his papers. He tried to be reassuring,
although he knew he wasn't very good at it. "In my time I have instructed
many young members of the royal family. At one time or another, all of
them doubted the validity of their position, your sister included. It is quite
natural. But eventually, you will come to realise that your position,
princess, is what you make of it."
Fatora didn't really feel any better, but she was tired of talking about her
insecurities, an activity which only ever made her feel worse. Could it
really be, though, that the mighty Princess Rune had once doubted herself?

Fatora was a shy, quiet girl, who seemed far from the ideal candidate for a
princess. She idolised her older sister, for the same reason she resented her
so very much- Rune was the perfect princess that Fatora could never be.
She peeped around the corner, then cursed quietly. Fatora hated feeling like
an intruder in her own home. But wherever Rune was, Galus wasn't far
behind, to the degree that simply having a private conversation with Rune
was now close to impossible. Why couldn't he keep himself to himself, the
interfering bastard? The prospect of living with Galus was one Fatora
preferred not to contemplate.
Rune was in her bedroom reading when Fatora came in.
"Rune? You're not busy, are you?" asked Fatora.
"Not really," her sister replied. "Do you want something?"
"Some advice, perhaps. Did you ever get the feeling that your job was
"A long time ago." Rune finally answered. "Don't tell me you feel that
Fatora sat on the bed. "Nobody cares. I could disappear tomorrow and
they'd only notice if they wanted their precious Eye of God switching on."
"Oh Fatora, that isn't true," Rune protested. "You're respected throughout
"All royals are respected," she sighed. "It's unquestioning. You're
different, people are actually interested in what you do."
The two sisters sat quietly for a while.
"Well..." hesitated Rune, "I know the first time people really took an
interest in me was when those rumours about Prince Durad started
"Yeah, but… that was years ago. And totally untrue."
"It got people interested," Rune smiled. "That's the kind of thing that gets
people talking. Since I've been with Galus, I've never been more popular.
Fatora was unsure, but Rune clearly thought she was on to something.
"Next week, Prince Fran is coming to the palace for trade negotiations."
It was a name Fatora recognised. "The most sought-after prince in El-
Haza... hey, just a minute, are you setting me up with him?"
"Why not?" beamed Rune. "It's a good idea."
"You're right, it's a brilliant idea," agreed Fatora.

At least, it was in principle. But as the days leading up to Fran's arrival
passed, Fatora became anxious. She would be courting the famous Prince
Fran of Dorusland. Everyone would be talking about it. Shouldn't she be
more excited? Maybe it was just a little sudden- after all, she had never
considered doing anything like this before. A gamble, perhaps, but when
she thought back to meeting the public with Rune and Galus, and the
hastily disguised look of disappointment on people's faces when they
found themselves shaking hands with the royal trio's least interesting
member, she knew it had to be worth it.

The day came. The prospect of Prince Fran's arrival had sent the palace's
inhabitants- particularly the female ones- onto a state of accelerated
excitement. The most affected was Rune, who had planned the details of
Fran's stay meticulously, and seemed positively delighted at the idea of
introducing her sister to the prince.
All heads in the conference room turned to the huge doors as they swung
open. From the far side of the room, Fatora could make out one of the two
figures as Londs. The identity of the other was unclear, but judging from
the reaction of those who had a better view, she guessed it was Fran. The
guards lining the walls of the room straightened their backs as the visitor
passed them, and as he got closer, Fatora recognised his face. They had
never met, but Fatora had seen his portraits many, many times. His most
striking feature was his height- he towered over everyone. Even Londs,
who was preparing to introduce the prince to Rune, Fatora and Galus.
"Your majesties, the noble Prince Fran of Dorusland." Londs presented
him to the assembled royals with his usual eloquence. The prince
responded with equal courtesy.
"A pleasure, your majesties. And what a delight to see that the legendary
beauty of Roshtaria's princesses is more that mere legend."
For once, Fatora was flattered. "Well, thanks!" she laughed. "I didn't..."
"Oh, Princess Fatora," Fran looked down at her. "You are beautiful also,
almost as beautiful as your sister."
Fatora's heart sank. "Thanks," she mumbled, "that's the greatest
compliment I've ever been paid."
"Fatora!" Rune whispered, keen to avoid any embarrassment. But Fran
had either not heard Fatora's comment, or simply ignored it, as he was
now deep in conversation with Galus. Fatora tried to slip away, but Rune
caught her.
"He hates me." Fatora avoided eye contact with her sister.
"The prince has a habit of speaking his mind," Rune pointed out. You
shouldn't worry about such things."
"I'm serious, Rune. I really don't think he likes me."
"Oh, Fatora. Before you know it, you'll discover his inner kindness, I
know you will."
Fatora frowned. "Are you sure?"
Rune smiled back. "When you have dinner with him tonight, you'll see. I
just know you'll discover something wonderful."
Rune was right, but in a way she could never have imagined.

Well, Fatora thought, he's communicative. True, as Fran was a good
talker, albeit always about himself. Just ten minutes into the meal, Fatora
already knew enough about the prince to make a decent stab at writing his
biography. And it was also true to say that Fran was a pretty all-round
fantastic guy, at least, according to the authority that was himself.
On the outside, she was all weak smiles and feigning interest as Fran
regaled her with stories of his vast popularity, great physical strength, and
success in gambling, his primary pastime. Inside however, she was falling
apart. This was it. This was what she was supposed to be looking forward
to. Surely a Bugrom would make a better husband than this egomaniac,
but there was a horrible feeling, somewhere deep down, that like
everything else in her life, she would be swept along by events and before
she knew it they would be married. Faking wedded bliss as the public
loved every minute of it.
Immersed in her thoughts, she was quite unaware that her future husband
had ceased his scintillating anecdotes and was addressing her directly.
"Oh? Sorry, what?"
"I was asking if you'd care for some wine, princess," Fran repeated.
Fatora wasn't much of a drinker, but in this case a little alcohol could be a
blessing, if only to block out some of the more objectionable elements of
Fran's personality.
"Very well," Fatora sighed.
"Excellent," Fran smiled. He clapped his hands twice.
Out of the corner of her eye, Fatora could see a small figure enter the
room, carrying a large jug of wine. Relieved at the prospect of some
company besides the prince, she turned around to get a better look.
She looked no more than five feet tall. Her eyes were bright pink, and she
wore a simple white dress and sandals. And her hair- what colour was it?
In darkness, it seemed purple, but as the girl stepped into the light it
looked closer to a deep blue. For some reason, Fatora found herself
transfixed, her eyes following the mysterious figure to the table.
"The princess and I require wine," Fran boomed.
"Okay!" the girl smiled, and dutifully filled Fran's glass. Turning to
Fatora, their eyes met for the first time. Fatora flinched as she felt an
unexplained rush of adrenaline. What was going on? The girl seemed
affected too, but in a different way, as she stared into Fatora's eyes with a
huge smile on her face.
Fran coughed. The spell was broken, and the girl started pouring wine into
Fatora's glass. Fatora, however, decided to take the initiative. She had to
know more about this newcomer.
"Hey, I, uh... like the hair," Fatora said.
"Thankyou, princess!" the girl replied, delighted.
"Kind of unusual, huh?"
"My natural colour, princess," the girl started. "As a matter of fact, my..."
"Excuse me!" Fran interrupted. "The princess was making an observation.
She was not engaging you in conversation."
The girl shrunk away, dejected. "Sorry, your majesty."
"The princess has more important things to discuss. This is the second
princess of Roshtaria. Have some respect!"
"Sorry, your majesty," she repeated.
Fatora wanted to object, but what could she do? She and the girl
exchanged glances. Then, when Fran wasn't looking, she grinned and
winked at Fatora, before skipping out of the room. Fatora was suddenly,
somehow, happier than she had ever been.
"Who... was that?"
"Just one of my servants," Fran sighed. "I shouldn't put up with such
insubordination. I suppose the royal house of Roshtaria expect far higher
standards of their staff."
"Whatever." Fatora wasn't listening Her mind still on the girl, she absent-
mindedly took a sip of wine. God, it was strong.

Half an hour later, Fatora was once again being tempted into a coma by
Fran's incessant talking. There had to be a way to get the wine girl back.
"Hey," said Fatora, after waiting for Fran to pause for breath. "How about
some more wine?"
Prince Fran looked puzzled. "But princess, your glass is almost full."
Good point. Fatora had hardly touched the wine. It was way too strong for
her usual tastes. But in this case, curiosity beat off common sense. She
took the glass and downed it in one
Everything went grey. She was surely going to die… Then, the mists
cleared. Through the tears now streaming from her eyes, she could see that
the world was indeed still out there, as, unfortunately, was Fran. Fatora
smirked triumphantly and held her glass aloft.
"More wine!"

This technique worked twelve or thirteen times. Each time, the girl came
back, and silent smiles were exchanged. Fran fell for it every time,
although he did seem concerned at his future bride's apparent alcoholism.
Muttering the vaguest of romantic pleasantries, he left. The princess was
alone and, although the man of her dreams had been a big disappointment,
something important had happened tonight. If only she knew what it was.
Well, at least she'd had one definite stroke of luck tonight. The alcohol
hadn't affected her at all. She stood up, and wondered why gravity seemed
to be acting sideways...
The wine girl looked down over the collapsed, inebriated princess. She
smiled as a wicked thought crossed her mind. But no, it would have to
wait. For now.

Fatora awoke and immediately regretted doing so. What had she been
thinking? Her head felt like the Holy Wars were being replayed inside it.
For ten minutes or so, she lay almost comatose, staring at the ceiling, until
a question fought through to her conscious mind.
How did she get back to the bedroom? Oh well, obviously she'd got back
Still half asleep, Fatora swung her legs over the side of the bed. What was
that on the floor? Her feet were touching a soft object...
The object squeaked. Fatora jumped back onto the bed in surprise, and
blinked downwards to see the girl from last night, curled up on her
bedroom floor. Now disturbed, the girl was looking up at Fatora.
"What the... what are you doing in here?" Fatora inquired.
"Oh..." the girl began. "Well, you sort of collapsed last night after the
prince left. There was nobody else around, so I, uh... carried you back
"You carried me?" Fatora looked in disbelief at the tiny girl.
"Uh-huh. And after that, I was really worn out, so I guess I fell asleep
down here."
"Well, thanks..." Fatora patted the bed, beckoning the girl to sit next to
her. She did.
"You… haven't told me your name..." Fatora offered, a little nervous for
some reason.
"Oh. It's Alielle," she beamed.
"Well, Alielle, how do you like the palace?"
"It's pretty," she giggled. "It must be neat to be a princess."
"You'd think so, wouldn't you?" sighed Fatora.
Alielle frowned. "You don't like it?"
"Not really," admitted Fatora. "I'm sick of being told what to do, told how
to be a better princess."
"I know if I was a princess," Alielle replied, "I'd like it, because I
wouldn't let anyone order me around. They'd learn that I was never to be
Great, thought Fatora. Now even a servant knows more about being a
princess than I do.
"Can I ask you something, Miss Fatora?"
"Sure," sighed Fatora. "Go on."
"Do you like my master, the prince? They say he's the greatest prince in
all El-Hazard."
"He's overrated," smiled Fatora. "I thought I'd like him. But he's not my
sort of man. Hey, I don't even know what my sort of man is."
"Maybe you just don't like boys," Alielle hinted.
Fatora laughed. "Yeah, perhaps... oh, wait? You mean like that?"
"Mm-hmm. I know I don't like boys."
"Right…" said Fatora nervously. "That explains a lot." It did, sort of, but
somehow she was now even more confused. Still, at least she had
someone to talk to.
Fatora stood up. "Come on, Alielle," she said. I'll show you around the
"Okay!" replied Alielle, delighted. "You know, princess... you're very
Why, thankyou Alielle," smiled Fatora. Then taking into consideration
what Alielle had just revealed, the true implications of the comment sunk
in. This realisation was accompanied by Alielle excitedly grabbing Fatora
around the waist.
"Let's go!" squealed Alielle.
Fatora looked down at her new companion. It was going to be an
interesting day...

Doctor Schtalubaugh hurried to the doors of the conference room.
Entering, he found Rune, Galus and Londs already deep in discussion.
"I apologise for my lateness," said the doctor as he crossed the room, "but
I have unfortunate news." He held up a copy of the Roshtarian Observer.
"It seems the press have got hold of our intelligence concerning Bugrom
troop movements."
"Surely not!" protested Londs. "That information was..."
"I know, classified," sighed Schtalubaugh. "But listen- 'An anonymous
source claimed that the Bugrom are now aligned along the River of God in
such a way that heralds a significant future attack.'"
"Terrible," said Galus. "This will only serve to make the public uneasy,
and a future war more likely."
The doctor nodded. "They are further suggesting an alliance between the
Bugrom and the Phantom Tribe."
"Impossible!" Londs stated. "The Phantom tribe despise the Bugrom even
more so than the do ourselves."
"Perhaps," Galus pondered. "But one should never rule out the Phantom
Tribe. They are a..."
The doors opened noisily. In stepped Fatora and Alielle.
"And this is the conference chamber!" Fatora told Alielle.
"Fatora, we were wondering where you were," said Rune. "We are
supposed to be discussing classified operations of... who is that servant?"
"Oh, sorry," Fatora apologised. "This is my friend Alielle. She's one of
Fran's staff and I was giving her the guided tour. Hey, I totally forgot
about our little meeting. So, what's new?"
Londs frowned even more than usual. "We can hardly be expected to
discuss such sensitive matters with a mere servant girl present. Princess,
your acquaintance must leave."
Fatora hesitated. Perhaps this was the time to put Alielle's suggestions
about standing up for herself into practice...
All eyes turned to the doors once more as Fran entered. He gave his
apologies to Rune, then pointed at Alielle.
"Alielle, where have you been? I do not expect my servants to simply
disappear whenever they so choose."
Alielle hid behind Fatora, who felt pressured to say something. "She's
with me. I requested that she accompanied me."
The prince backed down. "Well then... Alielle, I require your assistance."
Alielle reluctantly walked towards her master, then quickly darted back to
Fatora. "Meet me tonight by the gates, after the guards change," she
whispered, then ran back to Fran.
"Majesties," said Fran, leaving. "I apologise again for my intrusion. Good
day to you all."

That night, as Fatora and Alielle sat in a secluded part of the royal
gardens, they found themselves staring up at the Eye of God.
"Can you really control the Eye of God?" Alielle asked, whispering softly,
as if in apology for breaking the silence.
"I guess so," Fatora replied. "Ever since I was young, I was lectured on it.
It's kind of disturbing, to have such a dangerous thing way up there, here
everyone can see it."
"I think it's beautiful," said Alielle, expressionless.
"B...beautiful?" Fatora responded, incredulous. "It's a weapon of mass
"I know," smiled Alielle. "But when I was a child, I used to be fascinated
by it. I used to ask my mother what it was, why it was there. I guess she
didn't want to scare me, so she told me… it was a gateway. A gateway in
the sky to another world, a mysterious..."
She stopped, and looked down at the ground. "Pretty silly, huh?"
"Maybe," said Fatora. "But I'd like it if someone had told me that, instead
of the truth."
They looked at each other for a very long time.
"So..." said Alielle finally, "have you thought about what I suggested this
Fatora looked away. "Do you mean your suggestion about asserting
myself, or that... whole other area?"
"Both," said Alielle quietly.
Here goes, thought Fatora. "Alielle," she said, in the most confident voice
she could muster. "Forgive me for trusting my instincts, but..."
Fatora grabbed Alielle by the shoulders and kissed her. It was a long, long
This probably shouldn't have shocked Alielle, but it did. As soon as Fatora
let go, she fell back, eyes closed, in heaven.
"My first kiss," she heard Fatora say. "Yours?"
"The first one I didn't have to chase down..." sighed Alielle. Then she
paused. Fatora's voice was different somehow. There was a natural air of
confidence there, so unlike the put-on, forced kind that was usually in its
place. She opened her eyes to see a very different Fatora.

The transformation had happened.

Fatora laughed to herself. It was a slow, almost condescending laugh- one
which one day, grown men would learn to fear. "I did it!" proclaimed
Fatora. "I did it! I'm free! Free at last!"
Slowly, it began to make sense to Alielle. There kiss have proven to
Fatora that she could rise above other people's expectations. It wasn't just
an act of love. It was an act of defiance. And there was no going back
"No more!" yelled Fatora. "No longer shall I cower in my sister's shadow!
No more will I allow mere commoners to dictate my actions! I am Fatora!
The greatest princess ever to rule El-Hazard! Nobody will stand against
me and survive!"
Alielle was overjoyed. "Oh, Miss Fatora! I knew it was within you!
You're so wonderful!"
"An astute observation, my dear Alielle." Fatora smiled- but it was a smile
more likely to instil fear than pleasure. In anyone except Alielle, of course.
"I have realised that my life is my own, and it is up to me to choose which
road I travel."
"And I'm travelling with you!" exclaimed Alielle, grabbing Fatora again
and pulling her closer. "Fatora, I'll always be there to carry your luggage!"
Fatora looked down to the little figure clamped around her waist. "Alielle,
my love," she said, "you have showed me the light, and I am greatly
indebted to you. In what way can I ever repay you for your guidance?"
"Well," giggled Alielle, "we could have sex."
"Excellent suggestion!" Fatora stood up so quickly that Alielle almost fell
flat. She immediately jumped back up, and they raced off in the direction
of the palace.

Light filtered through the curtains and met Fatora's sleeping eyes. She
stirred, then outstretched her arm to the other pillow. Where was Alielle?
"Alielle?" called Fatora. "Hey, did she use me?"
Fatora was suddenly aware of a movement by her side. Alielle emerged
from under the sheets.
"That was fun!" she squeaked, apparently still full of energy.
They heard footsteps approaching the bedroom.
"It must be Londs!" panicked Fatora. "Alielle, you must..."
Fatora stopped. For a moment, she had slipped back into the old her. No,
her actions would no longer be questioned.
Londs entered the room and began his usual routine. He bid the princess
good morning, started to go through her schedule for the day... it took him
nearly twenty seconds to realise that the bed had two occupants, not one.
Fatora looked with great pleasure upon the expression of confusion on
Londs' face.
"Can't a pair of lovers get any privacy in this palace?" she asked smugly.
"Princess, I..." Londs wasn't sure from what angle to approach this new
and unexpected crisis. "What is this foolishness?"
"You'd better get used to it," proclaimed Fatora, "because you'll be
noticing a hell of a lot more foolishness from now on!"
Londs was taken aback. The princess had never answered him back
before. He tried to maintain his composure. "Might I remind you that you
are supposed to be the intended of his majesty, Prince Fran. This will
hardly go towards improving your relationship."
"Oh, Fran? Yeah, that reminds me. I have a thing or two to tell him!"
Fatora grinned. "If you'll excuse me, Alielle, I must get up now. But
tonight... how 'bout it?"
Alielle hesitated. "Miss Fatora, I'd love to, but unfortunately I'm busy
tonight. Perhaps tomorrow night?"
"Very well!" Fatora wrapped a sheet around herself, got up, and darted out
of the room.
Alielle rolled back on the bed. "What a woman!" she said to herself, and
waved to Londs. Londs put a hand to his head. The royal family wasn't
what it used to be.

Prince Fran was just about to leave the guest quarters when Fatora arrived.
"Princess, may I help you?" he asked, hurriedly.
"Look, Fran," said Fatora, matter-of-factly, "I think it's obvious that
things aren't working out between us. Don't take it too hard, but... you're
dumped, baby!"
"Well, Fatora," said Fran, intrigued by this sudden change, "I think we
should give our relationship some time..."
"Hey, get over it!" snapped Fatora. "Go find yourself a full length mirror
to marry. I am in love with another. So beat it!"
"You don't understand, princess," said Fran, calmly. "We will be married.
It will be done. We are royalty, we do not marry for love. You will be my
bride, Fatora."
"Never!" screamed Fatora. "Let me tell you something about your bride!
She's in love with..."
"I have no time for this!" Fran interrupted. "I have more important matters
to attend to." He walked past Fatora, trying to cover up his surprise with
bravado. "You are a princess. It's time you acted like one."
Fatora let him go. But he hadn't heard the last of this.

Fatora spent the rest of the day terrorising the palace. She flatly refused to
do her duties, she yelled at the staff, she told anyone she could find about
her new love just to see that funny look of embarrassment on their faces.
Rune, Schtalubaugh, Galus- they all knew, although no one had yet been
brave enough to tell Fran. Her new found aggression had so many uses-
although as yet she hadn't been able to convince any female members of
staff that "she was the way". Never mind, there would be plenty of time to
hone her powers of seduction, especially if Alielle was there to help her.

Night fell. The day had been an exhausting yet satisfying, Fatora thought-
a description which brought Alielle to mind.
Londs ran in unexpectedly. "Princess! Forgive me, but there has been
some... unpleasantness. Your presence is required."

As Fatora was led down to the stairway, there was no clue as to what was
wrong. Reaching the dungeon, the first sight that greeted her was a palace
guard clutching the Orb of Roshtaria. Fatora frowned. The Orb was a
priceless artefact of the royal house, normally kept on display in the
palace. Through the shadows, Fatora could also see Rune, Fran and Galus,
locked in conversation. Schtalubaugh was there too- but he was silent,
with a sombre look on his face.
"What's going on? An explanation, please?" demanded Fatora.
"Your friend," Londs frowned, "is in a lot of trouble. A few minutes ago,
Miss Alielle was apprehended by the royal guard, attempting to steal the
sacred Orb of Roshtaria."
"That's crap!" Fatora insisted, although the looks on their faces suggested
it wasn't.
"The evidence is here before you," stated Londs, pointing to the Orb.
"I want to see her! There's been a mistake!" yelled Fatora, becoming
"Princess. For your information the suspect has already..."
"I said I want to see her, damn it!" Fatora screamed. "Now just shut the
hell up and do your damn job! Understand? Take me to her!"
Londs nodded wearily and took Fatora further into the dungeon.

Alielle sat facing the wall, occupying a tiny corner of her cell. Slowly she
looked up as two sets of footsteps approached.
Fatora's fury deepened as she saw Alielle. She looked at Londs, who was
doing his best to avoid eye contact. "Go on, beat it!" she ordered. He was
more than happy to leave.
"Alielle! I know what's going on!" Fatora blurted out. "They're all against
me. Against us! But I'll show 'em. Tell me what happened! I'll get you
out, I promise! They should know better than to.."
"I'm sorry, Miss Fatora," Alielle said softly. "I did it. I did try to steal the
Orb. I'm guilty."
Fatora hadn't been expecting this. "What are you talking about, Alielle?
You're not a thief! Why would you steal from me?"
"I'm sorry," Alielle repeated. "I'm sorry I let you down, Miss Fatora."
With that, she turned her back on Fatora and went silent.
Fatora walked slowly away, not knowing what to think. When she got
back to the others, confusion had turned to rage. Fran, meanwhile, was
apologising wholeheartedly to Rune for his servant's behaviour, while
Galus seemed to have taken charge of the situation.
"It was fortunate that the palace guards were so vigilant, or else Roshtaria
could have lost a great treasure," Galus said, placing his hand on Fatora's
"Don't touch me!" Fatora exploded, slapping Galus' hand away. "Don't
ever come near me again, you freak! Always smiling and stating the
perfectly damn obvious! I hate you!" Fatora looked for a moment at the
shocked faces of everyone present, then ran.
Doctor Schtalubaugh allowed himself a thin smile. It was about time
somebody spoke out against Galus. Silently, he followed Fatora up the

It took the old doctor a while to catch up with the furious princess, but he
eventually found her sitting at the top of the stairs. Fatora looked up, and
was relieved to see that it was Schtalubaugh. He was the only one who
didn't seem to be revelling in this tragedy.
"That... little... bitch!" gasped Fatora. "She betrayed me! I trusted her and
she betrayed me! How dare she!"
"Princess," sighed Schtalubaugh, "this is a grave situation indeed. But I
cannot fathom why your friend would commit such a crime. It makes no
"It... doesn't?"
"A servant such as her would not have the means to hide such a large and
distinctive item, nor the criminal contacts to sell it. There is no record of
her ever having committed a crime in the past."
Fatora looked closely at Schtalubaugh's expression. In most cases, the
doctor usually knew more than he would admit to. And something was
troubling him.
"Doc, do you... know something? Because if you do, you'd better tell me,
The doctor shook his head. "Mere supposition, hardly evidence. And it is
not my place to..."
"Tell me!" insisted Fatora. "Please!"
"Very well," he sighed. "You may be aware of Prince Fran's love of
"Hey, tell me about it," moaned Fatora. "He talks about nothing else."
"It is a shameful habit," Schtalubaugh nodded. "Yet, one which, I'm
ashamed to say, I too partake of. Two months ago, during the academic
conference I attended in Dorusland, I was in the unusual position of
gambling with the prince himself. After the banquet, the prince, myself,
and many dignitaries from far and wide engaged in a game of cards. I
retired early. The prince, however, found himself locked in combat with
Princess Myala of Geinos."
"Did he win?" asked Fatora expectantly.
"The prince lost the equivalent of sixteen million roshtals to the princess.
This amount is in excess of his personal fortune, leading me to believe the
rumours that he uses Dorusian public funds to fuel his habit. But removing
a sum of such magnitude from the public sector is an act which could not
be concealed for long."
"So... he wanted the Orb, right?" Fatora was beginning to understand.
"The Orb could be sold to an underworld dealer for millions, then the
royal house would be held to ransom for its return. The prince would have
his money- who would ever suspect it?"
"Of course!" It makes absolutely perfect sense!" Fatora exclaimed. "Fran
forced Alielle to steal the Orb so he could have it. The scum! Guards!!"
"Princess, wait!" Schtalubaugh came close to shouting. "If only it were
that simple. But we have no evidence, and may I remind you that Alielle
confessed to planning the heist in full."
Schtalubaugh turned to descend the steps to the dungeon. Fatora was
already halfway down.

"Alielle, I know Fran put you up to it."
Alielle looked back through the bars in shock.
"Just say that he forced you to do it, and I can try and get you out! Come
on, Alielle!"
"I'm sorry, Miss Fatora," she sighed. "I can't do that."
Fatora was incredulous. "Damn it, Alielle! Don't you realise I'm trying to
help you? Now I don't know what Fran threatened you with if you
squealed on him, but it can't be as bad as spending the rest of your life in
this cell!"
Alielle began to cry. It was a painful sight for Fatora, to see her usually
happy friend in such a state.
"The prince... scares me. You don't realise what he's like..."
"She will not betray me," a voice said behind Fatora. It was Fran. He gave
Fatora a wicked smile. "She would not dare."
The statement triggered an unexpected response in Alielle. Perhaps
inspired by Fatora's new found spirit of defiance, a spirit which she
herself had helped to mould, she shouted through tear filled eyes- "I admit
it! He forced me to steal the Orb for him! He said... he said that if I didn't,
there were ways of getting rid of disobedient servants..."
"There still are!" yelled Fran. "You have sealed your fate, young lady!"
"Hey, hey! Wait up!" Fatora objected. "You're practically admitting it,
Fran! And you're threatening Alielle while I'm here listening to you! You
can't get away with this. Who the hell do you think you are?"
"I am a prince!" snarled Fran. "And I think you'll find that my word will
be supported above that of some juvenile delinquent servant girl. Not a
jury in the land would dare convict a man of my standing."
"Well done," smiled Fatora quietly. "Very clever. But I seem to remember
somebody telling me today to act like a princess. Well, I AM a princess!
The second princess of Roshtaria, joint ruler of El-Hazard, and far
superior to you!"
"GAAHH!" Fran doubled over in pain. Alielle looked in wonder and
admiration at Fatora, who had swiftly and professionally kneed him in the
groin. Through a series of painful coughs, Fran squeaked, "You can't do
"Oh yes I can, and I don't need a damn jury. Screw democracy, this is a
monarchy, baby! I'll lock you up myself!"
"What are you proposing?"
"I think 'abuse of power' is the phrase you're searching for. I, Princess
Fatora, am abusing my power over you, just like you abused yours to
manipulate Alielle. Kinda fun, isn't it? I really see the attraction. I must
remember to do this more often. Londs!"
Londs, who had by now been made aware of Fran's deception by
Schtalubaugh, ran over.
"Unlock that cell. Alielle is innocent."
There was little point arguing with Fatora, so Londs did as he was told.
Alielle ran out into the arms of her beloved.
"Don't worry, Alielle," smiled Fatora. "This piece of crap won't be any
danger to you once I'm finished with him."
"So you're going to imprison me?" smirked Fran. "I don't think so. My
people would never stand for it. There would be war! Is that what you
"Excellent point," pondered Fatora. "Guards!"
Two guards ran to Fran and, one either side of him, grabbed his arms and
pulled him to his feet.
"It looks," said Fatora, "like I'll have to administer my own punishment,
then!" She took a run up at Fran and kicked him square in the groin once
more. Then again. Fran yelled at the guards, but they weren't about to go
against the orders of a princess. Well, not this one.
"Stop!" a voice shouted. Everyone turned to see Rune approaching.
"Princess Rune!" Fran started. "Your sister..."
"Silence!" called Rune. "Not only did you plot to steal our sacred Orb for
monetary gain, you threatened this poor girl into committing the crime on
your behalf. You have disgraced us all."
Fran continued. "Your sister is hurting me!"
"Yes. Fatora, please stop that. Prince Fran, I cannot risk the diplomatic
fallout that would result from your imprisonment, but as leader of the
tribes of El-Hazard, I command you to return to Dorusland immediately.
And furthermore, you will stay away from Miss Alielle, or else your
disgraceful corruption may find its way into the popular press."
The guards dropped Fran to the floor. He teetered on the brink of
"Right," grinned Fatora. "And don't forget to tell your friends back home
that Fatora dumped you for a girl."
Fran looked in horror at Alielle, who was wrapped around Fatora and
extracting joy from her every word. Seven feet tell, Prince Fran quietly
fainted on the stone floor.

While it was true to say that Rune was disappointed by her sister's
decision not to marry, as was usually the royal duty of a princess, there
existed now a silent understanding between her, Fatora and Alielle. Rune's
aim had been to make Fatora happy, and it had succeeded in the most
unexpected of ways. Alielle, meanwhile had been employed by Fatora as
her "personal assistant"- and judging from the sounds emanating from
Fatora's wing of the palace for the next few weeks, there was certainly a
lot of assistance going on.

So, everyone lived happily ever after, except for the palace's female staff,
who for some reason were all either handing in their resignation or suing
the palace on grounds of sexual harassment.

Alielle and Fatora sat in the garden. They were still discussing Fatora's
victory over Fran, mostly because Fatora enjoyed talking about it.
"I'll never forget the look on his face! I showed him!"
"Oh, Fatora, you sure did. Only one as kind hearted as you would
disregard democratic and legal procedures for the one you love. How can I
ever repay you, my love?"
"This time, Prince Fran, tomorrow, the world! Soon nobody will dare
oppose me, the mighty Fatora!"
"Miss Fatora, I can't help myself! I just love it when you're so... nasty!"
Alielle dived on top of Fatora, who fell back. Staring upwards, Fatora saw
the Eye of God, and remembered what Alielle had told her.
Hmm, thought Fatora. Perhaps it really is beautiful.
In a twisted sort of way.
But perhaps now, Fatora was twisted enough to appreciate it.


Fatora's moral of the story:
"Deep down, everyone's a bitch. And a lesbian. Sometimes they just need
a little encouragement."

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NOTES: So now you know how it happened! My reason for doing a series
of Alielle/Fatora fics is that they are two of my favourite El-Hazard
characters, sadly relegated to a minor role in most fics (with a few notable
This story was really hard to write, but I wanted to do the "Alielle and
Fatora falling in love" story, and it made sense to do it first. Judging by
Fatora's popularity among (non-Japanese) fans, I'm sure many people will
dislike this fic as a matter of principle, but hey, we're all different. For
those of you who just missed having Makoto and the others around- don't
worry, as they'll all be there in the next few instalments. Also, the subject
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have expected- again, this will change in the next few.
Oh well, time now for me to start on Chapter 2- "Mindgames", which is
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