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The darkness was complete. The only sounds were of a revving engine and the whoosh of the pavement below her. Tanya groaned and tried to roll over only to have a jack poke her in the side.

Pain lanced through her body from that and she bit her lip to keep from screaming. She shifted again felt a rib move painfully. It had to be cracked. She settled down on her back and put her hand to her swelling side. Tanya took a deep breath and tried to calm herself down. 'Okay, T. Think rationally, you must be in a car of some sort. Or more likely the trunk. You don't remember how the hell you got here. Or where here REALLY is. Well...fuck.'

Tanya closed her eyes. "My spell went wrong...it had to have." She whispered in horror. God, how could she have been so stupid. After finding an old grimoire at a library sale she had decided to try out some of the spells. After months of preparation she had been able to obtain a demon consort. Well...demoness of sorts actually. Moirael was an...interesting conversation companion that was for sure, if a bit of a pervert. And Tanya hadn't minded that she had opened herself to possession. In fact she found it kind of neat. Especially since Moirael was one of those few demon types that would pop out to freak her friends just for laughs. She tried to open herself to her surroundings with the natural empathy she'd been born with but only felt two other people in the car. One felt like nervousness and anticipation as well as excitement and glee. While the other, well the other was a torrent of emotions. The most predominant was the giddiness. So much so that she smiled as well but the giddiness held an edge...of...darkness. It was just a feeling of not rightness. She couldn't quite place it.

The car hit a bump and she hissed in pain as her cracked rib shifted. 'Ohgodfuck! First thing's first. I'm gonna try to at least help the healing process for this rib.' She concentrated on the hand over where the most pain was at and slowed her breathing. She went through an old meditation to gather energies from ley lines near by and channeled it into her body. She concentrated on making the flesh, and the bone remember what it was like to be whole. To be unharmed and healthy. The pain surprisingly subsided exponentially and she dared opening her eyes and immediately they widened in shock. Her hand glowed a dim teal but winked out like a burnt out Christmas light as she lost her concentration. Usually that exercise only helped for making pain subside a little, but evidently it had done MUCH more then just that. "What the..." But her sentence was interrupted as she felt the car lurch to a stop. Quickly she closed her eyes again and let her body go limp, feigning unconsciousness.

Car doors opened and closed and she nearly froze as she heard voices coming close to the trunk opening. "Grab the girl Harl, I'll figure out something to do with her later. I doubt she's awake yet from the impact from the fall she took." That voice sounded...vaguely familiar but Tanya couldn't quite place it. "Aye aye Sir!" She heard a female voice respond. Tanya kept her breathing even, and kept her body limp as she felt cool air rush over her. "Okay. Up and at 'em!" She felt petite hands on her body trying to heft her out of the car. The voice had a Brooklyn accent to it. She groaned a little as she felt herself hefted into a fireman's carry. The rib had been repaired, for the most part, but there was still bruises. Soon enough she felt herself flopped down on a lumpy uncomfortable something. It was probably a couch cause she felt the back of it near one of her sides. She nearly panicked though when she felt her hands being tied in front of her and her feet tied together as well. "There we go. Nice and cozy." Gods, her voice sounded familiar as well. Where in the nine hells was she?!

After a good fifteen minutes of laying still, she could feel the circulation to her fingers beginning to decrease and finally had enough. The only sounds she had heard since being flopped down and left there was some rustling of clothing, a cackling laugh and the sounds of cartoons from a television. Tanya could smell something cooking as well. And it smelled like it was burning. Sighing softly she sat up and finally looked around. She had been right about what she'd been laying on. It was a couch. But dear god, it was UGLY. It was a nasty lime green with purple piping on it and it had a faintly musty smell to it. There was the faint scent of salt in the air and if she really listened she could hear a gull cawing in the distance.

She didn't have time to take anything else in when she heard a little squeak and looked over to see a cute athletically built, blue eyed, blond woman come into the room, she was clad in what looked like a tight t-shirt and painted on jeans. She walked over to Tanya and bent over.

"So, you're finally up. Man you're heavy ya know? I had to lug you in here all by myself."

Tanya smiled sheepishly. "I'm...sorry? I'm a bit out of shape so I've packed on few pounds." She pat her stomach with her bound hands then looked down at them. "Um...anyway you can at least untie my hands?"

The blond shook her head. "Nope, sorry. No can do. Not till Puddin' says so."

Tanya looked at her askance. "Puddin'? Wait...what's your name?"

The blond beamed, "Ya can call me Harley if ya want."

Tanya smiled back and extended her tied hands. "Tanya. So, tell me. Am I dreaming or did I wake up at a weirdly themed comic convention?"

Harley shook her hand but looked at her strangely. "Man, maybe you bumped your head harder then I thought." Harley then proceeded on trying to check Tanya's head by running her fingers through Tanya's short, burgandy highlighted dark brown hair. "Mmm...that feels pretty good. I had a headache coming on." Harley smelled like grease paint and perfume and Tanya almost purred at the feeling of her nearly massaging her scalp. Harley pulled back quickly and looked a bit uncomfortable. "Um...I'm gonna go get Mr. J. Eh ... heh. Sit tight." Harley got up and ran out while yelling. "Mr. J! She's awake!"