I know that there are a lot of these stories out there but I really do love them!

Bold is Bella

Italics is Edward.


I got out of his Volvo shockingly before Edward could open the door before me. He came to my side, "That's my job…" He muttered shutting my door behind me and then stooped his head down to kiss me. I was about to deepen the kiss, even though I was feeling light headed. I felt his lips turn into a grin as he heard my heart flutter dramatically when my tongue made contact with his bottom lip.

He slowed the kiss and pulled back, clearing his throat.

"Bella…" His voice was an octave lower, then he took my hand in his, slipped passed the small crowd that was gawking, and smiled at me.

"What?" I asked innocently.

"You're over estimate-"

"If you say-"

"-ing my self-"

"Control." We both finished then busted out laughing, not stopping until we reached our class.

He took a seat next to me as usual, given his natural ability to get whatever he wanted he wiggled his way into all my classes again this year. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him give the teacher a look. My eyebrows frowned in confusion. I heard a fain growl in his chest while his eyes narrowed. The teacher, who had been staring at Edward, immediately started to talk to the class stuttering often.

"What was that about?" I whispered knowing that he'd hear it.

"Nothing to concern yourself about."

"At least give me the subject." He turned his face a fracture from its dead set direction to the front of the room and mouthed 'you.'

"What?!" I yelped.

"Miss Swan, could you please try to reframe yourself from random outbursts in my class room?" The class laughed and I put my head down to cover up my completely red face and muttered a 'sorry.'

Edward chuckled at my reaction. Taking a piece of paper from my notebook I ripped it out and wrote 'Not funny' and slid it over to him.

Actually it was very funny.

I pouted and looked ahead crossing my arms across my chest. Then the paper was shoved on top of my notebook.

You're even more beautiful when you pout.

Ha, ha, now that was funny.

Bella I really wish that you would see yourself clearly.

I do. I don't think that you do though.

You're ridiculous.

No you are

Bella Please

Whatever, now tell me what he was thinking that got you all in a huff.

I don't have to answer that, I told you what subject.

Which only means that you have to tell me if it was about me.

I'm not going to.

Why not Edward? Is it embarrassing?

No it's inappropriate.

Had he been thinking those types of thoughts about me? I shuddered at the idea.

So he was thinking like… that?" I had to verify.

Yes. He face was like stone and his body rigid.

EW. He chuckled and some part of my brain went 'yay! I made him laugh!'

You're lucky I have 100 years of self control or class would have had to been canceled because our teacher was dead.

Lucky? I wouldn't have minded.

Don't tempt me.

I could tempt you with something else… My hand traveled to my collarbone, moving across it…back and forth while smiling at him.

You're killing me Bella.

Sorry, just attempting to flirt with my extremely moral boyfriend.

Okay, it's settled then. I'll take out our teacher, and then we'll meet in the back of my car. The corners of his mouth were twitching.

Yes, that's our style: a quickie in the back of your car.

He grinned; I really do love it when you blush. It's so…sexy.

I'm glad I almost do it 24/7 then.

Me too. I leaned toward him, smiling widely.

Bella I'm sorry. I frowned.

About what?

That because of what I am we can't do what any normal couple could do.

When have we ever been a 'normal couple?'

But Bella I promise once your changed there will be no more limitations, or boundaries. We can do whatever, whenever, however, you want to do things, physically.


I promise. I will happily be a slave to your fantasies, once I'm not thinking about your blood every five seconds.

You totally ruined that sentence with the last part.

I'm sorry.

Edward stop. Stop thinking everything is your fault. I know that we can't do anything major. I completely understand that. But I always seem to forget that when we're kissing and I'm sorry.

Trust me, I understand.

Hey Edward?

Yes, my love?

I love you.

And I you.

And Edward?


Do you promise that once I'm changed we can do everything?

I'll make sure of it.

You better, I'm really interested in this 'slave to my fantasies' deal.

We looked at each other grinning. I thought our little love notes where finished, but he wrote something in prefect script though his eyes were staring at my lips.

I really want to kiss you right now.

No argument here. Feel free.

He dipped his head down to mine, so quickly that I didn't realize that we were kissing until I felt his ice-cold lips on mine.

Then just as fast as they appeared, they were gone.

My eyes were glazed over as I looked up at him. I half registered a few catcalls, a couple jealous stares, and Edward turning to look at our teacher.