Outcasts (Darkrai/Mewtwo)

Most people think I'm a legendary that drinks all day and does drugs with Regigigas. But I'm not. I may be a girl legendary, but I'm nice. I do not PMS as often as Cresselia, Celebi, or Palkia. I'm actually one of the more decent pokemon. Sure, I may be emo, but I'm still cool.

It was a cold day. Usually, I love cold days, beating up Ditto that pretend to be Mews. Today was different, though. Something in my conscience was telling me that a legendary was upset about something.

So I walked around the apartment where Palkia, Cresselia, my older brother, Suicune, and Mewtwo also resided. Nobody was around except for Mewtwo. He was sobbing on his bed. I walked over to him. " Hey, Mewtwo ? Are you okay ? " I asked.

He glared at me with those stone-cold eyes. " Of course not ! "

I sighed. It looked like he was not going to say anything - again. Ever since Mewtwo had been inducted as a legendary pokemon a couple of years ago, he kept to himself. I never knew much about him. In fact, the only ones that Mewtwo ever talked to was Mew and Arceus. He usually made fun of me since I was a dark - type pokemon. ( " Legendaries aren't supposed to be dark - type, you know.") My brother usually kicked the crap out of him.

But today I wanted to know what was wrong with him. " Uh, Mewtwo ? What's wrong ? "

" Nothin' "

" You just said you weren't okay, though ! "

" Mind your business, Rai ! "

I slapped him across the cheek. " Tell me now ! "

He looked down, tears welling up in his eyes. " I'm not a real legendary. Everyone knows that. I'm just a clone of my mom. I'm a mutt. A scoundrel. I shouldn't be here ! "

I shook my head. " Don't say that, Mewtwo. It's not your fault, and I don't care if you're cloned. You're still a legendary ! "

Mewtwo looked up at me differently. Instead of hatred, his eyes were filled with lonlieness. He gave a sigh and sadly smiled at me. " I began my life in a tube with someone else. Her name was AiTwo. She was also a clone. She was my first friend ever. I was so happy ! But then, she died out of pure exhaustion. I was so alone. I spent lonely lears in the tube until I grew. It was then that I grew angry. I didn't want to be there. I wanted to die and be with AiTwo again. So I destroyed the scientists at New Island.

Later on I met this man. He worked - and still works - in Team Rocket. He manipulated me into thinking I would get more power. I did, but it was so painful. I hated him, the cheeky bastard, and I escaped from the headquarters.

I went back to my home - New Island. I met this kid. He showed me I could love again.

But right before I came here I met a Gardevoir. She was the prettiest psychic. She broke my heart. I was devastated, and I shut myself from the world. "

I looked at Mewtwo with sympathy and kissed him. " But , Mewtwo. You don't have to shut yourself from the world. All of us care about you. Even me, the outcast. "

Mewtwo smiled at me. " You're not the only outcast. So am I. "

He nodded and kissed me. He sobbed in my arms. I stroked his big purple had. We were both outcasts.

But at that moment I knew that we loved each other.


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