Aang rolled over in the night to encounter a soft fleshy warm thing on his left. His foggy mind wasn't functioning, but his hand gave an experimental feel. Soft, yes. Warm, yes. Smooth, yes. Hmm.

He rolled closer and laid his head on the wall of warmth. It smelled of spice and musk. It was a good smell. He fell back to sleep.

The next time Aang awoke was to the smell of tea and oranges. Amaya was laying out breakfast and spotted him half sitting up. "Oh! I'm sorry, avatar." She said in a more cheerful version of her purr. "I meant to have you wake in my arms. But breakfast came up from the kitchens and…oh my."

Aang was staring at her with a wild, panicked look on his face. He clutched the sheet to him like a shield.

"Where am I? Who are you? What am I…." and then he noticed his clothes in a puddle in the corner, mingled with the water tribe costume. "Oh." He was turning brilliant red. "Oh!" he blinked over at Amaya.

"Morning-After-Amnesia, I understand. Your friends did bring you in here rather tipsy last night…it's almost a wonder you were…up..for as much as we did last night."

"Last night…" Aang's eyes bulged. He remembered few details but most of his Lessons were replaying in his head with frightening accuracy. At least, one part of his body was defiantly starting to remember the tongue, the hands, the slick wet heat…

"Ahh!" he clutched his head. "It hurts…"

She smiled benevolently at him.

"Aww, that's just a bit of hangover. Here," she handed him a cup of tea. "I thought this might happen so I asked that they bring you some Agni flower tea. Careful, it's hot."

Aang tried pulling more of his thoughts in order as he sipped the scalding liquid. He could already feel the sharp spike of pain start to recede.

He glanced around the room, feeling almost as if he was seeing it for the first time. The orange silk curtains were thrown wide to either side of a huge picture window. There was a garden down below, and birds chirping in the pear tree just below. The sun was bright and hung low in the sky. The mild chill from last night was gone, leaving only a pleasant sunny warmth that promised miserable heat later in the day.

"What time..?"

"It's barely midmorning. Nothing to worry about. We've arranged for a litter to take you back to the palace nice and discreet-like. No one will know that the, heh heh, Avatar, spent the night at a high end house of ill repute."

Aang sipped his tea with mild unease, although most of his panic had left his system. Until he started to think about what that day was.

"Zuko! The wedding! I have to get back! I have to get ready! I can't be missing for this long…oh no…" he turned wide, helpless eyes toward Amaya, but he wasn't really looking at her. "Katara will want to know where I've been if I'm not there for breakfast!"

Amaya sighed. As much as she liked playing with virgins, men in love were too wound up for their own good.

"All right, I'll show you downstairs. You might want some clothes on first?"

She arched an eyebrow. Aang had leapt out to the bed and was already 2 strides from the door, completely forgetting in his rush that all he was wearing was his tattoos and a startled expression.

He blushed. "I'll uh, just go do that. Yeah."

She sighed and stepped out of the room. Younger men were just too cute.

"Miss Amaya?" the handsome young avatar said quietly.

"Mmm?" she was riding along in the litter so that she could do errands for Mama Yuuko while she was out. No matter how awkward it might have been, there was no sense going back to the tea house just to go out again for that night's dinner. She was technically the youngest girl at the house still, but that was because Mama Yuuko hadn't been able to find desperate decently bred fire nation girls to replace the foreign abuctees who had been allowed to go home under the new fire lord. She had been happy for them, happy the war was over and rationing was at an end, but it did place her at the bottom of the totem pole again.

"I'm a..I'm not a…I'm not a virgin anymore right?"

She knew he was over 100 years old, according to the legends, but at that moment, the avatar sitting and staring out the window, he looked about 14. She nearly hugged him for being so damn cute.

"Of course. You're a full man now. Ready to go show that water girl of yours the man that you are."

He sighed. "That's just it. What if she finds out? What if I try making those moves on her and she figures it out…what if she hates me?"

"She'll never hate you. You'll be fine. She'll never know. Here." Amaya laid a hand on his arm. "if she asks anything about how you learned how to please her so well, look into her eyes…" Amaya leaned close. "And breathe into her ear, like this." She placed her lips right against the whirl of his ear. "And say 'I learned it while thinking about you.'"

She could feel him squirm. She laughed and sat back on her half of the litter. "And by then she'll be such putty in your hands she won't ever ask again. You can be honest about it later, when you're married. Then she'll either be hopping mad," she intercepted his protest with an upraised finger, "Or…she'll thank you for being so honest with her going into the marriage."

She took his face in her hands. "Listen to me. Your first time may be special, but your first time with the one you love is 100 times better than that, you'll see. It's as different as night and day. It'll be like going home after years at sea. You'll see. I didn't ruin anything for either of you. And," she smiled sweetly at him, "It'll be much more enjoyable of a first time for her. Trust me."

They had arrived. The Where was a nondescript little alleyway adjacent to the outer palace wall.

"Ok, you just go up the outer stairs and through the door on the roof. That'll take you down the guard's quarters and into the inner wall of the palace. Since I'm assuming you have clearance, I'm sure you can make it back to where ever you are expected to be from there. Good luck" she said just as he stepped out.

"and be good to her!" she called after, cackling as the footmen hoisted the litter and set off at a brisk jog.


Sokka, Zuko and Kujin had abandoned him that night, denied ever going to the Courtesan house, or not remembering, and tell Aang they got into a strip majong game in a bar that lasted all night, or until they ran out of money.

By then it was all they could do to stagger back to the palace and end up in Aang's room. Zuko fought Sokka for the bed, while Sokka then fought Kujin for the armchair, and Kujin ended up rolled into the rug with a few decorative pillows for company. Aang yelled at them for choosing his room and their hung over groaning response was that it was the one easiest to sneak into without getting seen.