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Q: So, what makes you interested to continue your studies here?

A: To tell the truth, I was a student here. So, that fact is a plus for this school, which is why I list Konoha as my first priority.

-questioner shows a blank face-

Q: You are?

A: Well, you might probably wouldn't know me, anyways. I was pretty much unknown back there. Wait, no, invisible is the right word. In fact, even if you were to look straight at me, somehow your eyes force you to see right through my body, hence you'd end up seeing whatever was behind me.

Q: Ah, I see… Consider this a compliment, Ms. Haruno, but I personally have hard time trying to imagine you being invisible. You seem to be the type who stands out in the crowd.

-questioner points out at Ms. Haruno's mini skirt and DnG boots-

A: Why, thank you, Sir.

-Ms. Haruno smiles, questioner gulps-

Q: Soehemdo you have any particular subject you believe you've mastered? Something you've been praised for?

A: There are seven, actually. I've won trophies for Math and Chemistry. My marks for psychic has never gone lower than A. I also have a thing for Biology and French. I took dance classes for almost three years now, and quite a lot of my relatives say that I can paint very well.


Hm... Come to think of it, eight!

-Ms. Haruno grins-

I've also become, quite the fighter, in my sparring classes.

Q: That's quite impressive achievements.

A: -Scoff- You think? I was, actually, kind of hoping for a better adjective. Something more on the lines of... fantabulous, probably?

-questioner gives a courtesy, awkward, chuckle-

Q: Very confident, aren't you, Ms. Haruno? And may I know what makes you think that you're a Konoha material?

A: That is a very simple question.

-Ms. Haruno tilts up her chin and smiles with bursting confidence-

A: I am Sakura Haruno.










. Preface




What do you think about that girl? Confident? Smart? Cocky?

A total bitch who thinks she's an angel and thus deserve a chaotic gangbang so that she falls back to the cruel reality?

Don't look so surprised. I've trained myself to read expressions. 1095 days is all it takes.

The thing is, Sakura Haruno doesn't care about the shits people throw to her anymore. I've passed the stage three years ago, and never have I intended to go back to that situation.




The girl's hair was pink. Bright pink.

It's not her fault that her freaky color made her feel incredibly insecure about what's in people's mind about her. It's certainly wasn't her fault if she finally gave in and dyed her hair a boring brown, just for the sake of being invisible. She had never liked attention, anyway. Most of the time, attention only draws gossip, and thus, enemies came along.

No, thank you very much! She was satisfied with her dull, boring, monotonous life. The legions of A and praises from teacher were more than enough to embellish her life. Even though she'd never been invited to any party by anyone, she could stand it. Even though she tried her best to look beautiful but still considered ugly, she still could smile, because she was somewhat agree with 'them'.

-Them. Pronoun (third person plural)
1. A flock of girls who look incredibly identical with their skinny legs, up-to-date clothes, and fashionable hair.
2. A group of girls who derive some sort of satisfaction when they find something bad about someone and tells it in front of her face, just for the sake of being bitchy.

And she perfectly understood if no guy ever asked her out. She's Sakura Haruno. Sakura Haruno wasn't made for dating. Her large body was simply not created to make her look attractive in a male's eyes, and her dull personality was her obstacle to get noticed by anyone. And besides, she associated with Ino Yamanaka, a fellow geek with really ugly braces and really thick eyeglasses.

She didn't deserve the world that 'Them' had.

But that's alright. She could enjoy her simple life.

Really… not.

Hence, it sooo wasn't her fault if she fell in love with Itachi Uchiha.

The Uchiha Itachi.

He's handsome, that's for sure. A year older than she, he walked around the hall with his basketball-induced friends who had hobby to punch each other and cause injuries to their body as much as they could.

Tch. -snort- Masochists.

But still he's pure in her eyes. With his sharp midnight black eyes that seemed to see straight through her heart whenever they passed ways; and the way he kind of nodded to her when he saw her in his Mathematic class. He didn't care if she wore ugly glasses or if she's size 16 and had a forehead almost as huge as her bum.

No, he didn't care. Or at least, she liked to think so.

Ah, the foolishness!

She forgot that they represented yin and yang. Itachi Uchiha was smart, handsome, rich, and athletic. That's all the requirements to be nominated as the most popular guy in high school. And he had a mouth that could say sweet things and really nasty things when it's necessary, and that particular ability of his, as dubbed by his sycophants, were what made him so charismatic.

That was the very first time Sakura ever nodded in agreement to any statement made by the groupies.

For almost seven months, her eyes kept following him unnoticed. She's invisible, anyway, so it's easier to watch over him without being caught. Her bestfriend Ino Yamanaka also supported her, even though Sakura knew deep inside the blonde thought that she wouldn't get him. Not in million years.

She wasn't convinced, though.

O, curse thee stubbornness!


It was the holiday of love, that which is called... Valentine's Day.

And at the fourteenth of that dreaded month, February, she finally mustered the courage that barely lingered within her body. For once, she tried to ignore her glaring flaws and tried to make the first move. Girls like Kin and Karin and Tayuya did that all the time and they always got a boy to strut with everyday.

And so, in that fateful night, she sat down in front of her desk and instead of studying for her Chemistry quiz, she wrote a letter.

Forgive her for being so melodramatic as well as idiotic. She wrote the forbidden 'I love you, forever' to Itachi Uchiha.

And it's part of her obstinacy as well as foolhardy side of brain that made her give that letter to him, in front of his friends.

Oh, the horror.

Sea of humiliation erupted in an instant. One of Itachi's friends snatched the letter from him and read it in exaggerated fashion, triggering laughs to echo all over the cafeteria. Her as the butt of the joke, completely oblivious why there's someone who could act this bastardly.

That time, she hadn't realized that high school is the hardest task for any teenager to accomplish.

The humiliation didn't stop there. After he (she noted that his name was Zaku) finished reading it, he and another of his friend had to make an impromptu parody about her and her antiques. The bad ones. The embarrassing ones.

Turned out that all this time, 'Them' had been talking shits about her. 'Them' talked about her tendencies to squirm whenever anyone talked to her. 'Them' talked about her geekiness that was 'too far beyond the tolerable limitation'. 'Them' even talked about her tampons and her folds of fat.

'Them' was excruciatingly mean.

She remembered the feel of her blazing eyes, ready to snap at anybody who dared to even breathe. She remembered about how hurt she was to see Itachi Uchiha laughed along with his friends, without even sparing her his mercy. She especially remembered about how Kin and Tayuya and Karin tried their best to scrape as many wounds as they could in her heart.

Bunch of whores.

There was no Ino there, standing up for her, but that's expected. Outcasts like them, no matter how many of them, wouldn't win against these Plastics. They're too kindhearted to say anything mean; too moronic to fidget when they're being made fun of. Too cowardice to fight back.

She remembered running off from school and spent the rest of the day crying. Itachi's laughing face flashed in her mind, not wanting to go away no matter how much she screamed 'scram'. The girls' mocking faces never went away, too. And she cried harder and harder as the clock ticked.

The rest.. is history.




I'm not going to go back to that state. Never.

I'm a new girl now. A strong one. Three years of transformation in that certain public school makes me realizes that a dab of mascara will enhance your look. That an attitude is essential to earn respect. That a perfect body shape is what a guy would favor over brain.

And although it makes me twitch for a while, finally, I can see the logic how the universal rule applies to the Girl World: The strong will win. The weak ones, they're all as good as dead. There's no in between. You're either strong or weak.

Black and white.

No gray splotches.

I refuse to be stomped on again. Not when I have the power to stomp.

Sakura Haruno has been hurt. She has been humiliated in the worst way it could have been done, and she has lost everything. But now she's back. She's different, and she will topple down the social hierarchy that has pained her so. And she will not stop before she can make Itachi Uchiha breaks down and cry.

But to do that successfully, I need to take a very long, rocky road.

Nah. No matter. I'm sure I can do that. It's only high school, anyway.

Chyeah. -shrugs- Only high school.

Now, I just need to get my beauty sleep and hope that tonight, the Dream Fairy will do me a favor and give me a good dream. It's been a long time since I have woken up smiling.




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Goal: Topple down the Konoha hierarchy.

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