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"Not that ice block!"

Rukawa squinted as he felt a punch hit his head. "Do you have to do that everytime?"

"Why, you do annoy me everytime." She snapped back. "Just go on with that."

Trailing his foxy blue eyes to the work he's doing, he sighed.

"What's with these stupid costumes?"

Another hit on his poor head. Now the lump was covered by another lump.

"They're not stupid!" she insisted, waving her tousled auburn hair. "The children will surely be glad."

"The last time I went there in these…these props." He paused, finding the right words to say so he will not receive another punch on the head. "They laughed their lungs out in exhilaration."

"See! It made them happy." She grinned, her eyes sparkling.

Another sight escaped his lips.

Amused, she picked a piece of garment, particularly a bright pink tutu with matching cherry bunny ears. Seeing that the kitsune isn't looking, she assembled it and grabbed him from the back, fitting the said costume on him.

"Damn, let me go!" he demanded as she trapped his head in his arms, his body sprawled to the ground.

"Well, it does look good on you." She placed her index finger on her temple. "I know!"

She reached for the side table and searched for something. She finally got hold of a box and pulled a tube of bright crimson lipstick out of it. She faced him with a menacingly evil smirk, removing the cap and pulling him to sit. She cornered him between the wall and her body, her eyes gleaming with triumph.

"Don't even think about it woman!" he yelled at her face. But she didn't even bat an eyelash. That angered him. No one ignores Rukawa Kaede. NO ONE.

But she did. And with a demonic laugh, she rubbed lipstick messily on his mouth, him struggling futilely along the process.

"S-Stop…IT! Hey!"

"Shut up, fridge boy." She mused, concentrating on his lips, perfecting her work.

Suddenly he realized how close she was to him, how their breaths clashed like wild fire, like cinnamon and honey, inducing mounds of tension. Yet she didn't seem to recognize.

"There!" she announced happily, still straddling him. Then, as she gazed at his face, her mouth broke into a wide grin, then, a laughing fit.

"That's…ha, ha…so amazing!" she exclaimed between peals of laughter. "Hello, girlish man!"

He blushed fiercely. "I'm NOT a girlish man!"

She laughed harder. "Oh yes you are, girlish man! I can't believe my wonderful work! You look so--"

"GET AWAY FROM ME! Don't you realize how close we are?!"

She stopped, blinked twice. Then thrice.

And laughed again.

"Yeah, that's better!" she said, tears escaping her eye sockets in her enthusiastic mirth. "Hello, burning hot virgin girlish man!"

Her statement faded as she felt a pair of lips clash on hers forcefully, fully taking her lips as its own. Harsh breaths and gasps followed, as her hands found their way to his chest. Tongues fought for dominance.

They parted, both panting harshly. He placed his chin on her head, not letting her go.

"So." He muttered between wheezes. "Who's the burning hot virgin girlish man? Or may I correct, the burning hot man?"

She sighed, looking up at him, then said. "You still are."

They both laughed.

"I love you." She murmured on his ear.

"I love you too." He responded. "I love you too."


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