"His style... with the bow..." Wilfred was lifted on the shoulders of the people, smiling in ecstasy and joy. That smile...

"Does it remind you of anyone?"

"Aye, sir. Robin Hood."

How could he have missed this? The style was Robins' and the figure was Marians'. It seemed that he should have put some money to the child's head after all, female or not. Of course it was her, finally coming into the real world. He guessed that it had been her who stole the bread and gave to the poor couple of days ago. Yes, she was without doubt proud of this achievement, to have beaten the Sheriff of Nottingham in archery, just like her father. The eyes were his, but the lips and the smile were hers. He had not been surprised when Prince John showed interest in marrying Marian, from what he could remember she looked exactly like her daughter. Well, she had had longer hair and been more mature of course.

The Sheriff stood up from his small throne to congratulate "Wilfred".

"That was well done, my lad. Where did you learn this technique?" he asked. The people put him... no, her, down. Wait, who was this supposed brother of hers? Perhaps Robin's dog had a kid also without his knowing.

"Nowhere, milord. I heard of a man doing this many years ago and simply practiced until I succeeded," she answered.

"Yes, I remember that man. You parents must be proud of the two of you. You must provide much food for your family, don't you?" the Sheriff asked, eyes resting on the girl's small form. As if anyone could think it was a boy! So small and petite it was unbelievable.

"We hope they are, God rest them, milord," answered the brother. Conrad, or whatever he called himself. Poor girl tried in vain to hide herself.

"Dead? Such a pity, that is. Now then, Wilfred, you shall dine at the banquet tonight..."

"Milord," she said and looked quickly up, "you should invite the two of us. It was my brothers' shot and I am sure he would also have succeeded." Ah, she was afraid to be there alone. He raised one eyebrow.

"Besides..." here she walked a bit closer to him and began to speak in a low voice, "that way we could tell all of your generosity. Why not kill two birds with one stone?" she finished.

"Hah! Not only does he have an eye and a good hand, he's also clever!" the Sheriff said in a loud voice, making the girl jump slightly. He leaned closer to her again.

"That means I agree." Marian had had a temper. He did not want to find out if that chit had one as well.

"Very well, sire." With that she strutted proudly away to the cheering crowd.

He'd enjoy this. Let her have her two birds and stone, he knew very well what he'd do to her after the banquet. And then tell her father, just to torture him a bit more.


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