Collective Memory here Updating after a GOOD while… well what happened was I wrote this on a piece of notebook paper like 2 weeks ago and I just found it today lol I'm such a loser its pitiful hehe well enjoy thanks 4 waiting- ph yea this is a kinda spoi

Collective Memory once again its undecided if im going to continue this well I will if u guys like it hmm I guess this is some what different than my other stuff cuz it's a tad darker than my other stuff or maybe I'm just confused oh well this was a challenge- Aizen/Ichigo, Urahara/Ichigo enjoy

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"How does it feel Mr.Kurosaki?" the orange haired fallen hero vomited on the white sand of Hueco Mundo.

A cold hand touched his flushed cheek "how does it feel knowing no one will come for you?" Ichigo bowed his head in shame.

"How does it feel to know there all dead?" He bit his chap lip until It bled, Aizen leaned in his breath hot on the imprisoned boy's neck "How does it feel knowing you killed them?

A cruel hazel met a set of gold piercing in madness, the arrancar lord smiled, Ichigo shrilled, his dangerous reiatsu flared, disrupting the balance of Hueco Mundo, Aizen didn't waver "Silence"

The hollow fixated boy thrashed around violently rattling the chains that bounded him to the wall, the monstrous sound seized, gold irises stared at the crimson blood flowing from the fresh puncture Aizen had created with his blasted zanpacto.

The hollow screamed louder, the arrancar lord twisted the hilt slowly "Enough" he was replied In silence, "Thank you for your cooperation" the dark haired man returned his blade back to his side, quicker than Ichigo could see.

"Sleep now, Mr.Kurosaki" Aizen jabbed Kyoka Suigetsu's hilt into his victim's stomach knocking him out cold but not before the hollows eyes returned back to a haunted brown as it retreated back inside his master's mind.

Aizen stared at the abandoned boy chained to a wall, his eyes softened as he gently stroked Ichigo's face "Shatter, Kyoka Suigetsu" he whispered.

A figure emerged from the shadows "Wasn't that a tad harsh, Sosuke-kun?" the arrancar lord didn't bother to even turn around "He wouldn't behave, common logic" pale green irises flickered in the dim candlelight "but still, creating the illusion that he killed his dear companions…"

The moraless man walked away "Summon a medic, he's useless if he dies." And with that Aizen Sosuke was gone leaving the creator of the Hokyokyo in the flickering darkness.

Sharp green irises softened at the pathetic heap of the fallen hero before him, Urahara placed a finger on Ichigo's bloodied lip "Forgive me."

To be continued?

Well what did ya think is it worth continuing? It was kinda OOC I guess well until next chap hopefully