Shadowed Hex

Chapter 1: Arrival Of Evil

Deep in the dark jungles of the Floating Island, a mysterious portal opens up to which it seems a dark warlock of some sort comes right out. The dark figure stands up as he lands right on his feet, and looks around the place to get a good feeling of this new world he has entered. He then also notices that he seems to be on the right place, to which he notices that clouds were literally below, where the sea was quite well seen.

"Hmm, I seem to be in the right place" said the dark figure to which he held a shard of what seemed like a Chaos Emerald.

Meanwhile, a certain Sonic the Hedgehog was visiting his good friend, Knuckles the Echidna, along with also Shadow the Hedgehog and Tails tagging along the ride. The two hedgehogs were racing each other as usual, to find out who is the fastest of the two.

"You think you can outrun me?" asked Shadow an arrogant manner to Sonic.

"I bet I can do it with my hands tied behind my back" replied Sonic as he managed to catch up in front running backwards.

"So it's a bet that we see who's the fastest" said Shadow as he gave a grin to Sonic, "where's the finish line? Where Knuckles guards the Master Emerald?"

"Too short" replied Sonic, "how about we use that as a starting line, and just race around the island? Three laps each?"

"Sounds fair" replied Shadow.

"Sonic, Shadow wait up!" cried Tails who was flying right behind the two hedgehogs.

But before Sonic and Shadow could head toward where Knuckles was, an explosion of some sort out of nowhere appeared, blasting the two hedgehogs right in the air, and landing right hard on the ground.

"What the heck was that?" asked Shadow as he was trying to get up.

"Are you two alright?" asked Tails as he came right toward the two hedgehogs.

"I think so, but what the heck was that?" asked Sonic, "A meteorite?"

"Er, I don't think it was that" replied Tails as he noticed a dark figure standing as the dust cleared.

"Greetings strange beings" replied the dark figure as he floated right toward the two hedgehogs and the two-tailed fox, "I'm in the middle of a quest, and that's to look for this brand of power."

The dark figure then shows the three a shard of what seem like a Chaos Emerald.

"Say, isn't that a shard of a Chaos Emerald?" asked Sonic, "The one to which you often use to cheat me in a race with your Chaos Control?"

The dark figure then took out his staff and began to fire at all three.

"Nice going big mouth!" cried Shadow as he was trying to dodge the lightning from the staff aiming at the three.

"Who the heck is this clown?" asked Sonic.

"The name is Hex" replied the dark figure, "and it seems like you three will not likely live to get to know me, even more!"

"Fat chance on that!" cried Sonic as he quickly sped up and began to circle around Hex.

"Stand still, you, er, whatever you are!" cried Hex as he kept on shooting at Sonic.

"Let me get in on the action!" cried Shadow as he raced toward where Sonic was having all the fun.

As poor Hex was trying to do his best against the pesky blue hedgehog, he was quite well unaware that a pesky black hedgehog was coming right into the scene. Sonic gave enough room for Shadow to speed right up where Hex was, to which Shadow promptly gave Hex a good punch right in the face sending him right down to the ground.

"Ha, too easy!" laughed Shadow.

"Oh, you think so, do you?" asked Hex as he managed to recover from the attack, to which he then noticed that Shadow was holding a spare Chaos Emerald in his hand, the dark warlock then used his magic staff and began to fire at Shadow to which he promptly dodged the attacks.

"Come on, let's get the heck out of here!" cried Tails who started first flying away from the scene.

"Hey, wait up!" cried Sonic to which he and Shadow promptly sped off.

"I think I can make it easier on you two to leave this clown!" cried Shadow as he grabbed Sonic and then headed for Tails.

As Shadow grabbed both Sonic and Tails, Shadow used his Chaos Control power, to teleport himself, Sonic and Tails out of the area to which even shocked Hex. The three landed right on the ground, unannounced to Knuckles who saw them barge right in.

"Don't you three ever knock?" asked Knuckles to Sonic, Shadow and Tails.

"Get off of me" said Shadow as he pushed Sonic and Tails off of himself.

"So what's up?" asked Knuckles to Sonic as Sonic dusted himself off.

"Oh, just the usual, some nut job from somewhere, we don't know wants to steal the Master Emerald or something like that" replied Sonic who didn't think of Hex that much.

"Listen, I think if you three really know someone is after the Master Emerald, you three should try to stop whoever he or she is" said Knuckles.

"Ha, just how the heck is someone like that is going to be a threat?" asked Sonic as he rolled his eyes, "I can take him on easy!"

"Are you trying to make a bet with me?" asked Shadow as he noticed what was Sonic was doing.

"Yeah, what if I am?" continued Sonic as he gave a good star at Shadow right in the face.

"I bet I can stop this Hex character all by myself" said Shadow as he boosted to Sonic.

"Look, I don't care who is after the Master Emerald" said Knuckles, "just stop them, period!"

"Fine, I'll do it, since a certain blue arrogant hedgehog won't do it himself" said Shadow as he left the scene in a huff.

"Sonic, don't you think we should have gone back with him to face this Hex guy?" asked Tails.

"Don't worry Tails, he's Shadow, Shadow will deal with this creep himself" replied Sonic in quite a confidant mood.

"You two better go along with him, just in case" said Knuckles as he showed them out, "because I believe three heads are better than one, certainly in this case."