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"What did he want?" I pondered, directing my question to Edward.

He stood up carrying his mostly empty tray while swiftly grabbing his backpack. "He wanted to see if you would go to go the movies with him." Edward grinned, and took off from the table, with me wondering what was so funny.

Bella's POV

Jake walked me to Trig class after lunch. It passed by like a blur. Eric Yorkie was trying hard to engage me in a conversation. But, I dismissed him indirectly. He didn't seem to get the hint and continued to chat animatedly with me.

I took in less than half of what he said and we got scolded by the teacher and he threatened to send us to detention! Eric had apologized but that didn't mean I forgave him for talking so much in class to me.

Gym was my last class, thankfully. I just wanted to go take a nice long shower right now. Tracie and Casie came with two friends to meet me after Trigonometry and we went over to the locker rooms.

Even though I took cheer in the morning, I was not excused from P.E. I dislike this class greatly since our teacher, Coach Arms, always liked to make us suffer by running or other forms of torture.

I changed in the locker rooms, chatting with Tracie about the basketball game Tuesday. I casually brought up Edward's possibility of join the team.

"Really? That new hottie at our table today?" She squealed. "That'll be awesome! We really need someone to pull the basketball team together."

I got in my P.E uniform, tied my hair back in a high ponytail and walked out to the center of the field.

"Oh my gosh, look!" Amber pulled my arm and pointed to a person a few feet away. It was him. He was wearing a new P.E. uniform that hung loosely yet looked great on him. How could he look like he belonged on a runway wearing clothes that everyone else looked dorky in? I wondered with a twinge of envy.

"Isn't he so cute? I love his eyes. Their so sparkly and I love that beautiful emerald color. I could just drown in them." Amber admired. Was everyone falling for the new Cullen? I had to admit, he caught glances from every girl in Whitmore High.

Just then, Coach Arms called the class to attention. He ordered us to run two laps around our huge field. I groaned, Coach probably wanted to kill us. Tracie, Casie, Amber, Angela and I ran slowly behind the large horde in front of us. After the group of people thinned out, I saw Edward Cullen leading.

I wasn't the only one who noticed. "Look at how fast Edward's running. Wow, he should join our track team!" Casie exclaimed.

"He's trying for the basketball team," I informed Casie. She rolled her eyes and said he could just go for both. I laughed.

We finally finished, panting. Edward must have saw me because he walked over. My heart sped up and Amber grabbed my arm, again. "Why is he coming over here?" she asked.

"Hey Bella and..." he looked at me a little helpless.

"Amber. This is Edward and this is Amber." I introduced them to each other. Amber giggled. I was still tired from the run but Edward looked as if he had just went for a one minute jog.

"So, Bella, when do you want me to help you with Physics?" he asked. I blushed deeply.

"Well, we can start this weekend maybe Sunday?" I remarked.

"Sure! The library that afternoon? Maybe after lunch." he replied with a charming smile that showed his flashy teeth.

"Okay." I said, a little ditzy from that beautiful crooked grin he gave me. He jogged back to his spot, afterwards.

"Oh my gosh! You have a date with Edward?" Amber asked with jealousy and amusement.

I turned scarlet again. "Not exactly... he's helping me with physics. I'm failing it."

"Same thing!" she said with her eyes gleaming.

Coach came in front of the field, barking, "Swan! Stop chit-chatting with your friend!"

It was obvious he was not very fond of me. I shut my mouth quickly as Coach Arms told us about our plans next week.

"We will be starting with the basketball unit on Monday." he hollered. "So today, we will have freetime."

"Yes!" I said, probably a little too loud.

"Ms. Swan, do you have something to say?" Coach asked me.

I turned scarlet red, and apologized, "No, Coach. Sorry." I heard a couple girls snicker behind me.

"Next time, don't speak out of turn." he replied. "Go, it's freetime."

"Nice going, Swan." It came from one of the girls behind me who were laughing.

"Beat it, Lauren." I told her wearily.

"I know, back off, Mallory." Amber came to my rescue.

"Aww... little Bella need someone to help her?" she made a revolting sad face. Anger boiled under my skin.

"Shut up Lauren!" Now Tracie and Casie came over. "It's been a long established fact that you're just jealous of Bella because she's on the cheerleading team as captain, and you couldn't even make it." Traice said sourly.

Lauren screeched, "Shut the crap up, bitch! I was injured that day anyways. You just watch, I'm gonna make it on tryouts Monday!" She was red in the face when she finished.

Her second in command, Hailey Bates, chirped up, "Yeah! What she said."

I rolled my eyes. Lauren mocked, "At least I'm not failing Physics class."

This time I was really angry. "Ha! You're not doing so well either!" I reminded her of the D she got on the last Physics exam.

She looked so offended I burst out laughing. We left with her standing back there, angrily.

"What a stupid bitch." Amber muttered.

"I know, she needs some therapy or something." Casie said.

We sat down on the ground and started gossiping about Lauren Mallory. She was pretty, but also as dumb as a pair of bananas. We were laughing at a joke Angela made when I saw her.

Lauren was walking towards Edward Cullen, who was interacting with a few guys.

"What the hell is that slut doing now?" I grumbled.

We all zeroed in on the devil. She was obviously flirting, batting her eyelashed and sticking out her chest. I wanted to vomit.

"Ugh! That skank!" Amber shrieked.

I tried to pick up Edward's reaction. He was talking to her but looked kind of annoyed. I felt a involuntary wave of relief wash over me.

As I continued to observe Lauren's behavior around Edward, I couldn't help but wonder, was I really falling for Edward Cullen?

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