A/N: Written for a livejournal 10settings community using the prompt 'on a roof' during a Chinese history lecture because I happened to be infinitely bored. (And I liked the concept of a sudden idea that popped up in my head.)

Warnings: Character death.

Disclaimer: Square Enix owns all, I'm just playing.

For The Reunion

Yazoo was the first one to reach the rooftop and there they were: one dead, the other dying high above the roofs of old ruined Midgar. The air had grown stale in his lungs and he was slowly suffocating even as Loz took a stand next to him. In the dying sunlight they could still see the green wisps of Kadaj's existence draining away. Moments, and he was washed away into the fading light; gone where his brothers could not follow. There was nothing left for them in this world now. No aim, no purpose, no reason. There was no anger, even. Only dead emptiness and cold determination to take this world down along with them, if they were destined to fall.

Yazoo knew that sanity was slipping, if it ever had even been there. For a brief moment between drawing another breath and lifting his Velvet Nightmare for one final shot he was allowed a glimpse of what was to come, a shadow of the future to be. Was this sudden vision a mercy, he could no longer tell. It was all futile; all was lost already. They had struck either too late or too soon and now there was no way back.

And yet Yazoo's body still moved as if on its own accord, no longer a subject to his mind's control. He realised more than saw his last target and the path the bullet would burn through the air quite clearly, as if someone had drawn a straight line from the barrel of his gun to Cloud's heart. No place for failure was left for him this time.

Then and there Yazoo knew that he would not miss, but would not hit him either.

Yazoo did not look. He did not have to. The path of the bullet was already written in the air, its target and trajectory long predetermined. For the first time in his short existence, there was no need for him to aim. He simply raised the gunblade, pulled the trigger and sent the bullet on its way.

The bullet flew. It hit. And it missed.

Yazoo smiled weakly. Their time had come to an end. He let the weapon fall and heard it clatter somewhere far, far below – so distant had all sounds become to him now.

The building seemed to be shaking under their feet when Yazoo finally raised his gaze to look at the one who had ended all purpose of their existence. Next to him Loz was heavily drawing breath, barely holding on his feet in the damaging rain. Together they looked at the brother who was not their brother, but rather their destined enemy from the very start. The two brothers were suffocating slowly and it was a task to even form a few words, but nevertheless...

"We'll go together," Yazoo said, knowing that it was not true, but for Loz's sake (though he, too, might have already realised that this was the end) he was willing to put up one final show before the curtain fell forever. Loz was saying something, but it did not matter anymore. Yazoo was thinking of a final spell to cast when Cloud struck back.

And strike back he did. Screaming in rage, no less, because he had not seen... Because he did not know...

It was all rehearsed beforehand, Yazoo thought, watching Cloud advance. And they played it out perfectly. Together, Loz and Yazoo had just the right amount of strength left to unleash one final parting spell: a fire that ruined everything it touched and left no building standing. Yet it would still miss, and Yazoo found that quite ironic.

Collision. Explosion. The end.

The three of them were finally free.