Isabella Swan is the queen bee. She reigns Whitmore Private High. She has everything: money, popularity, looks, and not to mention every guy falling for her! What happens when Edward's family moves in her kingdom? ALL HUMAN!!

(Whitmore Private High is a boarding school; students live in the school)

These characters will be out of character! :)

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Bella's POV

Jessica woke me up at 6:00 that morning.

"Get up, Bella! We're gonna be late for cheerleading practice!" she said worriedly, bouncing on my bed. Her curly hair was poofing in all directions.

I got up groggily from my large, white bed and tossed the satin blanket aside. My fuzzy slippers felt warm as I slide my feet in them.

"What time is it?" I asked, still tired.

"It's already six! We've got like 50 minutes before we hafta be down in the gym or else Coach Williams's gonna get so pissed at us! You know how strict she is about 'captain responsibilities' and if you're late again, she's gonna blow!" Jessica shouted as she started the shower.

"What?! Are you sure six? How are we suppose to get ready in 50 minutes?" I cried, now fully alert.

"I'm telling you, our alarm is like totally broken! I didn't even hear it ring for half and hour!" Jessica called out from the bathroom.

I groaned and went to the large wardrobe closet Jessica and I shared. It covered a whole wall of the room and could stuff plenty of clothes. Our closet was divided in three sections, since our spacious room was meant for three student. The last section was still empty- our parts were big enough for us anyways.

Alice. Whenever I saw that abandoned part of the closet, I would think of her. Jessica and I had been her best friends. We were inseparable and always went everywhere as a trio. Everyone would call us triplets in Whitmore Middle School (private not boarding school). But, she left us during the summer after eight grade.

We were all set for high school. I had told my mother, Renee, to get us the biggest and best room in the dormitories for the three of us. It wasn't hard considering all money she donated to The Whitmore Schools Foundation every year.

It wasn't until after that did she find out her father got transferred to some famous medical institute. Alice told Jessica and I she had to move, then left with her two brothers. We lost touch eventually. Jessica and I were both heartbroken. But, life still goes on.

I shoved over my clothes until I found my cheerleading outfit. I got dressed, figuring out that there was obviously no time to bathe.

Just then, Jessica turned off the shower as I walked into the elegant bathroom. She found a towel and wrapped it around her body.

"Hurry up Jessie!" I told her as I trudged over to the sink and started brushing my teeth.

"Okaay!" she replied, getting in her cheerleading uniform as fast as possible. Afterwards, she got her brush and tried to tame her hair.

"Thank God it's Friday! I need a break from all this stress." she complained.

"Yeah, I know. Then we can finally sleep in." I splashed cold water on my face three times, then got my towel and carefully dabbed it clean. I grabbed my brush and ran it swiftly through my hair. I got my rubberband and tied my hair up in a loose ponytail.

Jessica went over to our makeup desk. Our cosmetic table was stocked with makeup. She sat down on the soft cushioned stool and grabbed the mascara, quickly twisting off the mascara wand. Going through all the necessary cosmetics, Jessica finally finished decorating her face.

Jessica was just telling me how I should really start using a little more makeup, even though I told her that I hated to cake it on, when I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and found Tracie and Casie waiting outside in their cheerleading outfits.

"Hey, Bella. Are you guys ready?" Tracie asked, smiling as walked in and sat on my bed.

"Wow. I keep on forgetting how big your room is!" Tracie's twin, Casie said, admiring the room.

"You guys almost come here every other day!" Jessica called out.

"Still... once you lived in our room then come here, it's a big difference!" Casie commented.

"Yeah, yeah. Get a move on it guys! It's 6:50 already!" Tracie declared.

With that said, we left the room and ran down the carpeted hallways. The four of us reached the elevator and started jabbing the 'down' button.

"Come on! It's only the fifth floor!" Jessica cried.

"Well, we're on the highest floor, too." I pointed out. She pouted.

Finally the elevator arrived. We reached the first floor and flew out of the dormitory, running passing the buildings and clusters of students around us. Panting, we arrived in the gym.

"On time today! Congratulations." Coach Williams praised. I smiled.

Cheerleading passed by quickly. We worked on some new routines and cheers all period.

"Don't forget. We only have 11 girls on the team! We need two or three more and tryouts are next Monday!" Coach Williams reminded us. As if we needed it. Almost every junior and senior girl was trying out. Tracie, Casie, Jessica, and I were the only lucky juniors to make it in, so far. And good fortune must have been at its strongest when I was crowned captain.

"Are you two going up?" Casie asked.

"Yeah. But, we'll be right down for breakfast. Save us a spot?" I asked, grinning.

"As always." Casie replied, mimicking my grin.

Jessica and I ran back to our dorms. As I opened the double glass doors, I saw a girl standing in the middle of the room.

She had short, cropped black hair. She was a pixie like girl with a petite frame that suited her. Luggage cluttered around the girl's legs. She turned around at our entrance. I took in her familiar, pale, beautiful, face before my jaw dropped.


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