Chapter 5: A Secret Weapon

All three, Sonic, Shadow and Tails were following Knuckles the Echidna to what seems like a secret location on the Floating Island. Even which was quite unfamiliar to the three heroes themselves.

"Say, this isn't a familiar place here, what does this place have to do with us defeating that clown back there that's trying to retrieve the Master Emerald's powers?" asked Sonic to Knuckles as he was running alongside him.

"You want to stop him don't you?" asked Knuckles, "Well, there was an ancient piece of technology I was able to salvage, you know that Chaos Emerald our friend Shadow still holds?"

"Yeah, what about this?" asked Shadow as he then showed it to Knuckles.

"You two will need to be in your super forms to defeat Hex, since he's really going to absorb the Master Emerald's power" replied Knuckles.

"But this is only one emerald, we need at least thirteen more" replied Shadow.

"Well, this machine that I have found seems to do just that" said Knuckles to which the four then reached a control panel.

Knuckles then quickly presses the codes in the panel, and a secret door opens up which the four then enter it. As they enter it, there seem to be two chambers with a network of wires linked to some sort of console in the center that seemed like the right fit for a Chaos Emerald.

"Get in the chambers" ordered Knuckles to Sonic and Shadow.

"Me, in there?" asked Shadow.

"Just do it" replied Knuckles as he was at the console pressing the various buttons, "and oh, Shadow, I'll need your Chaos Emerald to power this machine."

"Fine" sighed Shadow as he tossed it to Knuckles to which the red echidna then placed the Chaos Emerald in its place.

"So what's going to happen to them Knuckles?" asked Tails to the red echidna who was busy at the computer console.

"You want to see some real action here in defeating this Hex character, right?" asked Knuckles as he pressed some other buttons, and finally pressed the large green button in the center, "Then stand right back!"

Suddenly a very yellow light flashed throughout the entire room. To which inside the chambers, both hedgehogs could feel that they were heading into their super mode. Among which Sonic had managed to change himself into Super Sonic without the need of other Chaos Emeralds, and likewise with Shadow. As the smoke cleared, the two hedgehogs got out of the chambers, and sped right off in quite a fast pace heading straight toward where Hex was located. Meanwhile, Hex was gaining much strength as he was meditating right on top of the Master Emerald itself. As he continued to meditate, Sonic and Shadow had arrived on the scene ready to face him.

"So, you two have returned to stop me, but wait, where are the other two pests?" asked Hex as he noticed Knuckles and Tails were missing.

"None of your business" replied Sonic.

"Oh, touchy" said Hex, "but that's not of my concern because I have absorbed enough of the Master Emerald's powers to face you two."

"I would like to see you try that" boosted Shadow.

Hex then began to fire a mega blast from his staff, at the two hedgehogs to which Hex then was shocked to find out that the two hedgehogs were faster than usual. Sonic then raced right up toward Hex and gave him a good kick right in the face sending him falling right off the Master Emerald. It was now Shadow's turn for some action, the powered up black hedgehog then raced toward Hex and smashed him right through an entire row of solid diamond walls and rooms littered throughout the underground of the Floating Island.

"Very impressive" said Hex as he managed to recover from the attack, "but I think I have an ace up my sleeve for you!"

With one blast from his magic staff, sent poor Shadow crashing right into the wall, to which Sonic sped right up in quite a fast pace.

"I'm going to smash that thing of yours" said Sonic as he noticed the magic staff held in Hex's hand.

"I would like to see you try it" said Hex who was foolishly quite confident.

Sonic then dashed right up toward Hex, and before Hex's eyes, his magic staff was snatched away just also in the nick of time as the super forms of Sonic and Shadow had worn out.

"You, give it back!" barked Hex at Sonic.

"I would like to see you try it" replied Sonic to which he then threw it to Shadow.

"How about let's play monkey in the middle?" asked Shadow.

"Give it back to me!" cried Hex as he leaped toward Shadow to which he then threw the staff to Sonic.

Sonic then grabbed the staff and headed straight right outside toward a cliff of the Floating Island.

"Where the heck is he taking it?!" cried Hex.

"Say goodbye" said Sonic as he then dropped Hex's magic staff right into the sea, after that deed the blue hedgehog then sped right back to where Hex was wondering what happen to his staff, "you're staff's gone buddy, and there's nothing you can do about it."

"You two shall pay for what you did!" roared Hex to which he was then knocked out by a small diamond rock Tails had thrown at him.

"Nice work Tails" said Sonic as he gave the thumbs up to the two-tailed fox who just arrived in the nick of time.

"Just doing my part" added Tails.

"So what the heck are we going to do to him?" asked Shadow as Hex was whimpering on the ground.

"I think I got the perfect community service job he can do" replied Sonic.

The scene then switches to where poor Hex is being forced by Knuckles to be a chilidog caterer on the Floating Island.

"This is humiliating" sighed Hex as he was being forced to make a chilidog.

"Hey pal, hurry it up here" said Sonic who was impatiently waiting on the bench to Hex, "I'm starving."

"Yeah, I want a chilidog too" added Tails who sat to the left of Sonic.

"Well, at least this punishment will degrade his morality quite well" said Shadow who was sitting on the bench next to Sonic, "but it's nothing I would have chosen."

"You heard them" said Knuckles as he huffed right at poor Hex.

Hex groaned as he made those chilidogs being in chains, and watched over by Knuckles. The scene then ends as Sonic and Tails both scarf down their chilidogs, only to go back and demanding more from poor Hex.