This is a new story that was in the back of my head. Forbidden Magic is still going to be my main update but I decided to write this as a side fan fiction. This takes place 24 years after the war, and the story is going to be from Rose's POV. If you guys like it, I'll continue it. It does have OCs in it for a reason. Some characters that I wanted to have kids, don't or haven't yet. So I did make some changes to that. I'm going to try to keep everyone to their character.

Chapter 1 - Meeting

Hermione Weasley walked along the platform with Hugo and Rose as Ron ran behind her with trunks. "Do you honestly need all of these things Rose?" he asked her. Rose turned her bushy brunette head around to smile at her father. "Of course I do," she answered. Rose was finally in her 5th year while her brother was starting his 3rd year.

"Why do you need all this stuff anyway?" Hugo asked her. She smiled at him as they made it to the train, "wouldn't you like to know."

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley escorted their children, James, Albus and Lily onto the train when they saw them coming up to them. "Late? That's not like you," Harry joked. Ron frowned. "It's not my fault, I blame my daughter who is Ravenclaw," he scoffed.

"Ronald," Hermione groaned, "please don't. It's been five years, can't you let that go? Hugo is Gryffindor!"

"Right, my son is in the right house," he laughed. Harry shot him a look as his eyes traced to Lily who was looking out the window. She had almost chosen Ravenclaw to be with Rose, but changed her mind at the last minute and was placed in Gryffindor. "Houses shouldn't matter," Harry stated, "As long as they aren't in Slytherin, that's fine with me."

"Right," Ron's smile faded. He had remembered that Harry's oldest, James, was almost placed into Slytherin. Ron also frowned at the fact that he had so many of Ginny's traits. "Ravenclaw is good," Ginny beamed, "it means that she got her mother's brains. I'm sure she's just as courageous!"

Rose, who had moved away from her parents, was walking into the train with her brother. "Shouldn't we say good bye?" Hugo tapped his sister on the shoulder. Rose shrugged, "we can wave from the window. Dad's being weird about the house I was placed into."

"You do look weird," Hugo teased, "you would have looked better in my house you know. Just like mum and dad."

"Shut up Hugo," she snapped. They moved down the corridor and bumped into a 5th year student from Hufflepuff. Rose barely recognized her from the back because she wasn't wearing her hair up in a tight ponytail this year. "Mina?" she tapped her on the shoulder. The blonde girl turned around, "hello Rose, Hugo."

"Want to sit with me and Lily?" she asked her. Mina Longbottom nodded her head. Hugo pushed past them, "I'm going to go find Albus." He waved to his sister as he ran down the corridor into a compartment near the girl's compartment. Mina and Rose slid in with Lily who was waving to her father. "Bye dad! Mum!" she said happily.

Rose stuck her head out the window to see Hannah Longbottom looking for their daughter. Mina squeezed in next to Rose and waved to her parents. "Mina! Please be careful with Whiskers! Remember not to transfigure her into a flock of seagulls!" Hannah called to her. "Yes mum!" she waved. "Tell your father I love him!" Hannah brushed a tear from her eye and Mina smiled.

Rose was smiling at Hermione who was waving. Ron was standing still for a moment until Hermione slapped him on the back on the head. "Ronald!" she could hear her mother say angrily. "Right, bye Rose, Hugo, be good and tell Neville not to tell any accio brain jokes this year!"

The train started down the track. Mina moved away from Rose and sat down near the door as Lily sat across from them both. Lily's eyes moved down to the floor until Rose spoke, "how do you think this year will go?"

"I don't know," Lily said with a shrug. "You have O.W.L.S. and dad told me it was going to be crazy."

Mina nodded her head, "I have to see my dad in class. He's going to make me do well in Herbology this year."

"I did well in all classes with the exception of Divination," Rose rolled her eyes. She was a lot like her mother, while her brother was more like her father. Rose had a close bond with her mother. Mina shook her head, "I did rather well in Divination."

"Firenze is still teaching, right?" Lily asked almost amazed. Rose nodded her head, "he is. Centaurs usually live for a very long time."

"He said I was one of the best in that class," Mina said, "I did well in Potions as well."

Rose looked at her friend almost in disbelief. She shook it off however, "is James still doing well in Defense Against the Dark Arts?"

"Yes," Lily nodded, "he's the best out of all us, but dad doesn't hold it against me."

"Uncle Harry wouldn't do that, unlike my father," Rose laughed.

"Yeah," Lily laughed too. Mina hung her head, "my dad was a little disappointed in me, but mum said I was in the right place."

"Not to quote my dad but as long as you aren't in Slytherin like that nasty Scorpius Malfoy," Lily scoffed. She remembered that the year before Rose had to defend her against his teasing.

"Half-Blood is fine," Mina laughed, "I can relate to you!"

"Yeah, your mum and my dad huh?" Lily smiled, "Rose too you know. Muggle Born mum but she's brilliant."

Mina blushed as she scratched her head, "exactly." The train rolled down until it reached the school. Once there, they all exited the train. Lysander and Lorcan Scamander passed by Mina and Rose chatting about nargals. Mina cocked an eyebrow but didn't say a word about it.

Once they entered the hall, the twins both said, "I hope we have pudding." Mina laughed and was next to them with a broad smile. The two Ravenclaw twins smiled back at her. "I hope so too." It was no secret that Mina Longbottom was friends with Lysander and Lorcan even though she didn't share some of their beliefs.

Rose, who was in the same house with them, walked over and tugged on Mina's robes, "do you have any friends in Hufflepuff?"

"Only two," she admitted, "Justin Macmillan. You know him right?"

"Barely," Rose admitted. "I know he's the son of Ernie Macmillan, but didn't Ernie end up marrying a muggle?"

"Yes," Mina frowned, "the Slytherins don't let him live it down. And you know Ronni Boot?"

"Yes," she said, "She's in Hufflepuff much to her father's dismay."

Mina laughed, "yes, but her mum, like mine, was happy about it."

"Who's her mum?" Rose asked.

"Susan Bones," she said, "did your mum know her?"

"Barely," Rose said, "I think I've heard the name but not much else other than that she was in D.A."

Mina smiled but her smile faded slowly when she noticed that the Headmaster they had last year was not coming up to the front of the staff, but her father, Neville. "What theā€¦"

He was looking through papers as he waited for everyone to take a seat. Rose looked over to the Gryffindor table to see her cousins and her brother sitting already so she decided to run over to the Ravenclaw table leaving Mina with a shocked expression on her face.