Kid Flash pulled himself off of the floor with a groan he had the biggest headache he'd ever experienced in his whole life, wi

Kid Flash pulled himself off of the floor with a groan, he had the biggest headache he'd ever experienced in his whole life, with a wince of pain he rubbed his head and tried to remember what had just happened. He'd been fighting someone, but that didn't seem too important right now. Jinx! His mind flashed instantaneously to the pink haired sorceress that had been the subject of his thoughts for weeks, much to his disappointment she'd not left the HIVE five after freeing him from Madame Rouge but equally he'd only heard reports of HIVE five activity out of the city Jinx had apparently made the city off limits to them. But he couldn't remember who he was just fighting or why she'd appeared so clearly in his mind as he awoke, he was certain he'd not been fighting her, he couldn't lay a finger on her if he tried or at least not in that way, in other more interesting ways he'd certainly be prepared to lay a vast amount of himself on her, he thought with a smirk. Anyway, in a fight Jinx would probably kick his ass if she could catch him, yes she could certainly handle herself in a fight.

Suddenly irrational fear clutched at his throat, what if she had gotten into a fight? Not with him, but with someone else? What if somewhere she was hurt and needing him and he wasn't there? He needed to be there with her, REALLY needed it. He sped off to find her at an unbelievable speed.

"Jinx! Thank god you're okay!" He whimpered into her shoulder as he appeared seemingly out of nowhere in the HIVE five base and crushed her against the console she'd just turned away from, Jinx stood stock still for a second apparently in shock. Kid Flash felt himself hexed across the room backwards, apparently Jinx didn't stay shocked for long, but she was okay, that was the main thing. But why was she looking at him like that? With her hand on her hips and her eyes narrowed dangerously with smoke still curling from her fingertips.

"What the hell Kid Flash?!" Jinx snapped angrily at him, Kid Flash winced slightly at this, she was mad at him. But why? He just wanted- no, needed to know she was okay. Why was that bad?

"I needed to know you were okay." He offered looking up at her with honest eyes from his spot on the floor. Jinx towered over him angrily, she looked like a mighty vengeful goddess from this angle, he debated worshipping her. He reached a hand out to her leg that was now near his head and used it to curl himself around her legs, he practically purred. Jinx raised what would have been an eyebrow if she'd had any at this.

"Have you had any recent head traumas boy? Or are you just looking to get yourself one?" Jinx threatened looking down at him furiously, he didn't reply to her question but continued to rub his face against her knees, his behaviour was starting to creep her out more than a little.

"Get up." She ordered, he sprung to his feet as if he were a puppet whose strings she'd just violently yanked on.

"Yes?" He asked almost begging for some kind of acknowledgement from her, he reminded her of a puppy jumping up and down eagerly.

"What's wrong with you?" She questioned him narrowing her eyes at him, he looked hyper but then he always did, his pupils weren't huge and his eyes weren't red rimmed which ruled out a few mind altering drugs at least.

"Nothing, just needed to be near you." He replied dreamily, Jinx sniffed him, he didn't smell like drugs and she couldn't see any big bruises on his head indicating a knock of any kind.

"Are you on anything?" Jinx asked suspiciously, Kid Flash looked puzzled at this and looked down.

"Floor?" He offered, Jinx rolled her eyes at this, god the boy was so naïve.

"I meant drugs." She corrected him, Kid Flash shook his head at that. Of course he wasn't on drugs, he was Mr. Goodie-two-shoes wasn't he?

"Just love." He smiled at her dopily.

"What?" Jinx exclaimed as this snapped her out of her thoughts.

"They say love is a drug, or rather 'the' drug. So if that counts then yes I guess." He replied watching her intently.

"What?" She repeated unable to come up with anything else, she stared at him wide eyed.

"I love you." He said simply as he stepped towards her, his eyes slid half shut and he leant down and kissed her neck slowly and began to work his way along her jaw leaving butterfly kisses along her skin, she shoved him backwards abruptly. She felt acutely aware that her grey skin was now scarlet as she stared at the boy that had just so recently been pressed up against her, he looked at her his face a mixture of hurt and confusion.

"What'd I do wrong?" He asked worriedly, she began to feel equally worried, there was something really wrong with Kid Flash.

"Kid Flash," Jinx began slowly but the boy opened his mouth and interrupted her.

"Wally." He butted in, Jinx blinked in surprise at this.

"What?" She asked feeling stupid for saying that word so many times in such a short space of time.

"'s my name. You can call me Wally." He smiled adoringly at her and reached out to stroke her cheek, Jinx stood wide eyed and open mouthed at this. Had he really just told her his real name? Something was REALLY wrong with Kid Flash.

"Wally," She tried again, the red head smiled at this. "What were you doing just before you came here to see if I was okay?"

"I was in an alleyway." He replied taking her hand and raising it to his mouth and planting kisses on her wrist.

"What were you doing there?" Jinx pressed on trying to ignore the lips on the inside of her wrist.

"Having the worst headache ever." He murmured into her skin, the words 'head trauma' and 'concussion' lit up in her mind.

"Did you hit your head before that?" She persisted carefully, Kid Flash's brow furrowed at this.

"No… Don't remember, don't think so, it wasn't that kind of headache." He replied with some difficulty.

"Do you remember what did happen before then?" Jinx urged him, he shook his head before releasing her hand and turning his attention to stroking her face with one hand and tangling the other in her hair, she pulled herself back as an idea occurred to her, a whimper escaped his lips at the lack of her presence.

"Remember what happened before you got that headache and I'll let you kiss me again." She smirked provocatively. Kid Flash seemed to wrestle with this idea before closing his eyes and wrinkling his brow.

"I was… fighting a man… tall… skinny… big flash of light and words…" He tried desperately before his thoughts snapped almost painfully back to Jinx, the idea of kissing her shoved every other idea in his head aside as he cleared the distance between them and leant down and caught her lips in his, they were remarkably soft and smooth he could stay kissing them forever, in fact that doesn't sound like too bad an idea. Jinx caught a breath and pushed him back a little.

"Stop that, is this all you're thinking about?" She demands of him, he shakes his head at her.

"No, not just kissing you, other things about you too. I love your hair." He added as proof that he thought about things other than kissing her, although at that moment he wasn't thinking of much else.

"And things not to do with me?" Jinx snorted, Kid Flash felt confused at this, thoughts that didn't have to do with Jinx? Preposterous, no such things exist.

"No such thing." He murmured aware that he was remarkably close to her.

"Wait, you can't think of anything not to do with me?" Jinx asked wide eyed, Kid Flash nodded and leaned in and nipped at her neck affectionately. A memory kicked Jinx in the brain, she remembered, a boy who was in the senior class when she'd been in her first year at HIVE, a boy who had the power to manipulate thoughts, who could strip all but the thought you were having in your mind at the time from you. You became obsessed with that one thought, he'd done it to her once when she'd gotten lippy with him taunting him because his powers were purely psychological and couldn't blow things up like hers, she remembered spending six hours compulsively washing her hands after that, even after then she'd spent days repressing the urge to. She'd been lucky that his power had hit her when he'd just started to say 'wash' before he got to 'your mouth out with soap'. He couldn't tell you to do anything per say, the power of association could be an unpredictable thing and apparently something had made Kid Flash have a fleeting thought of her of some kind.

"Kid Flash… was the guy you ran across calling himself Psitron?" Jinx asked staring up in to his eyes.

"Sounds… familiar." He frowned before grabbing a stray lock of her hair and twirling it around his fingers. She cursed Psitron mentally, because of him Kid Flash was fixated on her, any thought or action that was a resistance to this almost hurt him.

"You stupid boy." She murmured holding his face in her palm, his eyes fluttered shut as he leant into her touch.

"What made you think of me when he got you? And how much of this is your doing over his?" Jinx mused out loud wondering what trigger thought Psitron had given him to make his mind connect that idea with her to this result.

"Kid Flash, someone has done this to you- hey! Listen to me, this is important!" She chided him as he apparently paid no attention to her, obligingly he opened his eyes half way and gave her a smouldering look, "someone has made you think and feel this way okay? It should wear off, just don't do anything stupid okay?" Jinx said breathing out slowly. Her eyes widened as she heard the front door open and slam closed again as the other members of the HIVE five walked in, they'd be around the corner any second and see him.

"Get out of here now! They'll catch you!" Jinx hissed.

"Why would I want to be anywhere you're not?" He purred at her and stroked a hand up Jinx's side. She dropped her hand from his face just as the boys rounded the corner and gawped at her.

"Something stupid like that." Jinx cursed under her breath as she tried to think as fast as she could with Kid Flash looking at her like that and the boys staring at her in pure disbelief.

"You won't believe this." Jinx grinned weakly at them.

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